Pretty New Stills of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yumi Filming City Conquest

Kim Hyun Joong‘s upcoming K-drama City Conquest has been filming without being picked up by a network or given a time slot yet, but I don’t think it has much to worry about. I’m more concerned about how it’ll all turn out – the ideal would be to emulate City Hunter, and the worst case scenario would be to become A Man Called God. I remained casually fascinated by this drama because, dude, its Kim Hyun Joong trying out his Boys Before Flowers co-star Lee Min Ho‘s role choices for a change, as opposed to sticking with the cool, calm, and collected handsome flower boy image he held in BOF and Playful Kiss. Hyun Joong understandably gets raked through the coals for his limited acting range, and while I’m fine with it since I think he works in certain capacities, I’m curious to see if changing up his roles may be the breakthrough he needs. I doubt he’ll ever be a thespian, but he has nowhere to go but up. The latest stills from CC leave me ambivalent – love the way Hyun Joong and Jung Yumi look, but his hairstyle for this drama continues to look more and more hideous. I hope his character has a motorcyle accident and it gets singed off.


Pretty New Stills of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yumi Filming City Conquest — 29 Comments

  1. I’m getting really tired of people mentioning his nose job over and over again..
    Ok, he got a nose job since his solo debut last year, we can see it.
    But do people have to mention it in every article he’s in? This article is about his new drama, not his nose.
    Also I don’t think he got another nose job since last year.

    Talking about the hair, I actually like his messy hair better compared to his straight and flat hair in BOF or PK (I’m not digging the curly hair in later half of PK though), and it fits his character here more I suppose.
    I think it will look better in motion than in pictures.

    I don’t expect much from his acting, but I hope his acting here is decent.

    • Finally!! I thought there was something wrong with my taste cuz I actually like his hair 😛 I don’t think it’d suit Anyone, but I think it suits him 😉 Dunno if I’ll watch this but do hope his acting got better 😛 Like Koala’s comment: He can only go up. .

  2. this never ending fuss over khj’s nose reminds me of the vigorous criticism of gabby douglas’ hair. there is no sense to it!

  3. You guys are so funny. He has a new nose in every new photo released? So you think he changes his nose once every few days? I followed photo updates of his recent activities (Asia Tour, Japanese single) and his nose’s like that, more slim and refined when looking from the side and when he’s not smiling. It’s probably the angle of the chosen photo and for the most part, people’s prejudice towards him that makes them claim he has a new nose every time. Well, there’s no use explaining anyway, cuz these people always have the term ‘KHJ’s new nose’ pinning in their head and will never stop.

    Back to the drama, the stills got me excited. Look how hot and manly he has become. The hairstyle may look like a bird’s nest here but I’ve seen him with similar hairstyle before and it looks good. He can pull off any hairstyle people put on him.

    Jung Yumi looks so cute. In the last photo, isn’t she wearing his shirt which I remember him wearing in another still?

    What makes me worried is that the drama hasn’t been picked up by a broadcast station. To put a huge budget in a drama not yet knowing where and when it will get to air is a bit…

    • So true. Funny how people so confidently claim he got a new nose just because it looks different based on one or two pictures. As if he got so much free time to do a surgery every several months..
      Different angles and different expressions can slightly change the shape of your nose. I always notice his nose looks different from left and right side, and I love his left side profile more (And as a study said, human’s left profile is usually more attractive than the right one).

      But yeah, these ‘new nose’ comments will always appear, I know. Guess I’ll just have to bear with it coz there’s no stopping ’em.

      I’m really liking Jung Yoo Mi here, hope they got good chemistry.

      There have been different rumors on it being aired on September, October, and even next year, but seems like it will be aired by either SBS or KBS.

      • yeh, you guys are too mean to KHJ. He doesnt have time to do PS every months or so, he’s too busy for that.
        He actually does it every year. lol.
        You fangirls always whine and complain when other non-fans bring up his nose every post. It’s because it’s just too obvious to not point out. Its something that you cant prevent.
        That being said, I do hope his acting improves.

      • Yes, I’m a fan and I don’t really complain about these comments, I’m just soo tired seeing these over and over again. In every single article.
        I’m not denying he got surgery, and I also don’t like when other fangirls blindly deny he got surgery but please.. it’s not something you have to keep mentioning again and again. I come to his articles to see what people think about the drama scenes stills and the first comment I see is a nose comment. I’m totally fine with it when I first saw such comments last year.. but it keeps coming till now and it gets annoying after a while.
        But yeah what can I do, it’s something I can’t prevent.

        I don’t know if it’s just me, but as I watched and followed his activities since last year, I actually like his nose better now, lol.

  4. He is such a nice/giving/diligent entertainer that has mega charisma. I appreciate him in his efforts to do his best to please his fans. If you look at anything w/ a magnifier, you’ll see tons of flaws. I’m tire of the nose comments too. Anyways, I really like Kim Hyun Joong as an entertainer. I look forward to his new drama.

  5. Kim Hyun Joong looks so different now, whatever plastic surgery he had gone through, I think it didn’t make him look better. He looked much much more better before, during F4 days.

  6. I love his nose and his honesty. My prediction City Conquest will be better than City Hunter and A Man called God. He will be the Korean version of Jason Bourne. How long do we still have to wait before they start airing this in South Korea.

  7. Kim Hyun Joong tops the Oricon charts in Japan making him one of the best there. City Conquest has already earned 11million USD before its first shooting,it just shows the name,Kim Hyun Joong is a very famous superstar. I’m waiting for October,can’t miss this drama at all.

  8. Jung Yumi with longer hair does look different compared to her previous roles.

    As for KHJ, I’m sorry if his fans are offended but his job nose is so striking that we just can’t help but notice and comment. He is not the first actor/celeb, nor the only one or the last one. It’s just too bad because he was much more beautiful before going under the knife, like around his “Lettuce couple” period.
    As for his acting, I think that Mrs Koala is willing to give him way too much more credit cuz she has a soft spot for him (and a few others, lol). Says a person who dropped Playful kiss because the drama and its characters were way too stupid/immature to my likings (but the Korean version much less cringeworthy than ISWAK or Itazura na kiss).

  9. why can’t you guys just accept that he is famous and charming?? well he had admitted for getting a nose job and that was to make his broken nose bone alright. but that was a long time ago(2-3 years ago).
    just take his work and honesty rather than all those little bit things. for me, yeah he is hansom amd beautiful but what i love is his personality and works.
    looking forward to see the action side of Kin Hyun JOOng!!!

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