Written Preview for Episode 3 of Miss Rose

When I watch Miss Rose, my mind keeps humming the oldie tune “Rose, Rose, I Love You” and then bopping up and down on my toes. It’s weird how the excitement can ratchet up several notches the moment the proverbial switch flips in drama watching. I love this feeling, because once I’m emotionally connected with the story, it triggers my eagerness to parse deeply and get more enjoyment out of it. So far Roy Qiu and Megan Lai is hitting a solid double in terms of chemistry, but it’s going to be hard to live up to the freaking Grand Slam Home Run that was the chemistry of Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won in City Hall. But MR is already more lighthearted and comedic than CH, and I foresee Megan and Roy creating their own unique pairing.

I have to admit that it’s still a little weird to visually see Roy with Megan, because while he’s tall for a guy she’s model tall for a girl, so they are the same height when she wears one inch pumps. I’m so drama-trained to swoon for the height differential in an OTP, though that will probably drive all the feminists nuts that I’m old-fashioned like that. One thing that works in MR with the two leads same-height visual effect is that they are always on equal footing. Si Yi is professional with Cheng Kuan now that he’s her boss, but she not obsequious to or cowed by him. They are on equal footing because he needs her while he gets her all flustered and raises her hackles.

Written preview for episode 3:

A custom suit jacket that costs NT 400,000 has an ironed hole in it. Cheng Kuan uses this opportunity to ask Si Yi for a “the later it goes into the night, the more beautiful it becomes” date. Si Yi mistakenly assumes Cheng Kuan wants her to repay him with her body. A beautiful misunderstanding takes place that night…..

In Si Yi’s dreams, Lily the fortune teller reminds SI Yi not to forget their NT 1 million bet. In real life, Si Yi refuses to be cowed and goes on a matchmaking date to find a husband. After the matchmaking dates ends, the man who takes Si Yi home is ridiculously handsome. A mischievous kiss – is it a dream or reality?

Vivian asks Cheng Kuan to bring flowers to the photography studio, and has Cheng Kuan wear the tie she bought for him. What is Vivian planning? Cheng Kuan is faced with Vivian’s unreasonable demands and accidental skinship with Si Yi, a difficult three-way problem is forming……

In Si Yi’s upcoming dream sequence about the fortune teller doing a pole dance at her wedding, the man she dreams is her groom turns out to be Cheng Kuan! She’s already fantasizing about him, LOL, poor her. During the filming, Roy was the talk of the set because he gamely put on an all-red suit complete with a green bow tie, slicked his hair back, and then dove right into filming this scene which required him to break dance on the back of a truck decked out in electric lights. Apparently he was so ridiculously funny that the cast couldn’t film because everyone was laughing so hard their stomach hurt.

Megan said this was the funniest scene she had ever filmed in her entire life, and Roy was adorable with that little curl of hair over his forehead that made him look like Astro Boy to her. Roy said that he just winged it and kept dancing (he calls it “freestyle”) despite not being told how to dance, and apparently the director refused to yell cut so he had to keep dancing for the camera even as folks off-screen were literally rolling on the floor dying with laughter. God this cast and crew sounds like a dream to work with, having so much fun together. I can’t wait to watch this scene, though someone better explain to me why Roy is blowing a giant red whistle. *scratches head*

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Written Preview for Episode 3 of Miss Rose — 10 Comments

  1. They had me at Roy, and now they add this cuteness? I’m a goner.

    Okay, so where are you watching this? I cannot find it! *shakes fist at sky* Someone help me!

  2. this scene is too cute. does anyone else think that Megan seems to be on the big side? not skinny like most taiwanese actresses I have seen.

    • I don’t think many people would say that Ms. Lai is on the big side. According to her profile she’s 48kg (105.82176 pounds) and is 174cm (68.503974 inches) tall. Given those numbers she’s actually underweight by ~8kg based on BMI.

      Her co-star on the other hand is 67kg and 175cm just to give a bit of reference.

    • I think she looks perfect. :) I have never seen her but I think she’s adorable and a nice change from the super tiny actresses that make bigger girls feel like we’re bumbling giants.

  3. I was pretty much rolling on the floor laughing when I saw these pictures. Can’t wait to watch the actual scene! This drama just keeps getting better and better… :3

  4. Megan has a body that most Americans would die to have!!! It’s just that Asian countries are a bit harder to impress. Their definition of curvy is G.Na ;p haha so I was on AKP and this article appeared so I used it as an example. Western standard, we call it she has boobies, but no booties nor curves. Okay enough of my ranting.

    *bangs head on the desk*

    *shake fist at the heavens*

    Where can I watch this with English sub! I was so desperate that I watched the raw but it just isn’t enough. The only thing I know in Mandarin are, “I love you”, I like you”, “yes”, “no”, “I’m sorry”, “are you okay?”, “I don’t know”, etc….

    • Haven’t seen Megan in anything but I agree that she looks perfect to me & a refreshing change from the majority of very skinny K-entertainers.

  5. This looks really good!! I’m torturing myself by reading your Miss Rose posts since the subs aren’t available!!

    On another note I got SOOOO excited with your Nobuta wo Produce header!! Shuji-Akira-Nobuko will be my favourite teen threesome foreverrr! <3

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