Written Preview for Episode 4 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

On my to-do list is catching up on Rich Man, Poor Woman recaps to align with the live airing, if only real life (you know- work, family, random emergencies) didn’t get in the way so much. Those of you who have watched episode 3 must be chomping at the bit to know how the cliffhanger moment unfurls in the next episode. Have no fear, I am here! Though maybe I should withhold the goodies some more, because reading the written preview for episode 4 will only increase the desire to watch it immediately. It’s been a long time since a J-dorama this cracktastic has come along. Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi are an inspired onscreen coupling that I for one would have never imagined. I’m totally not going to be content with the usual J-style of keeping the romance cerebral with little skinship. They better be making out soon is all I have to say.

Written preview for episode 4:

Hyuga is fretting about the delays in the development of the personal registry network, especially since another large IT infrastructure company announces the development of the same network capability. This throws Next Innovation into a critical period.

On the other hand, friend Ono Haruka encourages Chihiro, who has been fired, to do something proactive to apologize or make it up to Hyuga. Asahina thinks it’s a bad idea to fire Chihiro, but Hyuga calmly says that a company currently collecting all the personal data of every single citizen cannot afford to employ someone who is using a fake name.

At this time, Chihiro runs to the neighborhood agencies to collect feedback on whether government workers think the current government IT infrastructure is outdated, and on their thoughts for what is needed in the future where personal data is kept on file and easily accessible.

Hyuga is angered by the inability to create the system he has in mind so he locks himself up to do it himself. After 42 hours of working nonstop, Yasuoka cannot stand it anymore and drags Hyuga outside. They run into Yoko, and the two people who are stressed about the work decide to relax a bit……

At that time, the survey-conducting Chihiro gets suspected of being a swindler and taken away by authorities. In the middle of the night, Hyuga gets a call and he reluctantly goes to pick up Chihiro. Returning back to Next Innovation, and it’s just Hyuga and Chihiro alone in the office……


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  1. Hyuga will most likely be unable remember “Chihiro”….and i want to watch it now. 2 days isn’t that too far off. NOT! Aaargh!

    • oh, and thank you very much for the preview. i really appreciate it. i get too lazy to look for them and i can’t read kanji/katakana/hiragana. good thing I have Koala’s Playground in my bookmark for ease of access everytime i open my computer.

    • I’m sure he’ll remember her, but he may pretend not to. She seems to be one of the few people whose face he actually recognizes instantly. Ugh, the waiting is killing me.

  2. Dear Ms Koala you make me watch new shows like no other.I don’t even like J drama but now I am so curious I have to look for the episode. Does anyone know now many episodes this is?

  3. Thanks so much for posting the preview!

    All the episodes are “action” packed. People never stand still. I love it!
    Come, romance and skinship! We’re ready for you!

    • Love your comment!!!!!

      Yes yes…romance and skinship,definitely ready for these to come.Unfortunately,Hyuga will be force kissed by Yoku in ep4 and my poor chihiro sees it all…arrrrrrrrr

  4. “and it’s just Hyuga and Chihiro alone in the office” Eeepppp! They make it sound so perverted and it’s not like I’m expecting a kiss so soon but a girl can hope, right? Hehe thx Koala for the preview, I’ve been Dying for this episode to come out!

    • Hahaha, they are both nerds, they’ll probably code all night. She’ll help him finish the program. Kisses? Who needs kisses when you can do javascript.

      • LMAO, I’m delurking just for this comment!
        Is it weird of me that I can give up kisses if I get to watch them nerd out for an evening?

        Actually they could do away with everything else on this show (2nd leading lady, can we delete you?) and I’d watch just for these two!

  5. Thought you might like this quick recap I caught on another site.

    “What makes Rich Man Poor Woman different? Its got Oguri Shun as Hyuga Toru, the Japanese Mark Zuckerberg who’s company looks like a copy of Google headquarters and his a big plan about online database for Japanese citizens. The interesting thing about his character is that he has a disability whereby he is unable to remember names and faces. Fingers crossed it doesn’t advance into a debilitating fatal disease. If this were a kdrama, its almost a guarantee and Poor Woman would end up being his sister.”

  6. Thanks so much for the preview! Loving this drama so much. Btw, the lead actress name is Ishihara Satomi. Really love her role and disliking Aibu Saki’s role :/

  7. Thanks a lot for the preview! Can’t wait for the weekend to end like ASAP so that we can all have RMPW EP4 already!!!

    Agree! They better do some snogging!

  8. OOOhhhh!!! Capt. Koala, you are better than awesome! Thank you for the preview. Yes, chomping at the bit, anxiously waiting for news, previews, recaps, googling Shun Oguri, reviewing HYD and previous films, can’t wait for Monday for the raw, and Wednesday for the subbed… I am now a certified RMPW addict! As always, you feed my addiction and I am your slave!

  9. Gee, thanks Ms Koala for getting me hooked on another drama, this time a Jdrama. But it feels soooo good!!! Thank you for the written preview to get me through the day! 🙂

  10. thanks koala! have not been this interested in a dorama in over a decade. good to be able to read previews at the playground.

  11. Aaah I can tell that episode 4 will end on a wild cliffhanger, too. Why oh why oh why did I start watching this show while it was still airing?!

      • Right?! Part of me is glad that Japanese shows are shorter than Korean shows, but part of me wants this show to go on foreeeeever. I don’t think I’ve ever been hooked so quickly on a show. Next week, are you here yet??

  12. l think Chihiro like Hyuga first. Hyuga is a guy that never understand his own feelings. but poor Chihiro, always get that yell for the hero.

    Alone in the office, kiss too early for both since they’re nerd in this thing. Maybe they just talk and keep hiding own feelings by sneaking each other.

    l really cant wait for Monday (since this the only drama l currently interested to watch – Gaksital, just read recap). But l know l will hate that Monday as well since l have to wait for another Monday. aarrgghh!!

  13. Thanks for this!

    Why isn’t anyone addressing the problem in the photo on the left?
    Isn’t that the chef kissing on the Shun in the ballroom with the lips?


    I love this pair. I think he is super duper hot being intense and intelligent, and she is just the person that can challenge him.

    • It looks like Hyuga & Yoko in that shot to me. It’s no secret that she is interest in him. Hyuga on the other hand seems to be rather unmoved by her (except when it comes to their taste in furniture). For me it’s too early to really write her off as a third wheel in a forthcoming Hyuga & Chihiro relationship but I’d expect her to be more of a fly on the wall than say Ma Ri (Suzy) was in Big [which I’m going to be thankful for it it comes to pass as such]].

    • See. I have nothing against Aibu Saki. Nice girl in RL. But bitch dang broke my Yamapi’s heart in BB. THAT is unforgivable. Hence my dislike of her. She was also terrible in ZK and I barely lasted for Moko in that one. It’s irrational, but its there. Now she’s planting unwanted kissers on Shun? She really wants to stay on my shit list, is all I have to say.

      • Hold on, I am watching BB right now and totally hating on that beeyitch. I did not recognize her at all.

        She got more interesting looking as she got older. She sticks out more from the crowd.

        You know, in some ways, I do wish there was a real rival to whatever Chihiro’s real name is. But I guess it’ll be misunderstandings getting in the way, which I hate.
        Or maybe she’ll be smarter than the average bear-o-ine. She has exceeded my expectations so far.

      • OMG she’s the horrible woman from Buzzer Beat?! I didn’t recognize her either. I just finished that show. I HATE HER WITH A FIERY PASSION. That series was so good, but I thought it let her character off waaaaay too easily. I don’t mind her on this show much (yet), but I don’t think I’ll be able to watch her kiss Shun without wanting to throw objects at the screen.

        Jomo, I predict some intense corporate/tech politics will come into play and I am hoping that these events will satisfy the “angst” quotient, rather than love rivals or misunderstandings. Or that Shun’s ambition will come into conflict with Chihiro’s–now THAT would be interesting. In my ideal drama world, it would evolve to be Shun & Chihiro vs. the world, like in The King 2 Hearts, or a political/ideological conflict between the leads, as in City Hall.

        ps. “smarter than the average bear-o-ine”? BRILLIANT.

  14. Great. Now I’m hooked on another show and I totally blame you. I hate these J-Doramas for making me wait a whole week for one stinkin’ episode. Grrrr….

    On a brighter side… I’m loving this show! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! 🙂

  15. I would have never known of this drama if you didn’t write about it here. Thanks! Watched the first 3 episodes and now I’m hooked. I think the lead actor acts really well.

    • Her friends says it in the first episode, when they are in the lecture hall, I think, at the start of their job search, but it was just her first name, maybe? Anyone? Bueller?

  16. I hadn’t watched a J dorama in a while, but your previous recaps made me check this out. I watched the 3 eps that are out and now I’m an addict! Thanks for the recommendation. :_)

  17. You did it again , Ms Koala., I am totally hooked, thanks for recommending this drama! Discovered Shun 2 days ago in Hana Kimi ( finished it within a day) and now this, oh my, thought my Mon would never be the same again after BIG, thanks Ms Koala. Btw, can you kindly recommend other drama or movies starring Shun, please ??

    • Hana Yori Dango (with matsumoto jun) , Detective Conan SP, Tokyo DOGS (with Mitsushima Hiro- Namba-senpai in Hana Kimi), Binbo Danshi ( with his wife Yamada Yu)…

      he has sooooo many drama..but I only list my favorite drama of him ^^

    • Haaay! Same here! Just finished watching Hana Kimi last night! I never had this interest in any Jdrama until I watched Koala’s post about Rurouni Kenshin so I’ve searched for Sato Takeru and started watching JDrama (even watched Kamen Rider Den-O) hahhaha!

      anyway, there is something with Shun which really attracts me. He may not be the best looking actor but he sure is charismatic and manly. kekkeke! Anyway, I am planning to watch Tokyo Dogs which stars Shun with Hiro (Nanba Senpai in Hana Kimi.)

  18. Thanks so.much for the text preview…^0^
    Aigoo i think it will be “that type of relax” for my dear oguri and the hater (i knew it she was that b@*$*$: in BB that hurt yamapi’s heart,thanks for verifying this)

  19. Omg I can’t take it.Can anyone tell me where ep 4 is uploaded after it airs tonight?I remember j dramas raws take longer to be uploaded because of it being a drama.But I am dying here .Ms koala I love you but kinda frustrated and dying here like an addict. I can’t even wait for subs.Sigh.

      • I’ve been stalking dramacrazy, but there’s got to be somewhere faster. I am totally addicted to this dorama!

  20. “and it’s just Hyuga and Chihiro alone in the office”

    As Janet Jackson would say, is that the end? Cause I won’t be able to take that cliffhanger. Waiting for Mondays is so hard these days.

  21. Koala, I’m hooked! Since this is bound to be 9-11 eps, RMPW should be a fun ride! 😀 I’m all caught up with the first 3 eps and will be watching ep 4 as soon as it is subbed! I’m really enjoying Shun Oguri as the quirky and incorigible Hyuga. He’s such a good looking boy. Much better than his HYD days!

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