4th Teaser for Arang and the Magistrate Provides More Fantastic Sneak Peeks

I’m weeping tears of happiness here for the sheer awesome that will be Arang and the Magistrate. Isn’t the official poster fantastic? Kwang Oh Jung and Hwang Bora makes such awesome expressions of shock and fear that they manage to steal my gaze from the lovely Shin Mina and the glorious Lee Jun Ki. To be sure, I love how Arang is completely non-scary as a ghost, and Jun Ki has the most smirky relaxed expression upon being haunted. The fourth teaser is also out and we get tons of new footage to peek at. We see Arang being collared by the Soul Repear and then making a run for it. There is also my darling Yoo Seung Ho fairly glowing as the Celestial Jade Emperor (though when I watched the special that aired this week, he appears to have a horrendous wig and looks slightly stoned, which might be in character so we’ll have to wait and see).

We finally see how Lee Jun Ki’s Eun Oh the magistrate first meets Arang, and its clear those two have the cutest lulz-worthy chemistry that has ever occurred between a living person and a dead spirit in any drama. It’s so easy to get excited about this drama, but tucked away inside is this nugget of worry that once things started to get serious, my heart will inevitably be broken into pieces. We can’t even shy away from the open knowledge that Shin Mina’s Arang is dead – as in “if she comes back to life she’d be a zombie” kinda dead. And if she gets reincarnated, then we’ve got twenty-some years of age difference between the OTP. If there is something I’ve rarely seen attempted in dramas, it’s the resurrection of a dead person who has been dead for a long time in any way. This is going to hurt so good, I just know it.

Teaser 4 for Arang and the Magistrate:


Arang: Tonight when I opened my eyes, I was following behind the Soul Reaper. But something didn’t feel right. No matter how much I think about it, I just can’t remember who I am.

Title card: A fated destiny.

Unknown voice: To a lowly ghost like you, nothing needs to be said.

Arang to Eun Oh: Just one look reveals your “I lost my mommy” face.

Eun Oh: You want to die?

Arang: I’m already dead.

Unknown voice: A wronged ghost is indeed pitiful, but what to do about those lost ghosts. Already four hundred years have passed.

Title card: The truth is greater than you can imagine.

Eun Oh: If I help her find her memory, maybe I can find clues to my mother’s disappearance. I’ll help you look. Your name and where you came from.

Arang: Magistrate, are you using the soles of your feet to listen to what I said?


4th Teaser for Arang and the Magistrate Provides More Fantastic Sneak Peeks — 20 Comments

  1. “Arang: Magistrate, are you using the soles of your feet to listen to what I said?”

    Lol… Can’t wait to watch their chemistry.

  2. :'( I’d rather the Magistrate die and they spend the rest of eternity running away from the reaper (or maybe becoming reapers themselves and catching errant ghosts in a “been there done that” way).

    Just please give us a good ending. Drama gods, surely we racked up enough good karma by watching Dr Jin? *sobs*

  3. Thanks for the teaser Eng sub^^

    No! Don’t let the magistrate die!! .just find another good way to bond them together , but don’t kill my sweety adorable cynical Eunoh, I’ll cry because of he dies rather than they don’t end up together! Please writer,just find another good way!

  4. OMG!!!! i know this drama’s gonna hurt sooo good!!! i need to prepare myself for the inevitable ending too…how can it end happily with a dead ghost? i don’t want to think right now…

  5. Haha, I doubt Arang will reincarnate into a middle aged woman’s body. She obviously hasn’t aged since she died so it’s more like a generational transplant than anything else.

  6. Oh my.. I waited for this for months already.. waah.. august 15 come quick… I going to support this ship no doubt about that. No second lead can tear them apart unless he is Hyun Bin / she is Kim so Eun. haha…

  7. Amazing chemistry! I am usually not a fan of films with tons of special effects, mainly because such films do not age well, but I am loving the pairing of Junki and Mina, can’t wait till next Wed!

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