Yoon Eun Hye Signs on for Missing You Premiering on October 31st

Okay, let’s do some math here, even though I suuuuuuck at math. Just so you know, the irony of being an Asian who can’t do math has haunted me my entire life. Arang and the Magistrate has aired 16 episodes and has 4 more left. Including this week, it’s wrapping up next week on October 18th. Its follow up drama Missing You was supposed to air the week after that on October 24th, which would mean MY is less than THREE WEEKS away from premiering and finally today there is confirmation of a leading lady in Yoon Eun Hye. Despite finally having a leading lady, today MBC realized it was about to face an unprecedented disaster of epic proportions and announced that it will be airing a two-episode drama special the week after Arang ends, allowing MY to gain an extra week of filming and premiere on October 31st. Great way to celebrate Halloween, peeps. With that said, even with the extra week, that still leaves MY with less than four weeks left before going on air and just getting a leading lady now is so late it boggles my mind.

The rumor mills grinded through Son Ye Jin, Yoon Eun Hye, Gu Hye Sun, and Lee Min Jung, before turning back around and having Yoon Eun Hye accept. I’ve already expressed my personal opinion on the pairing of Yoochun (who I am lukewarm towards) with Eun Hye (who I loveloveloveloveLOVE). I worry more about this production actually than the pairing, because I think both of them manage to do well on the chemistry department. I just want to give a friendly bit of advice to all the fans of either star to not say anything that can be misconstrued and inadvertently ignite a fan war before this drama has even aired. I’m sure if the drama doesn’t do well in ratings the fingers will start being pointed every which way, so let’s not start prematurely just yet. I think Nice Guy will break 20 in ratings this week, if not next, and it’ll be an uphill battle for MY from the start. On a more hopeful not, every little tidbit of Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun as the younger OTP incarnation is pure LOVE.


Yoon Eun Hye Signs on for Missing You Premiering on October 31st — 62 Comments

  1. Eeek! I’m torn between being happy to see lovely Yoon Eun-hye back on my screen so son, and worrying that this drama might tank and take her down with it. That is really not enough time.

    The storyline too – it’s the kind of plot that gets boring and repetitive very quickly unless it’s in the hands of a skilled writer, so here’s hoping for someone good.

    I’m not optimistic, but crossing my fingers for a pleasant surprise…

    • Same here. Will YEH EVER learn to pick good projects? I have a really really bad feeling about this drama. I adore YEH, but to really shine she needs a good producer, director, writer and costars – in short, a highly skilled team. This one is not it. My hopes for another Coffee Prince are dwindling into nothing…

      • But the drama does boast a great set of director (Thank You which is a melo i fried buckets) and writer (can you hear my heart and smile you which is very warm and family oriented). So i have faith in the production. For me the biggest problem is Nice Guy is a strong competitor and MBC suck at ratings. Period

  2. I worry about the production, too. But totally excited for Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Gu. I’m just hoping that they’ve at least started filming their parts and maybe extend it to for longer eps? Although that might also not be a good idea bec then I’ll get so attached the child actors.

    I’m with you on Yoochun, he just doesn’t have enough charisma and oomph for me as a leading man. I’m afraid Yeo Jin Gu’s performance will set the bar too high. As for YEH, I can only wish her all the best. To come in to this 3 weeks prior to airing…yikes. Talk about last minute.

      • I think she already accepted it long ago but just reveal it now. So I don’t think she coming in late. They told us now doesn’t mean she just accepts it, right? So if they start film it soon. They will have more time before facing the problem of live shooting coz I heard that the child actors will be shown in 4 eps plus that special drama they will have at least 3 weeks advance.

        Not that I will watch it though. I’m not a fan of these two and first love story in not my type. But I like YEH enough to curious about her next project and want to wish her well and success.

  3. I’m relieved that they finally confirmed YEH as the leading actress. I believe they will rock in their respective character and I don’t doubt their chemistry.

    The plot seems to be repetitive; but it’s in the hand of CYHMH writer, so I have high expectation for this drama to be mind blowing in a positive way.

    But Nice Guy is already rocking my world and has brought enough angst in my life; I don’t think I can take another melodrama during and after NG ends. So I think I will wait until MY finishes airing before I can sit down and marathon it.

    This drama has one of the best casts and PD & writer, good luck MY casts & crew!

    Oh is there any news about the 2nd leading actor?

  4. OMG…..finally it’s confirmed…..

    I become PYC fan after RTP & after long time only become KJH’s fan.

    and Right now….I’m sooo happpy, hehehe…..

    I love the pairing…..although I am Hwan Hye shipper
    & we’ll see ChunHye chemistry……

  5. Finally, a drama for YEH. I have no problem with the actor, keeping an open mind. Hope they surprise me in a good way. . .

  6. I’m not that worried with the filming yet because he first 4 episodes will be the child actors, so the adults will have two more weeks….. But Yoon Eun Hye has been crazy busy lately and it will not stop. She is involved with charities, has that directorial film nominated at the BIFF, and she will be a special judge at the AISFF in November…. Plus she’s been sick lately….
    But I am ecstatic that she’s back!!! Wishing both leads and the drama a successful run!!

    • when can ever some people have better thoughts and attitude as first reaction to anything.sad so sad!
      YEH work so hard on everything that she’s been given.GIVE HER A BREAK!
      by the way the script for MY or IMY was in YEH’s hand for a while and i am sure she knows the characters like the back of her hand.YEH was not the last minute replacement
      it just took her awhile to fall in love with her character and the story.

  7. Does that mean that LMJ will take JW’s drama? Oh I hope so!!
    Always thought YEH was perfect for this. Glad she took it. Not sure about the drama itself but I believe it’s a great chance for her to prove herself once again.
    “Uphill climb” is a very kind understatement. Though NG isn’t a favorite, it’s hard to turn your eyes away, just out of complete appreciation for SJK’s performance.

    Either way, I say, Good luck, MY!!! I’m definitely going to watch for the kids and now with YEH joining, I will cheer her on!

  8. I wanted to watch YEH drama desperately but not really with this drama and cast… I wanted her to be paired with Hyun Bin or/and Won Bin… sigh! Anyways supporting her decision. Love her always!!

  9. PEOPLE the ones who are worrying that the drama might be bad, just give it a chance until it airs to give your opinions. It is really unfair to judge something before you even see what it is. So hold your thoughts until Oct.31 or better yet after the drama finshes then everything you say will be 100% justified.

  10. damn that’s pretty darn close….so I guess this means it’ll be Great Seer vs Miss You vs 2nd half of Nice guy/Jeon Woochi
    As for the YEH casting….I’m disappointed…not because I don’t love her but because I do (though that love has waned a lot in the last 2 years with so many drab projects I couldn’t wrap my head around)….I was really hoping she wouldn’t do another romance oriented show for at least some time after LTM…in fact I was rooting for her to pick the My Girlfriend is an agent remake opposite Joo Won…I was hoping to see her fiesty side….sigh…on the other hand this is the same writer who did my fav CYHMH and Smile You so hopefully this won’t be the dreck that her previous dramas were..also I am not in the least worried about her pairing with Yoochun…if there’s one thing that these two actors always seem to get right it’s the chemistry with their co-stars

    • My Girlfriend Is An Agent is a romantic comedy/action. She doesn’t wanna do another romcom. She wanted to do something different. Melodrama which she has never done before..

      • Actually tge remake is more action oriented than romcom and YEH is known for being very strong/Fiesty in RL so she would’ve been perfect for that part

  11. I think they still have plenty of time. Production has already started with the kid actors and the adult cast still has at least a month before their portion start airing. Rumor has it that the adult cast will not start filming until the 3rd week of October.

    I am not worry about the pairing. I think they will have plenty of chemistry. My dream OTP is finally coming true so I am excited.

  12. Interesting.

    I have not seen YEH not have bubbling chemistry with her costars. She always comes through in the chemistry department. πŸ™‚ Interesting choice for her but I support her decision. Yoochunnie – I really thought his chemistry in MR was meh, but the other 2 were great. I watched SKKS many time over. I prefer rom-com for him and I think he & Yeh would be great in one. However, I will take melo as well. I am a little melo’d out by Arang right now. Wow – the competition is fierce. My top watch will be the Great Seer but NG is a marathon one for me, and I think I will definitely follow MY even though I’m sure it will drive me all sorts of crazy.

    I am worried about the production and all that drama. But still looking forward to it. ChunHye – fighting!

  13. As a truly loyal YEH fan, I will support in any project that she takes on regardless of any actors or scrip writers. YEH fighting… let us all YEH fans make this drama a success………..

  14. When you had posted about wanting YEH-HB pairing in a project I thought to myself that I’d love those two in an old-school romance where there are no crazy scheming second leads and OTT MIL, etc (am SO over these two plot devices)…where the show’s all about them like many an awesome romantic J-doramas. I’d totally be onboard if the writer focuses on the OTP’s first love/separation and can make their romance swoony & sublime. All the very best to the cast & crew!

  15. I just hope they filmed quite a bit of the child portion already so they can start to film the adult portion as early as possible and hopefully the child actor episodes can buy them a few more weeks to get some film before the adults make their entrance. I have been a fan of YEH since her baby vox days and I have been a fan of Yoochun since his dbsk days so I just wish them the best. Although NG will be already ahead in the ratings game I just hope the drama is good and it stays above the single digits because I really want YEH to have another good drama on her resume. I know people liked/loved Lie to Me but both that and My fair lady had all the chemistry in the world but unfortunately not the writing to match.

    Anyways how awesome is it that I get to see YEH for a couple months and then my alltime favorite Moon Geun Young comes back to my screen. Please Miss You and Alice I beg you to not suck.

    • The child actors have been filming for a week or more…. So they have some done and the adults will begin filming on the 20th..

  16. aksksnd ahhhhh what is up with all these kid actors in the beginning of dramas these days! I love them!!
    sometimes I even find myself opting out of dramas because the adults don’t live up to the child actors. super psyched for YEH though! although in iffy about her with yoochun and the rushed production

  17. I really am NOT an avid fan of Yoochun too, but yeah I like Eun Hye and the scriptwriter is the same from Smile You and Can You Hear My Heart, that were both pretty solid projects so.. I’ll give this a try and hope for the best~

  18. i think its a superb love team(park yoo chun and yoon eun hee)
    both of them are proven to be both good actor and actress…
    i will support it all the way…i’m totally excited
    for this drama together sure its one of the best korean drama….

  19. this drama will start with single digit ratings and continue until the end without never ever reach double digit…I’m glad LMJ doesn’t accept this drama.,but of coz feel sad bcoz YEH take it..This type of drama was easily to be predict and it will fail..MY will be the twins of Love Rain..!

  20. It’s confirmed!Thank you YEH for accepting the role(although I’ve had this feeling that she already accepted the female lead long before). I’m really glad that she’s in for this drama because I’m a fan of her and I want to see a different side of her in this melodrama. And also since I really love Yoochun although it pains me a lot seeing all those doubtful & negative remarks about him, I know that he can do it and he will bring life to his character.
    I will not hope/expect too much but I’ll be optimistic enough for this drama. But, I hope it is something that is heartwarming and will touches everyone’s heart.
    I MISS YOU Fighting!!

  21. I Miss You’s 1st epi. will be on November 7 according to the recent news and first 4 episode will be purely young actors so YEH and Yoochun will first appear on November 21 and 22 episode so they have more than enough time to film the adult’s parts. It’s not rushed at all.

  22. Despite some controversies earlier I really wish this drama a success. It has been a long wait comeback project for YEH and also her first trying in melodrama but I believe she will nail it since she’s already made preparation long before. Also good luck to YC, may this drama will bring him another success. I believe they will have chemistry together πŸ˜‰

  23. Super super excited! I LOVE Yoon Eun Hye and I’m so glad that she’s going to be back on screen soon πŸ™‚ I’m also relieved to hear that the writer and PD are veterans πŸ˜‰

    I wonder who the second male lead will be? Some reports said that it will be Chun Jung Myung, but nothing’s confirmed yet…I do hope that it’s him though and he seems to be friends with YEH since they are following each other on Twitter ^^

  24. wow! eunhye on the tv screen again, yes i love!

    but with yoochun? ok wont comment until i see what they are like together. goodluck to the team!

    im all for eunhye!!!! let it be a great one DramaGods!!! πŸ™‚

  25. Yay! I miss seeing YEH in a drama. BUT … why was Go Hye Sun even being considered? I thought she was going to give up on acting and she should! She’s a lousy actress.

  26. so happy to know that YEH is doing a drama again..can’t wait to watch it..dont care about the co-star..YEH all the way…

  27. So happy to hear YEH is in another drama I have missed her, dont know much about the lead actor but sounds good to me and she can pretty much create chemistry with anyone . Dont usually watch melodrama but her presence is reason enough for me (and I loved can you hear my heart) praying its good.

  28. I’m a Hwanhye shipper but anything that they do be it together or separately i will support coz i love them both…so come on guys give this Missing you partnership a chance… let us not judge yet the drama, i think eun hye and yoo choon will not be as popular now if they are not really good actors (eunhye can have chemistry with rock remember hehehe)..i am positive with this drama that it will rate higher.

  29. They both come from singing group backgrounds and will probably hit it off, they both seem to work hard at their chosen professions. YEH is an actress who is versatile, I’ve seen her in serious and comedic roles. Let’s wait and see how they do before throwing stones. It actually isn’t fair to judge so quickly. Who among us would like to have that done to us. Not me for sure:)

  30. oh Yocchun and eun he ! wow this is gonna be amazing.
    even thought I have become yoochun fan after RTP. and seeeing him with eun he is nice.
    He did a great work in RTP I cant even stop re watching the drama. and welcome back for eun he

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