Kyung Jae Learns the Truth about His Parentage and the Soul Switch

Get ready for the water works, people, as Kyung Jae learns the cold hard truth on the upcoming episode of Big! Clearly we’re getting tears, plus plenty of anger and recriminations, all of which will be well-deserved coming from Kyung Joon towards his no-good parents. I’ve said before that I personally find the savior sibling phenomenon to be morally and ethically legit, as long as the parents love the new sibling in the same way they would had the sibling been conceived for any other reason. I actually don’t think Kyung Joon suffered at all growing up, he was loved by his surrogate mom who was wealthy enough to give him a pampered upbringing. Family isn’t about blood, it’s about love, and his surrogate mom loved him dearly and made sure he wanted for nothing. I think his real parents have to answer for their cruel and cavalier disregard for his existence, then and now. I hope that with Kyung Joon discovery about his relationship to the Seo family, and the reason for the soul switching, the truth about Kyung Jae’s current identity comes clean for everyone despite how unbelievable it is so that the drama can properly craft a resolution that rings true and sincerely deals with the themes it has raised.

According to the news article, Gong Yoo as Kyung Jae learns the truth about his parentage and the soul switch secret hidden in the Miracle book, thereby falling into a uncertainty. Despite Da Ran and Kyung Jae confirming their feelings for each other, and spending a happy birthday together, their happiness is short lived. Once Kyung Jae discovers the secrets, he falls into a heart breaking despair and confusion and uncertainty about his future. The filming has been non-step on this drama, and production team members saw how into character Gong Yoo was as Kyung Jae and worried for his stamina as he conveyed the tears and hurt felt by Kyung Jae. Before we saw happy and falling-in-love Kyung Jae, now we’re going to see the tearful and in pain Kyung Jae. Gong Yoo’s acting has been garnering praises from the media and even the production team expressed their admiration for how hard he worked and how incredible his acting was in playing two characters.

Viewers are asked to keep watching to see if the souls switch back, and whether Da Ran and Kyung Jae’s love can continue. It isn’t just Gong Yoo getting all the acclaim, as Lee Min Jung was recently written up for her really heart felt tearful performances in Big as seen in the picture above. I think both of them are rocking their roles, and Da Ran is really the harder character to play since she’s is not the sort of decisive and confident person viewers would prefer to see. I see this OTP as two people who really find comfort in each other, the sort of love that stems from affection and reliance. As opposed to Yoon Jae and Da Ran, which felt more like a relationship predicated on dreams and hopeful expectations. Speaking of Yoon Jae, I think Da Ran ended up in jail in the earlier set of spoiler stills because someone ratted her out on buying a birthday present for a man who is not her husband, hence she’s probably getting slapped on the hand for committing adultery, which is a crime in Korea. I’m getting flashbacks to Bad Love, LOL.

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Kyung Jae Learns the Truth about His Parentage and the Soul Switch — 19 Comments

      • Coming from the Mari character, I don’t like it.
        But coming from KJ, I like it alot.

        ★ English Translation (Cr; popgasa)

        I know I shouldn’t cry already but why do I keep crying?
        My heart toward you acts however it wants
        So it keeps sending me to you

        It hurts so much that I’m the only one who feels like this
        That you aren’t looking at me
        Though you are probably uncomfortable with me

        * I still love you, I love you
        Though I don’t know anything else, I know I want you
        The more I try to approach you, the more I try to get closer,
        You try to run away and that makes me lonely

        ** My tears are not stopping
        You can’t, can’t, can’t get farther away
        Don’t run away, don’t turn away from me, please

        Because our happy and good times keep passing me by,
        Because I feel like I will regret this till I die,
        I have something to tell you right now

        * Repeat

        Whenever you want to come back, you can come back to me
        Because I love you

        I’m okay even if you don’t love me
        If I can just see you, I’m fine with anything
        The more I love you, the deeper this gets,
        You get farther away and that scares me

        ** Repeat

      • I love the way she sings, her phrasing, her voice is soft and strong.

        BUT, unless she is singing something like
        I am letting go of this insane one-sided crush and I am sorry for all the pain I have caused, and I am ready now to set everything straight.
        Please everyone forgive me as I disappear and never bother anyone again.

        she is also dead to me…

    • How come its that serious,going to jail? The best thing to do when you found out the betrayal is to divorce and go separate ways cos you both were not meant to be.

      • Many countries have this low :)) in SK is more used (if the cheated parts complain at the police).

  1. Kyung jae is depressed. Da ran will be confused. What is going to happen to them?
    Im really feeling so worried that they will not be together in the end. Im feeling sad now,am not happy with all the doubts arising soon.

  2. filming korean dramas must be sooo exhausting. esp with such intense roles – physically and emotionally exhausting. hope the actors are keeping up their health.

    already booking my slot at wubisheng :)

  3. Dear Ms Koala,

    I don’t think I am strong-hearted enough to watch this week’s episodes. I just read a recap elsewhere and am already feeling mighty depressed. How am I supposed to get through this week with tears welling up each time I think of KJ and the pain he is going through? Each time I see Mari’s face I will also want to punch a wall in. Damn DR too for not being brave enough to stand up for her love. How could she hurt him like that?

    If I were KJ I would probably have a to-f**k- with-everyone moment and leave.

    I am one sad puppy. I think I’ll go find a rock to hide under to lick my wounds till next week….(whimper…)

    • Same here! I think i will skip dis week and watch the final 2 eps…once i kno d ending (better b happy!) only then i ll be able to watch these.

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