The Entire Cast of Nice Guy Revealed in Filming BTS Pictures

Over the weekend I added to another reason for me to watch Nice Guy. I didn’t need another reason, I was planning to watch this sucker come hell or high water, but in addition to leading man Song Joong Ki and a script written by Lee Kyung Hee, I’ve now discovered one of the other second male leads is Lee Sang Yeob. I’ve been marathoning I Live in Cheongdamdong, and I am seriously sleep deprived and cranky because I cannot bend space and time and this is a 170 episode sink hole I’ve just fallen into. I tell myself to be patient and take it slowly, but on all that is holy this is one addicting sitcom. Anyhoo, other folks can fangirl Hyun Woo in ILICDD, but I enjoy watching Sang Yeob more. He reminds me of a cross between Kim Jae Won and Yoon Si Yoon and I can’t wait to see him get more recognition.

So it was to my shock when I saw the latest batch of behind-the-scenes stills of all the main cast members filming that I saw him in it. I really like how NG is trying to focus on the characters and story, so the hairstyles are all normal and the clothes are simple. We finally get to see leading ladies Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon, and both are looking lovely and seem quite buoyed by this project. I’m not familiar with Kwang Soo but from all accounts he’s a solid actor and this cast is indeed filled with some talented leads. I’m so happy NG isn’t airing on the same day as Arang and the Magistrate and To the Beautiful You so I at least have a few weeks reprieve before committing to watching three dramas on the same day.


The Entire Cast of Nice Guy Revealed in Filming BTS Pictures — 20 Comments

  1. They all look so adorable~ It’s like someone took some of the major cute in the world… and then decided to make a melo with it. So many dramas to look forward to, so much school to obstacle the way >.<;;

  2. Oh you picked my favorite SJK/Maru still as the lead-in for your article. 🙂 We’ll have to wait for teasers and trailers to get a better idea, but I really like the ‘feel’ of the drama and honestly can’t wait.

    re: Lee Sang-Yeob: he also played Munjong (Sejong’s eldest & heir) in Sejong the Great, so with SJK (Sejong in Tree With Deep Roots), MCW (Seryoung in The Princess Man) and Kim Young-Chul (Taejong in Sejong the Great, Sejo in TPM), what we have in Nice Guy is actually a freaking family reunion. 🙂

  3. You can try sneakingly prying SY from me, to no avail. I can fangirl them ALL!

    But you are strange dear, HW’s smile is identical to your JunKi, but of coz I’ll let you have your JunKi as he’s not doing much for me all along, and I’ll keep my HW.

    • Twinnie,

      Don’t kill me, but I don’t think Hyun Woo looks like my Jun Ki AT ALL. Like not a single tiny shred of resemblance. The only actor I’ve ever thought looked like Jun Ki was Yoon Si Yoon.

      The moment I laid eyes on Hyun Woo – I thought he was Yoochun and Yoohwan’s long lost brother. Kinda like the Hemsworth brothers come in threes, I thought the Park brothers had a third brother just joined the industry. And you know I don’t think Yoochun is good looking at all, hence I don’t find Hyun Woo cute. But I LOVE his character, and I adore his acting. But looks-wise, totally meh for me. And I hatehatehateHATERAGTEHATE his hair in ILICDD. I just want to cut it off anytime I see him.

      But the drama? So much love. I love everyone in it, and everything about it.

      You keep Hyun Woo, I keep Sang Yeob? YY?

  4. SANGYEOP♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Has he been MINEd yet? Because if not, MINE. (Unofficial MINEing doesn’t count, remember; the words have to actually be said.)

  5. Just for info: LSY’s role is as a lawyer with a very kind and gentleman character.. the guardian angel who love Eun Gi (MCW) silently

  6. Surprisingly MCW and PSY looks kinda youngish here thereby dispeling my concern that SJK might appear too boyish to be romancing them both. LOL. But really nice that the actors look like real people (well ridiculously pretty ones) with normal hair…that’s such a rarity.

    • Me too! I love that they look like normal (though ridiculously gorgeous) people in casual clothing. Over-styling of actors in k-dramas has long been a pet peeve of mine, so this distinction is a welcome treat for me.

  7. Awesome!!!! Love Lee Gwang Soo! Running Man fighting!!!

    I’m itching to see a trailer for this drama. Hope it comes out soon.

  8. Park Si Yeon looks so adorable sitting in the middle of the ball-sea. I feel so bad that she is going to be playing a negative character. Again.

  9. Everyone looks so happy considering this is a melodrama! A sign that the script is really good and the cast have great chemistry? *crosses fingers and hopes*

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