Why Does Da Ran and Kyung Jae Spend the Night in Jail in Episode 13 of Big?

Da Ran and Kyung Jae end up spending a night in jail in episode 13 of Big? I’m sure its for a laughable infraction, but seeing them tightly holding hands and sleeping nestled against each other is surely worth sending the OTP to the clink for a night. I’m glad to see that Da Ran and Kyung Jae will have their own situations to deal with in the upcoming episode aside from learning out that the two soul-swapped guys are brother and diabolical mommy is looking to pillage a comatose second son’s cells to save her first. By the way, unless the Hong Sisters are living in Lala-Loopsy land, whatever nefarious intentions Yoon Jae’s mom has cooking up clearly can’t possibly come to fruition. I like seeing her expose all her evil ways to the world, such as asking Se Young to help her commit medical malpractice and assault and battery, because I would love nothing more than for this Not-mommy to get her comeuppance in the end. Read on for what the accompanying news article has to say about this Da Ran-Kyung Jae in-a-jail-cell scene.

Da Ran gets put in the slammer for some reason, and all Kyung Jae can think about is Da Ran so he elects to be locked up with her for the night. Once again, I have to emphasize, little bro seriously knows how to express his love for his girl. These news stills show Da Ran gripping the jail bars looking out with concern, Da Ran’s dad looking angry, and Kyung Jae very worried. The production said that the couple, who had just confirmed their feelings for each other, immediately falls into a dire situation which leads to them reaffirming their feelings for each other. We’ll have to watch to see what misunderstanding led to Da Ran in jail, and whether our couple will safely get released.

If I may throw out yet another thought about the body-switch-donor-surgery issue – I really hope Kyung Joon decides to save Yoon Jae, regardless of anything else that ties them together, because that is the right thing to do. With a few cells he can save a life, and with a few cells he can save a brother. I want him to be able to be with Da Ran without any regrets, and he’s such a sensitive guy I know he’ll regret if Yoon Jae died because he was angry at the parents for discarding him as a child. I feel like the two issues are distinct from each other. Whatever evil mommy and loser daddy did, is not a burden Yoon Jae should bear, and really Kyung Joon’s very happiness is predicated on the soul switch with Yoon Jae in the first place. Guess what I’m saying is that I really really want a happy ending for all – Yoon Jae goes off with Se Young, and Da Ran and Kyung Joon can be together with any regrets or guilt.


Why Does Da Ran and Kyung Jae Spend the Night in Jail in Episode 13 of Big? — 24 Comments

  1. At the moment we still don’t know what if any feelings Yoon Jae has for Se Young. Granted she’s been rather helpful as of late but if what you say comes to pass (i.e., medical malpractice and well the assault and battery bit) she’ll end up losing her medical license (regardless of the circumstances) she may very well end up with a not so pretty set of cuffs around her wrists and not the precious little ring on her finger.

    I would find it a tad funny if the slight infraction was disorderly conduct/public drunkenness since they still tend to lock people up for the night over such things. Unfortunately that would be a little silly (so right up the Hong Sisters alley I guess).

    As for you second thought on Kyung Joon saving Yoon Jae I’m thinking there may be a bit of a legal issue with that. We know that he has legal guardians in his money hungry aunt and uncle and well the fact that mommy and daddy are going to step up when it best suits them the issue I would say now is that he’s technically an adult now (his guardianship should have ended at the stroke of midnight on the 24th) and so having anyone make a decision for him (this would include Yoon Jae or Kyung Jae at the moment even with that little blurb in an early episode with Kyung Jae meeting with those lawyers) especially a medical one seems highly suspect/immoral (I realize I’m talking in circles considering I kind of covered what would happen if Se Young went ahead with anything Hye Jung wanted but I thought I’d at least bring it up considering Se Young couldn’t act alone (medically) so the issue would only get worse as Hye Jung’s plan came to pass).

    • We may see KJ come to in his own body long enough for him to sign some legal document. Although, it sure would look rushed to everyone out of the body swap know.
      IROKE: Kyung Joon, you don’t know this but you have a full blood brother who is currently in need of your bloodfood in order for you to save him the second time by the way you were born because YJ was sick and your mother is not your real mother in fact your fake mother is your real mother and YJ’s father is your father and now YJ is unconscious and he married your teacher the one your took on your motorcycle to the lake before you got into the car accident oh and say hello to Mari who has been here watching over your comatose body for the last year and a half so if you do not mind sign here and we will do the procedure now if you agree do you agree? oh and, rush.

      This could only happen if YJ’s body is unconscious, though.
      For the sake of continuity of character, I don’t the real YJ will show up again before the whole body swap is settled.

  2. Will there be a body-swapping for real? You never know,it might occurs,out of the blue,if kyung joon decided to save yoon jae again.
    Im still wondering,where is yoon jae’s soul? In kyung joon’s body or long gone?
    I also want a happy ending,kyung joon with da ran to the end!

  3. I think I have decided to allow some spoiling for this show. It is a first for me!
    What would happen to YJ if he lives?

    Does he decide that DR and KJ belong together because
    ?he has watched them all along and blesses their love?
    ?he barely knew DR and was marrying her out of guilt?
    ?he just spent a coupla years out of his body and has enough things to deal with?

    He’s not going to give up being the best pediatrician in the world, so he could continue to work with SY, and they could eventually end up together…maybe…but I don’t think that is a foregone conclusion either.

  4. I still think Yoon Jae is going to die.

    It’s awful to say but he has been given everything in life and Kyung Joon’s life has been so hard. Yoon Jae will probably switch long enough to find out that his sickness is too far gone to cure. He may have even been inside his own body the whole time. He knows that Kyung Joon and Da Ran are in love so he will let her go. Who knows?

  5. With all the possibilities out there with regards to what may happen to this drama, for me I just know for sure that 1) our OTP (KKJ and GDR )will have their happy ending…and 2) I’ll gonna be sad to see this awesome drama come to an end 3) even with amazing new shows that might air, I will still be re watching this time and again to get KKJ and GDR fix…..

  6. In the middle of my rewatch, and I have this question:

    Why was YJ’s tape recorder, the one he lent to DR to study, important to him?
    Did it have baby KJ’s voice on it to listen to so he could have some contact with his little bro during the surgery or recuperation?
    50 to Hongidor if that happens.

    • And why was KKJ’s mom killed? Was it a mob hit ordered by YJ’s mom? I wouldn’t put it past her…

  7. Not sure if someone has already said this but WHAT IF KJ saves his big bro, big bro gets well but little bro gets sick in the process and ….dies? I just can’t imagine Shin behaving like Gong Yoo if the body switch happens. Gong Yoo is doing a fantastic job as a teenager and i don’t know if anyone can match it.

  8. One most important subject I like in this drama is it really focuses its story to the main character’s, details of thier love, passion, excitement & mystery. Keep it up & CONGRATULATIONS, it is truly a good DRAMA to WATCH!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Maybe I am being way too critical of this drama. We the viewer/fan watch and always form opinions on somebody else’s writing. I remember a certain little drama whose ending was re-written by one of its stars because he did not like the ending. The ending he wrote was what we all wanted. So the ending to Big should be what would justify the storyline. My problem is I don’t know what the storyline is anymore. To me this drama has turned into a suspense thriller and the ending is sure to be a Head Scratcher. I have no problem with KJ falling in love with D and vice-versa BUT for all the explanations and thoughts about us loving the soul and not the exterior, I don’t buy it. Would D really love KJ in his own body? Would the audience accept it? If the Hong duo was ever going to make a switch, wouldn’t they have done it by now? Is the star of the drama willing to accept a role where he doesn’t get the girl? What would his fans say? Why hire an unknown if he mattered in the end?
    I have answers of my own choosing for all of these and therefore developed my opinion of how it will end. Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung.
    Seriously, if your partner switches body with anyone else, will you still be happy with that person? Would you be so accepting. If you are 20 and robbed of 10 years of your life, would you be happy?
    I will concede that the H duo have written a story that opens up the thought process so therefore a good story. Ethical it is not. Ethical ending will not happen. It is only a drama but like the car crash, I cannot turn away. It is consuming and divisive. I have to keep telling myself that it is only a drama so that I can calm down. There are people all over the net getting verbally flogged for their opinion and that’s wrong. We all have opinions and in the end some will be wrong and some will be right and life will go on.

  10. I somehow think that Yoon Jae’s soul will die and Kyung Joon’s Body will die. Da-Ran and Kyung Jae will be together in the end. It’ll be weird to see Min Jung and Shin together as we’re used to seeing Gong Yoo and Min Jung as a couple. Also I think that way Da-Ran gets both guys, big bro’s body and little bro’s soul (it’s that way now) & I think it’ll be the perfect ending for them three.

  11. If Da Ran really gets big bro’s body and little bro’s soul; and Kyung Joon’s Body died… her happiness will be short lived as 18 years later or less, Yoon Jae’s body will give away again due to the same illness and no one can save that BODY at that time.

  12. If KJ back to Shin body..will he change his attitude..because in almost two years..he has been a mature guy…I agree with prediction that the ending will get another time jump so Shin will match with LMJ
    But I think that KJ in Shin body and Gong Yoo body have different attitude…Shin is cool, little bit arrogant and look sad all the time, while Gong Yo’s KJ is free-spirit, bothering sometimes, and not cool at all…(remember how he said “surprise” to Gil Family)..So although Gong Yoo..did marvellous job portraying teenager in 18 ers…but I find their behavior just different…dunno

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