A Cute Group Photo for Army Colleagues Rain, Im Joo Hwan, and Kim Jae Wook

Hee. Hee hee hee hee. HOMG laughing my head off forever at the cuteness here. In the army all enlisted men are equal, but clearly some are still prettier than others. The current crop of enlisted Korean actors include some of my favorites like Kim Jae Wook and Im Joo Hwan, so it was to my absolute delight to see the two of them posing for a picture together. A closer look reveals the other two pretty boys sandwiched between them to be none other than Rain and Park Hyo Shin. That’s quite a collection of star power on one couch, even if they are all wearing the same army fatigues and sporting the same buzz cut. Notice all four of them have intertwined arms? Yeah, they clearly want to kill us with the cute. All four of these guys are in the Army Entertainment Unit, which most entertainers enlist in since its their professional bread and butter plus relatively lighter on the physical work load. I have no problems with that, though I do get annoyed when I see the government using them for really obvious propaganda message productions. All four of these guys have a few months to over a year left in their service, so we need to savor this glimpse of them since it’s relatively few and far between. I feel like Im Joo Hwan hasn’t been in the army that long due to watching What’s Up?, before remembering that he filmed it before he enlisted and the drama broadcast after he left for military service. Both Kim Jae Wook and Rain had lackluster dramas under their belts right before their enlistment, so I hope all three pick great projects whatever it is when they return. Looking good, fellas!


A Cute Group Photo for Army Colleagues Rain, Im Joo Hwan, and Kim Jae Wook — 24 Comments

  1. Guh! They are supposed to be fierce and scary, not cute, lol!!! But they are…
    I never thought Kim Jae-wook would look so awesome in uniform. When you’re pretty, you’re pretty, nothing can hide that. 🙂

  2. All for One, One for All! 😀

    How is this army duty work in Korea? Are they allowed to go home during the two years service? Can their family visit them? They look handsome, but tired.

  3. This is the best look I’ve seen of Kim Jae Wook. The uniform definitely took out his girliness, which I had never been a fan of.

  4. Don’t care if Rain gets a good acting role. I just want him to put out a CD. Then I want to hear him sing, take his clothes off and dance.

  5. Question:

    Can I enlist in the army too? Mhahahahahahhahah

    And like the song says:

    “They want you! They want you! They want you as a new recruit!”

    Village People – “In The Navy”

    Well they are different military men, but the purpose is the same, protect the motherland!! Mhahahahahhaha

    Why I just imagine Rain dress as “the Indian”?? Mhahahhahahahha I’m so twisted!!!

  6. Yay,Jaewook-oppa..looks like he eats well there.looking forward to his next projects, i’d love him 2b the main lead this tym…^_^ kim jaewook,fighting!

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