Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi Wraps Filming for Rich Man, Poor Woman

Kyaaaaa, it’s finally a wrap! From the set of Rich Man, Poor Woman came this latest picture showing leads Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi posing with their two directors as the final scene for the last episode was completed. No, the dorama isn’t magically getting extended, though an SP is possible but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. What am I going to do when RMPW ends? There isn’t a single renzoku renai on the radar for the Fall 2012 schedule, and honestly there are so few of these to begin with I had written them off as extinct until RMPW unexpectedly popped up on the radar. Now I’m spoiled again and keenly aware of what a great J-dorama renai can be if it set its mind to it. I mean, this is the drama world that melted me into puddles in the late 90s with one romantic dorama after another, until it decided to focus on inspirational, depressing, or detective procedurals.

I’m going to miss Hyuga and Makoto so much once I see them off in less than two weeks. Judging from Shun’s tank top look in the picture above, are they back in the countryside? Visiting the future in-laws? Finally meeting up with MIA mommy (whose storyline was dropped so completely after episode 3 I think a search party might need to be dispatched there). However RMPW ends, I think I’ll be happy no matter what. Because this is a story about people finding their own strength and creating their own success, and failures are merely stepping stones to finding a different path. But I have to warn that if I don’t get some kissing, I’ll have to resort to photoshopping pictures of the OTP making out. A tiny spoiler has been leaked about the ending, so don’t read on unless you want to know.

A RMPW production member posted on his ameblo about doodling on the walls of Next Innovation and Wonder Wall, and then let slip that Asahina’s character will be completely white-washed by the end. Eh, whatever, totally not surprising since doramas love redemption arcs complete with crying jags. Just give me some OTP kissing, will ya!


Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi Wraps Filming for Rich Man, Poor Woman — 26 Comments

  1. I also going to miss Hyuga and Makoto so much too.I’m so excited to Wait for next episode.I’m hoping happy ending.Thanks for they hardwork.Love them,miss them and Cheer them!!!!

  2. I do feel like this gem dropped out of the heavens to not only introduce me to J-doramas, but to make me fall in love with them.

    I will miss them, M and H.
    It is amazing how memorably HOT this pair has become for me with so little screen time together. Not only are there only 11 eps, but each one is 45 minutes. It’s all due to both actors’ incredible ability to speak with their eyes, and the soundtrack speaking for them.

    It does suck that we don’t get more, but this is a quality vs quantiy trade-off. Ironically, that worthless OTP of AGD had 20 eps to spew their mediocrity at me. Yergh.

  3. Ms Koala, now do share that tiny spoiler of the ending… please 🙂

    we are going to miss this mesmerizing couple for sure. high expectation for a more memorable ending next week.

    interesting to share the thoughts and how creative this entertaining world can be.

    will you cover for Romeo & Juliet too which Satomi is the main lead if I’m not mistaken?

    cheerio everyone!

    • R&J was a stage production that ran in May in Tokyo. There is nothing to cover despite me wanting a time machine and a plane ticket to Tokyo for those dates.

  4. I totally don’t understand the tweet from the production member…and I thought Japanese was my first language…guess I’m getting old.

  5. A kiss during the final stretch is a win-win!

    I’ve come to appreciate the shorter and once-a-week episodes of J-doramas.
    There are only two others on my plate and they are Beautiful Rain and a Thursday theatre, which is a muder mystery.

    I will miss you RMPW when you end.

  6. Same here, i will surely miss this jdrama specially Oguri and Satomi. This is my first jdrama so this is somewhat special to me. Thank you Ms. Koala.

  7. I think this drama has already succeeded in its mission, judging from the comments of ladysaotome until salma’s at 1215. It has really tickled our imagination that we can think of all possibilities. I just hope it is wish fulfilled in the end. One of the things i told my western friends on what and how Asian dramas, particularly J and K-dramas, caught me is the slow build up of tension between the main characters and how the skinship is so slight that it just makes so giddy. Barely there but it tugs a brain stem and heartstrings to make you feel good. It is not a feeling that you get so often as you progress in age. Hence, it adds fuel to the drama addiction. Just like nicotine to the smokers. Not a good comparison but i think you all know what i mean.

    • After Winter Sonata (k-drama early 2000!) this is the one that I am totally totally caught and one that will leave a very pleasant memory too.

      It also left a very strong response from viewers. Really amazing in so many blogs etc this j-dorama being discussed and commented and praised. Speechless! even in this blog – anytime a new topic being posted, we can see how it is being responded! great job to RMPW team!

      So, yes, Merry. I totally agree with you that this RMPW already succeeded in its mission 🙂

      and thanks Ms Koala for your contribution!!

  8. RMPW brought me back to the good old world of dorama, and since I’m now again used to the pace of J-dorama whenever I watch K-drama now I do feel like they are dragging…

    Anyways, I would like to recommend another renai dorama called Hatsukoi. It’s from NHK and is only 8-episode long. I was really impressed by the acting of Kimura Yoshino as the female lead, much like how I admire the acting of Oguri Shun from RMPW. Plot wise Hatsukoi was all old-fashioned but because the whole thing was so well-executed (acting and music are soooo good) it left me contented as an audience.

    Back to RMPW – I do think Hyuga is probably the best character written so far for Shun (but of coz I really can’t think of another actor of his generation who can manage to deliver such depth to the character, so credits to both the writer and actor) and I sincerely hope that it will bring his career to the next level.

  9. RMPW is my first J-drama and I’m so glad I found Ms. Koala’s website to find the recommendation. I loved it! I look forward how the story wraps up in the last 2 episodes. I will def. be sad to see it end. It made me look forward to Mondays…what will I do now. If any there are any other recommendations for good J-drama’s please do share. I’m hooked.

  10. Hello. Hope this wouldn’t seem to be snotty or anything, seeing as this is my first time commenting and I’m here correcting you and all. But yes, I feel the need to correct you with regards to the “tiny spoiler” you were talking about.

    As little doubt I have of Asahina turning good again towards the end, the staff was just lamenting on his blog on how he (Asahina) got the Next Innovation Wall painted white again, thereby erasing the wall completely of the messages written there (including the silly ones the production staff got there, along with recommendations by the drama-viewers-slash-blog-commenters).

    That is all. =’) Looking forward to more of your posts on this wonderful drama!

  11. I’m going to miss them a WHOLE LOT! Someties its a little hard to let go of really good dramas. I know I have a tendency to want dramas of this caliber to coninue on and on no matter how the ratings appear. Yet, reality checks in to just re-watching it in order to somewhat satisfy that desire. Even though Asahina looked like a maniac destroying his ultimate enemy (to the shock of his staff) when he was painting over that historical wall that he had roots to. I’m going to miss his superb, hidden, subtle envious, jealous acting self. Along with his ‘I’m going to get that man Hyuga at all costs’ sister Yoko! Both superb actors!

    Ms. K, you have the ‘Best’ playground out here!

  12. thanks akosieunice for sharing the clips! lovely and wellcaptured moments in RMPW. can u make more with the theme song?

    cheerio 🙂

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