Nice Guy Releases More Stills as it Continues Filming for a September Premiere

Now that the August new prime time weekday K-dramas have all premiered, and only one really strikes my fancy, it’s time for me to wholeheartedly look forward to Nice Guy which doesn’t premiere until September. If Arang and the Magistrate does well, NG may have an uphill battle to climb in a few weeks playing catch up, but I think the two dramas would appeal to different audiences it might not eat into each other. KBS released the first promo poster showing Song Joong Ki as Kang Maru, and the tagline reads “Let’s stop (now). It’s over. Now that feelings have changed, what is there to do? I’m not the Maru I was before either.” I can’t get over how amazingly expressive Song Joong Ki’s eyes are. It’s immediately clear when he’s playing the Nice Guy or the Not-Nice Guy. I’m also loving how he and Moon Chae Won‘s Eun Gi first meet – via a motorcycle accident, though its unclear whether he planned it or not. That’s so badass. The leads were all in Japan filming these past few weeks, and Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki were pictured holding hands when shooting a scene, which already gives me heart palpitations and I haven’t even watched a frame of this drama.

The whole spurned-love-revenge saga has been done so many times, so I remain optimistic that screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee can make her own spin on it and the two fantastic leads can elevate the story by their crackling chemistry and nuanced acting.


Nice Guy Releases More Stills as it Continues Filming for a September Premiere — 20 Comments

  1. Am with you on the heart palpitations Koala. OMG he looks AMAZING and together they might really just own the show (provided writing etc are solid but I’ll remain optimistic)

  2. I think… and we haven’t even seen a teaser yet that they can beat Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki with their chemistry! 😀 I’m swooning already!

  3. My heart skipped a beat with those stills. THE OTP WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. Wake me up when september begins! Ha
    Thank you, miss Koala!

  4. I think this is a series that I have to watch after it finishes airing, waiting week by week will certainly be too much for me. It seems like a heavy series so it probably won’t be for me, for now.

    SJK is really hard to pass up.

    • That is a really good idea, considering how painful this will be.

      Keeping the pain to a two or three day period, versus stretching it out over months.

      Hmmmm, but can I resist it?

    • @ lovedramas –

      I think you have the right idea, wait ’til its over and marathon it. Waiting for live eps (and subs!) of this one will be too hard. And besides, I’m gonna watch another September makjang offering and there’s only so much a fangirl can handle at one time! LOL

  5. I’m with you on the ‘haven’t watched a single frame yet heart palpitations’ over SJK & MCW. I’ve seen seen all the pictures that caught them together on location plus all the stills from the bike accident, and they just crackle with chemistry. Haven’t been this impatient for a drama in a long, long while.

  6. I saw Joong ki in SKS and I find him really really cute, not the lover type, more of cuddly type. LIke a pet, yes, i;d love him to be my pet, when I get angry, i’ll just look at him at I feel at peace, that kind of thing, he does effortlessly!

  7. This whole revenge story with the whole planned meetings thing reminds me of Prosecutor Princess –> angst ttm 🙁 gonna prepare boxes of tissues

  8. I should have never watched Penny Pinchers. If you haven’t, don’t do it. SJK’s character was so gross and disgusting to me that I haven’t been able to see him the same since.

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