Arang and the Magistrate Drops New Teaser and More Stills

The upcoming drama tidal wave makes me feel like I’m playing a carnival game that is rigged – I’m going to win a prize no matter what, i.e. there is bound to be a drama that I end up liking. I feel rather like that derpy dog in Up, the one constantly chasing after bones here and there. One minute I’m salivating over Nice Guy, the next minute there is To the Beautiful You to make me smile, and then I drop everything at the drop of a hat for more Arang and the Magistrate goodies. If I weren’t made of sterner stuff, I will surely be getting whiplash here.

More stills have been released by MBC for Arang, and my favorite aside from anything with Lee Jun Ki in it, is the one where Yoo Seung Ho as the Celestial Jade Emperor is having a tete-a-tete with his twin brother the King of Hell and his minion the Soul Reaper. Yeah, the heavenly set looks really chintzy, but who’s looking at the set when all I see is Yoo Seung Ho. It’s a shame this drama isn’t going up against Faith, because both are doing a fantasy sageuk, and I’m the firm believer that the best can prove itself only by going up against the best. Oh well, let the ratings rain upon them both! Check out the latest teaser which includes footage already seen before, as well as eerie glimpses at Arang’s fate as a ghost wandering the living world.

Jun Ki looks so handsome as Eun Oh. Sobs, I’m going to die of the pretty, I just know it. Shin Mina is just nailing everything I see of her as Arang. It’s clear she’s putting her all into this performance just by how electrifying she looks in stills alone. Run, Mina, Run!

Long teaser for Arang and the Magistrate:


Arang and the Magistrate Drops New Teaser and More Stills — 17 Comments

  1. wish I don’t have Spanish exams!!! Then I can watch and ogle at the first eps all day long!!!

    luckily it won’t go against Faith, though. It’s hard to choose between LMH and LJK… liked them both in City Hunter and Iljimae… they’re both too much of an eye candy… though I’m practically watching Faith for LMH and Arang and the Magistrate for Shin Mina.

    [though both of them look promising as fantasy dramas. really unlike those Chinese fantasy dramas with cringe-worthy special effects.]

  2. Oh My! There is too much awesomeness for a story. This is going to be one of those one’s I squeal about when an update pops up.

  3. Wow, I’m so excited!! It’s a rare pleasure for this year that we can watch the interesting mixed-genres, plots, beautiful scenes & great actors with the clearest visual aid,”Red Epic” camera~ Joongi oppa, you’re the real impressive dude for everything^^ Fighting~!!

  4. Love the colours! I’m so looking forward to this. Thanks to Mrs Koala for keeping us updated and whetting our appetites =)

  5. “Dayum! Jun Ki is hella yummy!:) So freaking exciteddddd for this series.. T______T yyyyyy can’t they just air it nooowwwww~!

  6. I don’t like fantasy stories, but I loved the teaser and actors. Definetely, I’m gonna give it a try, it seems very promissing.

  7. I agree with Koala on the number of interesting-looking upcoming dramas. I usually pick two to watch during the season and then wait to marathon the rest once they are finished. I have no idea which ones I’m going to choose this time around though! I’m thinking Arang and To the Beautiful you at the moment. But that could change!

    Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and put a third on the list!

  8. Thanks, Ms Koala. Arang is such a badass-what an adorable and feisty ghost. Lee Jun Ki looking so manly and beautiful nowadays. Loving the teaser, so will definitely check it out along with Faith.

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…Lee Jun Ki is so pretty, but looks a little older and more masculine post-army. Imma going to need to use a flash drive to save the my screencaps of his face.

  10. @ockoala I’m not very like with the words from this article, “It’s a shame this drama isn’t going up against Faith”. These words should be written at the Faith articles. Because “Arang & the Magistrate” is the more promising script & actors with great acting. Also, it will be aired on Wed-Thu 9:55pm time-slot which is the Best time slot for K-dramas starring the popular actors overseas or those targeting for becoming the Korean-wave dramas. As “Arang & the Magistrate” is very promising, the Faith’s team doesn’t dare to compete with it. And it will air on Mon-Tue and compete with other unwell-known actors starring dramas with normal scripts to get the good ratings. That’s why I’ve to said this fact to you. If it’s rude, I’m sorry~

    Ahhh…eagerly waiting for this, the most anticipated drama of 2012!! Too much fall in love with that lovely talented couple~kkk. “Arang & the Magistrate”…Fighting^^

    • @Jgelf Yes, you are soooo rude! How could you say that Faith change their timeslot because they want to make sure of a good rating while they know that sooner, they will compete against Horse Doctor? I don’t think that Horse Doctor is a weak drama because it starred Lee Yo Won of Queen Seon Deok and 49 days and has the same PD as Jewel in the Palace and Dong Yi (great dramas that became a huge hit). And don’t underestimate dramas that were shown on Mon-Tue because its the home of great dramas such as Jumong, Queen Seon Deok, Jewel in the Palace, Dong Yi and many more. On first impression in my opinion, Nice Guy and To the beautiful you are under dog of Arang, same as wild romance and please take care captain to the moon that embrassing the sun. So don’t be so PROUD….

      • @leah, I’m with you. I’m just hurt with the comment that Mon-Tues dramas are weak dramas with unwell-known actors. Are yonna/ Jang Geun Suk(love rain), Yoon Eun Hye/Kang Ji hwan(lie to me), lee min jung(big), and a lot more unwell-known actors? And I can’t see the difference between Mon-Tues dramas (Love rain, Lie to me, Fashion King, Haeundae Lovers etc.)to Wed-Thurs dramas (Wild Romance, I do I do, Heartstring, Me too flower, Can’t Lose etc.).I’m sorry to say but Arang supposed to air July 28 but they decided to move it to August 15. Why? Because of the Olympics, come on…. It’s because Bridal Mask and Ghost are tough contenders. So, who don’t care for the ratings? They also did a special before it’s airing on different timeslot to attract viewers because of Bridal Mask high ratings. Airing on August 15, they have to compete Bridal Mask for 6 episodes only and the rest are them surely because I agree that To the beautiful you and Nice Guy are under dog of Arang because it’s a saguek. Korea loves saguek so much! To the beautiful you and Nice Guy are teenage dramas and I heard that most of the teenagers in Korea, love to use their computer than to watch drama. That’s all……

  11. I have to agree that it’s a shame Arang & Faith aren’t going up against each other, so that both dramas will stay strong all the way to the end. Recently, I’ve been disappointed by so many kdramas which start out strong and then start getting lazy, draggy, go around in circles or so boring that I drop them halfway. It’s really a pity that Faith changed its scheduling to Mon/Tue instead of airing after Ghost on Wed/Thu as was orignally announced/intended(?).

    However,from a business point of view, it makes great sense, as otherwise Faith will have to compete with Gaksital/Nice Guy and Arang for commercials and ratings. Looks like Faith has “guaranteed” itself ratings success as it’s going up against relatively less popular/weaker dramas on Mon/Tue, whereas Arang has to contend with Gaksital and Beautiful You.

  12. Have to say that Arang is really “stingy” with their teasers. This is their 2nd or 3rd? whereas Faith has already dropped 5 teasers!

    The stills are lovely…Lee Jun Ki and Yeon Woo Jin both look handsome, and Shin Mina looks gorgeous in the “make-up” pictures. Everytime I see her run, I’m wondering whether she’s wearing track shoes. The garden looks a bit fake though…

    • Maybe “A&M” is stingy with their teasers~ But there are many different scenes, colorful genres, and very interesting with the actors’ great acting alone^^ However, faith can’t show the actors’ good performances except the computer effects, and don’t think they have many differences. Now, it seems the ratings of Faith whether good or bad is not an interesting thing bcuz it will compete with weak dramas.

      Wishing the Best for Arang & the Magistrate~!!

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