Jang Hyuk Considering IRIS 2 with Possible Leading Lady Lee Da Hae

Drama casting say whut? A few days ago Taewon Entertainment (my archenemy after producing the truly horrendous Athena: Goddess of War, which wasted my I Lub You plus a bevy of other awesome actors) released news that its still planning to produce IRIS 2, which I kinda thought Athena was supposed to be, but now I’ve learned that there will be a genuine narrative sequel to the blockbuster drama IRIS starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee. I’ll forever be scratching my head as to why Taewon didn’t strike while the iron was hot, because the craze for action dramas seems to have passed (no thanks in part to Athena, which represented the bottom of making things blow up and sound intriguing), and its been three years since IRIS so that the story isn’t even fresh on anyone’s minds anymore. Suffice to say, both Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee have confirmed neither will be part of the sequel, which means Taewon needs to find a new leading man. The script has been handed to Jang Hyuk, one of my favorite actors who hasn’t done an action-oriented drama since his award-laden performance in the highly rated Chuno, and his management company has confirmed Hyukie is seriously considering the project.

I hope he burns the script and runs the other way, but I wonder if perhaps he’s itching to make a big budget action flick? What’s even more shocking is that the leading lady is apparently courting Lee Da Hae, which if both actors sign on, would be the THIRD time those two have paired up in a drama. In a land where repeats are rarer than snowy white owls, having a couple three-peat is like running across an elf riding a unicorn. I must be dreaming. Neither have been confirmed, but even the news about the possibility leaves me shivering with both dread and anticipation. Yes, I’m clearly bipolar when it comes to these two, since watching both Robbers and Chuno have left me feeling unsatisfied. Hyukie and Da Hae have incredible chemistry, but their previous pairings have either been a dud in either story or execution. Robbers was all potential that never quite delivered when watching it, and Chuno was gloriously amazing to watch but the story arc drove me bonkers. I think both are great watching the best-of-scenes in an MV, which I’ll link to my two faves below. It’ll be a nice way to spend 10 minutes of your time. As for IRIS 2, I hope the script gets eaten by a rabid howler monkey and never seen again.

Here’s Da Hae and Hyukie at the Robbers press conference in 2008. They are ridiculously perfect together. Robbers – the story and I have issues, that all imma going to say. The acting in it was at times amazing and at times slightly off-kilter, but the chemistry was forever present.

Here they are at the Chuno press conference in 2010. It’s no secret these two really work well together and enjoy collaborating. Word has it that Hyukie was the one who recommended Da Hae for Chuno, which she delivered performance-wise but I really didn’t care much for her character, who turned out to be window dressing for all the machismo action going on around her.

Have my favorite MV for Robbers. This will make you want to watch the drama, I pretty much guarantee it. But don’t do it, because it’ll just drive you batty.

Chuno MV – this is all the happy and sad the drama put my Hyukie and Da Hae through:


Jang Hyuk Considering IRIS 2 with Possible Leading Lady Lee Da Hae — 24 Comments

  1. I thought Jang Hyuk did “Tree With Deep Roots”? In any case, he is oneof my favourite actors so I will check it out even thought I was not a particular fan of IRIS or Athena.

  2. Yep, you can’t dislike Midas and Tree With Deep Roots that much I hope! Don’t forget them, I liked him in those dramas! 😛

    As for the news, I am sorry to say, but why Lee Da Hae, why her??? Never liked her, there are much more actresses much better than her!

    • I’ve only ever seen her in My Girl, and frankly that was more than enough. Absolutely hated her character (and Jun Ki’s – how can someone kinda badass become so completely blerghh after falling in unrequited love?). I saw a glimmer of potential in her, but not enough to make me sit through another of her dramas.

    • Lee Da Hae is a great actress, try to watch Robber, her crying scenes are daebak! Both hyukie and Da Hae looked really great as onscreen couple. Their love story in chuno and iris is the problem coz their scenes together are so few but i really like seeing them act lovey dovey.I am even wishing to see another drama of them again and hopefully with lots of scenes together and with great story.

  3. Jang Hyuk can be considered to have done action in TWDR no?
    He was awesome in it. I hope he runs far away from IRIS 2 too, and choose a better project.

  4. You were right. The first video does make me want to watch Robbers. My. My. I will turn off the computer now and hum with my fingers in my ears for awhile. I hope this helps.

  5. I think it’d even more funny that whenver they are paired together, its always in a melodrama-ish way as far as their characters relationship goes…and I bet that IRIS2 won’t be any different either

  6. Thank you Koala unni. I love Chuno drama (lots of yummy HOT topless guys).. =) and I also love the music in Chuno and everything else in Chuno. I love love Mr. HOT Slave Hunter but I soo hope he run away with this drama. As for LDH, well no offense.. I want him with other actress than her…

  7. I also like Lee Da Hae but if it is an action drama I think Ha Ji Won would be better and maybe it’s time for them to be paired since they were the original pair for secret garden till Hyun Bin got the part.

  8. I just read that Daniel Henney is also being consider for IRIS 2? Now I have to go back and look for that posting cus I didn’t give it much thought until I read yours O.o

  9. “how did robbers end I wonder.”

    As happy as it possibly can get (which is not very happy)

    I may be one of the very few who actually liked Robbers. I liked the story and costumes (it was very realistic – unlike say, City Hunter where Nana was supposed to be dirt poor but had the lastest model mobile phone and three different colours of the same brand designer bag-) and Jang Hyuk was simply excellent.

    I loved LDH in My Girl but nothing else (I only watched her in Chuno and Robbers).

  10. One more vote from me to see Janghyuk and Daehae in a drama for the third time! I watched both Robbers and Chuno (god, I cried my eyes out in the last episode. T^T) and I have to admit that I didn’t get enough watching them. Hopefully, the news is real and it will make me satisfy. ^^

  11. Lee dahae is the best hallayu star since east of eden mbc casting with song seung hun…too bad that lee yeon hee cut the line between them now lee da hae only appear special and blockbuster drama unlike others hallayu star..they cannot comparing with my lee dahae which is very talented, lee dahae always have got good offered from top entertainment company, she’s very class, really like lee da hae….special drama she ever cast such as mbc east of eden, chuno, miss ripley and always cast with top hero such as song seung hun, jang hyuk, jyj, oh ji ho

  12. In case all fucking fan only know hate lee dahae too much because her beauty, sorry to say I’m fan of LDH, She was very talented than other, She’s ToP 5, She’s always got high offered for the special drama like Chuno, East Of Eden, and Blockbuster Series Iris 2, She’s always got big project that get attention in this entertainment Industry, dont get jealous on her, thanks tae woon, you make right decision ….

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