Latest Pictorial from Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi is Sheer Perfection

I have to confess that watching Oguri Shun in Rich Man, Poor Woman does things to my ovaries. Yes, scientifically speaking I shouldn’t be able to actually feel any movement in my ovaries, but lately they have been speaking to me. When Shun shows up onscreen as Hyuga Toru, my ovaries fairly screech “OMG, I want to have that man’s babies, if it weren’t some sort of adultery and plus impossible.” I can safely that I watched all of HanaDan 1, 2 (and even the insane SP) and never once wanted to jump Hanazawa Rui’s bones, and then Shun gives me Hyuga and turns me into jello. I don’t know if he’s aging well (he is!), but I think he’s just an undeniable romantic leading man who has been trying way too hard to play against type. It’s almost like I’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive, and RMPW couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

This Summer Getsuku hits all my right buttons – the in-the-mood-for-love Season, the breezy bickering, the crackling chemistry – this dorama isn’t just good, it’s undeniably addicting. While Shun is reminding everyone what a jawdropping leading man he can be, his leading lady Ishihara Satomi is always matching him volley for volley in terms of onscreen acting and chemistry. She’s got the ability to be either cute or sexy depending on her delivery and presentation, and I love that her character is outwardly cute but secretly appears to be bottling up all the sexy that we’re all waiting for her to unleash on Hyuga when the time is right and pretty much seal the deal. Yeah, I’m totally obsessed with this OTP, and really J-doramas have so few true OTPs that finding one is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Let’s all be grateful and feast out eyes on the latest pictorials from our gorgeous rich man and poor woman.


Latest Pictorial from Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi is Sheer Perfection — 27 Comments

  1. I didn’t find Ishihara Satomi pretty at all when I first watched the dorama, and to be honest half the time I was wishing (imagining?) Inoue Mao was in that role instead of her. Vet Dolittle was a huge disappointment for the Rui/Tsukushi-shipper I am (though the Japanese Hanadan made me, for the first time ever, a Tsukasa/Tsukushi-shipper too. ell, another story).

    But after a while, the chemistry caught up, and yeah, this is one of the few romance Jdoramas which managed to balance the romance and the plot development well. I mean, Jdoramas like to go strictly by genre. If the genre isn’t romance, we’ll get nothing but a few short sequences of ambiguous feelings which will never get resolved. If it is romance, well…it’s just romance. So..yay? I hope there’re more to come in the remainly 2 seasons’ offerings.

    OTPs..I might be alone in this but…the Hikaru/Michi relationship from Majo no Jouken is one of the most memorable from that era. One of the first few challenging the concept of forbidden love…between an older woman and younger man, teacher and student no less.

  2. I was finally able to watch episode nine last Friday, right before the bus was to leave for the Honors Program retreat I was chaperoning, and I believe I would have been late for the bus if the episode had went on any longer–I was so into this pairing. I love the way they look at each other in all their range of emotions.

    And yes, I get those feelings, too, in my abdomen when Oguri Shun comes on screen in this show. However, I also have to say that I find Ishihara Satomi positively breathtaking. Can her skin look more luminous? Can her hair be more glossy? Can she be any more adorable that I just want to put her in my pocket? But then again, I think that I am fond of her character not just because of the pretty but for the same reason that Hyuga is drawn to her (and others—will she be Asahina’s saving grace, too?)—her faithful integrity that is not based on idol worship but genuine faith that lives even though she notices faults and failings. She does not just love Hyuga because of his charisma and good looks (who could resist? Have you seen these pictures?), but she is really his friend, something it looks like he has not really had before. Don’t we all want a friend who loves us like that and who has faith in our abilities even though they know all of our weaknesses?

  3. Oh, Koala…I’m the same way. I get butterflies in my stomach every time Hyuga looks at Makoto. And when he was jumping up and down and primping at the train station, then smiled so beautifully as soon as he saw Makoto, I actually felt my heart slam against my ribs — no joke. No one, I mean, no fictional character has ever made me feel that way before. I find Ishihara Satomi so perfectly radiant that I can’t help but feel alongside her. When Makoto is happy, I’m happy. When she’s crying, I also feel heartbroken. Together they are both a joy to watch onscreen.

    Also, I read somewhere that there’s an RMPW t-shirt. If anyone here knows where and how to buy them, I’d love to get one! 😉

    • I’ve seen a bunch of pix where the cast & crew were modelling the RMPW wear!! Didn’t think much of it until you mentioned it…it’s great that the show’s doing well for them to sell show-related merchandise! As for buying them I’m absolutely oblivious on how to get one.

  4. Aw…you didn’t see his play “as you like it”? He was very Hyuga there. That was why I was super thrilled when I knew that he will play a romantic role for once in a tv drama. Then there wasthis film called summer breeze. He sort of chooses to play mundane roles in tv. Marriage must have have agreed with him enough to change tactics. Hehehe

  5. Aw…you didn’t see his play “as you like it”? I dunno if its still available in streaming. Its been awhile since. He was very Hyuga there. That was why I was super thrilled when I knew that he will play a romantic role for once in a tv drama. Then there wasthis film called summer breeze. He sort of chooses to play mundane roles in tv. Marriage must have have agreed with him enough to change tactics. Hehehe.

  6. Ergh, I am not a Shun fan and not a J dorama fan. And I would admit this is the first time I find a Japanese actor hot.
    This when I have actually watched Hana Kimi plus must be in some other drama. This is the first time where a man looks like he could be a leading man.
    So yeah, my ovaries may not be screaming but those 2 together makes me squeal like a stuck pig 🙂

  7. OMG. im hanadan fan and i never find Shun hot in there..but in RMPW i was like oh..lala.. the shoulders/arms biceps,the abs…0_o.. seriously.

  8. I have always loved Shun Oguri ever since I saw him in HanaDan, and then in HanaKimi. But this is my first encounter with Ishirara Satomi. I agree with trotwood, she is simply luminous in this show. SO + IS = magic!

    And then there are Makoto Natsui and Hyuga Toru. They are two of the most memorable caharacters I have ever encountered in my drama experience. They are not perfect (MN could grow a little more self-confidence, and HT, well a lot more emotional and social maturity, sensitivity, humour, warmth, etc.), but that is why you love them, because they are relatable. Both Hyuga and Makoto are innately good, lovable, respectable human beings. Together, omo, HT + MN = the loveliest, most endearing, sweetest OTP you can ever hope for.

    I know this is a jdorama, but I have been sensing a kdrama feel in it from tht first episode. So I am crossing all my limbs and fingers in the fervent hope that we will get a windfall of fanservice in the last two episodes – as in lots of kissing, hugging, heck, even boating, and then a wedding and a jump into the future with a litter of cute kids. And I am with Capt K in wishing for Satomi, her own fulfilling career outside of the shadow of Toru Hyuga.

    This morning I woke up, and did a little jig, yey, it’s Sunday, one more sleep and I’ll see RMPW again, immediately followed by the thought that next week is the last time I’m going to see them. Waaaaaahhhh…. oh why is parting such sweet sorrow?

    • YES! one more sleep and I’ll see RMPW again!
      That really takes me back, and is exactly how I feel!

      When I was a kid, I remember asking my mom, “How many times do I have to go to bed before my birthday?” or Christmas, or anything fun.

  9. OMG Thank You for the picks!! They both are beautiful ppl
    Ps: on your cover… Is that
    Vic Zhuo!? When is he coming back!? He’s the reason why I’m addicted to dramas ;D

  10. When he looks at me through the camera, he dares me to look back while reading my deepest fantasies about him at the same time.
    I can’t pull my gaze away, and it terrifies me that he knows how much I love him with all my heart, hormones and high ideals. HA!

    From what little I know about his career, it seems he and Johhny Depp have followed a similar path. Young handsome idol wants to be taken seriously as an actor and chooses roles that hide his beauty, enhance his quirky appeal. But, his looks could never really be ignored.
    When he comes out clean and pretty, we gasp again remembering that was how we reacted back then, too.

    I hope he lets himself remain in this stage a little longer. There is a short list of actors who evoke this reaction in us ladies. We neeeeeeeeed them like flowers need the sun.

    • You guys really crack me up! I don’t know about “ovaries” and “flowers-that-need-the-sun”, but yeah, Oguri Shun IS quite something. I recently got lost jumping from one Jdorama/J-movie marathon after another, and jumping ship from Matsuyama Kenichi to Naohito Fujiki to Mukai Osamu. But Oguri Shun would definitely stay as one of my top J-actor favorites. Thanks for these pics, Koala. I would definitely watch out for your next Jdorama pick.

      • First of all, you forgot Satoshi Tsumabuki.
        Second of all, no matter how far you jump, you can never ever leave Fujiki. You just turn around and realize he’s been standing right behind you the whole time, and once again, he takes your breath away with one look.

      • I haven’t watched any of Satoshi Tsumabuki’s works yet, but I Googled his name and I went “Oooooh…”

        Next stop, Waterboys!

        And yeah, Fujiki. I kept calling out “Bucho!” right after finishing Hotaru no Hikari. There’s something so basically decent and clean about him. I don’t know if that’s what makes him hot for me, or his surprisingly appealing profile.

    • “I can’t pull my gaze away, and it terrifies me that he knows how much I love him with all my heart, hormones and high ideals.”

      puwahahaahaaaa, you crack me up! But so right…my heart & other anatomical parts go dugeun duguen for him fo sho’!! <33

  11. I only watched Shun’s Hana Kimi and never liked him there more than the base level interest during the dorama. But then again the drama was equally responsible for that. J dramas and their mundane endings…

    This drama on the other hand forces me to love the leads despite its shortcomings. Hyuga is probably my favorite jdrama character! And I am Shun fan now. If Hyuga wasn’t there, I don’t think I would’ve ever liked him. And from the looks of it, it’s his only drama like this? Sad.

    Makoto as well has a very relatable quality. I mean, there are moments I wonder why she is like this, but when she looks at Hyuga and smiles, (the station when she smiled at him hiding behind the I forget all my complaints.

  12. Thanks for this pic post!

    I thought it was just me that wasn’t feeling Oguri Shun before this drama. I honestly dislike the character he played in Hana Yori Dango, which was the only drama I saw him in before this one (since Kim Hyun Joong played that role in the Kdrama version, I don’t like him much either, although somehow I love Vic). I tried to watch Tokyo Dogs for Mizushima Hiro, but it just never happened. So anyway, I’m really enjoying RMPW.

  13. This post made me squeeeeee so bad! And, oh dear Gerrrrd!! Oguri makes me positively whimper despite the hideous hairdo & looking like a mess half the time. Have stopped rationalizing these feels! I hope he does away with playing characters who’re cold & aloof…he’s consistently played this type in a bunch of his shows. That said, he’s absolutely mesmerizing as Hyuga on this show. HOMGGGGGGGG!!

  14. I watched HanaDan 1 & 2, plus the finale movie and never saw this HOT man underneath that Hanazawa Rui hair. With Oguri’s perfect portrayal of Hyuga, his good looks have definitely caught my attention. He is one of the few actors that when you see them onscreen, you immediately say “Wow!” He looks so good standing still (silently), it’s sort of a bonus that he can actually *act*. Even after RMPW ends, I hope we can still enjoy the pretty for a while!

    Even with very little affection (typical of a J-drama) this in an OTP I’m gonna have a hard time letting go of. Hyuga & Makato are definitely on my “favorites” list.

  15. Do we like Oguri Shun or “just” the character Hyuga Toru?

    I’ve never find OS as Hanazawa Rui handsome, but I’ve find him yummy as Nachi, et cetera… He is a great actor.

    The funny thing about this Rich Man, Poor Woman drama is, that I am not worried at all! 😛 I just have to be patient and see, how cute they are together.

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