Arang and the Magistrate Releases Stills of Yoo Seung Ho and the Otherworldy Characters

Yoo Seung Ho as the Celestial Jade Emperor! That is all. You may carry on now. Arang and the Magistrate has been anything but stingy when it came to releasing teasers, stills, and behind-the-scenes goodies when it came to leads Lee Jun Ki and Shin Mina. I’m totally not complaining, but I’ve been waiting for what feels like a bajillion years for the first peek at my baby Yoo Seung Ho’s special appearance in this drama playing the young, dashing, and playful ruler of the Heavenly kingdom (玉皇大帝). It’s been worth the wait.

Doesn’t he look ridiculously gorgeous, in that only-in-a-drama way. Though his black with streaks of white mane of glory does raise some eyebrows, but ultimately he pulls it off. I hope seeing this soothes some still wounded hearts over his turn in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. He goes from all-black to all-white, LOL.This drama is really feeling more fantasy than sageuk, and along with Yoo Seung Ho’s still, MBC also released tantalizing peeks at two other supernatural beings who will likely play an important role in deciding the fate of Arang, the poor murdered Joseon noble woman whose soul now haunts the village Lee Jun Ki’s magistrate has been stationed.

Ha Jung Soo as a soul reaper of the Underworld. He’s so deliciously spooky looking. Love how the make up artist made his face all grey and pallid, like he’s a zombie almost. Neato.

Park Joon Gyu as the King of the Underworld. Betcha five bucks the two opposing rulers are battling for control over Arang and where her soul ends up, in Heaven or in Hell. This drama really isn’t going to be subtle, is it? The Celestial Emperor is dressed all in white with black flowing hair, while his counterpart the King of the Underworld is dressed all in black with a white tidy mane. I do quite appreciate a nicely tied up flowing white beard.


Arang and the Magistrate Releases Stills of Yoo Seung Ho and the Otherworldy Characters — 19 Comments

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    looks like i’m incomprehensible after spotting yummy Yoo Seung Ho….
    Another bajillion reason to catch Arang & the Magistrate…..

  2. Yoo Seung Ho looks awesome! I hope his special appearance/cameo is for at least 20 episodes.

    Ha Jung Soo looks fierce in this picture (but so adorable in the BTS). Lol, I just realized that my favorite slave hunter has transformed into a ghost hunter!

  3. I feel a certain disconnect between YSH’s face and hair. I do not know if it’s a wig or it’s his actual hair plus extensions but the pic makes it look like a wig.. In contrast to Park Joon Gyu’s where it looks natural..

    Anyways, can’t wait for!!

  4. Oh, I must say Yoo Seung Ho looks a girl when I first spotted his still. But surely, “ridiculously gorgeous”- I by that!!!

  5. wahhhhhh!! Totally forgot about YSH. I’ve only seen him in ‘God of Study’ but am excited and literally drooling to watch this ensemble cast. Most of these actors are new to me and I’ve only seen LJK in My Girl viz equivalent to being a LJK noob.

    And, these are some of the best stills for a K-drama I’ve seen in a long time (or ever)….they have that ethereal and otherworldly look. mmm…

  6. Also totally forgot YSH is in this, albeit a cameo.
    Mane of Glory-ish + some gothy witch streaks up there
    He really does look like a girl in the still, but there isn’t much girlie about him when he moves and talks.

  7. Please don’t flame me if I’m sounding totally ignorant, but the Emperor Jade looks almost like one of Chinese characters you post in the Chinese drama (story?) posts instead of a Korean one. I don’t know Yoo Seung Ho, but wow, he’s gorgeous! Thanks for this nice little pick-me-up!

    • There’s always been a certain amount of Chinese cultural influence on Korea. Korean dress, especially before the Joseon Dynasty, have always been more “Chinese” so to speak. Even the concept of the Jade Emperor is a Chinese one.

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