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I have to be candid and confess episode 15 of Big was so aggravating, that is, until the very end. Then all the aggravation was worth it. I don’t mind getting pulled through the wringer for a pay off. Seeing as we have one episode left and still issues have not been figured out or resolved, it feels like the Hong Sisters are taking a page from the Best Love playbook and NOT letting a major emotional thread end too early, thereby rendering the remaining episodes completely devoid of urgency and intensity. Let’s all keep chanting the mantra – keep the faith, keep the faith, keep the faith. With what Da Ran said at the end of episode 15, I believe this will all ending well and meaningfully with the right OTP (soul and body) together at the end. She is putting everything on the line to fight for her love, and for that I could not be more proud of her. I’m loving the fact that this love story is really about a couple truly loving each other for the soul inside, and then understanding that memories may disappear from the mind but might never leave the heart. I’m getting the feeling that it will all end with Da Ran and Kyung Joon falling in love all over again, which would be perfect with me.

Preview for episode 16 of Big:

Kyung Jae: If I appear before you and act surprised, please don’t let me leave and have patience with me.

Da Ran: I promised you that I will remember.

Kyung Jae: I won’t remember so you have to repeat what you just said now so that we can return to this moment in time.


Video Preview for Episode 16 of Big — 51 Comments

  1. I have to say… even this episode lacerated my heart… in the end it was all worth it. To see DR confessing that she loves KJ not YJ in front of her family and in-laws (I don’t count Mari! Who is Mari?XD).

    And I’m still wondering what ending we will get!O.o I would guess after seeing the preview: KJ in his own body! But I’m not sure really! I hope we don’t need another box of tissues!

    • hahhaa, just think of my name as abbrev, inspired by KKJ! damn this drama gets on my heart (not nerves)again!!!! ayaaaaa! Anyway, you ask who is MARI. Mari is the only as in ONLY one who knows that DARAN is not crazy falling inlove with the comatose KKJ! Maris is the only one who can justify, who can understand , who witness, who knows and all the who’s in the world, yes only MARI. And I believe in the end she will side and defend Daran and KKJ’s love in the en, Against all odds!

      • DR fell in love with Kyung Joon and at this point she’s closer to him than Mari ever will be. I believe Mari when she’s saying that she loves KJ (in her own crazy way) but KJ fell in love with DR.

        And after the last episode (and even before) we know that DR will love KJ not matter in which body he is/will be!

        BUT we should ask if Mari could love KJ if he stays in YJ’s body? She stayed at KJ’s body (e.g. she celebrated KJ’s birthday with his body rather than his soul! Which was kind of cute but we could see what she loves about KJ) because she was/is hoping for him to return to his body. I think because she doesn’t even think of the possibility that KJ could stay in YJ’s body it shows that she didn’t ask this question herself… would she love KJ in YJ’s body?

  2. Ms. Koala… honestly, just reading the early recaps around was enough for me to go WHAT???? STILL??? but as you’ve put it, the preview and the ending scene tells us that we can expect a functional ending at least for the OTP if worse comes to worse. So… should I hold off on watching this episode myself until ep 16 is out as well or what? ackkkk

  3. I hope the ending is with KJ in his own body. If its not like that I feel like all the build up, and the waiting for the switch will have been for nothing. That being said I do want KJ with DR regardless of which body his soul is in.

    I’m so nervous about the ending tomorrowwwww. Please KJ don’t forget your time with DR T.T

    • I think the preview showing us Kyung Jae and Da Ran actually walking through their memories again – the bus ride but this time with Kyung Jae and Da Ran and they turn and smile at each other (OMG swoon, so perfect and amazing, I’ve been waiting for that bus ride again, I knew they were going to re-do it, because it was a perfect perfect first meeting), the umbrella makes a re-appearance, and water play in the courtyard. I think all of this leads up to Da Ran and Kyung Joon knowing that even memories being lost means nothing because they will find each other (emotionally) even if they have to do it all over again. Da Ran’s courage in telling the world that she loves KKJ means that even if Kyung Joon forgets her, she’s made it so that her love for him doesn’t become nonexistent in the new reality. It happened, what she went through with Kyung Jae happened, even if he really does forget about it. She shows him how strong she is emotionally, so he no longer is afraid she’ll be devastated when he goes back. She’ll have the courage to fight for him again. I feel like in some ways, Da Ran’s growth in the drama eclipses Kyung Joon’s.

      • Absolutely Daran wil need time to fall in love with kkj again. She used to be with kkj in yj’s body. Don’t you think you will feel weird if one day your boyfriend come to you with somebody else’s body? I will. It will make sense if yj has an opportunity to go back to his body and explain himself to dr. Also because dr fell in love with kkj while he is in YJ’s , after they switch back than we will know whethef her feelings towards kkj is bias or not. I think mari’s feeling is more make sense to me. Wait! Don’t throw stones at me, i’ll explain why. Don’t you think is easier for dr to fall in love with kkj in yj’s body because his face is the man that she usually like? Whilst mari likes kkj for a very long time it make sense she can feel that yj is kkj, but not dr. She needs time coz she only knew kkj in his own body for several days. I’m just saying if it’s a real thing, thanks god this is a drama. They should show us how would it be if they switch back.It will be perfect if the drama show us the process of dr fall in love with kkj again.

  4. I have faith. 🙂 I believe all will be good. Both actors continues to deliver stellar performance. I think the hong sisters can’t afford to add too much oil in the fire amid it all for fear of not being able to extinguish it properly at the closing. Rather they may choose to let the fire fade off with romance of flickers and crackers between Kj and DR ….

    • Yes. I cannot agree with you more–both actors continue to deliver stellar performance. I think the pairing of GY and LMJ is definitely one of my favorites. This is not simply GY’s solo show. LMJ also shines as well. I couldn’t be more grateful for their effort and talent.

  5. And koala you couldn’t have said it any better about Daran. Hong sisters must have heard all the screams from big fans about wanting the heroine to fight and protect the love they have and she did. Episode 15 is really for her. I believe that they will fall in love again too. Though almost certainly KJ will not have any memories of what happened when awake in his own body. Enough emphasis from various scenes have shown that love is not in the mind but from the heart.

    • @GUESS – re “I have a gut feeling that it will be an open ending!! I hate when writers do that!!”

      agreed. I confess that I will feel cheated, after having watched the whole thing avidly (even when it runs in circles) …only to have KJ and DR running into each other at a street corner and exchanging …smiles.

      shoes will be thrown and tables will be flipped ~

    • I like an open ending if the signs are pointing to happiness up the road.
      I don’t like ambiguous endings.
      Do not like, for example, if they were to meet again under the umbrellas but they freeze frame a second before s smile of recognition – leaving the audience to wonder, “Will they or won’t they?”
      I would prefer they step together and touch and smile.
      Sure, it’s not a heart thumping kiss, but at least I can be assured the OTP will get there.

      • Same. It’s really hard for me to accept open-ended ambiguous endings. I trust that THS won’t end BIG on an ambiguous note.

        I’m going to miss Da Ran and Kyung Joon (and Choong Shik and the Gil Parents) so much.

  6. IDK if this show was going for it, but I am confused at this point. I like the show and all but who is he, what is she going to do? So IDK if this was suppose to be this confusing, or if my brain is just to tired from school to get all the complicated jazz it is throwing at us. Feel like I need a PhD to get it, or maybe a re-watch of it all or something.

  7. by the looks of the video. YJ’s mother is in shock.
    hope Kyung Jae does not end up getting hit by a car while crossing the street. and having Da Ran bring sun flowers to his grave. while KKJ real mother has no choice but to be by his side.

    • I’m sure that the mother being in shock is somehow related to Kyung Joon.

      But what’s really grabbed my attention is the picture around 0:19 that is torn in two..

    • just speculation. rambling. whatever the case my be. that traffic light still gets to me. why include it into the shot. could have taken it from a lower perspective. and coincidentally, it shows KKJ tearing up at night as well.

  8. DaRan is selfish,selfish,selfish. She has no compassion or sympathy for the soul of YJ. She really never loved him in the beginning. They’re brothers. I hope she get dumped by both of them. She does’nt deserve either one their love. She’s a homewrecker. Only a slut would mess with brothers.

    • For goodness sake,don’t call anyone a slut easily. Maybe you are still young,you still need a longtime to observe life. Here,in my place,there’s even two sisters married to the same man,how do you explain that? There’s a lot of things in life that just doesn’t turn out as you expected and one day,you need to open your eyes wide and accept it.
      If it bothers you so much,you ought to have stop watching when you were upset earlier but somehow,you waht to find out more and now,it pisses you off.

    • Would someone please explain to me the ban on dating brothers?
      Is it really officially taboo in places? As in incestuous?

      It isn’t in my neck of the woods.
      Messy, sure, since you can’t lie and pretend. People will find out.
      But the lady wouldn’t be cast out for doing this.

    • Right. Here comes the sanctimonious and wholly female blaming judgment on love under the assumption that it is “wrong”.

      No, unless the love is ILLEGAL, then it is not wrong. Unless someone is loving a child, an animal, an immediately family member (and first cousins don’t even count in the illegality in some states and countries at that).

      Love can hurt. Oh yes it can. Yoon Jae, if he loved Da Ran, might wake up and be seriously butthurt to learn Da Ran upped and fell in love with his younger brother while he was away. Did Da Ran do anything wrong? Nope. She didn’t marry him before he zapped off, so they don’t have a contractual obligation to fidelity. An engagement? Broken every day every where. It’s between two people, not for the world to cast stones.

      But people do cast stones, you say? Your neighbors gossip and point fingers and titter and say “how dare she break that cute fiancee’s heart.” Well they are what I call biddies who have nothing better to do than discuss other people’s personal lives.

      And no, Da Ran isn’t a slut for getting between two brothers. That’s the line of thinking that leads to people saying a woman is just asking to be raped because she’s really pretty and dressed provocatively. No. Kyung Joon liked Da Ran and pursued her as well. The two of them fell in love. If they feel bad towards Yoon Jae, then they can get on their knees and beg for forgiveness.

      But there is no right and wrong in this situation at all. None whatsoever.

    • I don’t understand why you think she lacks compassion for YJ. It took her a year to get over her feelings for him, and she held back on her feelings for Kyung Joon for so long because she felt guilty about moving on from YJ. That to me shows that she cared about YJ.

      Also, to be fair, she didn’t know that YJ and KJ were brothers when she started falling for KJ. And how is it wrong to fall in love with brothers?

      Also, your slut-shaming is completely unnecessary.

  9. Filled with hate for an ego. Respectfully trying to type a point of view. They even took the bus ride away from Shin Won Ho. Will never watch anything with Gong Yoo in it or made by the Hong sisters. They should stop copying other movies and then screwing them over.

    • I geddit – are you some die-hard SWH fan? Hey, look at it this way – even with his 15 mins of air time and lots of lying down in bed, SWH has ironically become more well-known than he could ever be at this stage in his growing career. I don’t think he will have any complaints! LOL! Get a life babe.

      • This was the BEST thing that could happen to Shin.
        He did an OUTSTANDING job setting the table for the love story, but he certainly doesn’t have the chops yet to go 16 episodes as a lead in a Hong Sisters Drama. Not yet.

        I didn’t watch [him in] Veggie Store, but I saw some clips.
        He was OK.
        If he can close this strong, I will be very proud of him.
        I think he can. I think he can. I think he can.

    • @ sonia

      You are always entitled to your opinions, but I believe you are not being fair to the writers and actors in this drama with your assertion that there is some sort of nefarious intent behind the narrative of the drama as we have seen it.

      Ego? Whose? Gong Yoo? For being the lead and Kyung Jae being in the majority of the drama? But that is the story, and it has been since the very beginning. The drama was described as “the story about a young man who suddenly grows up”. It was not marketed as young man switches souls with older man, while older man deals with being younger all of a sudden.

      The focus has always been on Kyung Jae (Kyung Joon in Gong Yoo’s body). It is not because the lead is Gong Yoo, it doesn’t matter who the lead is. It could be Hyun Bin, Kim Rae Won, you name an early-30s leading A-list actor cast in the role of the body of Seo Yoon Jae, and he’s the lead of this drama. Because the story dictates it, not because of who he is.

      THS sisters have said this drama is inspired by Big, the movie. In the movie Big, the young 12 year old boy is played by David Moscow. Did you know that? I doubt it, I didn’t until I Googled him. That is because he was in the movie in the first 10 mins, then the last 10 mins. But his character IS the lead character. But the story is about how he deals with the sudden growth to adulthood, as portrayed by Tom Hanks.

      Shin Won Ho’s role in Big the drama is exactly David Moscow’s role in Big the movie – they are the starting point and the finishing line. That is it. But the journey is taken by the actor playing the grown up version of the character, whether its the same person grown bigger (in Big the movie), or a soul grown bigger by going into the body an adult person (in Big the drama).

      I’m simply trying to explain that you can wish for more screentime for Shin Won Ho, but him spending the majority of the drama laying in a bed is perfectly fine. Heck, David Moscow simply didn’t exist in Big the movie after the transformation since he had technically grown into his adult self. That is called narrative necessity, and not a matter of some conspiracy by writers to limit his screen time and devote it to the lead actor.

      I love Shin, I sleep with Shin’s face taped to my ceiling, he blows gif kisses at me in my sleep. But I really don’t understand why you would feel anger at the writers for anything related to his character (19 yr old Kyung Joon’s body) in this drama. It all feels wonderfully done, a story told with a firm reasoning behind it.

      Shin ought to be thankful he spends most of his time in a bed. His acting is pretty raw and rough, and if we spent more time with young Kyung Joon, we’ll probably lose our fascination with him as his acting limitations become harder to overcome with more emotional scenes hit. He needs to thank Gong Yoo big time (send sunflowers, maybe?) for taking Kang Kyung Joon and elevating him to becoming the single best male lead ever written by the Hong Sisters, bar none.

      Without Gong Yoo, KKJ becomes just another too-cool sensitive high school student. That’s a dime a dozen in Kdramas. He’s Jung Il Woo in Flower Boy, Kim Bum in Boys Before Flowers, Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High. Now he’s epic. Unforgettable. Shin hardly got shafted, both from a story narrative requirement or from a character consequence. All in all, I think my baby benefited wonderfully.

      Especially since I fully expect him to appear in the final episode and BRING THIS DRAMA HOME. With Kyung Joon and Da Ran kissy kissy time. Shin baby, go practice your kissing now.

      Anyways, that’s just my perception of your gripes about this drama. You can like it or dislike it, and for any reason. I just wanted to share my counterpoint to yours.

      • 19 Green ☂’ s up for this response!

        Especially the blowing kisses gif. So funny.

      • Thank you for the counterpoint. You know that I always appreciate a decent debate but I won’t do that here because it is hard to explain the feelings I have. As for the American Big, it wasn’t a love story and I may have watched it but I never cared one way or another cause it was a young boy’s wish to be big and it ended well. This drama represents a comatose body of a young man who did not make a wish. I should have stopped watching, I know this but I was curious. I hope you understand that I had to rant. Lee Min Jung has done an awesomely extraordinary performance and I appreciate her acting always.

      • @Sonia
        Dear, you shouldn’t be here in the first place if you think that way. Hello, if you’re too tired of watching this drama, why still watch it and go here blaming the writers and bashing the actors? It’s really your fault to even watch it until the very end but I commend you for holding on until now.

    • The first two episodes was awesome with kkj. I started losing my interest in this drama after he went into a coma! He should have more scenes. Wat a waste! What were they ( hong sisters) thinking??? I bet the ratings would have been higher if he woke up!!! He is such an eye candy!!! Can they stop making so older women/ young guy storyline.. Im fine with big cuz i like the main girl and she has a baby face.. But i just cant stand i love ita rae or i do i do… Maybe once in a while but the recent kdramas r older women younger guy awwww

  10. base on the preview, why do i have a feeling that KKJ will die..and GDR will be left alone..sob.. 🙁 hope it will not be the ending of this drama..i dont care if the switch will happen or not, all i just want is for GDR to end up with KKJ (be it on GY or SWH body)..THS please give us a happy and sweet ending for our GDR and KKJ!

  11. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ms Koala since I’ve never seen Best Love but I hope that means happy ending. This is first time I’ve ever been unsure if my OTP would have a happy ending. I believe Kyung Joon has to go back to give the ending meaning. I really don’t want an open-ending.

    I can’t help but want a scene where everyone finds out who KKJ really is? Or Kyung Joon introducing his girlfriend Da Ran to his parents…I will just fall over laughing from the shock on their faces.

    • Aaaaa, I see where Mrs. K getting with Best love. OK, Best love/The greatest love has happy ending, OTP married and have baby. But this doesn’t mean anything for Big, It can be happy ending or not…

  12. There’s no accident,Da Ran got dirty looking for the watch Kyung Jae threw into the lake.
    So he really swaps his body in the end? So so curious!!!

  13. call it wishful thinking but the preview sealed my belief that we are going to have a happy ending….maybe memories might get lost when the switch back happens, but for sure they’ll gonna find each other and fall in love with one another again…the real OTP is KJ and DR, period…..ahhhhh am just curious how everything will be tied at the end…and what happens to YJ…or how both set of parents would accept…but then all these are just icing on the cake cos the real deal is what’s gonna happen to our OTP and for me it’s clear already…..

  14. Omo..what is the meaning of Kyung Joon tear….is that Kyung his real own body after switch back..or is it Yoon Jae KJ body….OMG…
    I think I have to be patient..for this last episode not read your recaps before watch it….(I want to do it in 15 but I can’t stand to know it as fast as I read it…hehehe)

  15. after watching the preview all over again..i think that in the last part GY is SYJbut GDR does not have any feelibgs for him anymore..hence, she just smiled at him.. 🙁 i think KKJ really died that GDR with sunflowers is putting it on his grave..oh noh! 🙁 i hppe this will not be the ending..i really want GDR to end up with KKJ! please HS make a GDR and KKJ happy ending for us fans!

  16. Considering this is a Hong sister drama and it has 2 actors that i adore, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung, i was completely disappointed with it!
    At the beginning i thought it would be good but it just left me going WHAT all the time..i am glad its going to be over soon so that i can anticipate a new drama by the Hong sisters…this one has to be their worst drama for me!

    • If it’s the worst drama for you, why still watch it until the very end? It will not do you any good. You shouldn’t have been here in the first place because you’re sick of it.
      I guess not everyone will love it as much as most of the people here leaving comments.

      • i am watching it till the end only because i am a fan of Hong sisters plus i like the actor! i dont think there is anything wrong with commenting about a drama that i am watching and dont think its up to par with the previous work from the writers!
        plus girl read the comment properly before jumping in for a brawl! i didnt say this was the worst drama i said it was Hong sister’s worst drama! believe me i have seen dramas way more bad than this one till the end!

  17. can’t wait for episode 16, the finale episode! crossing my fingers for a nice and happy ending for GDR and KKJ! fighting!

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