Written Preview for Episode 5 of Miss Rose

Excuse me while I spazz – wet Roy Qiu = fanning myself and hopping up and down like an epileptic rabbit. Clearly that picture above just short circuited my brain, but once I regained my sanity, I realized that the written preview for episode 5 of Miss Rose is like drama rom-com crack made just for me. Vivian the bitchy fiancee finally meets Si Yi, and the mutual dislike from the tie incident has ballooned into intense loathing from both sides. I love that Guo Xue Fu, her English name is Puff and she’s Tia Li‘s fellow Dream Girls member, plays Vivian with complete willingness to be as mean and cold as can be. Unlike Tia’s Kai Er character in Office Girls, being fake and devious, I much prefer having an antagonist like Vivian who is not afraid of being openly confrontational.

Right now Si Yi and Vivian’s differences in wealth and background is like Heaven and Earth, but I can see the Cheng Kuan who is trying to reach Heaven actually stopping to think about what exactly he wants to attain by becoming President Jiang’s heir and marrying Vivian. All of that is because of Si Yi, and Vivian’s awareness of Si Yi’s presence in Cheng Kuan’s life will only force him to take a closer look at both woman and how they affect him. It’s going to hurt watching Vivian pick on Si Yi, but I know it’s going to hurt Cheng Kuan more and he’ll likely not hold back if Vivian crosses the line one too many times. And once Si Yi’s ex-boyfriend enters the picture, I can’t wait to watch the fireworks fly.

Written preview for episode 5:

Rivals always run into each other, and the bitch asserts her presence. Vivian steps foot into Guang Qiang and makes her position clear. Si Yi becomes Vivian’s number one enemy and gets raked through the coals. Cheng Kuan sees this and it really makes his heart ache. Should he be a hero and save Miss Screw, or shall he support his “most important” fiancee?

Tick tock…..tick tock….. time slips by and it grows dark outside and the bid submission period is drawing to a close. General Manager Wu and Manager Kang, those two trouble creating machines, what situation will they create for Cheng Kuan and Si Yi’s already complete bid submission?

Cheng Kuan tenderly wipes away the foam on Si Yi’s lips and Si Yi’s eyes fall on Cheng Kuan’s handsome visage, the distance between them less than an inch. The only sound is their heartbeats. An angry glare hits them from the doorway, where Vivian stands there………


Written Preview for Episode 5 of Miss Rose — 20 Comments

  1. First i was spazzing over the kim hyun joong banner then when i saw the roy pics i basically melted….. What a way to start the weekend!!

  2. I was sorta wondering…
    Si Yi knows about Cheng Kuan having a gf…and she doesn’t know their real loveless condition. Yet, she’s getting closer with Cheng Kuan and in this upcoming episode, it looks like they will even go full out ζ›–ζ˜§. Wouldn’t that make Si Yi a 小三 in real life standards? Just sayin’ haha.

    • Absolutely, Si Yi is the 小三 here. Same with Mi Rae in City Hall with respect to Go Go Hae who was engaged to Jo Gook already. Whereas in MR, at least Cheng Kuang and Vivian are not officially engaged yet, despite everyone assuming its imminent. That still doesn’t matter though, Si Yi is the 小三 and that is why she’s not considering anything with respect the CK. He’s the one who seems more aware of what he’s feeling for her.

      • Excuse me ms koala i was wondering when u would recap ep 4 miss rose because im totally relient on ur recaps

  3. Ugh if I weren’t so busy with moving into my new place I would have started watching this already! After all I’m already on the bandwagon πŸ™‚

    Ms Koala, may I ask where you watch the raws of Miss Rose?

  4. I can’t wait for Sunday *smiles from ear to ear*. I can’t wait until there are English subs but in the mean time I will watch the episdoes raw and OFCOURSE read Ms. Koala’s great recaps.

    I’m so happy to see that there are a lot of ppl who are interested in this show. I can’t wait for the show to be available on Dramafever and I’m excited that there is a fan channel for this show on viki.com. Very greatful for all those who sub. Thanks a million.

  5. I am super excited for this episode to air… episode 4 was amazing, and if it stays this good, then I’ll be in tdrama heaven <3

  6. Aww. Nice. Not talking about wet Roy but their skinship.
    Mrs Koala, these now wet clothes were seen in your previous MR entry with both of them enjoying cherries. They are the same. Good thing her family runs a dry-cleaning business. ^^
    More similarities with CH indeed. Looking forward to ep 5. πŸ˜€

  7. Very interesting, I wish I could finish the whole series in a day instead of 1 ep every Sunday. Now, you, Roy & Megan got me hooked. I shouldn’t start watching until it finished. Aishhhing….

  8. Oh, episode 4 was so sweet and funny (loved CK trying to climb to the balcony of SY) and this preview seems to promise some further skinship… I’m sold…

  9. because of Koala I’m so into Roy. I haven’t been into an actor for awhile but he is such a good actor. He can be serious, childish, manly, boyish and of course a major flirt. I wonder if their best friends in the will hook up. They would be very cute together in these series too since they understand Roy and Megan really well. Last night got my cousin hooked on OG lol! She’s hooked too. Thanks Koala for all the recaps and reviews on Miss Rose

  10. Thanks for your recaps Ms K. There’s no way I can understand the Taiwanese mandarin without Eng Sub. I now read your recaps first and then have little difficulty following the show. It’s great!

  11. I want Roy to rip Megan’s clothes off and make sweet love. Haha!!! They are sizzling with chemistry. I am excited to see how CK will be fully aware he has feelings for SY and reciprocate it physically and genuinely to her.

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