Kim Hyun Joong Films Action Sequence for City Conquest

Kim Hyun Joong‘s upcoming dark action drama City Conquest has been no-so-quietly filming in Japan despite not having a network or time slot yet. The production recently filmed an action sequence involving Kim Hyun Joong riding a motorcycle on the bridge with explosions. The stunt sequence was planned and executed by the stunt team who worked on IRIS, so clearly we’re talking serious stuff. When Kim Hyun Joong saw the motorcycle on set, he was apparently giddy and started riding it in circles even before camera rolled. The entire sequence was carefully planned and filming went off without a hitch. This drama is expected to also go on location shoots in China, Singapore, and the US. CC is a drama adapted from a gritty manhwa about a man seeking revenge on society for his dastardly father’s abandonment of his mother and himself. I have a soft spot for Kim Hyun Joong still and he looks believably manly and macho here in his new turn as the dark anti-hero.


Kim Hyun Joong Films Action Sequence for City Conquest — 35 Comments

  1. LOL I think I have 4 daughters who have plans for him in Texas, Tammie …. LOL, he’s adorable, as always!

    • He’s a wanted man… But just how old are your daughters? *cocks an eyebrow* Mine’s of marrying age and NEEDS TO SETTLE DOWN! *deep breath* Just sayin’. 😉

      • Yes, well, I, too, believe there is some beauty to KHJ and am thinking good thoughts about how good this is going to be. ~ZAP~

        Anyone want to buy a tiny violin?

      • Maybe he should try sageuk next. I think he’d look really splendid in costume on a horse playing a gayageum mournfully in the middle of a grassy field. Did I hear you sniggering, jomo? Fetus in a jar is watching you. Be warned.

      • @YY
        You took the words right out of my mouth, which is good, because then I don’t have to say them.

        Mournfully in the Middle of a Grassy Field
        Isn’t there a Beethoven Pastorale by that name?
        A Bach Hymm? A Mozart Requiem?

      • If we keep our fingers crossed, and pray really really hard, there is a very strong possibility he could play the gayageumised version of “Because I’m Stupid” with the horse neighing at intermittent parts for a more sageuky feel.

      • @jomo Wow, jomo, that was seriously so cool….they elevated that song to a whole new level. Really enjoyed the performance and the little jazzy bits…thanks for sharing!

      • Let us know how that goes. 😉 I would claim him for myself, but alas, I adore my own hubby too much, so I figure the next best thing is to have him for a son-in-law. So the rest of you wannabes – back off! lol

      • @YY – RE: “Did I hear you sniggering, jomo? Fetus in a jar is watching you. Be warned.”

        omo. That ^ ….was funny. (thanks for the giggle)

  2. So glad he is doing something that (to me) looks exciting. He is beautiful and hopefully this role he won’t be cardboard. Always loving Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon. They along with Moon Geun Young are the reason I came to K-dramas. Adding No Min Woo and now Shin Won Ho and the beautiful Ms Lee Min Jung. Talented all.

  3. He really don’t need to act, don’t care is his role good. For me is enough just to look at him…awwwww….o my,o my….

  4. It got me suddenly thinking, what if Song Seung Heon and Kim Hyun Joong act together in a drama?! These two pretty statues can stand face to face with each other for 16 episodes and break 40++ ratings and become the most screencapped drama in history lol

  5. I agree that he looks macho in here, no more flower emo sunbae or robot boy ^^
    I hope that dear Koala can consider writing and updating about the drama, like if it’s good enough. I too have a soft spot for KHJ. My heart goes weak every time he flashes his smile, uno what I mean…that smile
    oh I can’t wait for CC. Hope it is picked up by one of the 3 big channels and get an air date soon

  6. All the stills from cc is really killing me. Why are they teasing us like this? Hurry up and get it done so that we can watch the dashing man on screen……

  7. Can’t wait anymore for his drama…wanna see the new KIM HYUN JOONG in action soon, this pictures makes me feel nervous & worried for him…I know he can make it……GOOD LUCK, HJ!!!

    Want to read your recap and comments soon…thank you!

  8. Sure hope the rating will be better than Playful Kiss ! His acting should improve now 🙂
    Hope to catch him when he does film in Singapore ; then again it is not quite possible to know when, where or get close 🙁

  9. hyun-joong ah….. ur a grown man now. No more emo eyes and robot face for you. I’ve got my hopes up for cc. pls don’t disappoint me!

    (and LMAO about the fetus tumor in a jar…unnis above =D )

    • I was in the same elevator with Mr. Jeong at the Hotel in Beijing last month, he just finished breakfast and was going up to the room to prepare departure. I got the courage to ask him “how tall are you?”. He answered “188cm” in English. His skin is flawless, face very small, very handsome, I was like 2 feet from him. He is always very polite towards the fans, nice young man. He could definitely do some modeling work, or act in a drama to be a bodyguard.

  10. l really want to see him in this new drama. But sometimes when l look at his face, its just 80% of it is not Kim Hyun Joong that l known in BOF and Playful Kiss. l love him more with his old face, so much cuter.

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