TW-drama Miss Rose with Megan Lai and Roy Qiu Set to Premiere this Sunday

Arriving on a cloud of candy colored cuteness, the upcoming TW-drama Miss Rose is gearing up for a Sunday premiere with a full on media push starting with the cast attending a blind date event for the fans. Erh, I’m assuming there is probably a gender imbalance since I doubt there are an equal amount of male fans of dramas, though with Tia Li in the cast of MR, that might bring all the boys to the yard. I’m actually looking forward to MR with rabid fervor for various reasons which include Roy Qiu, the six-month long TW-drama drought of good shows, and needing something fun and fluffy to keep my mind off speculating about how Big will end next week. Check out pictures from the blind date event, as well as the long trailer plus behind-the-scenes interviews of the leads. I’m not partial to Megan Lai, but she doesn’t annoy me either. So far she seems to have chemistry with Roy based on the trailer, so I’m optimistic this will be the drama to bring me back to the fold.

Long preview for Miss Rose:


TW-drama Miss Rose with Megan Lai and Roy Qiu Set to Premiere this Sunday — 9 Comments

  1. When I was in Taiwan,I saw Roy Qiu in the drama,Office Girls. I didnt have the chance to see much there so came back home and finished watching the drama.
    Im going to watch this since he is in it. He is a handsome guy!

  2. OT but thank you so much for enabling mobile view!! I can appreciate your posts much easier now! Also, have you thought about doing a post on your thoughts on Gaksital? 🙂 I would really be interested in what you have to say. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  3. Definitely an Office Girls vibe. Which is a good thing for me since it’s one of the few TW dramas I liked lately. Give me the funny and the chemistry and I’m on board.

  4. lol they had a limit on how many males and females could go to the blind date event, so there would be an equal number. I was thinking of attending… then I realized it was for 25+-year-olds. ;o;

    So excited for this drama to air! Roy and Megan seem to interact well, and Tia looks like she’s finally learned how to express emotions (although it does help that she’s playing the Le Le-esque role, I guess).

  5. Megan usually plays annoying second leads so it is nice to see her in main actress role. Hope it will be a fun drama.

  6. I want that CAKE!!! and Roy 🙂
    That preview was pretty interesting, and although I couldn’t watch through Office Girls, I think I’ll give this one a shot! Once again, thanks for sharing!

  7. i look forward to this! it definitely has the office girls vibe, they also picked few of the actor/actresses that were in Office girls!

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