Moon Geun Young Considers Weekend Drama Cheongdamdong Alice

Wheeeee, what awesome news for me to head into the weekend with. Namoo Actors has confirmed to the media that Moon Geun Young has received the script for the upcoming SBS weekend drama Cheongdamdong Alice and is seriously considering the project. The agency revealed that she will likely return to acting after a nearly 2 year hiatus through a television series (as opposed to a movie, which was the rumor for awhile). The drama will be written by the screenwriter who wrote Queen Seon Deok and Tree with Deep Roots, but Alice doesn’t sound like its a sageuk at all. Its based on a novel called Cheongdamdong Oduri, which I think means Cheongdamdong Audrey, as in a well-to-do lady living in that rich neighborhood with the aura of an Audrey Hepburn. I think its adorable that Geun Young has already played a Mary before, and if she takes on this Alice role, she might as well be a Jane somewhere down the road as well.

Who will be her co-star? WHO!?!?! She’s already worked with PIE in Cinderella Unni and with Jang Geun Seok in Mary Stayed Out All Night. A bunch of my favorite actors are currently starring in dramas so they are already taken. So who’s left? Yoo Ah In? Kim Soo Hyun? Kim Bum? The possibilities are both limited and endless. She’s even co-starred with Park Shin Yang in Painter of the Wind so she can go both older or younger in terms of co-stars. If I had to pick amongst the guys who aren’t currently tied up, I’ll cast my vote for either Lee Seung Gi or Jung Il Woo. I think Geun Young should work her way through the rest of the ‘class of 87. Too bad Lee Min Ho is already doing Faith, and Kim Jae Wook is still in the army. I would prostrate myself to see those either of those pairings. Cheongdamndong Alice is currently slated to air in December so here’s the hoping she picks this project so I can finally have her back on my screen.

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Moon Geun Young Considers Weekend Drama Cheongdamdong Alice — 27 Comments

  1. She looks adorable in that photo! And I love the premise already. Anything related to Audrey Hepburn? Count me in! Also, with screen writers from TWDR and QSD(up till ep. 50), I have high hopes! Don’t let me down casting team!

    Oh, I’d pick Jung Il Woo anyday 🙂

  2. It would seriously be awesome if Moon Geun Young did a drama with Lee Seung Gi. Yoo Ah In, Kim Bum and Kim Soo Hyun would be also awesome choices. Or even Lee Min Ki (though he’s doing a movie with Kim Min Hee now). I think that would be an early Christmas present for me. One can dream, right?

  3. Hi Koala, I read Kim Soo Hyun’s agency said he wouldn’t be back in the screen until next year. Since he is buzy with CFS and promoting his movie Thiefs. ^^

    MGY and KJW had so much chesmistry! I hope they do a drama together.

    But LMH and MGY? I don’t think they fit at all… 🙂

  4. Hrmmm… I want her to be with Kim Jae Wook as they have chemistry. There were soo cute in Mary Stayed Out All Night even though that drama is a flopped….

  5. OMG, how come you have the same thought as me?I would give everything to have MGY with Lee Seung Gi sharing the same screen and acting lovey dovey!!

  6. Many thanks, Ms Koala on your updates especially on MGY. Its always a joy to catch snippets of news / activities on her.

    Now is my wishlist of her co-stars if she chooses to accept Cheongdamdong Alice in addition to the 2 you just mentioned. Here it goes (preference not in order):

    a. Lee Tae Sung
    b. Kim Jaejoong
    c. Lee Jang Woo
    d. Lee Ki Woo
    e. Ha Suk Jin
    f. So Ji Sub

    The names I just mentioned are my favourities and I will definitely be thrilled if either one of them gets casted.

  7. I hope when Kim Jae Wook comes out of the military that he does a drama with MGY, they had so much chemistry in Mary that was utterly wasted in that hot mess. Oooh I am complete onboard with a Jung Il Woo and MGY possibility, I like LSG but I find Jung Il Woo to be the stronger actor and it would be adorable to have these two very expressive actors work together.

  8. dear moon geun young…
    please…sign the contract after you read the script & ending of the drama… ^^
    i hope alice will have more luck than mary!
    and i love JIW & MGY pair ^^

  9. God I am so torn abt this news….on one hand I am dying for her to make her comeback, on the other, I read elsewhere yesterday, that this drama is set in the fashion world? …i swore off fashion related dramas after FK earlier this year…soooo really torn…also kinda sad she didn’t end up picking the Princess Deokhye movie, which sounded like a meatier role tbh….(or maybe she’s doing both?)…for her sake, I just hope this drama just turns out as good as it sounds on paper

  10. JIW will be an awesome choice! He was great in FBRS. <3 Kim Bum will be interesting as well.

    Unless this gets postponed to next year the likelihood of Seung-gi working on this is very slim as he'll be busy with school, mebbe a new album, & his year end concert for the remainder of this year.

  11. Lee Jin Wook. He just finished INR2012. He was awesome in it. He is one of those lucky guys that get better looking as they age.

  12. Truly waiting for HER drama/movie to come out, hope it will be materialize most especially if Lee Seung Gi will be his love interest, surely it will be another big hit of the company. Good luck, PHIL viewers will MUST watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks OCKOALA for the update, our sincerest regards to all!

  13. If it does come to pass, I hope she knocks it out of the park with her acting ability. It’s gonna be fun watching her in something new.

  14. I would love her to be with Jung Il Woo in real life and Lee Seung Gi as her leading man. Or it can be the other way around. I’m a fan fan’s fan.

  15. Love those pins of hers as usual. She looks darn good in that shot. Yes, would love her to pair with Jung Il Woo or one of my fav, Lee Min Ho, yeah, the boy is being cradle snatched by some unnie somewhere, too bad. May be Yoo Ah In would be nice too, loved him since FK.


  16. i want park shi hoo~!!! i don’t think his acting flawless, but but but he has a great chemistry with every female cast, idk how he did that! and the script about a man and woman meeting in a bar? idk that sounds really like park shihoo lol xD

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