Recess: Fall in Love with You Again

There was once a K-drama on my top-10 list. I raved about it here and there, trilling that it was so amazing and wonderful and everyone must watch it. This was a long time ago, when I first started watching K-dramas. One weekend I was bored and decided to rewatch it, and to my utter shock and horror, I grew to hate this drama. Not just find it so-so, but flat out dislike it. Where was the joie de vivre and cuteness that I recollect? How come the narrative made no sense once I actually watched it without rose-tinted glasses? I was so sad actually, to realize that my love had turn to hate, and I no longer had this sweet drama to fall back on. I’ve now grown wary of rewatching dramas, for fear that my initial favorable impressions would be ruined and obliterate the happy memories I had when I initially watched it. But similarly, this has made me appreciate the dramas that do hold up on rewatch. And it makes me freaking worship dramas that get better on rewatch, because that is a hard feat to pull of indeed. Time Between Dog and Wolf is one of my all-time fave dramas, but I was merely meh about it the first time I watched it. Upon every subsequent rewatch I’ve grown to love it more, and I’ve rewatched 5 times already. So which dramas make you fall in love with it all over again?

A few of the dramas I think stand up to the rewatch test, and may even get better upon subsequent rewatch:

1. Tamra the Island – The drama gets more amazingly heartwarming and charming each time I watch it.

2. Bad Family - A fantastic ensemble cast proves that family is what you make of it, each rewatch makes my heart grow a size.

3. City Hall - Inspiring and romantic, this is my go-to drama anytime I need a pick me up.

4. Beautiful Days – I can watch Lee Byung Hun smolder up the screen as Lee Min Chul all day long.

5. My Name is Kim Sam Soon – Wonderful drama that still hits hard and delivers the goods years later.

6. Time Between Time and Wolf - The OTP and the bromance are equal parts unforgettable.

7. Friend, Our Legend – Soul-searing. I’ve only been able to watch it twice so far.

8. Goodbye Solo – One of the most nuanced and realistic K-dramas ever made, and gets better with every watch.

9. Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School - The tears, they never stop coming when I watch this.

10. Resurrection – Knowing all the twists and turns does not diminish how tightly-plotted this drama is.

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Recess: Fall in Love with You Again — 132 Comments

  1. I know everyone’s tastes are individual and stuff but I’ve struggled twice to get into Time Between Dog and Wolf, it’s a show that sounds so cool and up my alley, but then I drop it after the initial few episodes again, I just. can’t. progress. I used to have the same problem with Lee Kyung-hee’s Thank You but I managed it in the end and it’s now one of my Top 10. Maybe one day I’ll do it.

    Otherwise my most rewatched is WISFC — my rainy day comfort drama. Also re-indulged in WHIB more than twice. (Both shows have the same PD, too) Otherwise I rarely rewatch.

  2. If you liked Resurrection I suggest you should watch “The Devil”. It is equally good if not better in terms of execution in my option. I couldn’t stand Han Ji Min’s character in resurrection (i FFWed every single time she was on screen). UTW’s acting was better in the Devil and the plot was so tightly written, every single small detailed fit in perfectly. I’m someone who loses interest right away after watching something for 10 minutes most of the time (could be a sign of ADD) but I can at least vouch for watching the devil 12 times.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you Koala! I just marathoned Tamra the Island after going through your list to see what the big deal is… I had heard about it earlier but for some reason,the few initial scenes of the 1st episode kept putting me off.After I read your list,I finally thought to give it a go and Ohhh emmm geeee!!! I can’t believe that my initial impression had kept me away from a gem like that…i wanna go to sleep now but i keep re-watching some of the wonderful scenes and there were so many lovely moments that totally trumped out on the not so great moments…so thank you again and keep up the wonderful work!:)

  4. The dramas I always go back…

    1. Oh! My Lady: I don’t know why, may be is his struggles to be a great actor, a father, a husband, God, being human and grow a concience always, always left me with a pain in my stomach, coz I WANT MORE!!! Re-watched: 6

    2. My Name is Kim Sam Soon: The love, the angst the “I don’t like you, but I don’t like to you, to talk with other either”…Really, Sam Shik? Mhahahhahaha RW:10

    3. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: Ugly Sunako always make me smile!! RW:4

    Not Re-watched(RW)perse, but just parts:
    -You’re Beautiful
    -Snow White/Taste Sweet Love
    -Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    Plan to Re-watch:
    -Rooftop Prince
    _Queen In Hyun’s Man
    -Scent of a Woman
    -9 Ends 2 Outs

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