Joe Cheng Meets the TW-media After Enlisting for Military Service

When Joe Cheng quietly snuck off to enlist last week, I thought he wanted to avoid the media scrutiny and keep his shaved head under wraps. Turns out he just wanted to be low key, and this week he got a day off to visit family and he happily left the training camp to speak with the media gather outside. He showed off his freshly shorn dome and I must say he’s got a really nice round symmetrical head. Not that it matters, since he’ll be sporting gorgeous hairstyles once he returns to acting, but its nice to see a male celebrity without any airs and doing their mandatory army service in good spirits. It’s really hit-or-miss for actors to head off to MS – go early and they may miss their chance to break out, go after breaking out may mean leaving at the height of their popularity and risk coming back to find their fans have moved on. I’m sure Joe will be just fine once he returns, since he’s moved on past his young idol drama days already. I haven’t watched Love Actually yet since I’m still traveling, but I hope its as cute as the previews made it seem so that I can binge on it when I get home. Joe will be serving in an army unit and will head South once he’s done with basic training. Good luck to Joe, and see you when you come back (all buff and abtastic).


Joe Cheng Meets the TW-media After Enlisting for Military Service — 13 Comments

  1. is that mean Love Actually is a pre-production drama?
    no wonder the video shown smoothly in viki *grin*

    good luck joe, enjoy the MS time, later we’ll celebrate your coming back…in a year, isn’t it?

    • Yes, its a pre-production drama. I think every TW-Drama is a pre-production. That’s why its actors/actresses n crew can enjoy the filming without hurrying it nor forcing it without enough break.

      Not like what’ve happened in K-Drama world where they start filming just before it airs,, and force the actors to acts without enough break or sleep.

      That’s why the Han Ye Seul’s problem while filming Myungwol The Spy arouse..

    • Love Actually is not a Taiwan drama, it’s a China drama. C-dramas are pre-produced because SARFT needs to watch it all first before approving its airing. TW-dramas are about half pre-produced and half-live filming. The live-filmed ones are as exhausting as K-dramas.

  2. It’s a little cute…and mostly hair yanking frustration.
    I can’t buy into their world, painted broadly and too OTT.
    The whole exgirlfriend and west vs east dream make me scream.
    I don’t understand, why does following his old forgotten dream of western food MUST equal to him returning to ex-gf when obviously he’s reluctant about ex-gf (and not the whole dream conflict).
    And Lee Da Hae’s character is annoying me with her insecurity and self-sacrifice. Bleh

  3. Love Actually, the first I noticed was Joe’s death stare at Lee Da Dae, and his extremely handsome face.Good review by Chinese media as well.
    It looks simple but has unique characters, so far Joe is the most fun to look at, so charismatic, LDH is ok, maybe the character is to simple for her, so she just playing cute, not putting much effort unlike in Miss Ripley. I read the rating is very high also which is very good for Joe, he’s already secured a safe place and his popularity once again skyrocket among Chinese community and among LDH large fan base in China.

  4. Ha. My friend whose fave drama turns out to be ISWAK is about to shed tears reading such news. Thanks for the news, Mrs Koala.

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