The Cast of Rich Man, Poor Woman Bid Farewell to their Characters

Fuji TV has generously released pictures of the cast and crew of Rich Man, Poor Woman gathering for pictures and posing with their completion of filming flower bouquets. I don’t normally watch my J-doramas live, since many of my faves are from years ago before it was readily available to watch online or follow along with the filming. That’s why it feels like such a treat to give RMPW the K-drama treatment, and so appropriate since it’s a dorama that is really a K-drama at heart. Beyond loving the two lead characters, I actually felt like the rest of the story was populated by relatively intriguing and memorable side characters. The problem was that all of them were under- or even un-developed beyond serving a purpose for the narrative progression. That’s a shame because the character actors were across the board excellent and everyone did more than what they were given. That deserves some mad props from me. Which is why its so nice to see everyone given acknowledgment for their part in making RMPW work as well as it did, because if this was just a drama about Makoto and Hyuga then it wouldn’t have all the lovely layers to their relationship. Hyuga needed Makoto to take him to the next level, beyond being the genius socially awkward billionaire that he started off as, and Makoto needed to learn some confidence because she had friends but no professional future if she couldn’t break free of her natural tendency to shrink into the background. So in the end, all the characters played their parts well and all the actors get my thanks for bringing this darling little story to life.


The Cast of Rich Man, Poor Woman Bid Farewell to their Characters — 19 Comments

    • akosieunice – I’ve been a fan of your MVs! So nice to view Hyuga and Makoto’s scenes with your song choices!
      Thank you Ms. Koala for your recaps! This is the first dorama that I liked, fantastic characters and story.

  1. Shun is beyond gorgeous…like fist-biting gorgeous! <33 It saddens me immensely that we won't get to 'see' Hyuga & Makoto continue to impact each other's lives, grow and be adorable together.

    The other day I learnt that not only does the show have an official twitter account but Hyuga Toru also does. Kyaaaaaa! Ms. Koala, thank you SO much for not only recapping the show but also covering the tidbits regarding the same. Much appreciated!

  2. Must be a tad bittersweet for the cast and crew, and the viewers also, with this unusual dorama coming to an end real soon.

    On a complete sidenote, even though I got only a few words here and there from tonite’s MR, I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to watch it subbed tomorrow and to your recap as well, Mrs Koala.

  3. Oh so sweet… all the casts get together. They looked that they did have good time together.

    Unusually day tomorrow for us RMPW addicts – waiting for Monday 😉 and then, sad sad sad sayonara to the lovely jovely j-dorama.

    When would there ever be again for such entertaining, mind-blowing, finger-biting and hair-scratching kind of story happens again… arghhhh…

    keep us update yeah Ms Koala if you found one!

    cheerio to all. Hyuga-Makoto, we are longing for you hu hu hu! 🙂

  4. I’m going to miss them! This is maybe the third time I’ve said this, but I would have liked to have seen much longer episodes of this one! You can tell I watch kdramas by saying that! hehehe

    Ms. K! This is my first time reading your drama recaps, and I must say that not only am I impressed, yet you voiced my sentiments almost verbatim. I will return to read more of your thoughts on dramas! Thank You! Arigato everyone!

  5. One more sleep… and then the last of RMPW!!! I don’t know if I want THIS Monday to come or not. I want to watch it but I don’t want to say goodbye! Ottoke??!!

  6. please, this is not K-drama style at all, Japan began making romance dramas like these long before Korean ever did, it’s just that in recent years, Japan has began making most of their romance dramas in a different style, especially those with young idol actors. But if you watch many old romance J-dramas from the 1990s or earlier, even some from early 2000’s, they’re similar to RMPW.

    Many people seem to think this drama is K-drama style, but that is just ignorant talk, from people who watch too much K-dramas and not enough J-dramas.

  7. It’s Monday! So excited for today’s final episode, yet so sad to see it will all end. I really hope they’ll have a SP or a season 2.

  8. I came across this blog while I was searching for RMPW images…anyway,

    Linda –

    While I disagree with the poster about RMPW being “K-drama style at heart”, I also sort of disagree that many of the old romance J-dramas are similar to RMPW. Although it is true that most old romance J-dramas from the 1980’s to 1990’s, and even the early 2000’s, were much more mature and complex in terms of storylines & characters compared to most of the more recent naive comedy high school romance J-dramas nowadays…which many people have ignorantly generalized romance J-dramas with.

    But yes, saying that RMPW is “K-drama style” is just wrong, the way the characters and storyline are presented in this drama is different to K-dramas. But any K-drama fanatic who has watched too many K-dramas would think otherwise because they are just not really familiar with romance J-dramas in general…alot of people seem to think that romance J-dramas are mainly just those naive comedy highschool romance stories that we see so much nowadays, which is so wrong. Start watching old romance J-dramas from the 1980’s to early 2000’s, and the difference is huge.

    I strongly suggest those people who are ignorant of romance J-dramas to watch more old romance J-dramas from the last few decades.

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