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Yeah, I’m completely and utterly addicted to Rich Man, Poor Woman. Took four episodes, but the light switch has flipped. I’m pleased as a peach that this drama has continued to get better and better, validating my instinct to run with it. Everything about it is firing on all cylinders right now, with the leads literally oozing charisma and chemistry while the story is actually fascinating in many respects. The big business project about developing a national personal file database for all citizens straddles the Big Brothers worries with a candid look at the future that new technological advancements can bring. I love that Hyuga and Asahina have this partnership that is long standing but practical and the two of them have ideological differences that they recognize in each other. But above all else, the development of the romance element is so stunningly good that I would need to look back years to find a J-dorama that allows the heart tingling moments to enjoy its moment in the sun before rushing back into social commentary. I’m so excited about how this story is going to unfurl. I know that the theme song “Hikari e” by Miwa was one big reason I was so enchanted with this drama so I’m sharing the love by bringing you all the download link for the single.

Click here to download “Hikari e” by Miwa (mediafire mp3).

Listen to “Hikari e”:

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Downlink Link for Theme Song from Rich Man, Poor Woman — 40 Comments

  1. Thank you, Koala! I adore this song too. Already downloaded it and looking for the English version. There is something so uplifting and inspiring about it. It’s just what I needed after a difficult and stressful day.

    I seriously can’t get enough of this drama. I don’t remember this last time I had butterflies in my stomach watching the romance develop between an OTP, it feels like I’m falling in love myself. Already watched episode 4 raw three times and I don’t speak any Japanese. I am so excited to hear your thoughts on episode 4, can’t wait for your recap!

  2. Thank you! I love this song sooo much! Been searching for the english version as well. I think there’s one since I vaguely remember hearing that version.

  3. Hi, does anyone know where I can download the episodes with English subs? thanks! Really want to watch it after reading the recaps :)

  4. Oh goodies! have been searching for so long for the DL link ~ Thanks heaps Ms K~ This song add so much colours to the drama (hyuga-chihiro times)…

  5. I’ve never been so addicted to a jdrama for such a loooong time already (considering last season’s was all mysteries). The theme song is really good I couldnt stop playing it once I dl-ed it.

  6. Zank kyu! (See? I speak Japanese!)
    This has been on repeat since yesterday. It’s bright and cheerful and matches our heroine’s personality.

    From Japan to your computer to my computer so now all my cube farmers can hear it when my phone rings!

    I love the internet.

      • LOL!
        That really made me laugh because when I watched ep 4 today, I noticed they don’t do the french “Z” for the “th” and thought, “Dammit I spelled it wrong wrong.”

  7. i am so addicted to this drama, after BIG.. =) i love the OTP on this drama and their characters..i love Oguri Shun! =)

    can anyone know where can i watch online episodes of this jdorama? it will be of huge help to me..thanks in advance!

    lastly, this song is so cool! awesome!

  8. Loving the header Miss Koala. I noticed it did not revolve the entire day, but who’s complaining with such gorgeous header?

    My love for this show even had me watch the VS Arashi episode where they guested. Ishihara’s reaction to the Sniper Kick was so adorable…

  9. Ms Koala thanks for starting this drama.I am so addicted I have butterflies in my stomach even watching the raw.My laptop crashed while I am still on holidays.None of the subbed video links works so I am stuck watching the raw.Am dying for your recap.Thank you.

  10. Ah….I’ve forgotten how wonderful a slow-burning chemistry can be. I think that’s what so great about J-doramas is that you have these characters with all their quirks and emotional complexities, that on paper you’d probably say there’s no way these two people can fall in love with each other, but then the show makes it so believable and you can clearly see, without a doubt, how perfect they are for each other. Totally reminds me of Buchu and Ahomiya in Hotaru no Hikari.

    Thanks, Koala for the recaps! And for sharing this song. Doomo. :)

    • LOL, so true. But Makoto has some time to go before she becomes a himono onna. But everyone has been saying Hyuga-Makoto has shades of Buchou-Hotaru, in that he thinks she’s kinda a clueless idiot but secretly adores how she balances him out.

      • @Jomo: I’m devouring the jdrama suggestions, too. I’m watching H2 and loving it. I’m convinced that Satomi is a robot that has been programmed to be cuter than is humanly possible.

      • Whoops, I meant to post that below Jomo’s post…and now I can’t seem to delete it. Sorry!

    • ” I think that’s what so great about J-doramas is that you have these characters with all their quirks and emotional complexities”

      I have only watched three (or four? or five?) J-doramas to my hundreds of K-dramas.
      J-quirky heroines are somehow so much more easier to love than K-quirky counterparts.
      It is as if the PD’s can’t strike the balance between showing clumsy and smart in the same body.
      I want to kill YS in A Gentleman’s Dignity, but I loved all the strange ladies inhabiting Long Vacation, and I adore “Chihiro.”

      I guess it could just be I lucked out with the J-ones I watched so far.

      • @jomo, by quirky I really mean that they are unique and complex, not so dense and cringe-worthy leading ladies like Yi Soo, etc. You can’t help but love their quirks unlike their K-drama counterparts where you just want to whack them upside in the head for being so embarrassingly stupid. :D

        Case in point: Hana Yori Dango vs. BoF. They were based on the same manga but Makino was so much more kick-ass and you won’t have any problem believing why all those gorgeous boys will fall for her whereas Jan Di was just so annoying. Chemistry between Doumyoji and Makino was sizzling whereas Jun Pyo and Jan Di = nada.

      • @yeisha – I agree completely about BOF and HYD.

        That is what I wish they could figure out in Kland.
        Why does the K heroine have to be stupid or embarrassing to be funny? Why can’t she just be funny? Maybe it is simply the way they direct the physical comedy? It’s heavy handed in K, but silly and light in J.
        I am really enjoying going through everyone’s suggestions for doramas now. It’s kinduv exciting to find hundreds of quality shows I have never even heard of let alone watched.

    • Oh my god, i am not alone, i was smiling the whole time while watching ep. 4. Thank you Ms. koala for sharing this song.

      • This is such a marvelous drama so no you’re not alone. Just think “Cheshire cat”.

        If he finds his mom, and she rejects him, I may just implode! :)

  11. Sweet jeezy creezy episode 4 is OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD. I am seriously speechless.

    WTF was I thinking, starting this series while it was still airing? I’m DYING here.

    Oh, and thanks for the song :)

    • I know, right?
      And to make it worse, you only get 46 minutes a week for only 11 weeks.

      They are smart to leave you wanting more more more.

      • I know! It’s so short! But seriously preferable to being longer & draggy. Still, the addict in me wants more more MORE! I could watch these two program all day (and night, lol).

    • It’s a moot point to be asking that question! We never seem to learn from our previous ‘drama addiction’ mistakes. :D

      • OMG seriously. I’ve never watched a jdrama before (let alone live), and this seems to be even worse than watching kdramas live, given that the episodes are shorter, there’s only one a week, and they take longer to get subbed.

        *commences pulling hair out while watching episodes 1-4 for the third time*

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this! Like you, am so addicted to this drama and to the song! and if you listen closing to the end of ep 4, it’s an English version of Hikari e! I hope they’ll release the English version too!! I’m sooooo enjoying this drama! Thanks again for your recaps and for sharing your thoughts!!

  13. Oh, let me amend my earlier comment.. you can hear the English version played on Ep 3 as well!! kyaaa… so excited for your thoughts and recap for ep 4!!

  14. kyaa am totally spamming now but I heard the acoustic English version of Hikari E in the middle of ep 4!! am sooo happy with the drama and with the OST now!!

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