Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo Confirmed as Leads for Cheongdamdong Alice

Kyaaaaaa, Koala Epic Flail Alert! My perfect precious Moon Geun Young has just confirmed her onscreen return in the SBS weekend drama Cheongdamdong Alice, and her rumored co-star Park Shi Hoo has also confirmed. Double yay, and really, which guy would turn down the chance to work with Geun Young? Though truth be told, my dream ideal pairing would actually be if the two leads of Nice Guy swapped with Alice so that Moon Geun Young was paired with Song Joong Ki, and Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo did a modern drama together and make all the fans of The Princess’s Man over-the-moon with joy. But I’ll not look a gift horse in the mouth after waiting nearly two years since Mary Stayed Out All Night for Geun Young to pick her next acting project. Alice won’t air until December following Five Fingers, though right now the insane behind-the-scenes drama of FF will surely only raise the interest in Alice. Read on for a glimpse of the two lead character descriptions.

Moon Geun Young plays Han Se Kyung, a bright and hardworking girl who believes that only with ceaseless effort can she carve out her place in the world. After countless job interviews she finally gets a job with a fashion design company. But she doesn’t become a fashion designer, but instead has the inglorious job of being the errand girl for the elder company president’s wife. This causes her to reflect on her life so far. Park Shi Hoo plays Cha Seung Ho, a young executive and heir to a large luxury goods company in Korea, and supposedly he comes complete with a devastating formerly relationship baggage. Of course they get involved in a romantic relationship. To be frank, nothing about the story of Cheongdamdong Alice sounds intriguing or meaningful, and is about as cookie cutter of a K-drama Cinderella story as it comes. I put my faith in Moon Geun Young choosing this drama as her comeback project, so she must see something special in the story and/or script. I’m pretty much all in come hell or high water, and since Park Shi Hoo is such a kissing bandit in dramas, I expect tons of making out to transition Moon Geun Young into fully mature and sexy drama roles.


Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo Confirmed as Leads for Cheongdamdong Alice — 50 Comments

  1. I really really wish PSH was playing the lead in Nice Guy. He and MCW have mad chemistry together and I think MGY looks better with people closer to her own age. But, we shall see…

  2. I really like both actors, but I’m kind of worried about putting then together….. I mean, MGY is really petite, which doesn’t always translate well with some of her male counterparts… But hopefully It’s just unnecessary anxiety because they are great actors… Two from the few that I really like… And It’s purely because of their acting abilities, not appearance, like a lot of other famous actors/actresses… It’s only a plus that they both have good outer appearance…

    Anywayzzz, looking forward to this drama!!!

  3. I’ve not seen anything with the actor, but partially watched the Painter drama. The actress is good, but I don’t get the hype surrounding her.

    Anyway, SBS is not on my current watch-list after the 5F incident, which I was enjoying. Maybe I’ll put them back next year around this time….

  4. OMG 🙂 🙂
    Excuse me while I have a heart attack 🙂
    And yeah, let me go confirm I’ve got that channel on viki. Oh boy.

    Side note- I know the story is cliche but I am up for a good old fashioned romance.No frills, hopefully not too many birth secrets and slapping mother in laws. Just boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Some dates. An ex girlfriend or 2. No sloppy hair and some make out sessions. And some kissing. Because we all know he can kiss. Kekeke…

  5. It’s been already two years since MSOAN? WOW!

    I don’t care if the story is light and nothing special, I am looking forward to see Moon as an adult lady, not a child like. It gives me hope she finally taking a grown up lady role next to PSH.

    Oh and yes, Moon&SJK would be my dream couple, their acting is the best in their generation.

    I don’t like MCW, but she was alright with Moon and PSH as well, so pairing does make a difference in a person’s acting his/her role, for example I feel more chemistry between Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) and Princess Nogook from the very beginning of Faith, and I don’t think it’s because of their age, it’s in the air I guess. 😛 I wish they could become a couple in that drama!

    • Yeah, Faith made a huge mistake in casting and unfortunately I think it does have a lot to do with age. It’s so painfully obvious that Eun Soo is much older than Choi Young regardless of the actual age gap between their characters and, so far, the pairing doesn’t seem all that popular.

      • In Faith, I think for the story they are telling the age difference works for them. He is supposed to be a remarkably younger-than- usual leader, and She is a gutsy, knows-what-she-wants modern woman, who is also a surgeon. I love they cast a doctor age appropriately, too, since they have to spend so many years training.
        Their story is not going to have a noona-dongsang vibe, but something more complicated. The age difference is nothing up against the huge divide between their realities, If and when the romance starts, I see it as something neither party wants nor expects from the other. It will take both of them by surprise.

        I like them better as adversaries, actually, but I know how that goes…

      • Maybe you’re right, but this is the first time I felt chemistry between LMH and an actress onscreen! I didn’t like him with Park Min Young or Koo Hye Sun either.

      • Jomo, I totally agree that Eun Soo’s age is appropriate. I think they could be good friends but I can’t quite picture romance at this stage — it’s pretty telling that people seem far more invested in Noguk/Gongmin than the ‘main’ couple.

      • I assume in Faith it will be a love circle with the doctor and king too. I do hope when the romance does starts it will be not too cliche but a surprise of how they both felt and tried not to ignore each other.

  6. MGY doesn’t have the best track record for picking dramas (MSOAN? Cinderella Unni?) but I like cutesy Cinderella stories, so I am in. Plus, Park Shi Hoo! I have an unreasonable crush on the man.

  7. Omo, they confirmed and super exited to know who will work together, pairing interesting, and there are two good actors in it more beautifully magnificent fighting!

  8. Whatever the story…. I’ll still watch. Been waiting for my baby Geun Young for too long now. It’s about time. and this:

    “and since Park Shi Hoo is such a kissing bandit in dramas, I expect tons of making out to transition Moon Geun Young into fully mature and sexy drama roles. ”

    Yay! to that.

  9. Frankly a littleeeee bit concerned about them together BUT I’ve md trust in both to deliver so optimism and squealing at this news all the way!

  10. the plot doesnt sound too promising but since im a MGY fan. UWAA! finally im going to see her again in TV… i really love the character she portrayed in CS if only the ending didnt sucks : /

  11. Nice news to wake up to. Yay, Yay, Yay! The lady is finally back. Who is this guy? I don’t care, Moon Geun Young is back! What is the hype? She is a powerhouse when it comes to ’emoting’ like everyone is always talking about. She is a great actress. She is mature for her age and can make any man look good beside her. I am so glad that I don’t watch that many dramas to be jaded like some who are already comparing to Fashion King. What was that drama about? I don’t care. Moon Geun Young is back. Yay!

  12. I’m still a bit unsure about this duo, I adore them both to pieces but she still looks so babyfaced and he looks so much more mature.
    But I’m sure there was something special that made her choose this project and I’m glad that she decided to do something again.

  13. yay finally Moon is back and im sure she will put her very best in this drama…who ever her co star i know they can pull it,MY Moonie thank you for coming back we miss u so badly,no matter what we gonna support you!fighting^^

  14. Ohhh yes mGy has spent his life playing with older players and I’m with Psh there will be no problem and now it is no longer the little sister of the nation that is the actress of the nation: ) ah my opinion that the duo I loved as everyone lol kutchiii fighting MGY and HSP you’re the best I love you

  15. Yes I also think they are a perfect couple, can not wait to
    them again, not only are the two actors but also great heart with peace and love talent anti fans!

    • It’s pays to be polite and courteous. We are afterall visitors here. We are what we write and opinions here are respected. But giving one’s opinion and being rude are two very different things.

    • Moon Geunyoung does have cross-eyes but it’s not too obvious. In my language we call it as “juling air”. But in english it supposed to be mean light cross-eyes. But still, people don’t give a damn about it. The proof is that she just got the title of Korean Nation’s Little Sister and got so many awards. Yet, she still look pretty cute no matter what.

  16. Unusual pairing – not quite sure how this OTP will pan out though I love both MGY and PSH. Always thought that MGY should pair up with someone closer her age like Lee Jun Ki as they are both tremendous actors – it would hard to say who can emote better. Will have to wait and
    hope drama gods can unite these two!

  17. Moon Geun-young and Park Shi Hoo are two actors who have chemistry crazy with their co-stars, whatever you happen to think the pairings are, I think that says a lot about their work. I suspect none of them date their costars, but I can always count on them to put on the performance of novel highly credible in mGy drames I think this almost magical ability to make her fall for her role in male when it is on the set of a series or a show together because it is known to be very nice with not only the male lead, but also the staff working behind the cameras. Psh has great expressions and the ability to make the audience feel what he feels. So that the mixture of these 2 will explode our screens everyone loves them!

  18. again, what’s with this age-gap problem?! so shallow! the main points here are both PSH and MGY have good looks and fine acting skills.and i just hope that this drama with an over-used fashion/Cinderella storyline won’t be sewn with a tattered script.but i’ve read that the writers and the director have had outstanding dramas to boot.then all us well with Cheondamdong don’t forget the fact that PSH is a style icon.he could kill in his fashionably-garbed character.refresh your eyes with his old dramas like PP,etc.and even in traditional clothes like in Iljimae and TPM, he is a looker! now my eyes could have a happy PSH feast again.will eagerly wait for December!!!i’m fangirling again here at koala’s playground.btw i like your neat ” new face”.LOL

  19. Not crazy about Park Shi Hoo. It would be nice if she had gone with Soong Joong Ki. Anyway, glad that the girl is back. cheers…

  20. Yay~ I’ve been waiting for anything, big or small screen, from MGY 😀 She’s not doubt my fave actress 😀 And this drama sounds even better with PSH being the male lead 🙂 Although, I wouldn’t have immediatedly put these two together, they do have amazing chemistry with any of their costars! (How loveable was Chung Jung Myung and Moon Geun Young in Cinderella’s Unni!)

    I have to admit, Korean dramas + fashion dramas.. usually end horribly! I couldn’t even stand to watch Fashion King after hearing the title haha!

    Please, scriptwriters, don’t ruin this! 🙂

  21. I thought that only me who want to death seeing Moon Geun Young pairs with Song Joong ki. That’s funny me after seeing MGY & SJK Sungkyungkwan’s old picture release, I’m obsessed to see them play in a drama for-whatever-genre furthermore seeing them on (fanvid) youtube in koreanfan’s account, then relate to their relationship; MGY is a bestfriend of Moon Chae Won who now play Innocent Guy with SJK meanwhile MGY next project will co-star with MCW’s co-star in Princess’ Man, Park Shi Ho. So, I hope and pray both MGY & SJK will do a drama soon. *cross-finger

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