Rumored C-couple Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang Caught Vacationing in Thailand

DId anyone watch Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower? You know, China’s adaptation of Hana Yori Dango? It’s terrible, but I watched it all for Hans Zhang, playing the role of Domyouji Tsukasa. His leading lady was Zheng Shuang as the C-version of Makino, and since starring in the two C-HanaDans, they’ve also worked on a movie and another drama together. Rumors have flown for the past few years about a possible relationship, but I’ve always thought it was more fan fervor and publicity that they were also so chummy together in media events.

Looks like there is indeed more than meets the eye, with the couple being photographed vacationing in Thailand together this past July. It’s hard to miss Hans since he’s quite tall and Zheng Shuang is just this tiny adorable little thing. To me, they are the perfect pairing of cuteness and limited acting abilities. Go forth and make precocious babies, you have my blessings cutie pies! If they go public, they will be the first acting pair of Domyouji-Makino to actually date in real life. IMO, they are actually the only pair of Domyouji-Makino actors who actually had off-screen chemistry beyond their characters.

I think it would be wrong not to mention that both Hans and Zheng Shaung are part of the same management company E-E Media, and this could be a management sponsored trip. Quite like the one Tangren did for Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, and Liu Shi Shi a few years ago to Egypt. I see another one of their management shidi in the picture, but the radio silence from E-E media on this trip is also weird if they did organize it. Oh well, C-couples always evade and evade until they can’t evade no more.

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Rumored C-couple Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang Caught Vacationing in Thailand — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve given up believing in actors who date because it seems so unreal to me. Rainie and Joseph Chang were my last deception and I’m off drama couplings for good.

  2. Zheng Shuang was the prettiest Makino, imo. She’s actually quite a good actress and I hope she starts making more dramas soon.

    Also, season 2 of the C-version was a really good watch.

  3. It could be a sponsored trip. They both seem to know that there are cameras around…well seems like it. If they were holding hands and all then yeah, I’ll definitely take it as them dating. Although, I do wish they date. I love them both in LGWM. <3

    • Exactly doesn’t scream romantic getaway at all. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t together but more that they haven’t been “caught” nor do these photos “prove” a thing. Plus, I’d rather for couples to stay as secret as they want. I get wanting your privacy and nothing matters (in the public eye) till you marry anyway.
      I hate the idea of couples being “outed” when they want to lay low. The public doesn’t deserve anything, regardless of how anxious we are to know.

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