The Cuteness of Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 9 in Screencaps

Rich Man, Poor Woman – like a balm for my soul that sometimes kicks me in the shin before delivering the goodies. I know what I threatened to do if I didn’t get any kissing in episode 9, but I’m not one to hold grudges or fixate on what wasn’t there over what was. Episode 9 was some kind of wonderful, finally focusing all its attention on Makoto and Hyuga’s developing partnership both professionally and personally. I can’t say this episode delivered a narrative breakthrough or an emotional catharsis, but I enjoyed every minute of what did happen. I continue to pour haterade on the Asahina siblings, thought honestly both ARATA and Aibu Saki are doing a bang up job in their roles. But RMPW rises and falls with Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi, and the two of them continue to push all my shippy buttons and make me wish I can just watch them do nothing all day long. I love how the normally confident Hyuga is tentative around Makoto, and the formerly insecure Makoto is growing more radiant and assertive around Hyuga. They are seriously so cute I wish I could bottle them up and keep them on my nightstand to gaze upon them to my heart’s content. Until episode 9’s recap can be up, have a screencap recap of the Hyuga-Makoto scenes from the episode. Their new company is called Wonder Wall (thank yee very much, Oasis) and Hyuga’s newest motto is “Money is important, accepting any and all jobs, but never sell your soul.” Eat your heart out, Asahina!


The Cuteness of Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 9 in Screencaps — 46 Comments

  1. Awwwwww!!! Thank you so much for the caps!!! I have absolutely the same feelings about episode 9! Gosh, i don’t want this drama to end ๐Ÿ™

  2. i gont mind if there was no kiss cause its was a great ep ,its was so much just with eyes and face and a few words i wonder how much time was past since the last time i has this felling that i dont want more its was just perfect .and the both of them make every feelling came to us without even so much words .

  3. Awww, my heart! it melts! I’m sure Hyuga will regret not using the chance to kiss Makoto, but I find it funny that he keeps using her as his loyal, um, pillow.=)
    By the way, does anyone know what Hyuga says to Makoto almost at the very end of the episode, in the kitchen? He shows her one of the sheets with something written on it, asks her something, she confirms (‘Hai!’) and both of them smile – this scene was in last week’s preview, I think. I’m curious because they just looked so happy…

  4. My RMPW & Oguri Shun feels are absolutely sky-rocketing right about now!! I keep thinking abt this show (and him) like every damn waking moment!! When I came to know the kiss didn’t happen I absolutely went, “andweeeee!!” but oh wells am over it already! If Oguri weren’t married I’d absolutely be shipping these two….they are so effin adorable that I can’t handle it!!

    Thank you, Ms. Koala, for covering this show!! Foreverrrrr appreciated! <3

  5. OMG, the whole scene where he primped waiting for M to appear in front of the subway, hopped up and down impatiently, spotted her, and then, the peeked around the wall, I just about died of the adorableness, loveableness, sweetness, perfectness of it.

    And the YAMAOKA on the pirate guy! Awesome.

    • i konw its was sooooo cute like a kid he sooo adorable, its amazing how he so kid and she when she look at him she was like mom that proud and happy with her kid who came back to her , this two i can just love them and watch them again and again with the big smile ….go M you doing agreat jop with this child man .

    • JUST watched this scene. Was squeeing, flailing, and then died from the cute!! Also, LOVED that he put the photoframe on his work table beside the computers as if to extract strength from Makoto!! T_T

  6. Yaaay! I’ve stayed up practically all night waiting for the raw! I love this episode! Hyuga’s values really shine and that is what makes him redeem himself! Yoko has offered the evidence yet he didn’t grab that opportunity to take revenge against Asahina. I haven’t seen such chracter for so long. I think it was Yamagami who informed the police about Asahina’s involvement about the leak of info and the pic Yoko showed in the preview, is it the google location of Hyuga’s mother which Asahina took a picture of? haay! I love the pantry “break the wall/take responsibility” scene! haay! I REALLY LOVE THESE TWO!

    • Ha ha! I stayed up too and worse been checking knowing it raw version with no subs yet. doesnt really matter since these 2 and others acted so well that their actions speak louder than words!

      Drooling on most parts of this episode: when Hyuga feeling uncertain & Makoto started posting the sheets on the wall, Makoto fell asleep and the phone rang – Hyuga just stared but with adoration in his eyes… auwww…!, when Yoko took him to the place where Makoto meeting Asahina – watch Hyuga’s expression, when they both at the temple, when Hyuga placed the framed photo of them both – as the source of strength and inspiration, when Hyuga waited for her at the station – oh my the way he behaved and the way Makotoa looked at him, then when she accidentally hold to him then quickly and shyly let it go and the the kitchen scene…

      I really cant believe my self that I watched this so closely and can remember almost the very detail of it!

      how to raise the rating for a sequel or even a special one-shot movie as they did to Hana Yori Dango, Shinzanmono etc?

      (p/s: I know this is acting world but still wonder how Yamada Yu reacts to all these… yeah, I watch Oguri Shun as Hyuga and not as Shun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ,actually, it’s been hard subbed already by niji-bunny at livejournal. Unfortunately, it seems they’ve moderated the posts coz some people re uploaded the video to Youtube..Good thing I was able to download the eps before they closed it off..Maybe you can join their community or something to see the subbed version..

      ,Satoshi was soo cute, especially in the soccer thingy portion of the show.. and Shun-Jun bromance FTW…

  7. Love it!!!!!(shouting) I have a feeling ep9 is going to be one of those I have to watch like x10 to a peace my soul!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank You

  8. Oy, the screencaps! These two are so perfect together. I can’t wait to watch this episode. And um, can I have a Hyuga in my life too, onegai shimasu? ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Sigh, back from the episode. I cursed when they didn’t kiss, cursed some more in the middle but the ending * omg *
    So worth waiting for.I am now smiling like a loon when I am about to go out. They are adorable and the way they looked at each other. I love how she is not so shy and bold in front of him. Hehehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Can’t wait to watch this soon.. May I know where do you watch J & K drama? because you watch & recap so fast as if you watch it real time.
    and 1 more thing that I’m curious about is may I know, where do you from? looks like you know almost all asian language (korean, japan, chinese).. I wish I could be like you ^^V

  11. What a nice header! I can do a staring match with Oguri Shun all day. Kekeke

    I got caught up with Hotaru no Hikari after I marathoned Season 1 over the weekend. But these Episode 9 screencaps and recaps I’ve been seeing definitely reinstated my love for RMPW back to the top spot. Thanks for this fix, Koala. ;D

  12. Adorable. I want to carry them around in my pocket! It is the first day of the semester, and it begins with a 2 and 1/2 hour meeting! Wouldn’t it be great if I could look down under the table and see these two in my pocket tlaking, walking, and just being adorable together. I’d be a much nicer person in my meeting!

  13. so no kiss? bummer. : / cant wait for the subs… OMG. seriously, they have awesome chemistry. I mean, if im the wife of Shun Oguri,and i know its all acting id`….still. id be like` o_O …WTF!!!!

    what? i cant help it. :/

  14. ::Flail:: That’s me muppet flailing at watching episode 9 – it got lots of smiles, but three flails, one at the beach with the almost kiss and then when the 3 computer geeks see their easter egg cartoon as developers complete with misspelled name and then when he’s bouncing up and down waiting for her at the station. So cute. OTOH, the Asahina siblings need to be beaten with a stick. They are being so well played, they aren’t stick figure antagonists, but still OMG what are you THINKING taking Hyuga to see your brother having lunch with Makoto?

  15. I’m ecstatic over ep. 9! Well, that was an almost kiss. Yet, I have a gut feeling that he will lay a gentle one on her once he gets himself together. Hyuga, a disciplined young man, will not conquest any and every woman in the name of pressure or stress! I like that he’s not weak in that sense. When he does reveal his affections towards Makoto, it will be right. The scene of him running to the station, hoping he didn’t miss her, then trying not to let her see his excitement when he does see her made me want to turn courtwheels. Yet, I’ll save that when he confesses how he feels about her. That Yoko person needs to go and sit in a corner somewhere, peeling loads of potatoes until Hyuga and Makoto are married with children! As for her foolish laughing hyena brother, ep. 10 can’t come soon enough for me!

  16. After going from raw to subs…I’m elated above being ecstatic! This is a great drama. Hyuga and Makoto are…AWESOME together! Their facial expression just makes me want to skip around the room. Their chemistry is so in sync that I’m going to watch ep. 9 again and again. Also, when the timing is right, Hyuga, without any restraints will show Makoto how much he cares for her. I have a feeling its coming soon! Woo-Hoo for H & M!

    Thank you Ms. K for doing such an excellent job of reviewing this episode before the subs were posted.

  17. ooohhhhh~~~!!!!!! How I loooove this episode! The cuteness of IT! Oh my! *fangirling in the middle of the night*
    The scenes! Oh, the actors and actresses! Their Acting! and wow, who is to story writer? He/She had done a great job. BUT, STILL, TOP NOTCH ACTING from both Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi!!!! So great! (Arata and Aibu Saki did a great job too! Superb)
    I so loved the scenes where Hyuga cried because everybody left him. And when he turned on the light and his eyes is lighting up again with passion and life. OH SO LOVE IT! Aaaaaannnnnnnnndddd!!!! Why is it that Hyuga’s “I believe in you” for Makoto felt mooooooorrrrreeeeeee intimate than “I love you” Really. This two. Oh my God! They can make such a simple lines become so RICH!

    Can’t wait for eps 10 and 11!

    And I thank you, Ms Koala, to give us a space to share our excitement and fangasme! ahahah. Trully! Thank you Ms Koala and all other commentators here! YAY! HIGH FIVE FOR RMPW everybody!

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