Written Preview for Episode 15 of Big

So the written preview for episode 15 of Big tells us who was awake at the end of episode 14, so if you want to stay unspoiled then avoid it at all costs. I swear I wrote my hypothesis before this preview was released, so if I’m right then my streak continues, and if I’m wrong then I happily sit back and see what other tricks the Hong Sisters have up their sleeves. I, along with most viewrs, have spent the majority of this drama praising Gong Yoo and loving Kyung Jae/Kyung Joon, but I believe not enough credit is given to Lee Min Jung for playing beautifully off her co-star since she’s so reactive of a character, both situationally and personality-wise. But I feel like we’ve watched her maturation as well, from clueless insecure lalalala kind of girl in episode 1 to a woman who has the strength and conviction to follow her heart AND do what is right in her mind. She’s not an easy character to root for because she has her doubts and weaknesses, and isn’t always full speed ahead. But when push comes to shove, Da Ran rises to the occasion. I can’t believe it, but I finally love a Hong Sisters female leave without reservation.

Written preview for episode 15:

Believing that this is a fate that cannot be, Kyung Jae (Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body) pretends that he doesn’t remember any of the loving memories made with Da Ran. But Da Ran loves Kyung Joon and refuses to allow those memories to just disappear, so she decides to come clean with her family………

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Written Preview for Episode 15 of Big — 46 Comments

  1. Koala,

    No doubt that Da Ran has matured, sometimes I think she has evolved more the KJ.

    Thanks for the spoiler, I believe episode 15 will be very beautiful and warm.

  2. hi koala! do you have any information on if Big was extended or not? someone in soompi said that the kbs world website has the show at 18 episodes.

    also love ur screencaps and theories <3 . i have a feeling that YJ is dead and KJ will have to choose to either live on in his original body or in yjs body.

    i agree LMJ has been a great actress too bad not much people realize that since their so busy bashing GDR the character 🙁

    i hope LMJ gets more drama series main roles even though shes in her 30s now XD
    its a shame she started getting famous at such a late age.

  3. OMG… so DR is going to tell her parents either she is in love with a younger guy (which shouldn’t be a problem because her father is much older than her mother) OR she is going to tell them that her student whom she is in love with is in the body of her fiance/husband/whatever!?!? That’s crazy HS but it’s goooood!:D

  4. kj till the end tries to protect da ran from pain and difficulties. the hong sisters has been really consistent in his characterisation.

    i guess it is now for da ran to step up to the plate and fight for their love. rewatching end of epi 14, it really did look like kj that woke up. i guess thats confirmed now

  5. Seriously. GDR is not a favorable and in fact the stereotypical Kdrama female character I hate the most. But because of LMJ’s carefully interpretation of the character, from overtly cutesy and ditzy from the very beginning to the subdued and understated performance, I feel the character’s muffled pain and struggle as well as quiet courage. Kudos to LMJ. She proves herself that she can do more than comedy.

    I watched her in Smile, You and she shined in that drama. But that character is well-written and more likeable. It is to LMJ’s credit that she makes GDR a realistic being, because I still don’t think THS give too much emphasis on their heroines.

    I love this pairing so much. It’s so sad that we only have two episodes left. (sob)

  6. Whew! I’m glad to be spoiled this time. My Kyung Joon is still in Yoon Jae (yay!!!), plus with him pretending to forget everything Da Ran will get chance to show him how much she really loves him. I wonder if he’s going to pretend to be Yoon Jae or just himself with amnesia? If its the first DR will probably be confessing to “Yoon Jae” about her cheating and trying to do everything she can for Kyung Joon’s body. If its the latter she’ll try to get him to remember by doing all sorts of adorable tear-jearky stuff! Another possibility is that DR suspects he’s faking and will go along with it, but still try to make him see she loves him. I’m already getting choked up in anticipation. Lemme go find my tissues 🙂

  7. It’ll be interesting to see how he proves he is SYJ – unless he also pretends to have amnesia from before the crash.

    I am not sure what leaving him in SYJ’s body would do for him as a human being. KKJ seems to be OK with it – he gets to skip the rest of high school MS, college, med school, oh, and ALL THAT LIVING that makes us who we are…I would prefer that KKJ doesn’t keep SYJ battered biody.

    • My thoughts:

      I think Kyung Joon is going back to his own body. But it won’t happen until the very end. Because Yoon Jae’s soul is dead, hence we don’t have the luxury of the final 2 episodes showing the 2 men interacting in their rightful shells.

      This way, Gong Yoo finishes up his gaspworthy turn as Kyung Jae and then bows before exiting stage left, but remains the lead of this drama in every way that counts. Leaving wuri Shin to step forward and BRING IT for the final camera-swirling finale.

      Some crying scenes, like this:

      KKJ staying in SYJ’s body is such a meh proposition, if for no other longer reason than it’s the body with the predilection to fail. Who wants a broken down old Chevy when you can have a Ducati to ride.

      I’m way curious though about the remaining mysteries – why soul switch, how to switch back?

        Soo pretty and believable in his misery.

        Is that really him? Where is he and why is it so cold there?

        We started with Shin and DR as our OTP, we should finish there.
        It only makes sense, all fairness to the actors aside.

      • I have more Shin where that came from. *cackles* This one is from Veggie Bachelor. The air kiss gif last time was from an interview with CG boys did a few weeks ago. I have to go dig around for it.

      • As much as I love Gong Yoo’s absolutley perfect fantabulous self, I hope you are right and he switches back to his own body. It just seems really unfair for him to lose 12 years of his life and get a sick body to boot. Guess the possible memory loss thing was just another way of making someone into the noble idiot again, except this time it’s Kyung Joon lol, kdramas love that role so much ha ha.

    • i somehow feel the switch will happen, and then they will do a time lapse where after a few years KKJ will grow up and look exactly lik Yoon Jae because they were twins.. thennnn da ran and KKJ live happily 🙂 still not sure if Yoon Jae has to be alive after the switch

  8. I’d prefer KJ to stay in SYJ’s body but if that doesn’t happen then I would be ok with the switch. I just want DR and KJ together in the end. I really applaud the cast, the leads of course but the actors who played DR family were just awesome, especially her younger brother.

  9. maybe yoon jae’s soul is really dead already…at the beginning of the drama, wasn’t yoon jae pronounce dead before kyung joon’s soul went into his body? i don’t know, but it’s just a thought

    • Gil Da Ran’s parents also met as student and teacher, and they lived happily ever after.

      Do you think the parents would think differently because the woman is older?
      I think they should accept it, of all people.

      Although I cannot imagine what her bro would say!

  10. I love gong yoo (even if I’m not that crazy about his looks as I know I should be) but KKJ needs to come back in his own body, because this is just right, moreover, if they’re really twins, they could just wrap it all with a time skip and a gong yoo-faced KKJ/DR reunion just in time for the last scene, so, my dearest Hong sisters why won’t you give.. like five minutes of the original shin-faced KKJ? please?

      • oh well.. my plan to make all the gong yoo plus shin fans happy wouldn’t work then..
        *blank stare*
        I really hope someone has a plan B or something..

      • I can’t believe this but did it just happened?
        and I’m not really sure if I even like it
        Shin.. T^T

  11. Aaahh this preview made me so happy! \(*.*)/~~ After watching Ep 13&14 I was really depressed since it seemed like the ending would be a sad one. BUT after reading this preview my hopes are back! Maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. I mean Da Ran is fighting for her love! Yaay! The perfect ending for me would be Kyung joon returning to his respective body and remembering everything that happened during the switch. And OF COURSE KJ and DR to end up together.

  12. They say “gone” about the soul, not “dead”. Because it doesn’t die, but departs to another place/body.

  13. I am not happy with this revelation!
    It’s just as you predicted,Kyung Joon is still in that body. It’s sad he’s pretending,I’m upset and though it’s not true,I can’t help feeling,it’s like he’s toying with Da Ran’s feelings. He may think it’s for the best as that body is dying but I would rather he spend as much time as he can with her.
    I don’t know why,SUDDENLY,I don’t care much for these guys anymore,all I want is Da Ran to be happy. She has to be strong to get through this.
    I’m not in my right mind now,don’t know what I really want to jot down here.
    ockoala,I know Im supposed to be happy that it’s still Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body but I care more for Da Ran and it’s sad when she feels lonely and always thinking of Kyung Joon later,not realising that he’s still around. Kyung Joon may has his reasons but i’m slowly,getting tired of waiting,everything seems to be hanging in mid-air!
    The ones who love Kyung Joon,you may scold me as much as you want,I really am feeling exhausted!

  14. LOL I think as long as the show still has episodes, Kyung Joon will be in Yoon Jae’s body (Gong Yoo is the lead after all), so hence, all the annoying fake-outs of body switching. We might be able to see Kyung Joon in his own body at the very, very, very end. Like, last 15 minutes.

  15. I really liked SWH’s portrayal of Kang Gyung Joon in the first episode. I really hope we get at least the entire last episode with Kang Gyung Joon in his original body…doubt it, but a girl can dream! Poor actor stuck in a bed through the whole show when I think he’s a pretty good actor too. 🙂

  16. The last three series I’ve watched, the OTPs did not end up together. I’m really starting to lose hope. I hope that Da Ran will end up with Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body BUT I somehow I think that won’t happen and that Kyung Joon will eventually be back in his own body. I agree that Yoon Jae’s soul is already gone so sadly, Yoon Jae will die. Their parents will need to stop thinking of Yoon Jae only and move on and try to make it up to Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon in his own body seems to make more sense because it paints a more accurate picture of the obstacles that separate them. Yoon Jae is already married to Da Ran and no one really knows that Kyung Joon is inside Yoon Jae. They could just stay just the way they are but then it seems like too easy of a way out for our OTP. I am expecting a lot of angst in the last too episodes but I really hope for a happy ending.

    • I don’t want you to tell me what they were, but I am aghast.

      I can only think of 2 where the sort of OTP didn’t end up together – one is from the 90’s.
      (The other is recent, and that one had magic, too.)

  17. Three cheers for DR! Buing! Buing! Buing! I hope she kicks ass like her mom. I wonder if it means she will divorce YJ’s body then? Wow…THS have got a ton of things to wrap up – donno how they are going to do it in 2 eps.

    There is no doubt about the end I think – it will be KJ and DR. Personally though, I still would like the final shot to be of KJ in YJ’s body and DR (everything else being equal). We spent 13 eps so far like that and although I think Shin is yummy enough to eat, it would still seem a bit off (this has nothing to do with the age difference!) for me. I guess it’s the whole package.

    If it goes that way perhaps KJ makes a conscious choice to stay in YJ’s body in the interest of DR who would, in a normal non-drama situation, be treated like a social pariah if she does what we think she is going to do; i.e., leave one brother for another.

    But this is drama world so I am fully conscious of the creative license that THS can lean on.

  18. I don’t know how I feel right now. I like Kyung-jae, but isn’t Yoon-jae’s body failing? I mean, if he stays in Yoon-jae’s body then what will happen? I wonder how the last treatment (Kyung-joon’s blood drawn to Yoon-jae’s body) results, success or not? And if it success, then wouldn’t he need to keep Kyung-joon’s body on his side? the illness could reoccured sometimes, right? So, I prefer Kyung-joon go back to his own body, unless Yoon-jae’s fully healed.

  19. I hope,for Kyung Joon’s sake, that he be spared the burden of living the rest of his life in his elder brother’s body. Yoon Jae’s body has been scarred by illness and borne the brunt of his own particular adult experience. Kyung Joon needs to get his own body back, a young healthy body. He is on the threshold of adult life.I think it only fair that he be given a clean healthy slate to start life afresh.

    The marriage part really complicates matters, doesn’t it? For Da Ran and Yoon Jae to stay married, Kyung Joon would have to permanently stay in Yoon Jae’s body and take over Yoon Jae’s identity. This is so terribly unfair to him. And it also smacks of deceit which doesn’t make for a good old-fashioned morally correct ending.

    That is why I feel that Yoon Jae would have to die in the end. With his death, Da Ran becomes a widow. She is free to be with his younger brother a few years down the line when he, hopefully, wouldn’t look so terribly YOUNG. Maybe he should sprout a moustache or grow a beard or comb his hair back or wear glasses or something. But, please let’s not have him morph into Gong Yoo…that would be just too implausible.

  20. 2 extra episodes added to BIG! Good news or bad news o__o? KBS website shows 18 eps now instead of 16. The DramaKrzy youtube channel has also confirmed this as of 6 hrs ago.

    If it is of sweet times for the OTP I am ok but no more tears (except of joy) please – emotionally draining week for a lot of us already.

    • It would be great news if the new additional episodes focus more on them. Episode 13 and 14 were heart-wrenching and I bet the next two would also be astonishing too.
      Im upset with Kyung Joon now and I need the happy scenes soon.

    • oh nooooo.. am gonna miss the endings then – going on holiday and not sure bout internet connection!!!! arrrgggghh

  21. haha i knew that the person who woke up was Kyung Joon!! Can’t wait for next episode and hopefully happier scenes

  22. such a morally challenging ending it would be (for a lot of people), if we completely wish that Da Ran and Kyung Joon end up together,in KJ’s original body.. i can’t see any problems with it.. and neither should Da Ran’s mom. remember her berserking when her daughter belittles “true love”? well, if Da Ran tells them who she really loves, mom should be the first one to understand. and again, if people didn’t have any problems with her dad (the 35 yo teacher) marrying her mom (19 yo student), i think it’s pretty unfair if they disapprove of Kyung Joon because he’s younger.

    what gives.. i really want a happy ending for everyone. 🙂 the actors of this drama are amazing, btw. 🙂

  23. SYJ is extending his love through KKJ soul in his body..that’s the miracle i can think off!the younger twin gains a family that he thot he doesn’t have while falling in love with the same woman as his older twin brother!gosh…this is one drama that got me crackin’ my brain till the end!

  24. i think SYJ already knew that he’s having relapse and not much hope of recovery if they couldn’t find KKJ…not tht he wants to burden the younger bro..that’s why he’s leaving for the US and has been quite distant towards GDR

  25. This drama has been a breath of fresh air. I feel that this is a very different kind of plot line and although it’s not that “omg” but it still holds the captivating sense of what’s gonna happen next.
    I love the two main characters. I feel that Da Ran is the typical girl who doesn’t have enough confidence and feels unworthy of having someone like Yoon Jae, but then comes along Kang Jung, who actually appreciates and cares for her. In the last episode when they were both we’re saying good-bye, that moment when they are both crying but trying to hide that they are crying from each other was the moment where it hit home. With everything that’s happening their love still shines through.
    Thank you Ms. Koala for all of your updates, reading what you say about the dramas I love always make it ever more satisfying.

  26. i think there will be a time
    jump. da ran will wait for kyung joon since she loves him
    so. and when kyung joon becomes an adult, he will be gong yoo, since yeon jae an kyung joon are twins, albeit fraternal.

  27. Someone help me, please! There are a couple of things which confuse me:
    1. Da Ran confessed to Kyung Joon at the airport that she loves him, right? Then why did Kyung Joon told her(while they were eating) that he was going to pretend like none of those ever happened??!
    2. Da Ran said to Mari that she wasn’t going to hold onto Kyung Joon: “Because I like him so much, I said I wouldn’t hold onto him.” WHY??

    Argh. Those don’t make any sense to me. It seems to me like THS are just making unnecessesary conflicts, and it’s annoying me. Someone enlighten me, please.

    • that’s the remain unsettling conflicts which has been keeping the faithful viewers hungry for more..every week.yes…they are aware of each other’s feeling but in reality…it will be too difficult for others to understand their situation. let’s see how the hongs are going to let love triumph in this oh so complicated situation.

  28. Whoa~ I can’t wait to watch episode 15! I hope it will be a beautiful episode full of funny and happy moments! Thanks for the spoiler! I really appreciate it xD

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