TBS Releases Awkward First Teaser for Full House: Take 2

In the US, when a movie is a turkey right out of the gate, the movie studios will either release it on a slow weekend without any media previews, hoping to recoup some of its sunk costs by luring unsuspecting audience members into the theater, or it can go the way of direct-to-DVD (formerly known as direct-to-video). Because the majority of K-dramas are live-filmed, its impossible to gauge its crappiness beforehand and what started off promising could quickly devolve into woefully terrible. Some pre-filmed dramas are actually decent, but a few stinkers have emerged in the last few years that are so bad I wonder how it even got an air date in Korea. The upcoming Full House: Take 2, the long-in-coming sequel to the Hallyu hit Full House,ย must be dreadful to a never before seen degree, because this drama is airing first in Japan on TBS, and doesn’t even have a network in Korea yet. Since TBS is releasing the DVD a few weeks after airing the drama, my guess is this baby is never seeing the light of day in its native country.

The stills I’ve seen have been uniformly sucktastic, mainly because the costume and hair stylings of the three leads No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, and Park Ki Woong make them resemble cousins of The Muppets. With the drama set to premiere in a few weeks, TBS has released the first ever teaser trailer showing us glimpses of the story line and the characters in action. The story follows the exact same set up as the original – average girl enters into a contract marriage with a top star – but this time the whos and whys are slightly different. No Min Woo looks like a top star idol singer, and the second male lead happens to be his group mate. I honestly find nothing remotely positive about this production, and really wonder why folks even bothered to dig the original out of the dust bin in order to bastardize it and make a sequel that looks cheap and feels shoddy. Oh well, I suppose this one will be good for a laugh, though I find myself cringing every time I see the hair styles on all three leads.

Teaser for Full House: Take 2


TBS Releases Awkward First Teaser for Full House: Take 2 — 61 Comments

  1. I usually have differing opinion from you about fashion, BUT NOT THIS TIME!
    Their HAIRRRRRR! OMGGGG. Taking Ahjumma curls VERY LITERALLY, Hwang Jung Eum! And is Noh Min Woo trying to top the ridiculousness of 2004 fashion?! At least the old Full House have the excuse that it was 2004!

    That aside, Park Ki Woong looks decent…and may i add cute? Heh.

  2. Really really bad Muppets cousins. I’m glad that this didn’t come out earlier and ruin Park Ki Woong’s chances to work on Gaksital, because that boy can act! But I’m pretty sure studios wouldn’t give him a chance if they saw this first.

    My other observation is that they stole the dress from Lie to Me. It looked better on Yoon Eun Hye.

  3. How can you make someone as gorgeous as No Min Woo unattractive? @@ RAMEN HAIR – serious?

    The plot looks like a bad fanfic mash up of BOF, You’re Beautiful and Full House.

    I cringe for Park Ki Woong – everyone, please stay clear and go see this delightful actor in Gaksital instead. You won’t regret!

    Ramen hair… pffft

    • No Min-woo!!!!!! I offer my body to shield him from the papparazzi… and from the world. Gosh, what a massacre. Since I saw that trailer 2 days ago I’m traumatized. What did they smoke on that production? Everything looks awful: Story, looks…

  4. Full House 2 had potential to be great if the story and casting were done right, but this looks like a hot mess! I agree with you Koala, I don’t think they’ll be airing this in South Korea anytime soon. I also think they totally missed the mark with the styling of the hair and clothes in this drama, everyone looks like a caricature of a manga character.

    • I agree with you about everyone looking like caricatures of characters from a manga. And, it’s not even a manga adaptation which makes it all the more bewildering.

      I’m pretty sure PKW must be praying that this doesn’t see the light of the day in Korea. Whatever credibility he gained as an actor in Gaksital will be nullified if this does indeed air in Korea. I hope for his sake it doesn’t.

  5. Ugly HAIR for Noh Min Woo ……….. Why ? He can be good-looking easily … Ugly HAIR for Hwang Jung Eum too …. Why ? She is not great but with lady-like hair she can look decent … of couse can never beat Song HG …

  6. Park Ki Woong doesn’t look half as bad as the other characters in this movie but I agree he was AMAZING in Gaksital.

    Also random aside, I see Hae Joo’s uncle from May Queen.

  7. What’s with the fugly hair?

    This is the most uglified kdrama I have seen in awhile. Seriously, the guys look like they’re in some kind of gay cabaret show.

  8. Suckfest. Do they really need to uglify the actors? for what? Somethings just can’t be fathomed. I hope this is not the death of No Min Woo’s career. What happened to that passionate guy in Gumiho?

  9. Her wig is crying “I’m an ugly wig because she must look ugly”. We have a comedian here who wears such a wig, a male.

    BTW, it doesn’t look like the story improved. The original story was so damn boring and now it seems we will get another one -_-.

  10. What is it? The main lead actor vampire or something? He looks like just waking up in his grave. And the hair styles soo funny. These two mans are actually very handsome, and look at them in this video. WOW korean filming industry is awesome , making actors looking like freaking dolls :))

  11. No Min Woo looks like an alien o_0 Poor Park Ki Woong, he did a great job on Bridal Mask and now this crap comes out to haunt him. Reminds me of when Joo Sang wook came out on a high with Giant and then the atrocious Paradise Ranch was released afterwards LOL. This looks like it suits Hwang Jung Eum though, she’s not a very good actress anyways so she’s right at home with this drama. As a whole, Full House 2 looks like a really really bad parody. I hope it tanks.

  12. All this is making me really curious to see how bad this actually is….when I saw the first episode of Dr Jin, I thought that no drama could get worse than something that laughable (and yet its producers took it really serious)….makes me wonder how terrible this is that even its,makers have given up on it
    Also what happened to No Min Woo?? Where has he gone?? Did he enlist?

  13. No min woo was so attractive in MY girlfriend is a gumiho! What happened there! His hair is horrible! The main girl’s hair is even worse!!! What were they thinking!

  14. The original Full House was addictive because Rain and Song HyeKyo were insanely beautiful I could watch them on loop, which was basically the story. I have serious lust for the House it has its own character and still dream of owning it in my next life. I thought nothing could top my love for said inanimate object but the house in Architecture 101 just pure love I dream of owning it in my next next reincarnation.
    When they were looking at the first stills of this drama didn’t the director, writer, editor anyone sane blurted out that the lead actors look fugly or is this the look that they were going for? Because really even the muffet show has standards when it came to the looks department, can be ugly but still cuddly.

  15. Mr. HOT Fox Hunter why did you sacrifice your hair so you can be a lead male in this HOT mess drama.. OMG… Your hair was HORRIBLE… Please find another project and have this HOT mess drama never to be seen light in Korea or anywhere else…

    • After my initial reaction, now for the video critique, whether they all wear too much BB Cream or else this production is trying to make a spoof to Vampire Prosecutor 2 in some manner. Yikes with the hair and makeup on everyone. No one looks healthy and lively like the first casting crew. Everyone on the second take looks like they went on a hunger strike, or have a day old churro up their arses.

  16. I guess I’m the only one who’s looking forward to this one!!! I’m not ashamed to admit that it looks campy, insane, and probably horrible. But there’s just something about it that appeals to me.

    Yes the hair is probably the WORST I’ve ever seen (ever, ever) in a drama. Yes the clothes look like they were taken out of my grandma’s closet. Yes the script looks like utter crap. All that aside, I seriously can’t wait! I’m going to give it a go and hope to enjoy it despite (or probably because of) all its flaws!

    • I’m totally with you. I’m gonna watch it just so I can count the grimaces on PKW and NMW’s faces as they say the dumbest lines they’ve ever uttered. Plus they look like a super cheesy K-Pop stars. I find it kinda fascinating…(shrug) truth be told, this is how I started K-Drama. I watched BOF and couldn’t look away from the trainwreck in front of me.

      • Ke ke ke! Exactly. So many of us were drawn in by cheesy, campy crap. (BOF was my first crack drama!) Why try and develop some taste now? ๐Ÿ˜›

        Let’s just cross our fingers and enjoy the inevitable trainwreck.

      • @septembermoon16 – You make an excellent point! lol

        Well, I’m still going to give it a shot. It reminds me of the cult movies my sister and I used to watch growing up. I guess I just love schlockfests.

  17. Even if they act well and the adaptation is good, you have to get past the appearance to appreciate that. It’s hard to take them seriously when the whole setup looks like that. What a waste of good looking actors and a cute storyline…

  18. it seems like it’s like a mixture of You are beautiful and Full House:D LOL no min wo is like jgs in You are beautiful, and second guy is Jeremy:D it just involves marriage and lacks gender bender:) more adult version:D LOL

  19. I can’t get over HJE’s hair. It was all I could stare at during the entire trailer. And don’t even get me started on NMW’s hair. PKW’s isn’t any better, but it’s no where near as distracting as that of his co-stars’.

    This looks super weird, even weirder than the first Full House, so I’m ready to watch this train wreck.

    • I beg to differ: the J-doramas that you must be talking about are the manga adaptations which tend to be OTT. That’s how they’re supposed to be done (w/ the crazy hair and wacky costumes) and therein lies the enjoyment. That said, there’re manga adaptations like Hotaru no Hikari which are not OTT but a lot more toned down. Shows tackling different genres like procedurals, romance/renai, and socially relevant + thought provoking (Soredemo, Ikite Yuku and Mother) tend to be universally appealing.

      • Yes, of course. I didn’t mean all. But jdorama has that kind of genre like you said manga adaptations. I still cant shake my mind off Kame’s Yokai Ningen Bem – which what I really meant that they do produce that kind of drama and have audience opposed to others. So, it fits well. I guess?

  20. I watched Full House (the original) in its entirety. Liked it at first, but then it became repetitive and dragged toward the end. I was skeptical about a Full House 2 but hoped they would improve on the first. Looks like that won’t be realized.

    So sad for Park Ki Woong – looks like he will be checkering (?) his so far excellent track record with what seems like a suckfest, as Koala calls it.

  21. Just..too..awful..horrendous…How can they make 3 such good looking actors/actresses SO UGLY?! It blows my mind how bad this looks. Definitely a SKIP!

  22. Can they just change the drama title to Battle of the Curly Hair or Revenge of the Curly Hair or Who’s Got the Worst Possible Hair?!! Having Full House attached to it ruins my memories of the original version. Such a cringe-worthy teaser I have ever seen. The hair alone makes me wanna gag myself!

  23. OMG, what da??? I find No Min Woo quite good looking in my gf is ninetails….but he looked weird in this drama~~~ the hair….argh….but more appalling was the hair of the female lead…..absurd =__=|||

  24. Bad hair day for all of them ๐Ÿ˜› Hopefully their hair styles are not all the way like that until the end this dramaโ€ฆhayo…

  25. Seems that I’m the only one that have a different opinion here… I hated it before I see this Japanese trailer… now if they don’t speak Korean and Japanese instead, I actually enjoy the show and look forward to get a hand on those DVDs in a mindset of watching a jdorama and not kdrama ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Wow… what’s with the poodle hair do? Isn’t that the female lead on Golden Time. Who on earth thought that hair-do was a good idea?

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