Written and Video Previews for Episode 10 of Miss Rose

I know it feels like Miss Rose has slowed down on all narrative fronts, but for whatever reason I am fine with the pacing. Perhaps the early charge out of the gate was the outlier, and really this story was all about the rather mundane and ordinary interactions between Si Yi and Cheng Kuan that drive their relationship forward. Outside of the drama-esque cake meeting, the bar encounter, and the changing debacle, the drama has settled into feeling so very simple and mellow. What Cheng Kuan sees in Si Yi is what makes her the typical Miss Screw in a big company, her decency and dedication to what matters. I can say that rarely has a male lead been attracted to a female lead in ways that never even mention her looks or an attitude that stands out in the crowd. Si Yi melts into the crowd because there is really nothing special about her that ought to attract successful good looking men like Cheng Kuan and Yi Chun, yet both guys are pretty much totally invested in her. What that tells us is that both men see beyond her exterior and her seemingly ordinariness to find what makes her unique in their eyes only. This is the very Chinese adage “in the eyes of lover, the woman becomes Xi Shi”, with Xi Shi being one of China’s four historical great beauties.

In this way, MR does follow the Office Girls set up with the more desirable man falling for the average girl that might never catch their eye. I enjoy this realism more than purposely making the heroine ugly or butt poor, and then meeting the guy magically turns her pretty and successful. With that said, I am looking forward to the drama pushing Cheng Kuan into the corner and forcing him to finally make a decision. I don’t think he’s been putting it off, only that he really hasn’t arrived at the realization that he loves Si Yi, and loves her to the point he can throw away whatever obligations he has to President Jiang and toss Vivian aside to be with Si Yi. I’m pretty sure that even when he does take that important step forward, neither Vivian nor her dad is going to make it easy for him and take his rejection lying down. Would part two of MR be a reversal of fortune with Si Yi supporting a down on his luck Cheng Kuan so that he can build his own empire from scratch instead of inheriting anothers? That would be interesting to see, and we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Written preview for episode 10:

Miss Screw’s ex-boyfriend arrives at the house and her Daddy wants to protect his daughter and angrily chews out this man who didn’t cherish her. Yi Chun silently accepts the anger and only hopes that Si Yi will give him another chance at love. Yi Chun enters Guang Qiang and shows off his cool new developments. Cheng Kuan has led a wolf into the midst and he watches Si Yi with all sorts of emotions hidden inside.

Another person wanting to chew out Yi Chun is Miss Screw’s best friend. Xiao Ke grabs the opportunity to thoroughly warn Yi Chun not to hurt Si Yi again. Turns out Xiao Ke’s own fiancée is also not trustworthy and Ting Ai grabs onto Ah Zhe’s arm and gets into his car. Can Cheng Kuan and Si Yi prevent this secret from exploding into the open?

A procurement order comes in and Cheng Kuan sniffs out something fishy with respect to the numbers. Si Yi worries that Cheng Kuan will get himself into trouble and her professional consideration for him turns into a confession of sorts. Best friend Sheng Jun tells Cheng Kuan to figure out his own heart. Does Cheng Kuan make the decision to lay it out all with Vivian?

New previews for episode 10:

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Written and Video Previews for Episode 10 of Miss Rose — 29 Comments

  1. Yayyyyyy!! I knew that you would provide me with the preview for dinner time. Swooning and squealing especially after viewing the 2 new previews! Sheng Jun’s clumsiness towards hugging Xiao Ke is so cute as well as CK’s attempt to demonstrate it on SY. Bwahaha! Can. Not. Wait.

    Would part two of MR be a reversal of fortune with Si Yi supporting a down on his luck Cheng Kuan so that he can build his own empire from scratch instead of inheriting anothers?
    Oh heck yes, I support the idea! Hmm I can only imagine who would work there: Cheng Jun as CK’s shadow, the cute and simple secretary whose name I do not remember, Yi Chun to work in a favorably creative environment. And how about they join forces with a Japanese team, such as you know “Next Innovation”? Not sure about Korea, though. lol

    • “Not sure about Korea, though. lol”

      Well, with all that creativity sapping their energy, they WILL need beautiful and nutritious food, so Chef HAEMIL to the rescue1

      (I just wanted to be able to bring LEE SANG WOO into the conversation.)

      • I second the proposition to hire Chef Haemil and fire Yoko. If they wish to open an office in a Korean city, Inju City would be a nice pick. The re-elected Mayor, Mrs Shin Mi Rae, has planned to develop infrastructures and is about to strike a deal with Im Tae San, a prominent builder (my inappropriate huge crush on Kim Soo Rawrrrr). Words have spread that she may also appoint Han Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun) as the next police director. Let’s start an international venture!

  2. I want Xiao Ke and Sheng Jun to get together!!! :)

    Cheng Kuan really really needs to step it and get out from under Vivian and her father. I don’t know… I sort of want him to just step it up more. He seems like he is just coasting a little. I feel like both men have a potential to hurt her a lot again. I do not like wishy-washy men. So CK needs to make a decision – Vivian & the company or Si Yi.

    Honestly, I think YC is being very honest in his confession and his regret. And if CK doesn’t step it up… then, I might say if YC has really changed, matured and grown up, maybe there is a chance there. They have history and it was once beautiful. He broke her heart but he did contact her even though her mom withheld all of that from her. I do think that was unfair of her mom to do. Alas – fate! They are not fated to be together in this drama :)

    • Xiao Ke and Sheng Jun are totally getting together. I don’t even mind the sledgehammer hints along the way to get them there. They are adorable!

  3. Mrs Koala,

    I have noticed that MR has not been very popular amongst attendees of the playground, especially compared to NG or RMPW, for instance, considering the small amounts of comments left on this thread. That’s alright, though. We enjoy reading/viewing your recaps/previews very much and appreciate your hard work. So please keep it up! :D

    • Pfft. People be missing out. MR is my favorite drama of all the ones I’m watching. And its not just because of Roy, because I bail from his crap dramas all the time. There is just a fun sweetness that makes me happy. Thanks for the words of encouragement though!

      • It is no secret that MR is my fave one also these days. It causes butterflies in my stomach, fluff in my heart, huge grins on my face, hand clapping like an otter, squealing, head-nodding, amongst other symptoms. And Roy isn’t even a dream man in my eyes, nor “Yi Chun”, AT ALL. It’s just that the whole thing is just appealing, although not flawless.

      • I find the OTP is really well cast and that amplifies the appeal. Megan is delightfully awkward and has chemistry with both male leads.

    • Is it because of accessiblity to subbed episodes, do you think?
      I know MR is on both viki and Dramafever, but not all countries can get to them.

      It sure is zippy and fun, though. A nice break from all the melo and heaviness from K dramas.

      (I also think that Koala is a liar liar pants on fire it-is-her-favorite-but-”not because of Roy.” Granted, it would be a good show without him, but Roy makes good shows better with his magic eyelashes of Glory.)

      • Don’t think I don’t notice my Roy worming his way into your heart. But yes, his magic eyelashes of Glory does wonders for lifting the mediocre into the quite possibly sublime. :-D

        TW-dramas naturally have less of a following than K or J dramas, so it’s not surprising. I’m just sad folks who may like its bright tone to be missing out just because its new territory for them.

      • I LOVE what DENALI said up there:
        It causes butterflies in my stomach, fluff in my heart, huge grins on my face, hand clapping like an otter, squealing, head-nodding, amongst other symptoms.

        MR and OG offer so many squeal/awww worthy seconds that add up to an hour of overall delight. Sometimes there is a BIG heart catching moment, but mostly it is satisfying small moment after satisfying small moment.
        Exchanges of looks, silly slapstick, surprise smiles.
        You can’t really appreciate it until you feel it. Then, you are a fan forever. I thought K had figured out how to make people addicted, but I look forward to this show as much as any I can remember. It seems to be all about building towards something, and that something is so wait worthy, you keep clicking that play button to get to it.

      • Exactly, Denali and jomo! MR and OG has the “progression” that was addicting to watch unfold. It always made me tingle with anticipation of what’s to come. Not exactly rocket science, but in truth very hard to get right.

    • I don’t have a fav drama right now but there’s something about MR that endears me. I’m not addicted but I love to see it and would watch almost each ep more than once. There’s a genuine heart to it that draws you in. So thankful I started it.

    • I shall reply one more time to give MR a little more loving!!! The series is just so delightful! I think I have bailed from Roy’s crap dramas more than I have actually watched his dramas all the way through. I like his CK and want to see how he matures and changes. He seemed all right before but just trapped and a little stuck up.

    • I gave MR about 5 episodes, but I just wasn’t feelin the chemistry between Roy and Megan, so I bailed. I was actually feeling like the odd one out, since most everyone else seems to adore this show. I wish I did, since I could sure use a cotton candy romcom right now. I’m not sure why it wasn’t gelling for me. Alas!

      I do enjoy reading the recaps, though!

    • As Jomo mentioned, it’s on Viki & dramafever – unfortunately not in my region. RMPW was one of my craziest time!

      I’m dying to watch MR after following the comments but hmmm… Not so lucky just now :(

      Is it known with other titles?

  4. Thanks Ms. Koala,
    This is the preview that I have been waiting for.
    Right now, I’m watching MR and What is Love. Any other new TW dramas can you recommend?
    I have finished the following
    Tia Chocolate – ok, but a bit boring
    Love actually – good
    The Queen of SOP – good
    Half a Fairy Tale – I don’t like it.
    Say that You Love Me – not the type drama I want to watch
    When Love Walked In – not the type drama I want to watch

  5. i really enjoy this series too. I can’t wait for Xiao Ke and Sheng Jun to get together too. It’s great to see series where ppl’s bff are truly good ppl and not backstabbers. I thank Koala for introducing Roy to me but my husband is not as grateful LOL!

  6. Don’t correlate the number of comments with the popularity of this drama. I’ve been hovering around but I am so into MR. That Roy Qiu is one good looking man!

  7. Yeah I watch it and even like it enough to sub a bit.However don’t always leave comments.By the way pretty sure anyone will have access to viki for the TW dramas.It’s only the Korean ones that are blocked.
    I liked SJ or rather the actor playing him in OG.Am so happy he may get a proper romance here.

  8. I think Ms. Koala’s blog is popular for writing KR dramas, but not so much TW. Just like for me, I was first learned about her from absessing of LTM then gradually to BBJX to Drunken to Love U & etc… Thanks for writing all the reviews. I’m more of a fan of TW dramas then KR. For KR dramas, I have to read the Eng Sub which I hate it.

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