Miss Rose Episode 6 Recap

I know I made the connection that Miss Rose was the TW-drama version of City Hall, and while the general outline does rely heavily on CH’s construct, overall the drama is deviating significantly that it only adds to my enjoyment because I’m not waiting for known scenes to show up. I enjoy watching Si Yi and Cheng Kuan’s gradual and believable emotional connection with each other, it does weigh heavily on both of them now that Vivian’s exerting her power and position over them. Vivian is the kind of bitchy second female lead that I love to watch, because she’s neither created to waffle or somewhat elicit our sympathy. She is there to be loathed, and gosh it’s so much fun to watch her screech and bitch without any reservation.

Conversely it shows us just how decent and loveable Si Yi is, with her professionalism, sense of humor and gratitude, and boatloads of empathy. No wonder Cheng Kuan finds himself inextricably drawn to her, despite knowing that she’s not his type. He likes who she is on the inside, and watching him fall for her is such a pleasure. We know that she’s perfect for him, the joy is in watching him discover it and then treasure it. We finally learn exactly why Cheng Kuan has been putting up with Vivian and is so deferential to President Jiang, and its not because he’s dying to marry an heiress and inherit her daddy’s empire. The reasons make it so much harder for Cheng Kuan to dump Vivian and set out on his own to create his own destiny, but I’m sure he’ll find a way if Si Yi is that important to him.

Episode 6 recap:

Cheng Kuan drapes a jacket over the shoulders of the sobbing Si Yi and they both stand up. She smiles and tells him that she’s okay before walking away. The way he looks at her and the way she stares back at him, there is no way in hell they can’t tell that they are attracted to each other.

Cheng Kuan gets a call from Vivian who is screaming and demanding to know where he is? Before Cheng Kuan can answer, he notices that Si Yi looks wobbly and rushes towards her, calling her out name. Vivian hears Si Yi’s name over the phone and starts smashing items in Cheng Kuan’s apartment, screaming that even if she doesn’t want something, she’s not about to give it to some ugly old nobody. Lady, you are ugly inside and out.

Cheng Kuan walks over to Si Yi and sits down next to her. He talks about the stars but all her energy is gone and she lays her head on his shoulder. Cheng Kuan smiles and lets her rest on his shoulder.

Cheng Kuan looks hella nervous and the reason becomes clear when the camera pans over and we see Si Yi’s dad sitting beside him giving him the once over. Si Yi looks nervous as well. Si Yi’s mom walks over to bring Si Yi a hot beverage and tells her favorite future son-in-law not to worry about Si Yi’s health since Si Yi is as healthy as a horse. Mom continues to fawn over Cheng Kuan but Dad looks less than impressed, and frankly ready to rip him limb-to-limb for even the slightest infraction.

Si Yi’s dad notices that her watch is broken and she apologizes for it, revealing that the watch was a present from her dad when she got into college. Her dad tells her not to worry since the watch is so old now. The family jokes with each other and watching them makes Cheng Kuan smile wistfully, like he longs for it. Mom jokes that a father is a daughter’s lover from a previous life, that is why father’s are so hard to please when it comes to son-in-laws. Cheng Kuan gulps nervously while Dad returns to glaring at him.

When Cheng Kuan gets up to leave, Si Yi’s dad insists on walking him out. When they walk outside, Si Yi’s dad points to the potted flowers and says that he’s a man who loves the flower and the pot. He makes it clear that he will love any son-in-law of his like he was a real son. Awwww, Dad’s such a softy! Cheng Kuan replies that any man would be lucky to become the Luo family son-in-law. The two men stand there awkwardly until Dad concedes that Cheng Kuan is very handsome, since he looks like a younger version of Dad. LOL, so cute. After Dad walks away, Cheng Kuan looks torn but then finally smiles.

Vivian goes to complain to her daddy President Jiang about Cheng Kuan cheating on her with some woman and asking her dad to step in. Dad has tried to create reasons for Vivian and Cheng Kuan to get closer but obviously it hasn’t worked. Vivian complains about Cheng Kuan standing up for his secretary who was over at his place showering and even wearing his clothes. This displeases President Jiang but first he asks Vivian if she really wants Cheng Kuan as a fiancee? Is she sure? Vivian pouts but nods her head. President Jiang decides to handle the situation himself.

Cheng Kuan goes watch shopping with Sheng Jun in tow, the latter is curious whether Cheng Kuan is cheating on Vivian and if so, with who? When asked by the saleslady to describe the lady the watch is intended for, Cheng Kuan says the lady is as unremarkable at first glance as a passerby on the street, and if not for random run ins she might still be a passerby. But once he got to know her, he saw in her a sense of righteousness and a passion for life.

Sheng Jun smirks and says he know who the watch is for – a certain Ms. Luo Si Yi. He is pretty amused to consider that the renowned corporate raider Gao Cheng Kuan ended up falling for a plain jane like Ms. Screw. Cheng Kuan ignores him (but doesn’t deny it) and buys a pretty pink watch.

Cheng Kuan paces in his office talking to the gift box containing the watch, practicing what he’s planning to say to Si Yi. He nervously tries different tactics, such as talking about how important the watch is because of its memory with her dad and that makes it very important for everyone. Oh dude, stop talking unless you want to confess outright. He tries to calm himself down and tries explaining that he doesn’t want what happened yesterday to…….but then he stops and scratches his head because he sucks at this.

When Si Yi enters Cheng Kuan’s office, he hands her the gift box containing the watch and explains that he’s making amends for Vivian’s bratty behavior. He knows it can’t compare to the one her dad gave her. Si Yi asks if he went specifically to buy it and Cheng Kuan tries to suppress a smile. She naturally declines such an expensive present since he didn’t break the watch, but Cheng Kuan smiles and says he has no one to give the watch to if she doesn’t want it. Cheng Kuan says he feels bad about what happened yesterday. Si Yi says initially she was angry but then she realized she shouldn’t have been there to begin with. Cheng Kuan walks over to her and puts the box in her hand and just says thank you.

Cheng Kuan gets called in to see President Jiang, who lays down the law on how Cheng Kuan is to treat Vivian going forward. He chastises him for bringing his secretary to his house at night. President Jiang wants Vivian at the company from now on and tells Cheng Kuan to prepare an office for her. President also warns Cheng Kuan never ever to do anything that upsets or hurts Vivian.

Si Yi and Xiao Ke discuss the meaning behind Cheng Kuan giving her the watch. Si Yi is worried that Vivian will pick a fight with Cheng Kuan if she knew he gave her a watch. Oh, you think? Xiao Ke doesn’t care since if Vivian breaks up with Cheng Kuan, that means Si Yi gets a chance. Si Yi doesn’t think she has a chance with Cheng Kuan no matter what. Xiao Ke reminds Si Yi of her one year bet with the fortune teller Lily. Si Yi finally loses her temper, saying that getting married for a bet is stupid and she was wrong to be so impetuous to make the bet. Xiao Ke reminds Si Yi that being impetuous is sometimes a good thing since they are still young. Xiao Ke finally gets Si Yi to concede that her future guy could possibly be Cheng Kuan. Xiao Ke puts the watch on Si Yi and tells her to practice saying I do.

The GM, Manager Kang, and Ting Ai welcome Vivian to her new office at Guang Qiang. Si Yi enters to bring Vivian a cup of coffee. Cheng Kuan arrives and he notices Si Yi wearing the watch he gave her, while Vivian notices Cheng Kuan noticing Si Yi. Awkward.

Vivian tells Cheng Kuan that her dad wants to have dinner with his mom tonight. She also orders Si Yi to attend the dinner claiming business will be discussed and she needs to take notes. Si Yi tries to explain that its her dad’s birthday tonight but Vivian orders her to go.

Miao Jin and Si Yi discuss VIvian being at the office from now on and how she’s going to cause trouble for everyone. Miao Jin wonders if Vivian is hereto keep an eye on Si Yi in particular? Cheng Kuan goes to see Si Yi later in the secretary’s office. He tells her that Vivian doesn’t mean to act that way and for Si Yi not to let it get to her. Si Yi smiles and says she understands. After Cheng Kuan walks away, Miao Jin happily crows that the Deputy Manager clearly is very concerned about Si Yi.

Turns out fortune teller Lily looks normal when not wearing her fortune teller’s garb, and happens to be friends with Cheng Kuan’s mom. Lily asks Cheng Kuan’s mom if she has candidates to set up with Lily. Lily accidentally sees Cheng Kuan’s picture and starts drooling over him, only to be hold that he’s not available. Cheng Kuan arrives at the house to pick up his mom for dinner with President Jiang and Lily hilariously gets all in his personal space. Lily turns on her fortune telling power and tells Cheng Kuan that he’s ex met the woman he’s destined to be with recently.

Cheng Kuan drives his mom to dinner and she discusses how good President Jiang has been to them. Turns out Cheng Kuan’s dad was President Jiang’s long time driver, and when he died, President Jiang continued to pay a salary to the family and provided the scholarship money for Cheng Kuan’s education. Cheng Kuan has been working for President Jiang to pay back his largesse. Mom asks how Cheng Kuan is getting along with Vivian these days? Mom tells Cheng Kuan that Lily is very accurate with her fortune telling, so this means Vivian must be Cheng Kuan’s destined lady.

Manager Kang complains about Vivian’s authoritarian ways, ordering him to shave off his moustache because her dad has one and no one else can. The GM says Manager Kang is handsomer clean shaven and that mollifies him somewhat. The GM wonders if he has anything that might annoy Vivian? Manager Kang points to the glasses and the two examine each other closely which is when Ting Ai walks in with tea and thinks she’s seeing an intimate encounter between them. They enjoy some tea and crow over how docile Cheng Kuan is around Vivian.

Si Yi arrives at the dinner location and waits. Vivian pulls up and says the business will not be discussed at dinner after all, but since Vivian can’t find parking, she wants Si Yi to keep an eye on her car and make sure it won’t get towed. Si Yi tries to explain that is not part of her job description, but Vivian says she determines what Si Yi’s duties are. Cheng Kuan arrives with his mom and sees that Vivian is asking Si Yi to stay outside with their cars. He goes inside to dinner but looks extremely unhappy.

Inside the dinner, President Jiang is extremely warm and kind to Cheng Kuan’s mom and uses this opportunity to bring up the impending engagement between their kids. Mom is still grateful for everything President Jiang did for them. Cheng Kuan excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Outside the restaurant, Si Yi gets a call from home with everyone wondering where she is. Dad worries about his daughter and whether she ate, not upset that she’s not home to celebrate with him. Dad tells his daughter to quit her job if its too hard or she’s being mistreated. Si Yi lies and tells her dad not to worry about her. She tearfully sings him happy birthday over the phone and apologizes for not being there to celebrate with him.

Cheng Kuan walks out and tells Si Yi to go home, he’ll handle the car and Vivian. Si Yi tearfully thanks him, while Cheng Kuan tells her that being able to celebrate her dad’s birthday is a very happy occasion.

Vivian peers out the window and sees Cheng Kuan and Si Yi speaking outside. When Cheng Kuan returns, conversation turns to their engagement. Cheng Kuan wants to wait until he gets Guang Qiang back on its feet, but Vivian speaks up to ask for it as early as possible. Cheng Kuan’s face freezes but he doesn’t say no. The date is set for the end of the month.

The Luo family is celebrating Dad’s birthday when a news report comes on about LED development genius Tang Yi Chun’s return to Taiwan and speaking at a conference. The family hisses at him for what he did to their Si Yi. During the news, Si Yi walks into the house and her face falls when she sees Yi Chun on TV. I love how her family is calling him names and deriding him, never once thinking he’s too good for their daughter. The family gathers around the cut the cake happily.

Later in the night, Si Yi goes outside with her dad. He waters his plants and she helps him. Dad uses the analogy of flowers weathering storms and being still as beautiful. While his heart hurts that his daughter was hurt and hasn’t been able to stand up again. Si Yi hugs her dad and promises that she’ll be fine. Dad reminds her that the bastard isn’t worth her being sad over. Si Yi smiles and promises that she’s just fine. Dad tells Si Yi that the heart can’t fit a lot so she needs to toss the bad things out so she can put good things in. Dad sees her new watch and wonders which “friend” saw her broken watch and immediately bought her a new one. Si Yi says its a guy with a sharp tongue but a soft heart, who smiles with his eyes. Dad nods approvingly and notes that the storm has passed and a bright day is arriving. Si Yi wishes her dad a happy birthday. I love their father-daughter bonding moments, and in fact Si Yi’s entire family has such a warm, funny, and functional relationship with each other.


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  1. “Turns out Cheng Kuan’s dad was President Jiang’s long time driver…”

    Haha! I almost read it as President Jang’s long time driver. This is what happens when I read without my glasses on.

    Anyway, nice recap! Looking forward to more. XD

  2. Hi! Thanks for the recap! I haven’t watched TW dramas for a long time, but I’m really enjoying this one.

    I love Si Yi’s dad, LOL.

  3. thanks for the recap. Still want to know why Vivian is willing to be paired up the Roy in the first place, what does she get out of it. But can’t wait until the next episode when the guys meet.

  4. I don’t enjoy the fact that they keep doing that thing where Si Yi 受委屈 and Cheng Kuan steps in to help. I want her to stand up for herself sometimes. Or reverse and have SI Yi save Cheng Kuan.
    And Cheng Kuan’s mom is so annoying. I HATE that she keeps reminding him how indebted they are to Vivian and her dad and how they are so lowly that they should be happy Vivian & Dad even spare them a glance. Under that sort of pressure, no wonder Cheng Kuan is such a bitter melon all the time!

  5. Ms. K
    I started watching Miss Rose do your reviews 🙂 I’m happy to report
    “I Love It”!!
    But I couldn’t help the feeling that it reminded me of another story….. Ohhhh…… “Yo Soy Betty La Fea”!!!
    Beautiful Latin American Soap (Colombian) original
    Love that one too!! Again thank you for info. An avid Drama fan 😉

  6. You know. I just love Cheng Kuan’s friend. He does the smirking so well. Man, that throws a spanner in the spokes with the dad back story. It was so much better when he just wanted to marry into money.
    My favourite scenes this episodes were actually Si Yi with her family. I can’t wait for Sunday night.

  7. More! more ! more! of Si Yi ang Cheng Kuan…
    Nice Recap ^^ Thanks as always you’re the BEST!!!

    I must have that watch…I’m getting excited ’bout what the EX-bf will do…hmmm…>_< very interesting ep next week ^^!

  8. This may just be me because I am not a huge fan of the “I must marry this person even though I have no feelings for him/her” trope (unless the person himself isn’t aware that he has no feelings for the marriage partner…then that’s a journey of self-discovery, not self-imposed torture), but I still don’t understand why Cheng Kuan feels obligated to marry Vivian. Yeah, President Jiang was generous to him and his family, but I don’t see how the logical response to that generosity is “I must marry your bitchy daughter, who I abhor, come hell or high water.” How does that benefit anyone? Why would Vivian want to marry someone who loathes her? Why would the President, who seems like a relatively kind and reasonable person, want his daughter to marry someone who can’t even stand the sight of her? And in what universe is the reasonable reaction to getting a scholarship, “OH, now I am obligated to marry your daughter”?

    In City Hall, I could understand the lead’s internal struggle because he was driven purely by ambition before he met Sun-ah’s character. But what is Cheng Kuan driven by? Duty? Guilt? If that’s the case, though, why doesn’t he treat Vivian better? I dunno, this just seems like a really extreme and unnecessary case of half-hearted noble idiocy, which is by far my least favorite drama trope. Maybe I’m missing something?

    • I think that CK is terrified of letting down the chairman because of his mother’s (repeatedly reminded) gratitude.
      But that was before he had a dog in this fight. He never considered there was an option to the upcoming hell marriage.

      This part of the story reminds me more of the other tango K-drama with KSA, Scent of a Woman, then CH. Where LDW was forced into a loveless, loathing filled match because of business.

  9. Aaaahhh. I have been “dying” for your recap to discuss a few elements and spazz a lot. Unfortunately I am on vacation real far from any computer but thank goodness for my cell that allows me to write these few words. So first of all thanks Mrs Koala. Oh these feelings of accountability and the guilt! CK’s sense of longing for a dad and family! SY’s and CK’s “Is it okay?”! I wish I could develop muh more. 🙁
    I relate to SY’s dilemma with Vivian threat to change her duties as her supervisor – being a secretary myself I have had to deal with this situation although not because my GM had feelings for me.
    So looking forward to Sunday’s ep and anxious to see the ex come into the picture.

  10. I don’t think MR is doing a good job of giving us satisfying “whys”, but all the clues are there and I think it makes sense what is happening.

    1. Cheng Kuan – overachiever, cut throat businessman, by-the-books straitlaced kind of guy – we learn his backstory with dead daddy and President Jiang stepping in as a surrogate daddy of sorts. But PJ gave him just money and some mentorship, but was never a real dad with care and consideration. The way CK wistfully smiled at SY’s family was so sad, the way he told SY’s dad that any guy was lucky to be his son-in-law.

    CK isn’t marrying Vivian purely for money or to repay the debt. Before he met SY, he was a guy who didn’t care for romance or relationships and was driven by success and achievement. He is as ambitious as Jo Gook was in City Hall, but the drama isn’t making that as clear. He and Vivian have an open business relationship – he’ll get ultimate success and she’ll marry a man who is capable and brilliant. I don’t see noble idiocy in CK yet because he can still cry off, but he’s not there emotionally and mentally because he’s still figuring out his feelings for SY. Without SY, it’s not noble idiocy for him to marry Vivian, it’s a mutually advantageous business move for both sides, and one I could see CK choosing.

    2. Vivian – She’s spoiled but not stupid. CK is a great catch – smart, self-made man with unlimited potential to take her daddy’s business and make it even bigger. Why wouldn’t she marry him? She doesn’t seem like the maudlin type to want to marry for love. Now she wants to marry him even more to lock him in, and not lose him to SY.

    3. PJ – I think there might be yet another backstory about CK’s dad’s death. I’m having a hard time accepting PJ is that generous and would help out his driver’s family with such largesse. Maybe I’m too suspicious and he really is a bang up guy. But I think he wants Vivian to marry CK because he sees CK as his son/heir based on ability, hence he wants his daughter to be with this guy. I don’t think PJ sees how much Vivian and CK appear to loathe each other (yet).

    • These are all really good points. I hope that as the plot continues to develop and CK’s feelings for SY grow stronger, either the stakes are raised drastically as to why CK needs to remain in his relationship with Vivian, or that plotline is resolved and a different source of conflict emerges for the couple

      • Whoops, I accidentally submitted the comment before I was done.

        But yeah. I can understand on a narrative level that CK is as ambitious Jo Gook in City Hall, but (as you mentioned) since it isn’t being spelled out in the drama, I don’t buy it in a character level. What made City Hall so compelling for me was JG’s internal conflict between his ambition, symbolized by his (essentially) arranged marriage, vs. his heart, symbolized by his growing affection for Sun Ah’s character. That worked beautifully because the options really did seem mutually exclusive. JG was aiming for presidency, so he had to marry into power in order for that to happen. Whereas here, I don’t get the sense that CK is aiming SO high that he can’t be satisfied accepting a slightly lower position, or a position elsewhere, or even starting a company of his own (with SY!).

        Anyway, I’m actually totally onboard with where his character is at right now because his obligation to Vivian & the Chairman isn’t really impacting his behavior towards SY in any significant way. His angst seems commensurate with his obligation and that seems in proportion to his ambition as it is portrayed by the drama. I get the sense that the question of “love” didn’t really enter into the equation before he met SY. And now it’s there, and he’s like, “Huh. That’s weird. What do I do with this? It’s like, fluffy and shiny and happy and stuff. Maybe I should poke it with a stick!”

        However, I do think it will be very problematic for me once more angst comes into play. I don’t feel like the situation and the character development thus far have “earned” (dramatically speaking) the level of angst that I fear is coming for the OTP–especially if all of that angst stems (as I fear it will) from The Vivian Engagement (which sounds like it could be a very exciting caper/thriller a la the Bourne Identity or Oceans Eleven). However, we’re not that far into the drama yet (how many episodes is it supposed to be?) and maybe I’m shortchanging the writers in assuming that they won’t raise the stakes enough in future episodes for CK. We’ll see!

  11. “Mom jokes that a father is a daughter’s lover from a previous life, that is why father’s are so hard to please when it comes to son-in-laws.”

    Eeeew, that’s just so Freudian…

    • Haha, exactly what I was about to say! And while I do like his character in this drama, I can’t help but remember him as the super creepy, perverted step-uncle in Autumn’s Concerto… :/

    • Wait – What about that wives are ENEMIES from a past life?
      That made me LOL at how it feels like we are enemies from this life, too.

  12. TQ. Yes, i agree with ms. koala. Before SY, love & romance were never in CK’s book. Thus he went willingly with the arrangement with V. Now tat SY has stirred something deep in him, I don’t think CK is the type who will walk the path other people has lined for him. Now, I’m really interested to see how things will manifest now that the ex-bf is back.. 🙂

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