Written and Video Previews for Episode 8 of Miss Rose

For whatever reason (Roy? Messy love triangles?) I’m completely obsessed about Miss Rose. Probably way more than any of the other dramas I’m watching right now. Not necessarily that I love it more, only that its the one driving me nuts waiting for the story to really kick into gear and all the fur to start flying. Now that ex-boyfriend Tang Yi Chun is back, I’m sure that’s only going to make Cheng Kuan confirm his feelings for Si Yi that much faster. I do wonder what Yi Chun’s deal is – I’m fairly certain he still loved Si Yi back when he left for the US with that other chick, so what made him dump her so unceremoniously? A promise of a better future? He knocked up the other chick? I need to know because its clear Yi Chun is about to make another go at Si Yi. And I won’t fault her for being affected by him, because clearly she’s not over him yet. How can she when the relationship ended with one phone call. I do not support her taking him back, but then I look around and realize that Cheng Kuan needs to take some decisive action about his arrangement with Vivian because he’s not looking like a great alternative either. One is a cheater, the other will end up being one if he gets engaged to Vivian and still treats Si Yi this way. I also need to see the return of fiery Si Yi, and I think she’s coming back soon when she finds out Xiao Ke is being two-timed. I don’t want to see her so weepy all the time, and lately the combo of VIvian and Yi Chun’s return is turning her softer than she really is. On the flip side, that means we get a lot of Cheng Kuan playing the white knight for her, and damn that will never get old for me.

Written preview for episode 8:

Alcohol doesn’t make him drunk, Kuan Kuan intoxicates himself.

Cheng Kuan goes drinking with Si Yi to get over her heartache, and he’s the one who ends up drunk. Si Yi takes Cheng Kuan home but can’t find his house key. Just as Si Yi is about to reach her hand in his pocket to look for it, the door opens……

He’s actually cheating on her! Si Yi sees Xiao Ke’s boyfriend embracing TIng Ai on the street. As Xiao Ke’s best friend, Si Yi rushes forward to confront Ah Zhe and speak up for Xiao Ke, but she’s restrained by Cheng Kuan. A BFF’s rage gets extinguished by the thoughtful advice of Cheng Kuan and the two of them decide to keep this a secret…..

Cheng Kuan wants to invite Si Yi to an orphanage event, but he waits and waits and doesn’t hear back from her. Turns out Yi Chun had already taken Si Yi somewhere. The sound of a romantic aria rises, facing Yi Chun’s passion, can Si Yi accept a regret that comes six years later?

A cheater who has come back. The supportive man who is the future fiancee of another woman. Which one should let go of Si Yi and exit this battle for love?

Latest previews for episode 8:

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Written and Video Previews for Episode 8 of Miss Rose — 10 Comments

    • Since my English skills are way too limited to express my love and analysis for/of this drama, these emoticons were the best I could come up with.

  1. Thank goodness I am able to watch this show now. I LOVE IT!!!!! And I LOVE YOU Ms. Koala for telling me about this show. I thought I owed you for telling us all about Drunken to Love You, but really now I am ready to donate an organ.

    I usually have NO patience for that first love that comes back and starts afresh, but I am breathless every time Yi Chun looks at Si Yi. The actor does not have a lot to work with, but he is hitting the ball out of the park. I love you Chen Kuan, but you better get a move on.

  2. For whatever reason, this show doesn’t really “land” with me but I have to say that I LOVE your recaps and look forward to them much more than the show itself. So thank you for the excellent recaps and previews and squeeing and whatnot :).

  3. I personally would have her pick neither. I do not like the kuan kuan type that has this random arrangement that he has not gotten out of yet he’s so kind SY. That is a recipe for disaster and hurt feelings along the way. As for Yi Chun, I need to find out more about him as in why did he dump her like that. Is there a back story she doesn’t know about?

    I am not obsessed with this show yet but when I watch the episodes I do get totally sucked in. ESP now with Yi Chun. I hope it gets super good

  4. I have been a little put off by wimpy SY int the last two episodes. Didn’t like her cutesy crying scenes because she’ s a big (built) girl and it looks pathetic. What I want is her to really consider YC again so that CK has to put up a big fight for her. I really want the two guys to chase SY much to Vivian’s amazement. It would be nice if V gets attracted to YC but he is totally not interested in her.

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