Video Preview for Episode 15 of Big

I’m not sure I like this preview of episode 15 of Big very much. I worry that not much is happening and the story doesn’t have the luxury of dawdling anymore where there are so many issues it needs to tie up. But I’ve watched enough dramas to know that previews can often be misleading, so I’ll just have to find a way to sit tight until Monday night. We get visual confirmation as to which soul is in Yoon Jae’s body at the end of episode 14, and maybe that explains the Miracle story hoodoo magic isn’t how people are interpreting it. I’m not sure why there are some folks saying the drama ends at 18 eps, since both Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung have recently given interviews where they confirm it ends at 16 eps and both are already off to their next activities immediately afterwards. I would love for a few more episodes with Kyung Joon and Da Ran, but Haeundae Lovers is already set to start on August 13th, and the interim two weeks is all Olympics all the time. So let’s just savor and enjoy the final two hours with our beloved OTP, shall we?

Video preview for episode 15:

Da Ran: Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital.

Kyung Jae: No need. Going with Gil Teacher makes me feel uncomfortable.

Da Ran: That pizza has mushrooms on it.

Kyung Jae: Mushrooms? So?

Yoon Jae’s mom: Completely accepting my child is still difficult right now.

Kyung Jae: He knows that he was frozen for 12 years, and was only born because you guys took advantage of his mother’s love.

Da Ran: Are you really going to pretend that you don’t remember everything that happened between us. Are you going to throw out your memories?

Kyung Jae: Gil Teacher, I don’t know what kind of memory you have that’s making you this sad. But this is a lot to bear for me when I don’t have the same memories.

Da Ran’s dad: You said she met with a teacher from outside the city?

Da Ran’s mom: Looks she’s looking for an chance to go live there.

Da Ran: I….it looks like its not going to work even if I escape to another country.

Da Ran: Where are we going right now?

Kyung Jae: You and I have to go sort through some matters first.

Nurse: What, what is happening! Oh no, oh no!


Video Preview for Episode 15 of Big — 32 Comments

  1. Often the preview only shows scenes from the first minutes of the episode… and they don’t have enough episodes to waste them. 🙂 Can’t wait!!

  2. Just saw ep 15 preview….this drama will be the  death of me emotionally. Whatever did those 2 pandas do to u guys huh? You actually stood there and watched the garbage compactor crush them??  DR-go teach in the village alrdy and leave the guy be…

    One week I want to smack DR and the next I want to beat up KJ….even I am confused by my own emotions!


    • Kyung Jae = panda murderer now. I hope he has nightmares about Gil Panda and Kang Panda crying about how smelly it is in the trash compactor. LOL, I’m getting flashbacks to Toy Story 3. Or perhaps this is just a reason for them to make another set together. Sigh, I’m trying to find the silver lining in this memory-throw-away endeavor and really finding none.

      • He killed Panda couple!!!!T-T Kyung Jae, wae!?

        And in the end… “he” is crying!? What do we have to endure, together with DR and KJ??

    • Erm… Thank you Ms K. Forgot to say thank you amidst the emotional roller coaster ride the preview caused. As usual you’re a gem!

      Thank God it’s 16 eps only. I want a resolution to all this and I want it now – the brat that I am:(

    • I also feel Da Ran ought to run away,it’s TOO MUCH that he throws his gifts to her in the garbage truck. If I can throw something at him,I will do it this instance. That BUM,she is crying terribly and I feel so hard towards him now.
      What does he want to sort out with her? If he hurts her again,I swear I will hit him as hard as I can,even if it’s on the screen,I don’t care anymore. He can get lost,for all I care!
      This is FRUSTRATION!

      • Yup! I’d better forewarn my hubby to protect the screen from me! I feel a little bi-polar after watching Big:(

        Like you I am thankful for Koala’s Playground -where my brain and heart can go bonkers in a safe environment -HAHA!

  3. Thank you Koala unni.. It seem that we have one more sad/tearful episode until hopefully we get a happy ending. I am almost caught up finishing watching last week episodes. So, by monday hopefully I am caught up and watch the new episode. =) oh mtoh, I am sooo behind of agd and I stopped watching ssh oppa drama. I read the recap which I think is funnier than the drama. =)

    • Hi dear, you sound tired…
      Oppa looks like having fun, he’s operating often, bloody…
      AGD is after last week back where it’s belong, on funny side of life. Ep 17 brings best in Yoon. Oooo, make it happen, something.

  4. Thank you,ockoala,finally,the translation.
    How long are they going to twist and turn in this drama till we get the answer to what’s it’s all about.
    This is the best playround and I’m glad I came to play and meet everyone here.

  5. I’m not really understanding why Kyung Joon is pretending to not remember anything. Is it because he’s still under the impression that if he does switch back to his own body, he’ll have his memory wiped out anyways? Does he actually think by being so cruel that he’s helping Da Ran get over him? I don’t know, to me it just seems like a way to add more unnecessary drama…which, as much as I’ve loved this show, we’ve had enough of at this point.

    I know the character that has been screwed over the most is Kyung Joon, but I’m really starting to feel (and root)for Da Ran. The first guy she falls in “love” with (I hope she realizes now she was never in love with YJ, rather in love with the idea of being in love with him) barely makes time for her, then after admitting to herself and KJ that she fell for him, she has to suffer through being lied to. Gurl, just run away and go to that other teaching job, lol. No, but really, I do hope DR fights for her love this time and when KJ sees it, it’ll be able to change something.

  6. Sigh. So disappointed that it wasn’t YJ.

    I think then YJ really died back then. So I’m not interested anymore in this drama.

    I wanted at least to know YJ’s story and reasons, but like so many others hong sister side characters I see we won’t see a closure to it. why then even show other sides of YJ when you aren’t going to make him come back.


    As for KJ pretending to not remember, I really don’t get why.

    This thing between DR and KJ is getting silly.

    Why they can’t be together?

  7. Thanks for this and the translation.
    Good previews give you just enough of a taste to look forward to the episode, but not enough info for you to be able to actually guess the outcome.

    I like it that way. I remember getting super pissed because of the Operation Proposal previews because they showed major plot points so there was no guessing.

    Can’t wait till MONDAY!

  8. The only interesting thing that gripped me is Kyung Joon crying. I wonder what that’s about. I agree that it would be nice to see Yoon Joo himself even for 5 minutes because they set up his character to be SO mysterious and in this scenario, it’s just not enough to go by hearsay concerning his feelings, actions and motivations. Also agree that there are just too many dang twists that aren’t really inspiring. I’m interested in how this all wraps up though, I personally think that there’s almost no ending that will be at pleasing at this point. Ah well, still love Gong yoo.

    • yes,,the KJ’s body crying really have my attention!
      please tell me YJ is alive and crying because KJ and DR act like that ><

  9. Is it just me? Or does anybody else think that when the nurse is exclaiming at the end of the preview, “Oh no, no.”…that perhaps KJ’s body is flat-lining? Maybe there is one more switch & KJ’s tears are because he’s finally dying? Because if he was waking up, why would the nurse act like that, with the camera panning on the heart monitor? Perhaps Mari’s dream on his birthday was a premonition? I just don’t know…but I will be glued to my computer Monday afternoon to watch ep. 15. Thanks Ockoala for all that you do!

    • Oh, Kyung Joon better not be flat-lining…that will be the worst ending for me. Possibly, his heart rate is increasing because of emotional distress=tear. That’s what the nurse could be reacting to. Why does he have a heart monitor now? Has he always had a heart monitor, and I just didn’t notice it?

      • @Gi,you got it right there,never seen the heart monitor before. Normally,this is always there for someone in a coma. Well,they made a mistake with the flower bouquet in the lift before so even if this is awkward,this mistake is forgivable cos everyone just want to get on with the show.
        I getting irritated with this emotions running through me whenever I’m watching BIG. Let it be done at episode 16 as ockoala mentioned here,get to the point…both guys returning to their own bodies,Kyung Joon reunited with his family,even if Kyung Joon forgets about Da Ran later,give us assurance that she will be happy.

  10. Oh dear, when I was watching the preview and there is Kyung Joon driving and looking like he is having another switch back. I am thinking is there going to be an accident.

  11. It seems that Choong-Sik will finally spit the beans out about Ma Ri, Da Ran and the ring! No wonder he, JK, looks worried in the preview. I hope I’m wrong XD

  12. I was looking forward to happy times!! and do they really have to kill the poor pandas like that?

    Happy times please hong sisters!

  13. Lee Min Jung said there will be a crying scene (I guess,the part after that bum threw the stuff into the garbage truck) and later,a laughing scene. Now,I’m curious about this.
    There are pictures of Gong Yoo and her in a school. It will be good if she runs away but what is Kyung Joon doing there?
    I will not be watching this episode when it’s out…busy with work but am going to read the recap here tomorrow.

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