Kang Ji Hwan and Son Dambi Pair Up for Sexy W Korea Pictorial

Sometimes a coupling works well in certain mediums but I have no desire to see it transcend beyond that. Kang Ji Hwan and Son Dambi was just paired up for a W Korea pictorial that supposedly depicts a pair of mysterious lovers. With black and white pictures and scenes shot in a hotel with the couple being all sexy and sultry, I guess that does amp up the mystery factor. I think they look fantastic together, chock full of chemistry and visually just a stunning pairing. But I do not ever want to see them act together, mostly because I think Son Dambi is a really bad actress (I watched all of Dream), though she could have improved since then in Light and Shadows. I finished watching Kang Ji Hwan’s recent movie Runway Cop and while it was mildly entertaining, overall it was just silly and boring.

I enjoyed watched Ji Hwan ham it up, and his reuniting with Sung Yuri is as wonderfully fun and chemistry-laden as when they did Hong Gil Dong together years ago, but that’s about it. Son Dambi is prepping for her upcoming album so that should be a nice change of pace for her after doing a 60+ episode primetime drama. No news on Kang Ji Hwan’s next project, but I’m hoping that it’ll be a drama rather than a movie. Perhaps a melo after the rom-com that was Lie to Me, or something along the lines of a thriller. Actually…..the drama adaptation of 7th Level Civil Servant (titled The Secret Lovers) is still without a lead, and the movie version is currently available so he can always give that character another go. Whatever he picks, I’ll be the first the line up. Until then, I can ogle him to my heart’s content in this pictorial.

[Credit: W Korea magazine]


Kang Ji Hwan and Son Dambi Pair Up for Sexy W Korea Pictorial — 18 Comments

  1. Daaang, this is hot! Although I can’t get over how ridiculous Ji Hwan’s getup is in the second-to-last picture. A sleeveless pinstripe belted trench? Over a turtleneck? No thank you. The rest? Yum.

      • Haha, I can’t imagine ANYONE pulling that off successfully. Sometimes fashion is so silly 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s not about being successful or sensible, it’s about creating a moment, even though certain pieces may seem silly. In this case though, I’m gonna hazard a guess without seeing credits and say that’s it’s a one designer page, so therefore is required to wear long sleeveless belted trenches. I’m puzzled by the choice though, sleeved trenches *do* exist in the collection.

    Stylists are silly, rather.

  3. What a shock. KJH almost looks like he has man boobs in that sleeveless trench.

    His next role, transgendered person?

  4. I too am waiting for his next come back 😉

    Guys, Sung Yuri is dating with her last co-star Lee Sang Woo 😀 Me happyyyy 😛

  5. Not to be a hater or anyth..but I think YEH would’ve done a better job in the pictorial (she’s known for being very versatile and professional in shoots)

    son dam bi…well she’s pretty but her “dead fish” expression in every shot makes it bland and boring

  6. I just got my sun in this blurry day. This looks hot, hot hot.

    I saw HJW’s new pics…how come I never saw HJW&KJH like this…hmmm…

  7. That first pic caught my eyes right away then I scrolled down and quickly all the way up because they are a hit-and-miss for me. However the angle shot that shows Kang Ji Hwan’s facial expression is genius whereas the blurred part does spoil it overall, as if the photographer and Son Dambi were in a rush.
    I can not aptly describe the vibe that he emanates there. A je-ne-sais-quoi that’s like a mix of longing, expectancy, comfort, love and fragility, as the man waiting to be kissed (not the other way around). Far from what I have seen of him before – either in Runway cop, Lie to me, Coffee house, My girlfriend is a spy and the movie which title I can’t recall opposite Lee Ji Ah.

    Thank you Mrs Koala. Have some rest dear or you will be in need of vacation to relax from your vacation. 😀

  8. I’m hoping KHJ, finds a lady he can be happy with, I’m hoping it isn’t YEH. The reason, I feel this way is, it was written he indicated he was disappointed in the reviews LTM received. In my opinion, actors need to keep their negative thoughts to themselves, fans are easily swayed. Giving a drama a chance to catch on is important, and if what I read was true, in my opinion, it was unfair to the rest of the actors and crew, who also worked hard on this drama, to voice his opinion so soon after completion. I am totally into loyalty but insecurity speaking.

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