Final Batch of Pretty Pictures from Rich Man, Poor Woman

With the ending ofΒ Rich Man, Poor Woman, I feel like Summer of 2012 really is over. Forget the mugginess still lingering outside, the intoxicating scent of two quirky people falling in love has been replaced by stories more about bubbling anxiety and venturing into emotional dark places. I noticed how Summer dramas, no matter if its from Taiwan, Korea, or Japan, tend to skew more lighthearted so watching it feels like sipping a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc outside on the porch when the sun is setting. RMPW was the perfect Summer time meal, bright with flavors that only the freshest ingredients of the season can provide, but refreshing because its not over cooked and can be enjoyed al fresco. The story dynamic was at times cliche, but managed to feel fresh because it was delivered with such straightforward ease. Issues were never dragged out and the conflicts were integrated into the narrative to help mature the characters.

I’ll miss Makoto and Hyuga, and this OTP is easily my favorite Oguri Shun co-star pairing ever. I remember feeling worried that the whole rich man and poor woman dynamic will sink the drama later on when money became an issue, except it never did. If the title was read with a pinch of sarcasm and wink-wink self-awareness, then it was rather apropos. Otherwise it ended up planting preconceived notions of what the dorama was about that wasn’t accurate at all. Watching the main cast interact, it was clear they enjoyed filming together and found this particular cast and crew fun to work with. That bit really elevated the acting because you could see there was more underneath the surface of the main characters which might not have been mapped out, but the actors managed to hint at it through the tiniest little gestures and actions. In case anyone misses RMPW, below you’ll find the last bits of pictures and collages I collected during the drama’s run. Enjoy and save it for your own RMPW treasure trove.


Final Batch of Pretty Pictures from Rich Man, Poor Woman — 24 Comments

  1. I feel like I am in mourning. Summer and RMPW is over. Thank goodness for Miss Rose, or I would not be able to get through grading freshmen essays without crying.

  2. Missing Makoto & Hyuga terribly πŸ™

    Yet to fall for another drama to follow & swoon with the characters… Back to dark gloomy rainy cold days …. Huhuhu… Cheer me up someone πŸ˜‰

    • There…there…it will be alright. Just do a rewatch like I’m doing and the very essence of this drama will surely keep you warm and comforted during those dark gloomy rainy cold days. RMPW has that kind of positive effect on us no matter what season we’re in at the moment!

      • Ta πŸ™‚

        I’m still yearning for something alike RMPW… Will do the rewatch surely to fill in the gap. But with more reminder of Shun’s wife… Hmmmm… Reality kicks in eh! πŸ˜‰

        Any drama recommended?
        Cheerio !

  3. i feel i wanna cry… i want so badly to rewatch the drama but i cant, cause i feel that if i see them again and hear the first notes of the ost i will cry!!! πŸ™

  4. aww, yeahhh! Koala-san your awesomeness knows no bounds! πŸ˜€

    Like the famous renai doramas of yesteryears were wont to do, this one crept up on me and I realized it after finishing the series that I irrevocably fell in love with it. On the surface it seemed like your run-of-the-mill romcom but there was so much depth to the characters, their interactions, and left me with loads to ruminate on. Hyuga-Natsui rank in the top along with Hiroto-Nao as my favourite J-dorama OTPs! <3333

    Off-topic but Oguri has such an effin beautiful smile. I totally have the Makoto HOMGGG visceral reaction whenever he throws in one…like dude give us a warning or something, lol.

  5. Thank you Ms Koala, for making this site such a fun,safe and happy place RMPW fangirls could come and love on the show openly.

      • He is indeed, omg every time he smiles *swoon*
        WHY LORD WHY WHY DID YOU LET HIM GET MARRIED??! I mean I just want to hypothetically have a chance to compete, that’s all.

  6. Thank you Koala for introducing this drama to me. I had marathon watching it in 2 days just when it was completed with translation and I really liked it and the gorgeous OTP of course. One of my favorite J-Doramas πŸ™‚

  7. Thaks a lot Ms Koala,I miss them very much.I will very cheerful to them.Wait for they two togehter with another new drama them ,miss them & cheer them forever.

  8. Thank you Ms. KPG! I miss them so much. They were the perfect refreshing visual that kept me wanting more during this past summer. Thanks again for sharing!

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