Marie Claire Korea Captures Kim Nam Gil Backpacking Through New Zealand

Waiting for an actor who who just completed military service to return to the screen can be a quick and painless or protracted experience. Some line up projects while they are still in the army, like Kim Rae Won with Thousand Day Promise, and others wait over a year before returning to the screen, like Jae Hee in Color of Woman. Kim Nam Gil completed his military service last month and reported turned out all the drama offers he was fielding, and instead took a long backpacking trip to New Zealand. Lucky for us, he’s an avid photographer and took a lot of pictures himself, plus his trip was chronicled in next month’s Marie Claire Korea. I’m not the biggest fan of Kim Nam Gil in print, I really much prefer seeing him in action. He’s an actor that bloomed late and since Queen Seon Deok I sense this wild side of him that was unleashed after he had a chance to play an unforgettable character like Bidam. It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing him in a drama this year since even the end-of-year dramas are almost all cast. I’m sure he’s sussing out the right project and I’ll be curious what he ends up picking. In the meantime, check out the pretty pictures from his New Zealand trip, and I’m referring to both Kim Nam Gil and New Zealand.

[Credit: Marie Claire Korea]


Marie Claire Korea Captures Kim Nam Gil Backpacking Through New Zealand — 14 Comments

  1. Were these taken before his military service or after? How did he manage grow such long hair? Anyway, he looks really good in these stills.

  2. My king is back…..
    I am happy with just that knowledge that he is back and Is making his way back to the small screen in a big way..
    I just love him..

  3. Omg! He was in New Zealand?! I bloody live there…. The things that would’ve happened if I knew he was in NZ. Ok people don’t laugh at me, but in my mind, things would’ve went like this.

    Me: walking down the street with my hair being blown in the wind
    KNG: Mesmerised, never seen such a unique looking girl(hehehe)
    Me: I smile and give my best Tyra pose. I then walk over give him a ‘hongi’. (That’s what him and the maori lady are doing in picture #7. In the Maori culture it means passing knowledge from one person to the other)
    KNG: Asks if he can touch my lips as well 😛
    Me: dies from all the smexy hehehe

    Anyways, sorry if my dream is totes inapropes but surely someone else out there has an imagination just like me.

    • and then AP woke up 😀 LOL love it 🙂 I love NZ…too bad you didn’t stalk him down there in the land of the long white cloud!
      me too Koala I think so too that both KNG and NZ are beautiful, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. my gosh. I’ve missed this man. Pornstache and all. I can’t wait till he picks a comeback project in front of the screen. Secretly hoping it’s a drama too.

    • Also, it’s my dream to go back-packing in Middle Earth…I mean New Zealand. ahfaioerujaskljdfaeiuwao. Now I’m jealous. Absolutely lucky!

  5. Love Angiepangie story if it could be her with him ..I guess everyone is missing him with his rugged looked..and bad boy but ‘I need love’ kind of guy..Hope to see him soon in dramaland..Thanks Ms Koala for this beautiful picture of NZ and KNG.

  6. wah so pretty! I live in NZ too, if only i knew this a bit earlier. They keep doing that now, silently going here and release the pics when they go back already pst.. Could’ve stalked him hmm loving ur story angiepangie, too bad it’s only imagination, hahaha sorry to crush ur dream XD

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