Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 11 Baby Recap

I haven’t done a live airing baby recap since Lie to Me ended, because rarely does a drama ever beckon me to break from routine and have the urge to get a recap, ANY recap, out as soon as possible. Rich Man, Poor Woman episode 11 has done it, baby. This dorama has managed to end utterly perfectly, leaving me content and satisfied that all the loose ends were tied up (albeit in typical drama fashion where wrongs are forgiven and challenges are overcome). I’m sorry if the super kyaaaaaaa kiss screencap above annoyed the spoiler-phobes out there, but I’ve been waiting eleven weeks for those two to suck face that it would gnaw at me if those two gorgeous and perfectly paired up people can’t top the post together.

I love that the end of this dorama really stayed true to the fundamental truths about life that it laid out in episode one. Makoto needs to have the courage and conviction to make her own professional destiny, Hyuga needs to understand humility and reliance on others is not a weakness or something he is incapable of, Asahina finally finds the contentment he was seeking not as a leader but as a equally capable partner, and Yoko can keep on cooking and we’ll all be happy for her. In the end, RMPW was mostly all I had hoped it would be when I first started recapping, and the little blips and stumbles only made it so much more winning because its not perfect and needn’t be. I will miss the gang at Next Innovation, but will sleep well tonight knowing that Makoto and Hyuga ended up both personally and professionally exactly where they ought to be.

Episode 11 baby recap:

Hyuga returns to Next Innovation while staring at the now white wall. Makoto doesn’t want to see Hyuga despite missing him terribly since that’ll just make her not want to pursue her own career. Good girl, no bad girl, wait, arghhhhhh! Emotional-idiot Hyuga is naturally confused and wrongly thinks Makoto is staying with him out of pity so Yoko steps up to straighten him out and tells him to figure out how he feels about Makoto.

Makoto returns to the company and runs into Hyuga and the two of them refuse to have a straight up conversation that they miss each other and want to make babies together, so it ends with Makoto revealing she’s off to Brazil while Hyuga tells her to go wherever the hell she wants.

Asahina finally agrees to see Hyuga, who doesn’t hesitate to bitch him out for what he did. Asahina accepts the blame and gets on his knees to apologize, but Hyuga doesn’t want his apology, he wants Asahina to return to NI after he gets out of prison to help save the company. Hyuga proffers up their usual fist bump to Asahina, and oh that makes me all teary for their lost friendship.

Hyuga calls Makoto and tells her to come to the office before she leaves for Brazil. She finally comes clean that she can’t see him because she loves him so much its too painful to see him. Makoto deletes from her phone background the picture of her and Hyuga in front of NI.

Hyuga runs off to see Asahina and he is flummoxed by someone who says she loves him but its too painful. Asahina laughs and guesses its Makoto, telling Hyuga to figure it out but first tell her how he feels about her. Hyuga tells Asahina NI will be fine.

Hyuga meets with the NI Board to ask for the revival of the personal file project with a 50 billion yen allocation. JI Tech old dude agrees to provide the money as long as Hyuga can guarantee he can do it. Hyuga promises to deliver it in a week.

The Wonder Wall boys decide to come back to NI to help since the deadline is so tight. Hyuga re-writes a new Next Innovation logo on the wall and gives a pep talk to the team to make this happen for the people who matter to them.

Asahina agrees to see Yoko and she cries while telling her brother that she does love him. NI and JI Tech finally unveil the collaborative personal file project to much success. Hyuga runs off to tell Asahina about the success and sees that Asahina looks content at last. Even Asahina notices that Hyuga has finally changed.

The NI team host a party catered by Yoko to celebrate the personal file project. Hyuga tells the employees to scribble on the wall again and he thinks back to his memories with Makoto here.

Hyuga is asked to give a speech and he drunkenly stumbles to the front and actually is able to remember everyone’s name and age. He drunkenly says he has gotten a perfect score now and thanks everyone for making this happen before passing out drunk. We see Makoto visiting the Wonder Wall office but no one is there.

Makoto calls Yasuoka and tells him she was at Wonder Wall and is now off to the airport, asking Yasuoka for the picture of her and Hyuga. Hyuga grabs the picture and takes off after Makoto. Yasuoka and all the NI employees use their technological tracking abilities to try and find Makoto for Hyuga. Before Makoto gets on the plane, Hyuga tracks her down at the airport and tells her to not move!

Hyuga explains he can remember names now and the company is saved, asking her to stay with him. She refuses and he then tells her that he loves her. She’s unimpressed with his unfeeling declaration so Hyuga does it again and OMG swooning here forever. Hyuga says he loves her and asks her to stay with him.

Makoto jabbers about work and whatnot before Hyuga pulls her in for a kiss. Hyuga tells her to go to Brazil and he can still see her through the internet, but it can’t be for too long because he can’t be that patient. They kiss again!

Time jump of one year and nine months later and NI is back on its feet. Asahina gets out of prison and returns to the company. He writes a new note on the wall that says “We can do it if we do it together!” Awwwww. The two guys fist bump again, and I like that Hyuga has forgiven Asahina after Asahina has paid his penance by serving time, and accepting that the challenges created by Asahina helped push Hyuga past his own limitations. Yasuoka and his office crush have gotten hitched and that’s a cute little ending for them.

Hyuga is online talking with Makoto, who has a Brazil flag on her face, when suddenly she shows up at the office. She smiles and he smiles back and they hug each other. The entire group snaps a picture, including Asahina and Yoko, and Hyuga hangs it up. The last scene ends with a “See you again!”, so I’m assuming the higher ups want to do an SP with that send off.

I’m totally and completely content with this ending. Are you? Do you see Hyuga and Makoto hugging in the back? Sigh, they are so utterly perfect for each other.

[Credit: all screencaps from Baidu Rich Man, Poor Woman bar]


Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 11 Baby Recap — 78 Comments

  1. thank you so much OCKOALA …. love you so much …. i am so satisfied with the ending …. hehehe … screw NI … i am just waiting for KISS and i got it … so i am fine … thanks once again

  2. How GORGEOUS did Makoto look in the last few mins of the show?? I’ve always thought she was pretty, but she looked super stunning at the end there.

    Anyway, it was a sweet and understated ending, and that’s what made it perfect. Bravo! (to you too, Koala!)

    • Satomi was breathtaking in the final scenes of this episode. She was glowing. She could have been a night light if those scenes were filmed in the dark.

    • Makoto looked great throughout this whole drama. I loved her hair in the final scene! She looks great with bangs, but they hid her beautiful face. I’m glad they pushed her bangs to the side and gave her a cute beachy wave do instead, she was glowing and looked even more mature returning from Brazil.

      I’m also glad they didn’t give her ugly clothes to wear throughout the drama, like in a lot of K-dramas where they totally dress down the lead actress to make her look “poor”.

  3. I was following the live recap and was literally twitching w/ nerves…hoping that it would not end with a whimper. So, yeah just reading about the double kiss I was hooting, fist pumping, & flailing! They both looked PERFECT in that scene!

    I thought this was a really good finale…already ugly crying since won’t get to see the OTP & Oguri Shun ‘nemore! TT_TT ARIGATOU Ms Koala!!

  4. Thanks Koala! This show has turned me into a babbling idiot on many occasions. Now I feel subdued. Glad the ending was good. I’m gonna watch it a few times RAW, watch it again a couple of times once its subbed (same ol’) and then marathon the whole thing this weekend. I rejoice in getting some semblance of elegance and reserve back into my life and routine next week. Thank you RMPW for releasing me this week. Where’s the tofu?!

  5. I saw the picture of the kiss first and I literally.SCREAMED!!! Thank you for this baby recap Capt. K!!! Without even watching it yet, I am loving the ending. Shun Oguri, sorry, Hyuga Toru is just…just…perfect!!!

    You are overdoing yourself today Captain, with the Lie To Me post, the KJH-what-could-have-been-Faith video and now this!!????? You are greater than awesome!!! Thank youuuuu!

  6. Thanks for the baby recap!!

    This was an absolute perfect ending for Rich Man, Poor Woman! I love that Makoto was able to go and do her own thing and still come back to Hyuga in the end. Everything wrapped up nicely and the episode didn’t seem like a drag to watch.

    I hope they do decide to do a special episode! I would love to see Makoto and Hyuga balancing work and a relationship.

  7. 🙂 Finally!!!

    what a long week to wait for this last episode. Glad and huge relief for the wonderful ending. Even if there is no special episode, though I am hoping so much there will be; the ending is the penultimate – culminating the flash back of the good time between Hyuga & Makoto that woke him up before its too late.

    The running and chasing from one place to the other and followed by the airport scene, huwaaaa!!! a bit like the usual before-it’s-too-late scene in most rom-com stories but here, they successfully tweaked it and huhuhu!!! in which the much awaited KISS happening huhuhu! Not once but twice! ha ha ha! what a huge relief for these two to finally finally finally admitted their feelings. Arent you swooning too?

    I still can’t believe how much I am swayed and crazed after this dorama. The story line really ticked us with the reality of life. Yes, it is kind of cinderella fairy tale story, but what’s wrong with it? let’s enjoy this bit of life – love and let’s love and work too ha ha ha!

    to all RMPW addicts, what a memorable time we had to finally reach this stage.

    To Ms Koala, this is not the ending of course. Though named as baby recap, it triggers so much emotion already.

    will wait for your full recap and again, thanks so much. To the subbers, specially to Eric 😉 – ok, now I can wait a bit since the baby recap is here but the sooner the better 😉 and also if anyone, specially to akosieunice, if a video can be done to have the theme song – ost, mainly with Hyuga & Makoto sweet times together from the beginning; ohhh.. that will be a great favour to RMPW fans I’m sure.

    ok everyone RMPW lovers. Happy day, cherio! 🙂

  8. perfect, it just perfect they give us what we want and they didn’t take anything from the drama or our cute Hyuga and Makoto . nothing more nothing less ,everything in his place, every word and moive its just like them and i didn’t really think they can do it… they make every things normal and just like a nice wind came to our heart and tell me now who can change the my thinking that Hyuga and Makoto is real that they didn’t came from drama they just live somewhere and we just happen to see a litle from there life . so no more word for this drama everyone from writer and his story to our director and his nice touch and for our OTP with the perfect delivery and every other actor and worker on this drama i just can say that your love and hard work on this drama has been delivery so thanks a lots for making realistic ,honest , hearted and minded drama

    p.s. thanks so much for the recape and i hope that will be a full recap its so much fun reading its her .

  9. OMG let me breathe first… Never seen the finale but I think this was a great episode to end the show. Epic! Everything is in proper places and finally the long-awaited kiss…. yay. I will definitely miss this show specially Oguri Shun. A big THANK YOU Ms. Koala for all the efforts you’ve done, appreciated much.

  10. Nothing against the spoiler!:D If there wouldn’t have been a kiss I would probably feel the need to go to Japan and hit the PD for not giving us this ending.

    So I’m fine with it!:) Thank you for live recapping!

  11. Wah! I can’t believe this drama’s over… I’m still in denial… I’m glad that they’ve decided to release an SP because at least I still have something of the drama to look forward to.

    I hope that the two leads would do another drama together, since they have such amazing chemistry! But in all honesty, I don’t think it’s possible. In any case, I am already looking forward to the SP…

    Koala, please do a recap of the SP when it comes out… or at least give us a heads up when it’s released… Thanks a bunch for the recaps, Koala. It has been an amazing ride!

  12. Captain Koala, thank you for giving me a safe haven to have RMPW feels because I’m back to spazz some more.
    Why is ARATA hot in casual clothes. When he finally changed out of the dress shirt and pants he had been wearing in jail for months…once he put on casual clothes + the disheveled hair? wow! I caught some feels out of nowhere. IDK, maybe my emotions were just high b/c it is the last regular episode.
    I keep breaking down into small sobs and then I revert back to hyper awaiting subs and a SP?!!! What’s that all about? Are we talking like Nodame Cantabile mini movie? If so then YAAAAAAAAY. Can the SP purely consist of Hyuga and Makoto making out at various locations? Like Asahina’s old cave of an office, Yoko’s restaurant, the temple (in front of the monk, no less), Makoto’s hometown. It could be like a running gag that they can’t keep their anything off each other…eyes, hands, lips…etc, you get the picture. I think we all deserve it.

  13. YEsss! Skinship! haha! :p

    Not one but two kisses! wheewww! Is it hot in here or what? ^^

    I do hope they have a special ending with the two spending time together and a wedding! yes, a wedding would be nice. *_^

  14. I loved th kiss, but loved more their hug at the end because it was just too cute! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

    loved the end, squeeeeeeeee they are too cute!

  15. Yay! Thank you so much, Ms. Koala, for the baby recap! I didn’t think I was going to be able to understand any of the dialog for days!

    This was such a great ending! Even all the cliches were well done. I was breathless during the hunt-down-Makoto scene, even though I knew he would find her last-minute at the airport. Usually I roll my eyes at airport scenes like that, but I was just too happy! Haha! So beautiful!

    One of the things I love most about Makoto is her nervous jabbering. I love how that came out again right before the kiss. She’s so adorable! And yay for Hyuga finally admitting he feels emotions like love. It’s about dang time!

  16. Ah! Thanks sooooo much for the baby cap!

    I blubbered a lot.
    Completely lost it when Asahina showed up at NI, not for him, but for how Hyuga was able to get on with his life now without looking back.
    I need to see the translation when Hyuga finally confesses for it to hit me full on, but no translation needed for the KISSES!!!!!

  17. Perfect OTP is perfect! I’m going to miss this drama so much. I hope RMPW has started a trend and we’ll get more romantic comedies from here on out.

  18. God. This episode was PERFECT.
    I mean, it got me out of bed sacrificing my sleep. You guys warned me it was going to be a last minute thing because it is a J dorama but I didn’t expect it to be so cute.
    The reason why I didn’t comment earlier was I was so busy squealing like a stuck pig. OMG. That shy beaming smiles they shot each other before the 2nd kiss * they are so CUTE!!!!!! * Plus him asking the NI employees to track her, so cute some more. But man, how can a hug satisfy me so much? I think it is the power generator level megawatts smiles when they saw each other.
    OMG… love this drama. Might be the first J drama I love.This show is just perfection. I am beaming ear to ear.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…

    Oh man, that Makoto, her face, her voice when she smiles… it’s a killer and I am only watching her from afar. Oh and I like the final touch that it’s the whole company in the photo rather than a couple shot.

    I am going to just bask and smile again at ep 11. It’s not even the 1st time I am rewatching it. 🙂

    Oh, that was a perfect kiss conveying all their emotions,the wait was so worth it, their chemistry is insane. Insane.

    This is pretty much the most I’ve ever gushed online by the way. Thank you for introducing us to the series Ms Koala.

  19. i love love love this couple! OMG. no matter how many times i rewatch the drama until the latest episode. It was absolutely amazing.

    The OTp is perfect for each other, and it makes me sad because Oguri Shun is a married man.. -.- no no no. i’ve never seen or heard such a thing. He’s still single in my world.

  20. So why are they still hugging in the group picture, I wonder? Oh these two, they just make me…happy aha ha ha…tremendously!!! I guess I’d have to watch this. My first dorama ever.

  21. Thanks Ms Koala for ………………everything !
    – recommending this JoDrama
    – recaps and fantastic screens caps
    – baby recap
    – sharing your thoughts, happiness and frustrations with us.
    Love this ep and love this drama to pieces, it will be my first time ever rewatching a drama from start to finish, it is beyond perfect.

  22. I came here wondering if there was news about RMPW and walah, I saw the pic. I was beyond ecstatic! Salivating to watch the subbed video already. Hyuga, why are you so cute?! If only guys in dramas existed in real life. Bring me one now!

  23. I just finished watching the episode raw. Twice!! I just had to go back to spazz some more! Did you guys see the very very last scene when Hyuga hung the picture on the wall. His smile … whoaemmgeee!!! super cute!

    This finale was a fitting finish to one of the most memorable dramas I have ever seen. The OTP, Hyuga and Makoto will also be ranked in my book as two of my favourite characters. RMPW is my first j-dorama crack! I hope this is only the first in a long, eventful journey to the j-dorama-sphere.

    Finally, a HUGE thank-you, arigato, kamsahamnida to the Captain of the ship, the chief of the playground, Ockoala!!! Till the next one!

  24. aaahhh, and they just give us the kiss in it’s last episode. there should be some making out and babies eh! am I asking too much? heheheh!

    Makoto is my favorite character her, she knows what she wants and she goes for it, the moment she assumed Chihiro Sawaki name, that was her winning personality, go girl!

    As for Hyuga, well, if I am him, I can’t forget and forgive that easily, but to take into consideration his sickness, maybe that helps him be forgiving eh!

  25. Who needs to understand Japanese when we have this two ADORABLE and PERFECT actors putting their souls on the table for us. I love this drama! simple.

  26. Such good feelings all around. The ending was true to form– not mushy nor forced. Just perfect! For young women out there, did you see the screen Hyuga was in on the last chat to Makoto? Journal of Science — that means she has published. Good for her! She is no shrinking violet against the awesomeness of someone like Hyuga. It will be union of equals and not co-dependents. Way to go for all women.

    Thank you Koala for making me feel part of this fantastic playground you have created. Well, it seems we are in for a special — what with the see you soon bit in the end. Just perfect. Now waiting for the subs. Another reason to re-watch.

  27. Ms. K! THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST AIRPORT SCENE OF ANY DRAMA THAT I’VE SEEN! The prelude to the airport scene where he was talking to Yoko had me talking to my computer monitor…wondering how pitiful this man is for not admitting to his own self his true feelings towards Makoto! I liked how the IT analyst helped them along by taking the photo of Hyuga and Makoto and giving it to Hyuga to return it to her. Then, when the entire New Innovation team came together to find her flight info for Hygua, I was on the edge of my seat! Also, I especially liked when Makoto tried to run away from him at the airport! RLOL…too cute and funny! He confessed his love for her 2x, she finally stopped running, then started talking fast, really fast! Then, he took her by the wrist and pulled her to him and kissed her! It took me so off guard that I screamed with delight, and took to the floor doing the happy dance! Had to wipe a few tears from the corners of my eyes! Now when a drama gets me going like this scene did…believe me…IT’S REALLY GOOD! NO EXCELLENT! Ohhhhh…I’m really going to miss them! This at least deserves a part II!

  28. I liked how in episode 10 (if I’m not mistaken) where Hyuga said that he wanted to take over New Innovation again so that Asahina could have a place to return to! Now that’s A MAN with a forgiving heart! Then on his visit when Asahina got on his knees to ask for forgiveness…Hyuga pressed his fist against the glass to fist bump! Asahina rose up…walked to the window and reciprocated! Woo-Hoo!

    • What I liked about Hyuga was that he wasn’t a victim of his circumstances. Initially I thought the writer’s would write him out to be victimized by his mum abandoning him & his medical condition, etc…and so glad that I stand corrected. It was very telling that he’s such a nice guy…someone who’d return to his former workplace so that his former friend could return to society and not pull a disappearing act. I found it too cute that despite the betrayal he used Asahina as a sounding board after Makoto confessed to him. ackk!

      ps: absolutely LOVING the current header.

  29. yeah, this finale was absolute perfection!! While reading the live recap I was spazzing like a crazy woman, watching this episode raw I was positively squeaking. The kiss was awesome no doubt but watching that perfection of a hug I just dieeeeeed. The way Makoto leapt into his arms and their smiles. HOMMMGGGGG!! Hyuga-Makoto were just indescribably perfect together. Loved Ishihara’s new look & Oguri rocked that hairdo as well….very dashing!! ahhhhhhh!

  30. sending and sharing views / comments here is something new to me. so excited knowing there r so many out there sharing it. i thought RMPW had tremendous response but as I scroll on the past recap, oooo emmmm geeee, Lie To Me had more than 500 and 800 comments?

    so here we go! whatever it is, RMPW is a breathe of fresh air before 2012 ends 🙂

  31. i really cant help myself to luv U and forgive/forget anything else! of all the dramas i watched ( k, tw, ch & J )….RMPW is the BEST!

    Thank U our dear koala san *xoxo* frm the bottom of my heart * mwah! *

  32. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRAMA TO BITS. sigh,it’s been to long for me to watch a drama that left me completely satisfied to the brim. How can they be sooo cute and adorable and so-them during that airport scene? EPIC!! The background scene with the sunset and hyuga kissed makoto made me swoon.

    i feel like the kiss scene is similar to how domyouji and makino kissed in hanadan season 1 but this time its rui’s turn.haha

    I’ll miss u show. More oguri shun and ishihara satomi coupling please!!or better yet RMPW SP!!pretty please…

  33. i feel soooooo SAD that this drama ended..! this superb, amazing, mindblowing drama brought me back to j-doramas for good!! what an OTP my lord!! freakin chemistry overload!!!!!!

  34. The ending is perfect and there is hope for us (a special episode or movie or better still, a 2nd season!) to complete this awesome drama. Thank you so much for the recap! ^^

  35. I think the scene at the airport was fab.

    A typical drama might have had Makoto change her mind and follow her gut feelings (as she has prone to doing at many stages during the drama) to stay behind by Hyuga’s side. But no, Hyuga encouraged her to go.

    And in typical Hyuga style (omg I’m still so amazed by the ingenuity of this), he told Makoto that bridging the distance between people is what he does, through IT. I’m happy to assume that the program he used to talk to Makoto in office was developed by him, for such purpose. <3

    The KISS! The nice touch where he moved in for one, but pulled back feeling embarrassed. kekekeke…

    Perfect jdorama, reminds me of the good old days.

    • Hi ThePrima, I was told you can go to Drama addicts? I tried but not for my region. Same with dramafever. Please also try at or daillymotion?

      Enjoy watching ! 😉

    • The subs haven’t been released yet. They’re 85% completed so hopefully should be done soon. You can follow Eric @EricParoissien on twitter. He tweets about the status of the subs. 🙂

  36. I am also watching Iki Mo dekinai natsu; and surprised the subtitles already up yesterday. Arghhhh… really feel a long loooong wait, but knowing it is now almost ready, phew! thanks Eric.

  37. lovelovelovelove!! SOO happy this ending was satisfying, and it didn’t end lame, and the writers didn’t decide to torture us viewers with like stupid kiss on forehead or even worse, no kiss at all.
    Hyuga and Makoto are just damn cute!! my goddddd, this is definitely another drama that I’ll rewatch anytime, and definitely at the top (maybe like second place) of my fave Jap dramas! (though I don’t exactly watch many)
    Super hope they DO do a SP! A lot of people were thinking perhaps possibly a sequel, but I’m not so sure how they could develop a second installment to this, but DEFINITELY would love to see a SP!!

  38. Ms. Koala thank you for this baby recap. What an ending! Everytime I think about it, it still makes me feel happy. I loved that Hyuga forgave Asahina. Writers try to write their characters as mature but this did it so well. When we can’t forgive, the only one left truly hurting is ourselves. To see Hyuga choose a different path for himself, and his company allowed us to have this truly satisfying ending. Once that rift was healed , things fell back into place. Everyone gained new appreciation for what working together at NI really meant and how work and true friendship can go hand in hand . I loved the conversation and bit of wisdom the JI Tech President shared with Hyuga. Only 1% of companies survive and these represent our country. In the big picture of things cooperation and forgiveness are needed to make companies survive a fatal blow. Yet so rarely this is the path that they choose. As he adds, make the miracle happen Hyuga! Hyuga and Makoto did, the performance was great and the kisses the perfect way to seal it. It was an unforgetable ride! Thank you to all who shared it, and thank you to those that made it happen including the subbing!

  39. Thanks for the recap!! I would love an SP, but not a Season 2 because I think the story line would probably not about their romance but more like challenges to their romance. Hopefully they don’t pull a ProDai SP though because that SP was mostly not about Kenzo.

  40. Now I am looking forward for the full recap from Ms Koala for RMPW… down memory lane when Makoto used the name Sawaki!

    thanks 😉

  41. People tout Hyuga’s character as a fiction Mark Zuckerberg, but the resemblance with Steve Jobs’ real life personality is uncanny! Hyuga’s unique combination of charisma, sloppy dressing, offensive behaviour and perfectionism (including his inability to buy furniture) is definitely borrowed from Jobs. Credit to Oguri Shun though, not many actors can pull it off!

    Satomi’s character is so cute. Her awkwardness is part of her charm.

    I’ve been waiting for Natsui and Hyuga to get together forever!

    The only thing I waited for but didn’t happen is the pairing of Asahina’s sister and the chef. I’ll just imagine that it did.

    I’m gonna miss waiting for this drama every week.

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