Video Preview for Episode 14 of Big

Pain. Paiiiiin. So much pain. I feel like someone sucker punched me and I’m still reeling from the turnaround. Big might be the shortest period of time an OTP has had to be happy together before the big hammer of doom dropped. But to comfort myself, I look back and realize that Kyung Jae and Da Ran have been happy with each other for so long, on all the little memories they’ve formed and the time they’ve spent together. I need to process episode 13 first so I’m not ready to apportion blame or decry noble idiocy run amok. I am beyond furious at seeing Mari so manipulative and deceitful, but ultimately I think the complications and ramifications are so serious that there is no easy way to deal with it even in the best of circumstances.

Preview for episode 14:

Da Ran to Yoon Jae’s mom: You have to promise me that you will put Kyung Joon first.

Kyung Jae: She said that she knew all along. She wanted to save Yoon Jae which is why she clung to me.

Yoon Jae’s mom: Yoon Jae-ahhh.

Kyung Jae: I asked you if this was the reason Kang Kyung Joon was born?

Yoon Jae’s mom: Yoon Jae-ahhh, I was the one who did it. There is nothing I can’t do for you.

Da Ran: Stop drinking.

Kyung Jae: Tell me the truth. In this messed up situation, tell me that I should do what my heart tells me, because I am the first priority. Tell me that you can throw everything away. That is the only way you can stop me.

Da Ran: My entire life will be stuck at 10:10 forever.

Kyung Jae: I’m looking for a long term rental in LA. I won’t be like my mom, so easily used.

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Video Preview for Episode 14 of Big — 13 Comments

  1. How Ms Koala, how? How am I supposed to handle the pain?? Aaargh! This darn drama is gonna get me fired…so upset I wanna call in sick tomorrow.

    Can you make me feel better by coming up with very very painful endings for Mari the freakin liar and the psycho mom? Pretty please??

  2. I watched this episode and my heart broke not once but twice… equally for both: KJ and DR. I know some might think that DR is stupid but the decision she made was not as easy as it seems. T.T And god KJ’s last sentence… it broke my heart again!

  3. ughhhhhhhhhhh kill me already… Ms. Koala, processing or no processing, one thing’s for sure Kang Kyung Joon OWNS everything happening to him is SO messed up but he STILL could utter those words it’s insane: “If that’s what Gil Daran wishes.” He’s grown so much as he learns to care for other people and sacrifice for them, like how he decided the little girl needs him enough that he’s willing to fight the fear to just be there for her and hold her hand (the other way that this scene killed me is another matter)… and for his world to completely crash down around him when he’s put himself out there like that just… hurts so bad.

    It’s scary and painful to see KJ overtaken by anger in the preview (based on that last line)… my heart BREAKS at the loss: it’s a crime to see how KJ is robbed of his goodness, innocence, and big heart because of the selfishness and immaturity of people– YJ’s parents, Mari… and perhaps even DR (how culpable they all are will need to be further evaluated, but I’m sure YJ’s mom ranks on top of them all in BOTH categories while the rest of them is more of immaturity for now)

  4. Totally agree and add my biggest disappointment for the whole series was this:
    “I am beyond furious at seeing Mari so manipulative and deceitful.”

    I haven’t even watched the whole thing subbed, but I was hoping that we could avoid any of the lying second lead bullcarp.
    They really didn’t need to make her the bad guy since the reality and gravity of the situation would have worked fine if she were just childish about the whole thing.
    Pouty? Whiny? Immature? Selfish? FINE.

    Downright out right deceit? NO!
    She has already copped to lying to get her way in the past, she even promised she wouldn’t. Why would either of them believe her? I hate the greasy, slight change of wording lies. We saw it in The King 2 Hearts and it pissed me off then, too.

    Anyway, I am trying not to let that block any further enjoyment of the pain, cause, MAN, is it good pain, or what?

    • That’s exactly what I am thinking too. The situation is already muddy enough, why do they have to add Mari into the picture?

      Big has been doing so well in giving the contemplative space to both DR and KJ, which is quite rare since most of the dramas by THS are hero-centric. But in this episode, before DR could even react to and process the situation, Mari immediately intervened and forced DR to make a decision which both he and DR are not even convinced of themselves.

      There is already a longstanding issue of trust between DR and KJ because of the ghostly memory and unmistakable presence of YJ, which is also simultaneously the premise of their relationship. My heart surely breaks for KJ, but as well as for DR. She is going back to that closeted self again and engulfed herself in a sea of guilt.

      Seriously, this time, the Hong Sisters are way too ambitious. I don’t know how they will pick up the pieces and tie them back together.

  5. ms koala thanks for translation. i watched this episode, this episode make me so much mix feeling.
    i love this started with our OTP together happily but then suddenly crush my heart T.T i really doesn’t like mari how dare she said all that nonsense when kyung joon believe that he will still have daran.
    i cant let myself looking kyung joon hurt alone like that.
    well i didn’t want to blame daran because she she didn’t have other choice to save kyung joon.

    please make episode 14 will be better for kyung joon. if something bad happen to him i don’t think i can wait with calm for another week.

  6. The whole time I was watching this episode I was just seething and raging at Ma-ri. How could she be so delusional? I tolerated her, but now she’s just a dirty, manipulative liar.

    I hope our OTP makes it :(

  7. Im feeling so so sad,had a bad night.
    Its all Mari’s fault,causing the misunderstanding. Kyung Joon is very very angry with his mother and Da Ran too. Da Ran is scared,she’s not sure what’s the right thing to do now.
    The pain I felt,its hurting and I cried. Its so unfair the way it turns out now,will they be together at all?
    Mari is such a bitch,always wanting Kyung Joon to go back to US with her and her wish may comes true soon. Kyung Joon and Da ran are easily fooled by her.
    Someone help,please make it better for them.

  8. I dont intend to watch it with subs. Im already sad.
    Can someone lift up my spirits here? Im really down and have no mood to do my work.
    I hate mari and the mother. Kyung joon wants to go to LA,can Da ran stop him?
    I miss their loving moments,its short-lived. Please let them be together in the end,its has to be cos its their love story.

  9. urghh..KJ is so downright angry this time even his voice breaks..hmm.. better angry than sad & dwelling over a painful revelation

  10. I hate mari the most..never imagine that the one who deliver the misunderstanding lie (like in the other Kdrama) is a young girl like her….whoaa…
    I believe KJ will go through the surgery ..and I believe that thinking about teddy bear and rabbit will make him choose that option
    But after watching Great Love …i hope soo much that Hong Sisters don’t make surgery as simple solution before the ending….watching ending Great Love was not soo great rush in the end…

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