Park Shi Hoo in Talks as the Male Lead of Cheongdamdong Alice

Buh? Okay, this is one pairing I’ve never considered in a million billion years. Not that I object, but somehow this has never crossed my mind when I do my fun dream pairings when I’m trying to go to sleep (as opposed to counting sheep). Park Shi Hoo is reportedly in talks and considering taking on the male lead of the upcoming SBS weekend drama Cheongdamdong Alice. The leading lady has been widely rumored to be Moon Geun Young, though her agency has merely confirmed that she is seriously considering the drama but has not yet committed. The male lead will be the owner of a luxury goods store in Cheongdamdong (a tony area of Seoul), while the female lead is a young fashion designer that has taken to making knock off luxury goods for a living, and their is a love that crosses social status and income barriers. It’s weird that I can already see Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young in those respective roles, but my worry remains that the story construct sounds sooooo cliche and Cinderella up the wazoo. The casting will likely be confirmed shortly as this drama is scheduled to premiere in December following Five Fingers.

While the drama will be adapted from a popular trendy novel Cheongdamdong Oduri (Audrey, ala Audrey Hepburn’s style), I’ve seen enough adaptations crash and burn despite coming from solid source material. Plus the fashion theme is littered with truly shiteous carcasses of K-dramas (Style, Fashion King, Cinderella Man), that even hearing it’ll be set in the fashion world leaves me quivering in fear. I’m caught between wanting my Geun Young to hurry up and return to me, and not wanting her to take a project that will end up being a screenwriting failure. As for this possible pairing, I’m game for it. Moon Geun Young rocked some amazing chemistry with Kim Rae Won despite their vast age difference, and Park Shi Hoo is capable of having chemistry with inanimate objects. I remain in “wait and see” mode on this project and rumored cast.


Park Shi Hoo in Talks as the Male Lead of Cheongdamdong Alice — 69 Comments

  1. He definitely crossed my mind because I’ve been thinking that his time for a comeback was rife….hmmmm idk how I feel about the pairing…. Just cant seem to picture it in mt head…what I do know is that the fact that this will be in the fashion world makes me want to cry…also the romantic setup is soooo unoriginal….the good thing though is that this IS based on a (popular??) Novel…so hopefully it wont be that bad as long as it stays true to the setip??

  2. Fashion world? Give me a break. Even with my favorite actors I don’t feel ready to plunge again in that world. Superficial world (by essence) + Cinderella story = Lazy script which runs in circles on the horizon. Fashion King was enough, thanks.
    PS: Sorry Raine, I’m sure you don’t need me to have fun. 🙂

  3. I’ve liked PSH since Prosecutor Princess, and The Princess’s Man made me like him more, but I’m not sold on this drama. I guess I’ll watch the first episode?…

  4. I think this works – I think they would be super sexy together if the script allows.

    MGY had chemistry with Park Shin Yang in PotW, although they never went there (even though I wanted them to.)
    She was really good in that show – I wonder why she doesn’t do more sagueks.

    I am hot and cold with PSH. In PP, I wanted him wanted him, but in that show everyone loves, the script in the back 9 had him on lather, rinse, repeat for his emotions.

  5. I can’t see MGY with PSH together. O.o It’s just weird! I think MGY should consider another sageuk drama, maybe the one following Nice Guy!?

  6. OMG! I’ve never thought of PSH with Moon before, but now as a think about, I’d love to see them together.

    Cliche’ or not, I like that kind of stories, but of course I also want Moon to have success at work.

  7. Yay PSH might be back!! Nooo… Not with MGY. I feel she is young for him but I know that’s hardly true like you mentioned her chemistry with KRW… idk.

    • It will all come down to whether the two have chemistry. They both have acting ability up the wazoo so that’s not a worry. Moon has spent a majority of her career playing opposite to much older men (I think Mary Stayed out all night was the first time she played opposite someone her own age since Autumn Tale) so the age thing doesn’t bother me.

  8. There are quite a few that are hung up on the age thing. It is just a number. If any young actress can play opposite an older actor it is Ms Moon.
    Besides it is the one male fantasy that has no cultural barrier. Ms Moon can act in a movie, drama, or play opposite anyone and she shines. Sageuk, rom-com or horror; she is a great actress.

  9. I believe MGY can have chemistry with anyone.

    She even had chemistry with MCW and always worked with older actors in movies and I still shipped her with them!

    She had chemistry with KRW, with Kim Joo-hyuk in love me not (and he was waaay older than her here a mv: [] and with Park Geon-Hyeong in innocent steps…

    So let’s go!! 🙂

  10. Yeah, definitely cliche to the max. If done right, Cinderella dramas can still be golden. This role doesn’t sound too challenging for her though. Despite the age difference, I have no doubt that they will have chemistry.

  11. “Park Shi Hoo is capable of having chemistry with inanimate objects.”

    OMG Koala, you crack me up. A little iffy about the pairing but I love the two so bad I’m willing to give them the benefit of doubt. The storyline though, I don’t know…

    • I luaghed at this comment as well. I keep waiting for MY fantasy to be played out again . . . Park Shi Hoo falls for an older woman (remember Reversal of Fortune?). Because really he just has chemistry. I am not thrilled by the scenario. It is not just the fashion angle but the knock offs and the owner/chairman/chaebol etc. Didn’t we just get a “knock off” upstart show in “I Do, I Do”?

  12. I would rather PSH be the male lead in my *life,* but I’ll take what I can get. I think he’s too old for her, though. I thought the only couple in PotW that had any chemistry was the two girls, precisely because the male lead looked more like her dad.

  13. I wish I could love MGY like everyone but I just couldn’t and sadly she falls in my least fav list. I cant see why everyone is saying she is a great actress >.<

    I really hope they don't end up together for my love of PSH.

    • I wonder what drama/movie u watched MGY in. previously I’ve also wasn’t in the bandwagon but after watching her in painter and cinderella sister, i really feel her acting just by looking at her eyes.

      out if all the 1987-1988 liner, i think she’s the best, better than MCW or HAN HYO JO.

      i havnt watch marry yet voz of the bad review so i dont know her in romcom.

  14. PSH? YESSSS! but on another fashion world? NOOOO! still can’t get over with FK. Another sageuk drama for him would be nice … he looks great with his mane of glory and black assasin outfit.

    MGY, I only watched her in MMM and I find her ugly on that drama … maybe coz’ of the hair. JGS looks so much prettier than her.

  15. I really liked PHS and MGY in their individual projects, never considered them for an OTP pairing. Hopefully both will sign on for this drama. But, if I have to choose….I’m gonna wish harder for PSH. I mined him since Which Star Are You From –and kept the luv going through Perfect Neighbor, PP, and of course Princess’ Man.

  16. I think this pairing would have good chemistry. MGY is capable of having good chemistry with anyone despite her age and so is PSH. So I imagine that they will have zippy chemistry (at least I hope so). It’s the story line that I am super iffy about.

  17. Ehh, if Kim Sun Ah can romance Lee Jang Woo, Park Shi Hoo can definitely romance Moon Geun Young. It cuts both ways, age is but a number, etc. etc.

  18. I’ll definitely watch this drama just because of Park Shi Hoo. He’s so good in all his dramas and you’re right, he’s capable of having chemistry with inanimate objects.

    As to MGY, I’ve seen some of his dramas and movies like Painter of the Wind, Autumn Tale, Mary Stayed Out All night, Cinderella’s Sister, My Little Bride, Innocent steps, A Tale of Two Sisters. She’s good but not that great.

  19. I’ll definitely watch this drama just because of Park Shi Hoo. He’s so good in all his dramas and you’re right, he’s capable of having chemistry with inanimate objects.

    As to MGY, I’ve seen some of her dramas and movies like Painter of the Wind, Autumn Tale, Mary Stayed Out All night, Cinderella’s Sister, My Little Bride, Innocent steps, A Tale of Two Sisters. She’s good but not that great.

    • If she is not that great I wonder who you think is great? O_O because I really wonder.

      Have no other young actress that can make me cry or be moved liked MGY.

      So, which young actress is that great for you?

      For me she is THAT great.

      But I understand some people think differently and all. For example I can’t stand Lee Min Ho and he has just a decent acting but people go crazy because he is handsome…

      • Well said, I can’t stand Lee Min Ho’s acting either. His charismatic, but is it really enough? I compare him to Lee Da Hae, pretty face with no talent in acting.

  20. Oh Koala, I would seriously love Park Shi Hoo in ANYTHING, or nothing… LOL I would love to see him back in dramaland ASAP! Thanks for the post my fingers are crossed, and it is so true that he could even woo inanimate objects!

  21. Whatever it is, I am really glad MGY is making her comeback if she chooses this drama. Whatever our reservations in the drama, we should respect her choice. Of course it is always welcoming to get feedback when the news of Cheongdamdong Alice broke out. I think its to test waters before she commits to the drama. And if she does choose this drama, I think its a light hearted way to stage her comeback rather than a saegeuk which I think its a little heavy going.

  22. what’s the problem?! psh can carry this one with geum young and vice versa.they’re both fine actors and forget about the age difference.Park Shin Yang is way older,TPOW,remember? let’s give their tandem a chance.

  23. anything that has a PARK SHI HOO, i will gladly supermegadooper excitingly follow… CAN’t WAit!!!!!!! HURRAY PSH!!! MWAH!!!!

  24. I love PSH!!! But as soon as I saw MGY name..I am really disappointed. Perhaps, its too early for me to judge but I just can’t see these two as a couple!! NOOOOOOO!!!! MGY just does not appeal to me.

    Hopefully, it will be someone else…I’d love to see PSY pairing with someone similar to KSY. They got sizzling chemistry in Prosecutor Princess. Or maybe someone with a maturity like Han Jin Min!!!

  25. Hmmm interesting mix of 2, MGY is one of the best actresses of her generation and she can work with anyone, regardless of age and HSP is excellent I hope they accept casting, too haste to see act together

  26. oh year glad to see the back both, PSH is a good actor and MGY one of the best actresses of Korée, hope they will accept some or the age difference I’m sure they have chemistry … . fighting

  27. I agree with you, two good players to mark their return with this drama, Park shi hoo I saw from princess man and since I am a fan and an actress in MGY many talents, humm PSH lucky and vice versa, say yes I want you back

  28. OMG, PSHshi and MGYshi, I’m really happy wouaaa the two stars make their comeback together mGy my favorite actress because she has accomplished a lot despite his young age and the best actress of her generation and is a psh also good actor and handsome too. I really hope they will accept and fighting psh mGy 🙂

  29. two players with a lot of talent, I think the pairing is perfect, I love them all 2 , in addition to talent, they are both beautiful;)

  30. It is true that history seems cliché but psh and mGy can do, remember MSOAN mGy or played with jang keun suk it was an ordinary story but mGy was able to make a difference, and psh j ‘saw his work it was excellent especially the man of the princess he successfully led the concluding film up so they can do, both players have the talent, figthing I want to see you in this drama PSH and MGY

  31. Yes I think they can make a difference in this drama on top of that there are two beautiful actors and especially with the talent fighting!!!

  32. Anyway PSH and MGY are two actors with great talent and I’m glad they can accept and work together, yes they can do this drama I give my consent lol

  33. First off, the drama is courting Moon Geun-young (Cinderella’s Sister) for the lead role, and her reps have confirmed that she’s “seriously considering” the project. It makes sense that she’d be approached (aside from the fact that she’s one of the best actors of her generation) since she’s worked with one of its writers previously: Writer Kim Ji-woon is the writer-director of the awesome psychological thriller Tale of Two Sisters (which Moon Geun-young did when she was 15), gritty noir A Bittersweet Life, and rollickin’ action-comedy-kimchi-western The Good, The Bad, The Weird. Why isn’t this project getting more buzz again?

    And yet, this is presumably going to be a romantic comedy. I know. Enter the perplexity.

    Granted, it’s likely that Kim Ji-won won’t be splashing his film flair all over this project, because a second and more junior scriptwriter, Kim Jin-hee, appears to be the main writer, having previously worked on Tree With Deep Roots and Queen Seon-deok. PD Jo Soo-won worked on dramas Swallow the Sun and Heaven’s Tree.

    So… two blockbuster sageuk dramas, a serious romance-action drama, a melodrama. And I think the pairing with Park Shi Hoo will be fine, he has already worked with Moon chae won in man princess and they had undeniable chemistry with Moon geun young so it will be the same, both have psh mGy and sacrament talent good luck hope you in this drama

  34. MO, MO,OMO as the new me pleasure when I learned they are can be together in this drama and so the story seems a bit cliché, but remember that we have two enormous talents and also not to forget Kim Ji-won, Kim Jin-hee and Soo-won Jo PD who will be in it is not anyone going good 🙂 figthing mGy psh and you are the best for me;)

  35. What is the problem with MGY before judging see what she has done before, it is one of the best actresses of korea and especially of his generation, see its humanitarian donations as she did when she was secretly still a child, I am a mother of 36 years and I greatly admire this actress she has done so many things while she is still very young, and I think the park shi hoo twinning will be fine in this drama, I saw in princess man was simply extraordinary mGy and I saw all his films change personalities and so on conclusion I am glad they can work together to the wise! !

  36. I’m so happy that moon geun young is making her comeback!!! I miss her so much!! I loved all her part, even when I was diappointed with her dramas she was always great and I hope her the best! It’s true that this drama doesn’t look that great, but who knows… we can have a good surprise.
    But for the male lead I want goong yoo!!! So much!!! I don’t know if they have good chemistry but they are both great actors, having good chemistry with anybody!! And I’m in love with him and a big fan of her! Perfect match for me!!!!! Please please please please!!!!

  37. I hope that they both accept the drama! I really love Park Shi Hoo! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS ACTING! Especially in Prosecutor Princess and The Princess’ Man <3 I also really admire Moon Geun Young! SO I really want them to accept the drama!!!

  38. I’m so happy that news , i love two actors ,they are talented and can do something big with this drama,mgy and psh pali I want to see you , kiss

  39. Two wonderful actors, it is true that age is different, but it looks like it PSH only 25 years lol I do not think age is a problem, MGY has spent his life in home movies and dramas with players much older, and it was a success for me so I think the pairing of the two is very figthing

  40. oh my god I’m so happy to see them together and I hope they will confirm this drama a bit funky but both can make a difference both are good actors!!!

  41. Oh I just saw that MGY has agreed to play in this drama, I’m so happy for his return and I hope that PSH accept fighting

  42. Omo, they confirmed and super exited to know who will work together, pairing interesting, and there are two good actors in it more beautifully magnificent fighting!

  43. for those who dont like MGY i understand but saying her acting is not that good awww common she never recieved such an enermous award if her acting is not that good..shes one of the few actresses in k-drama that can pull off everything she do,shes a versetile actress and at the very young age she already stablished her name without using anyone…and beside every actor who paired with Moon have a chemistry and every actor love to work with Moon and many actor and actresses admire her so it shows how talented she is…
    so peace to those who dont like this pairing and those who dont like MOON…

  44. I agree with you, there are so many people who like to work with MGY because it is a nice person, pure, quiet as both the PSH I love and admire their personality figthing I can not wait to see this drama the c ‘is like a Christmas present for me lol

  45. I am susprise when i see PSH in this drama.i like him a little before but now i love him so much .i think he is a perfect acter and he can create any character.the next strange one in this drama is that he and MGY are so cute.May be successful them with this drama.

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