Yoon Eun Hye Attends Desginer 15th Anniversary Pop Up Boutique

Yoon Eun Hye has had a busy Summer of activities despite not currently working on any acting projects. Most recently she attended the 15th Anniversary Pop Up Boutique media event for clothing brand O’2nd. Not sure if Eun Hye is a spokesperson for the brand, or is friends with the designer, or simply likes the clothes, but it’s hard to find such a suitable celebrity face for any young female clothing line. I think Eun Hye is a designer’s dream, because she can do high fashion couture as many of her previous pictorials have shown, but she’s not skin and bones like some models or actresses out there so the average female consumer probably can relate to her more. All I know is that I’m always checking out what she wears, whether she’s dressing up or glamming up. For this event, she’s sporting a chic ensemble of navy silk button down shirt tucked into a muted navy and brown rounded flare skirt complete with bare legs and black chunky platform pumps. The outfit is cute and elegant (and I’ll assume that it’s from this clothing brand), but I’m really loving her hair color and style (similar to her do at the recent film festival) and how glowing her make up looks. Check out more pictures and the snazzy video below.

Yoon Eun Hye at O’2nd 15th Anniversary Pop Up Boutique:


Yoon Eun Hye Attends Desginer 15th Anniversary Pop Up Boutique — 24 Comments

  1. thank you very much Mrs. Koala is always my favorite site, it is so chic and so kind, I want to see her in a drama soon it’s time to return.

  2. thank you very much Mrs. koala, you always updated with news YEH certainly looks regal as ever, she is my favorite actress, I love all his dramas, by the way anyone know if will do a drama soon.

  3. Really cute outfit…..
    Read that she has a cold now so I hope she feels better… You can see how pale she is in the Demin event. And she also attended a FT Island concert…. She’s been busy but at the same time, free???

  4. I am missing her since Lie To Me finished airing. And I want news from Ji Hwan & YEH, please let us know what’s the real score b/w the 2? Hope Capt’n Koala wont mind my request? Thank you!

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