Nice Guy Episode 7 Written and Video Previews

Reading the written preview for episode 7 of Nice Guy leaves me salivating in anticipation. Just when I worried Eun Gi would be relegated to being lied to, the tables turn and she learns more truths than perhaps she would like to know. Part of me can tell that she is enjoying the thrumming magic of falling for Maru, despite knowing how crazy it is and that Maru can’t be trusted. She might not know his connection with Jae hee when she fell for him, but like she told Jae Hee, she doesn’t care because it’s not like she can’t handle someone seeking her out for money. But what happens when she learns that Maru doesn’t even want her money, he wants something that is far worse. He wants revenge on Jae Hee, meaning he’s still hung up on her. I know we all seethe with frustration that Maru still has feelings for Jae Hee, even after seeing her true colors, but that actually adds great narrative depth to painting Maru as fundamentally as flawed as any character in this drama. His previous niceness, that wasn’t a show, but he gave it all to Jae Hee in hopes that she would reciprocate and be his forever. That’s not exactly altruism, and he has desires and wants just like Jae Hee. Except hers is money, and his is her. I’m looking forward to Eun Gi getting all the facts and then seeing what she decides to do about it. Keep dating Maru and help with his revenge? Dump his ass and move to Paris with Joon Ha? I know what I would pick if I were her. 

Written preview for episode 7:

Eun Gi finds out about the connection between Maru and Jae Hee, and that Maru approached her to get revenge on Jae Hee. She is stunned. Jae Hee receives a call from her terrifying brother Jae Seok and becomes very anxious and worried. Jae Seok finds Maru and tells him that he will add Maru’s portion to his revenge on Jae Hee. The Chairman learns about the relationship between lawyer Ahn and Jae Hee. He finds Joon Ha to plot something in secret. Jae Hee follows the Chairman’s orders and brings Eun Gi home from Maru’s place. At the same time, Maru is threatened by unfamiliar brawny thugs.

Previews for episode 7:

Maru: Heard you were looking for Jae Hee.

Jae Hee’s brother: I’ll take revenge for you.

Jae Hee: That bastard, he’s bringing my brother into this?

Guy: The Chairman doesn’t appear to understand the hows and whys of it all. Apparently there is a recording of lawyer Ahn and Madam (Jae Hee).

Jae Hee: The Chairman wants to see you.

Maru: Having feelings for the Madam, approaching the Chairman with an ulterior motive, what do you want to do about a guy like that?

Eun Gi: Don’t you dare touch him. You try touching even a hair on his head……..

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Nice Guy Episode 7 Written and Video Previews — 22 Comments

  1. Does anyone think there is a tiny possibility of E.G. playing Maru to really drive a knife into J.H. I think there might be a chance she does know who he is, and has known all along. From the bribe situation, and watching seeing how Jh didn’t want to pursue the matter, JH’s face( after JH kissed the lawyer the gate) when Maru opened her door…I don’t know, but I think EG saw JH’s shocked, jawdropped face and knew she was onto something. But I do think EG is falling in love with him.

    I also wonder what it is EG knows about that first week after her mom got kicked put/left. She had mentioned having seen something and wanting JH taken down and kicked out the same way.

    What I really am curious about though is if the chairman was involved in the murder bcs she took an envelope from the hotel room of something, and then gave it to the chairman.

    The Jackal story is propably forshadowing both of them getting killed or committing suicide…but I would really
    Iike to see the endng with Maru and EG happy…instead of the philosophy behind some melodramas that if you’ve had an unlucky start/ set of circumstances, that your ending will be the same.

    As long as this doesn’t go all Fashion King on us….

    • I’m with you about the whole fashion king statement. This drama has me ensnared and I keep hoping its not another BadGuy/Fashion King ending. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Thanks for the preview captain OcKoala.

    I’m squarely on the MR/JH ship. I love these two and hope they get a fresh start somewhere so no seething here even if the writer sinks the ship. :)

    Anyone else like the song choice, “I’ll Find A Way” by Rachael Yamagata in the MR/JH bar scene?

  3. Koala, your the best! It’s Friday and yes, I’m creating my alterna-verse and dreaming Eun Gi and Joon Ha walking along the Seine. As much as I adore Joong Ki, I can’t stand his character in this drama and until he does something otherwise, I’d keep on wishing for a non-traditional ending with Eun Gi and Joon Ha happy together. I just can’t root for someone who gave up a bright future, possibly placed his sister’s life at risk, spent years in jail for someone’s crime, and still would want anything to do with that someone. It’s completely idiotic and unrealistic. And I could have possibly forgiven Maru for his blind obsession except for the fact that he’s also using someone whom he is fully aware is so emotionally fragile.

    We shall see how the story goes. I’m definitely anticipating the next events. Thanks again, Koala!

    • “I just can’t root for someone who gave up a bright future, possibly placed his sister’s life at risk, spent years in jail for someone’s crime, and still would want anything to do with that someone. It’s completely idiotic and unrealistic. And I could have possibly forgiven Maru for his blind obsession except for the fact that he’s also using someone whom he is fully aware is so emotionally fragile.”
      Gee my thoughts exactly!! Maru is a hopeless case, I don’t even know where to begin. During the first 2 episodes, despite his stupidity I was willing to dispense with all that crap sacrifices for love (which completely defy common sense) but this idiocy has gone on for too long i can’t help but hate the character any longer! The sole fact that he thinks EG will get over this nightmare like a mere bad dream is amazing when he knows exactly how it feels to be used/betrayed and moreover this guy hasn’t woken up from that very nightmare he crawled his way into 6 yrs ago! I wish i could just slap him hard and say ‘look who’s talking?’ to help him come back to his senses which has been on leave for far too long. All I know is that MR will look back at his life with full of regret and remorse wishing in vain for the time to turn back like they show it in the beginning of every episode lol! Why would anyone pen such a flawed character, I really wanted to love him but this is beyond me!
      I love lawyer Joon too!!!!!!! I want more of him, we need a backstory on EG and this guy too ;) I’m really looking forward to what EG will do after she finds out about MR and JH! C’mon girl crush his head and heart with all your might! There’s is an ill-fated love I get it but it would do me a great deal of good if the writer doesn’t kill EG at least, after all the mental distress I’ve been through watching this drama.

  4. Seeing lots of comments on Korean sites they never hated Chuseok so much LOL Holidays are always stressful but when you’re counting the days till Nice Guy days…

    Episodes 7 & 8 (and I’m guessing onwards) are supposedly HUUUUUGE for Eun-Gi & Maru (yeah, even bigger than what we’ve had so far), and I don’t know how I’m managing not to bite all my nails off. *goes back to rewatching episode 6*

  5. I think after Eun Gi found out the truth then the amnesia kicks in.. It’s going to be interesting to watch how Maru took advantage of her but at the same time slowly falling in love with her… It’s going to be very interesting!

  6. Thanks for the translations.

    I just don’t see how anyone is going to turn Maru back from the brink. He has to see the impossibility of winning back JH but he really believes he can do this? Why does he think that?
    He SAW her kissing Ahn, and knows she is living with the Chairman.
    His rose colored glasses have been broken and crushed beneath JH’s stilettos. What leverage can he possibly thinks he has?

    And if EG ends up having a one sided love, while MR pines for JH, and they ALL jump off a cliff at the end, I am NOT going to be happy.

  7. Wasn’t it mentioned on the first episode that Joon Ha is gay? Didn’t EG said that she would keep his secret all the way to her grave?

    • Yes, but it was in character diagram that he has one side love for her. So I think the gay thing is just pretending which help him get close to her. Hope this’s not spoil anyone.

  8. thank you o much for the preview’s translation :) I’m crazy for wanting this, but I want Eunki to jut take a revenge on Maru too.. he has been so bad to her…

  9. i want to jump to that who knows what episode where, Maru would be sooo remorseful for being such a crappy bastard for daring to tear apart her redeemer Eun Gi, all for revenge sakes! Well, you can have Jae Hee for all I care but just wait when that realization dawn on you that you’re sooo darn messed up for hurting EG, the only woman that will heal your agonized persona! haysh! Im totalle stressed up with you Kang Maru, wake up, get over it and have a life! HAYSH!!!!

  10. I think EG is the most complex characters out of all the other characters. We know what the evil stepmom, maru, lawyer(s), and evil dad wants/motives. Does EG really loves Ma Ru or is she faking it? I think she is supposed to be the mastermind behind everything lol or maybe Im over analyzing her character. I actually want her to be more simple and less scheming than the other characters…

  11. Thanks Ms. Koala for this :)
    It had me suddenly thinking that perhaps the amnesia is just all part of EG’s revenge plan?! I’m thinking of so much possible scenarios in my head if in case this theory is all true..
    I mean, we have seen manipulations from almost our leads, except EG. She can’t miss the fun, right? *sarcastic*

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