Gong Yoo to Sing Final Tearful Track for Big OST

Oh goodness with a side of Mexican jumping beans, why does Gong Yoo and the production ofΒ Big want to stick an extra long knife into my heart AND twist it around for good measure? KBS just announced that, aside from cast member Suzy contributing a track to the Big OST, the drama’s most awesome we-are-not-worthy male lead Gong Yoo will also be loosening his vocal cords for our listening pleasure. Despite Big ending next week, a final track from the OST will be released shortly as performed by Mr. Kyung Jae himself (Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body).

This will not be Gong Yoo’s first time singing for his projects, he also sang a track for the marvelous Coffee Prince OST, as well as for his last movie Finding Kim Jong Wook. Forget Gong Yoo’s puuuurfect voice crooning to us, wait til you hear what the subject of this song will be. I guarantee tear ducts will be bursting open even wider. By the way, totally off topic, I think it would be awesome if Gong Yoo and Shin Won Ho did a duet together! Who’s with me here? The two Kyung Joons harmonizing……hhhmmm, the possibilities are endless.

Despite his filming schedule being insane already, due to fan request for Gong Yoo to sing a song in Big, he agreed and felt it was really meaningful for the song selected and he wants to use this as an opportunity thank the fans of this drama by putting his all into this song. Dude, you’re already putting your all, and then some, into your performance as Kyung Jae. But I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth here.

This song is about when Kyung Joon learns that once he switches back, he’ll likely lose his memory about everything that happened after the soul switch, including his love for Da Ran, he sings about his pain and heartache at the impending separation from her. Oh hell, I’m crying just reading this. Gong Yoo has said that he will use his singing voice to convey the sorrow Kyung Joon feels at that time. I hope this OST track release comes with a box of tissues as a gift with purchase.

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Gong Yoo to Sing Final Tearful Track for Big OST — 38 Comments

  1. This is a sad song,it really implies that he will forgets Da Ran if he switches back. This is so unfair if it happens! Im crying too,it hurts tremendously if they will not be together at all.

  2. Yikes!
    I love when the stars sing on the OST, knives in my heart and all.

    When are we going to hear Suzy’s song on the show? It is beautifully done.

    As far as KKJ forgetting DR, BRING IT ON!
    If they can recapture that wonderful tingly moment of Shin as KKJ staring his laser stare into DR’s eyes AND grabbing her hand at the same time, I will be one happy lady. No, make that three happy ladies!

    ESPECIALLY if he is wearing glasses. OY!

      • Did someone just punch me in the stomach?
        Why did I just stop breathing?

        As KKJ says, Jesus, Koala, warn a girl, would ya?
        Tell me this is on a video somewhere that I can screen cap and headerize.

      • ockoala,where on earth did you get this?
        When Kyung Joon blows a kiss,Da Ran will be ecstatic and wants to hug him so much.

      • PUAHAHAHA I LOVE this! lol it says “Kang KyungJoon Fighting!” on the bottom of that gif. Ms. Koala~~ where was this from? lol

  3. …. I’m on my way to get some extra box of tissue just in case I run out of it, coz I already used a bunch from the last 2 episodes and I know that I’m gonna need more this time!!!

  4. Doesn’t CS say to Mari, that his feelings can’t be erased because they’re in his heart, not his mind? I think the same thing applies to Kyung Joon and Da Ran. If Kyung Joon does forget, I think he will still feel it in his heart but won’t understand why. Then I hope Mari (will grow a heart) and give KJ back his watch with the engravement and that will jolt his memory.

    • i agree … his mind may foget her but his heart won’t. everytime he will see her or near her, he will surely have this happy feelings he can’t explain, and the longing if she’s not around him. am still hoping for my OTP to end up together.

    • Why the heck KJ should forget anything after the second “switch”? He remembered everything pretty clear from before the first switch, although the situation was even more stressful (the accident).
      Unless, of course, the Drama God wants some more drama…

      • The “you will forget everything” assumption started with the artist teacher guy saying that for KKJ everything will be happy happy when he wakes up because he’ll have a wonderful family near him for the first time. That KKJ will have no memory of anything after the accident, nothing of the coma and the trauma of SYJ getting sick.

        KKJ just took that as “OK, when *I* wake up, I won’t remember everything because that is the only way this MIRACLE that my mother wanted could work.” All of this is assumed.

        We have so many unreliable narrators thoughout the story, there is no reason to believe that he is correct now.

        We also had Mari make a wish early on that he forgets everything, so we took THAT as foreshadowing.

        I would LOVE it if he wakes up with no memories, but they break through the walls of his mind as he goes on until we have this HUGE crashing sound and everything wonderful comes flooding back. SO CLICHE, but so exciting. Like in QIHM.

  5. Will sure buy a copy of BIG OST, im totally loving already the existing ones, what more when Suzy’s and Gong Yoo’s piece is finally in place! LIKE LIKE! πŸ™‚ I would like to give a advance CHUKHAE greetings to Ms Hongs sisters to a very well made, totally invigorating, entertaining & awesome story plot as BIG! More power, till d next drama again THS!

  6. After watching the first episode,I was telling myself,if this is a great drama,im going to buy the drama set when its completed. Price is not an issue with me so I dont mind forking out few hundreds for the original set.
    I hate sad endings and after episode 14,it seems like there is going to a sad one. I cried and cried,this is bad for me!
    Am having second thoughts about purchasing it now but I will wait till the end to see its worth it for me.
    I like the songs in this drama so I will buy a copy of BIG OST.
    Im not going to watch the last two episodes as I have deadlines to meet with my work so I will just read your recaps first and watch later.

  7. I love Gong Yoo’s renditon of Noreul Saranghae in Coffee Prince.

    And does anyone else like Hyun Bin’s rendition of one of the OST music of Secret Garden? It makes me cry when I listen to it.

  8. I don’t know if I can watch the remaining 2 episodes… if that is the case of KKJ not remembering then at least Yoon Jae should have a second chance with Da Ran….

  9. Well, if I were him, I would write myself a letter that explains everything or made a video, before the switch. I wouldn’t let go of the memories with DR.

  10. am already crying just reading this….wahhhhhhhhhhh Gong Yoo, what a super awesome actor…and yes am all for the duet….sniff sniff Big’s gonna end and the thought is already breaking my heart to a million pieces!!!!! ottoke??? i think I’ll gonna dried up even before Monday comes!!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhh T T

  11. Im still sad today. My sister suggested I watch ‘The Queen Of Sop’ to get my mind off this drama.
    BIG is always on my mind,I feel so distraught!

  12. can someone please tell me who
    sung the song in big ep 4 i know around 35:55-37:50
    that it was yumira- kiss the rain but i dont know
    who the hell sung this , so if someone

    THANK YOU !!!

  13. Wow, I did NOT know that GY sang for CP. *heading off to look for the long* Thanks for the tip. Can he actually sing? B/c I just heard THT singing on Dr.J and while the first time it didn’t sound bad, now that I’ve heard it like 10 times, while he’s okay and at least in tune, his voice is really not very polished.

    • That is OK. People can still sing with unpolished voices, and as long as they put their hearts into it, it’s great.

  14. Koala,

    Thanks for giving me a new idiom to use when writing in English. I’ve always thought that “not look a gift horse in the mouth ” was something native from the Portuguese, now I know it’s also used in English. =)

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