Lee Seung Gi Does a Preppy Pictorial for AnAn Magazine in Japan

Before Lee Seung Gi charmed my socks off in The King 2 Hearts, I was rather bemused to see his growing popularity all over Asia. Now that my boy is permanently ensconced in my good graces, his pan-Asia popularity simply gives me more Seung Gi goodies to nom nom on to my heart’s content. I have to confess that when I found out he’d be in the upcoming issue of AnAn magazine, a long-standing Japanese female periodical, I was gnashing my teeth with anxiety. When I hear the words “X guy is in AnAn”, I immediately think NNJA, otherwise known as Nearly Naked Johnny Alert. If I have to explain this reference, you clearly don’t follow J-ent. But then I remembered that the non-Japanese stars that have graced AnAn don’t get the same NN treatment so I relaxed considerably. The pictures have been released and I have to say that Seung Gi is just adorably perfect. Love the pretty little boy vibes he gives off mixed with a dash of cheekiness. I’m not ready to see NN Seung Gi yet, but if he ever pulls one off, I’m sure I won’t be able to look away.

[Credit: AnAn magazine via Baidu Lee Seung Gi bar]


Lee Seung Gi Does a Preppy Pictorial for AnAn Magazine in Japan — 30 Comments

  1. haha…”P”…more than drool, I said nooooooooooooooo!!!
    Seung Gi, noona can’t take her eyes off of you. Oh that mischievious smile!

  2. I had the same reaction from you headline!
    Naked PUPPY in AnAn?!!!
    Take a deeeeeeep breath…

    Alas, pillow covered…
    but still so freaking cute.
    He really could sell me anything. Do you know how many doughnuts I ate through K2H? I even bought a crystal encrusted flash drive on eBay.

      • yes this boy can sell everything to his nunas.if they have the Lee Seung Gi sticker on the zipel fridge here in Turkey,i had it buyed yet.also for pizza…Turkey PH can you hear me, bring Seung Gi and let him play in cm,promise i will eat your stuff (how much i really didnt like it) hahaha

  3. Just So Perfect.
    In 1n2d, he always seemed rather shy about exposing too much of his tidy do I doubt he will do a NN anytime soon.

  4. ”…but if he ever pulls one off, I’m sure I won’t be able to look away”like this comment! is that the reason, why you skip the last pic,where you see a little bit of his hot J.Galliano.i think its his favorite brand in underwear(see it before in SH)yes this young man going day by day hotter.if you follow him ,you can see on his last fm ,how i learn flirt with his fans^^he also promise for his new album(rel.november)that it will be extra work for his women fans..wait for it.and when if comes to johnnys…MatsuJun anan shots are my alltime favorite^^

  5. “When I hear the words “X guy is in AnAn”, I immediately think NNJA” – ahahaha – that’s immediately where my mind went when I read the subject heading. 😀

  6. The only time there is more nudity is in the special sex issue, and females have also posed nearly nude there (Horikita Maki, Yonekura Ryoko and Tsuchiya Anna)
    And also it’s not only Johnnie’s even though in majority of the cases it’s one. Osamu Mukai was the cover boy for one sex issue.

  7. OMG – I love that NNJA reference, cause I feel like it’s so true, but at the same time, I probably have over-generalized it. An-An just makes me think of NNJA – lots of JA boys have been on that cover. I remember one of Matsujun. Wow. Anyways… LSG, seems like a very clean cut shoot 🙂 He always rocks the preppy look – the boy next door 🙂 I wasn’t a big K2Hs fan but I do like him from 1N2D when he was on it.

  8. Thank goodness! I heard AnAn and my mind also went straight into the J-gutter. Whew! That was a close call! Awww, he’s still a puppy!

  9. Err…NNJA? I’m totally forgot bout that! Haha

    Well, that explain his UW (read: galliano) line ;p that make us, airen, scream ㅋㅋㅋ~

  10. “NNJA aka Nearly Naked Johnny Alert” *big laugh*
    yes sista, I also think about that but LSG pose was too “common” not like others Johnny’s did… ahihihihi… but if LGS also pose just like NNJA, I guess a lot of fangirls will be dying in happiness… ahahaha…

  11. A little revealing is more than welcome for me. As @hellochloe said, less is more. It makes me more curious about him, and love him even deeper. Such an adorable guy he is. <3
    Thank you Ms. Koala.
    Oh and btw, Seung Gi is going to do a fan meeting in Indonesia on November 4, 2012. Counting days to that day to come. Yay.

  12. Ms Koala,
    Will you be going to Seung Gi’s fan meet? It’s on 2 Nov in KL and 4 Nov in Jakarta.
    Hope many fans of TK2H, MGIAG & BL will go to the fan meets.

  13. waaaaah!! Yday you covered Oguri oppa and today Seung-gi yaaaaaaa! You’re absolutely jjang! <3 SeungGi looks SHOOOO adorable! ackkkk! When I heard of LSG's AnAn photoshoot I remembered THE infamous Johnnys' photoshoots! But then I thought of how much our lub used to shy away from showing skin on 1n2d and knew we'd all be fiiiine.

  14. Have we seen any LSG photos where he barely shows his tummy or the underwear logo? I must admit am happy I am not seeing him naked or nearly in that mag. it is too disturbing in the wrong way. Much prefer a shower scene in a drama instead.

  15. droolicious Seung Gi!! though I am glad that the pictures are just a teaser, not a NN SG… hope that he can keep his shy-goodie-boy-next-door image as long as possible….that what makes him different from many of the k-stars.

  16. everytime i see him, i feel abnormal urge to stroke his head and give him some snack. he’s like small puppy in my eyes. too adorable! <3

  17. Koala I LOVE YOU so much as much as I love Lee Seung GI! Thank you so much for these pictures. I have been missing oppa since TK2H ended.
    Btw my most favorite picture is the last two when he is sprawled on the sofa and the white shirt is unbuttoned at the bottom and you can see his belly… OMG SO FLIPPING HOT!!! A little bit goes a long way

  18. Hi Ms. Koala.. Love love love that you featured my SeungGi..ahaha 😀 Im into him since 1n2d.. and I am soo happy that you Love him too after the TK2H craze.. ^^
    He’s getting more of a Man now rather than his boy next door image.. but I bet he’ll not get into the NNJA theme( term I just learn now from you..^^)
    I just LOVE him teasing Us his fans.. but dont want him to do that NNJA.. 😀
    btw Im a silent follower of ur blog since MSOAN..
    Im enjoying and patiently waiting ur recap for NG every night.. ^^
    You are Awesome Recapper/Blogger!!
    ILY and TC Ms. Koala..!!:)

  19. Dear Airens from the Philippines or nearby countries..^^ We are conducting a survey if ever SeungGi will consider having his first Fanmeeting in the Phils.. as we all know he’s been all over Asia now (Indonesia,Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan) Hope soon he’ll consider our country too..^^
    Anyone interested please answer the survey below.. We will really appreciate if you’ll take time and answer.. Thank You soo much!! 😀


    Dear Ms. Koala if iy is not allow pls. delete my post.. ^^ sorry for my shameless plug..^^

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