Written Preview for Episode 9 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I’m sorta okay with Asahina pushing Hyuga out of Next Innovation. Hyuga is not measured by what he has achieved or accumulated in terms of success or wealth, but by his desire to innovate and create. This is a man who would have no problem doing it all over again, especially now when he has Makoto by his side. I also think this stumble for Hyuga is necessary for him to further mature and accept that he can’t succeed simply by talent and steamrolling his way through corporate life. Whereas he had Asahina around to smooth his edges before, now he needs to find a way to be both the brains and the heart of his own professional career. This is where Makoto truly is an integral part of his life, because meeting her has allowed him to lower his emotional barriers and connect with people finally.

Hyuga isn’t antisocial by choice, but having face recognition disorder has hampered his social skills in the past. Now he can forge ahead by trying to be a whole person rather than focus only on his mental acuity while letting Asahina fill in the EQ side of things. But just because I’m fine with Hyuga’s reboot doesn’t mean I’m fine with what Asahina did to Hyuga. Just because I like the end doesn’t justify the means, and looks like episode 9 of Rich Man, Poor Woman will keep piling on the Asahina siblings annoyance factor. Yoko really tries my patience, at times I’m fine with her, and other times I want her to go die in a fire along with her reptilian brother. As long as I get a kiss between the OTP, then everything else I can handle.

Written preview for episode 9:

After being pushed out of Next Innovation by Asahina, Hyuga storms out of the farewell party. Makoto chases after Hyuga and tells him that she wants to leave with him. She gets on the back of his motorcycle and the two of them ride off. Hyuga wakes up at the beach where the sun is setting, with Makoto tightly pressed up next to him. In this awkward moment, Hyuga sees a plastic bag fly onto Makoto’s face and he laughs, staring at her.

The new President of Next Innovation Asahina faces the media and his plans for the personal file project is complimented as “the true master revealing himself”, which makes Asahina smile. The project partner JI Technology complains that the cost for the personal file project is still too high so Asahina changes the interface. He introduces the new interface at the presentation to the Ministry, and Vice Minister Fujikawa points out that Hyuga’s original interface was better, but Asahina remains unmoved.

Yoko finds Hyuga and apologizes for what her brother did. She hands him the USB containing evidence that Asahina leaked the personal lifes. Hyuga isn’t interested in that and tells her there is no need for her to apologize, because there is an idio who wants to follow him.… Yoko hears Hyuga talk about his feelings for Makoto and it arouses her jealousy. She brings Hyuga out and Hyuga sees Asahina and Makoto casually smiling and talking with each other. Hyuga is rooted in place and stares at them………

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Written Preview for Episode 9 of Rich Man, Poor Woman — 34 Comments

  1. “Hyuga wakes up at the beach where the sun is setting, with Makoto tightly pressed up next to him.”
    -My pervy mind is excited and my stomach does flips. heh
    “Yoko hears Hyuga talk about his feelings for Makoto and it arouses her jealousy. She brings Hyuga out and Hyuga sees Asahina and Makoto casually smiling and talking with each other.”

    OH. NO. SHE. DIN’T. Die, woman, die!!!

    • So this means the (almost?) kiss happens towards the beginning of the episode. I swear, if we don’t get that kiss in ep 9 and Yoko turns out to be a cockblocking witch, Imma hunt down that writer with you, Koala, and it will NOT be pretty. No indeed.

      • If no kiss happens in Ep9….dude, we’ve been trolled!! Both the Asahina siblings should in fact die. I find Yoko just annoying….with her unnecessary smiles. *rolls eyes* Kosuke repulses me like no other. I’m waiting to watch E8 to see how far he’s fallen from grace….that backstabbing d-bag!!

    • She’s about to get got if she keeps messing wit my OTP!! Cockblocking will not be tolerated. I mean, we’re almost at the home stretch. My patience is gone

      But I like this —>>> ““Hyuga wakes up at the beach where the sun is setting, with Makoto tightly pressed up next to him.”

      Ima focus on that.

    • ^OH. NO. SHE. DIN’T. Die, woman, die!!!

      hehehe That’s exactly what I said when I read that. Why does Yoko have to be so irritating? GRRRRRRRR

      Can’t wait to see the next episode.

  2. ughhhh, no, no, NO!! Please no misunderstandings. And these Asahina siblings should stay the eff away from our OTP. RE Yoko: it’s a little too late girl for your conscience to have pricked after having discovered what your scumbag brother did. :S

    Thank You for this written preview!

    • Scuse my spanish “Me cago en la puta madre” LOL… Wowsers, can’t they give us a little fan service so that we can squeal for some greatness. Uggh I hope she chokes on a chicken bone that woman – UGGH – annoyed.

      • @ YChase007…you just made my day con tu expresion…pero estoy contigo LOL WTH…I want the evil siblings to go live in a hole and never come out. ARGGG I can’t stand either of them. We need more OTP scenes and we’ve all being waiting far too long for a kiss. We have been faithful followers of the show and damn we deserve a “reward” now…kiss, kiss.

        Thanks Ms. Koala for the preview. I’ve been checking your site all day. I can’t wait for next week.

  3. omg, that screencap has me flailing to no end since yesterday and all day i caught myself smiling like a loon thinking of these two. yep, i’m losing it!

    anyways, going by the preview, Hyuga and Makoto will ride off into the sunset, kiss at the beach (they better!!!!) and fall asleep pressed next to each other? i.can.wait. and Hyuga is moving in with her, right? because he brought his suitcase and everything to her place. i sure hope so!

    and those Asahina siblings needs to just disappear into thin air. argh.

  4. I’m really hoping it’s not a dream cause i really want them to have a cute moment together. I will go into an emotional coma if they don’t kiss :(.

    • Lol emotional coma. Hahahah
      I’m waiting for the longer preview. Gahhh theyd better be smooching or else. Omg annoying siblings need to go away. Why is Makoto smiling and talking to Asahina when he backstabbed her almost BF??? She doesn’t know what he did right? I will be in emotional coma too if they pull another angsty ep. We only have 3 eps left. Arghhhhh

  5. I agree with you, Koala, regarding the whole point of Hyuga getting kicked out of Next Innovation. I think Hyuga has a lot of maturing to do, what with having found success so early on in his life. I am all for having Hyuga experiencing a little hardship (okay, in this case, maybe that was more than just a little) for him to grow up and realize that the seemingly “inferior” people around him can be indespensible to him and that he should be treating them better.

    On a side note, did you also feel that the last scene, when they were “driving off to the sunset” did not seem in the least like an exit of defeat for Hyuga? His eyes seem to say, “I may have lost everything, but I am definitely coming back!” And that for the mean time, he is content to be driving off with the only thing he has at that moment, the woman he had finally accepted to share his downfall with. The same woman who’s going to be by his side once he reclaims what he had lost, and more.

  6. I’ve been floating on cloud nine all day. Dreamt a nice dream last night too, involving a motorcycle with two riders pressed against each other, zooming into the sunset. That was when I finally fell asleep after the adrenaline rush of watching the final scenes of RMPW. I clapped my hands, flailed, spazzed and giddily laughed myself silly. Loved, loved, LOVED episode 8. *sigh

    After that level of high, I hope we don’t come crashing to the ground in episode 9, because boy-oh-boy it sure is gonna hurt. And man, wits will get real mad! (you won’t like me if I’m mad) So please writer-san, please give us a good one. We only have 3 more episodes to go (*begins to tear up) and I want my OTP to move forward from here. We have so many other plot points to work with, so don’t mess with our lovebirds. TBH, I don’t care one whit if I don’t ever see even a shadow of yoko from here on. She is irrelevant to the story already, who cares if she lost! Just… get lost!

    I want to see the downfall of Asahina and fully exposed as the lying double-faced-jealous-betrayer j*rk that he is. He thinks he is better than Hyuga but he is nothing more than a MEDIOCRE brat!

    But I can wait for that comeuppance to befall Asahina. For now, I want my cute-sweet-romantic scenes of two people discovering each other and gently but surely falling head-over-heels in love!!!

  7. I’m with you about it being a good thing Hyuga was kicked out of NI. It’s going to mean he’l learn to make a better company where he is more involved intellectually and emotionally.

    Ok the ep9 preview looked so good, I was a giddy happy fangirl. But this written preview is pissing me off. Can we stop with the stupid Yoko/Asahina BS already? Asahina’s only relevant because he’s the big bad guy.
    Yoko was NEVER relevant. I was fine with her trying her hand the first time but this BS jealousy crap better not mess with happy OTP time!! I will not be pleased!!
    Plus if this is an 11 episode show, do they really need to add yoko’s crap in when Hyuga has a company to build and an Asahina to shit on??

    And I want that OTP kiss!!!

  8. Thanks for this!
    I am happy Hyuga is out because Ass-hat-nina will fail without him.
    He doesn’t have the charisma to sway hearts, because he doesn’t have the passion. Hyuga is a true creative force and people responded to it. Asahina is a good manager, but since he has been manipulating people for so long, he isn’t sincere. People don’t respond well to that.

    I feel like we had this discussion somewhere before.

  9. oh HECK YEAH.. Hyuga told off Yoko.. guess the real feelings come OUT! :D NICE NICE NICE.. Can’t wait for next monday to come faster!

  10. I am glad that Episode 9 brings back the Ministry and Vice Minister Fujikawa into the picture. My take is that they will be the point on which the head-to-head conflict of Hyuga’s new company and Asahina-led New Innovation will be resolved. We already know that Fujikawa is partial to Hyuga’s original interface. Also, Fujikawa seems to have the impression (as shown in earlier episodes) that Hyuga truly cares about improving people’s lives with the Personal File project, unlike Asahina who is just out to make bucks. Added to that is the fact that Makoto would be with Hyuga’s project and we know how much Fujikawa likes her. I also expect Hyuga to come up with a really daebak application–one that would leave NI eating the dust.

    Hyuga and Makoto, fighting!

  11. Yoko needs to ride off into the sunset with the chef dude, Asahina needs to slink off to a corner and die a slow, painful death and our OTP needs to confess, make out, get married and have lots of beautiful, smart and charming babies. And those three programmers? They need to be the adorable uncles to the OTP babies. Then and only then will I be a happy camper. If these things do not happen, I join you on your flight to Japan. Perhaps we can get a good discount…

  12. Not to interrupt the squee fest or anything but Makoto is giving me major doubt with the tensing of her mouth in episode 9′s preview. She is almost doing a “Gu Hye Sun kiss squench”.

    Just let it happen Makoto!!!! Once you feel his lips against yours, it will get better. I’m counting on Hyuga’s animal magnetism to break the squench barrier.

    All I know is that this kiss BETTER HAPPEN in episode 9…. the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. If this kiss doesn’t happen in episode 9, mayhem and anarchy is going to be unleashed. It will errupt world wide. Who knew that RMPW would be the catalyst? Get your emergency preparations in order.

  13. Yeah, I noticed that too, but knowing nothing of their onscreen kissing prowess, I’m still hopeful. I can’t remember if Shun’s a good onscreen kisser or not….hmmm….time to do some research! ;)

  14. Thanks a zillion for the translation! :) And oh how much we ALL yearn for that kiss from the sceencap to really happen between these 2 goofballs… the heavens know we deserve it. :) Also Yoko needs to back the f… off, it is too little too late, she should have warn Hyuga sooner about her bro if she really wanted to help him, she didn’t, now it’s like she’s ready to betray her bro and with her help Hyuga could cause quite a stir and backstab Asahina very well indeed BUT I don’t think he’s that type of a guy. So the beee-ch is getting jealous and tries to cause a misunderstanding between my lovely couple, which I think will only help our OTP to get closer and more open about how they feel for each other. I think… or rather I hope that Hyuga’s jealousy’ll blow up and they argue/talk it out and make up all this still in ep 9 so we’ll still have 2 epis to resolve Asahina’s story: his greed will get the better of him and he’ll fall from grace pretty fast and Toru hand in hand with Makoto will get to the top being the genius he is, just a more humane a more sociable one at that. Sorry for rambling, waiting for subs is getting harder by the minute.

    Thank you again for keeping us updated as usual, dear Koala! :)

  15. Thank You Miss K. “religiously” check your page after watching every episode. I love the fact that the Old Man said to break down Hyuga’s walls. ‘You can do it Makoto!!! FIGHTING!!!!!

  16. I had an extreme scream when at the end; Hyuga pulls Natsui arms toward his waist in their motorcycle scene! Believe me, I am more excited for Natsui, you can actually feel her happines despite of what happen. And I can’t wait for the next episode!
    For the preview, too thrilling for that kiss scene, though, there might be a jealosy and misunderstanding because Natsui is too kind to treat Asahina, the way she is inspite of what happen. Well, Natsui doesn’t have any idea that all of these issues are controlled and done by Asahina.
    Ah! This drama is up to 11episodes only. So 3 more Mondays to wait, and may the air ratings still goes up… Episode 8 – - – 12.9%

  17. oohhh seriously.. this story remind me of steve jobs.. mybe the writter wrote this story inspire from steve jobs’s story… n btw steve jobs do live in a mansion without furniture for about 10years..same with hyuga toru :)

  18. Hi all, I’m new with JDrama and honestly this is my very first JDrama and I can’t wait for the next episode too. Of course, reading all your comments excites me but please pardon my silly question..what is OTP pls? I just can’t figure it out :( Lol

  19. I like the scene where Hyuga places Makoto’s arms around his waist and holds them there just for a moment, gently pressing them…until Makoto gets it! Hold onto him tight and don’t let go. Not because she’s on the motorcycle; its because he needs her. Swoon! hehehe

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