Conflicting News Reports on Chun Jung Myung Joining Missing You

Might as well string me up and beat me, the pain will at least be short lived, whereas Missing You will haunt me for 24-episodes equal to 12 weeks equal to 3 months. That’s a long time to suffer the pain of seeing two of my favorite actors in the same drama where they are not the OTP. Seriously? If beating me doesn’t work, then tranquilize me and let me wake up 4 months later. The crazy casting train of Missing You continues with the release of two dueling news reports today – one stating that Chun Jung Myung has reportedly confirmed as the second male lead of MY with Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye, and the other saying he rejected it and will do a movie next. What’s hilarious is that these two news articles came out within minutes of each other. LOL, K-news, you continue being lame, okay? With the crazy state of this drama’s casting, I won’t even blink an eye if I wake up tomorrow and he’s been un-cast or something weird like that. Assuming he has accepted, I won’t even bother discussing the ignominy of him taking on a second male lead role at this stage in his career, but just knowing he’s involved in some unrequited love triangle with Eun Hye and Yoochun sends me weeping into my pillow already. So. Not. Fair. I think its safe to say that the Playground will be second leading shipping from the get go if he is indeed in MY, and unless PIE’s character is a serial killer of babies and furry cute animals, I will go down with his ship. Yes, it’s nice to know that I am already the minority of 1 going against the grain, but eh, that’s what makes it fun. With four episodes worth of the kids, the adults will start filming at the end of next week.

This is as bad as when the drama gods allowed PIE and Moon Geun Young to do a drama together (yay!) and it turned out to be the godawful Cinderella Unni (boo!). On the upside, PIE is now the only male actor who has acted opposite my two favorite K-actresses. It’s like the drama gods want me to love him even more than I already do. If the second male lead of MY is not PIE, then the drama is treading on shaky ground not having a main cast locked down at this stage in the game.

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Conflicting News Reports on Chun Jung Myung Joining Missing You — 75 Comments

  1. I’m with the minority group too! I’m sorry, but I prefer chun jung myung over yoochun in this case. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that i dislike yoochun as an actor, but come on! How could they offer CJM the second leading role!

    • right on, sister! Yoochun has always struck me as the type that can’t hold his ground among veterans like CJM and YEH. I don’t think I’ll be watching this drama although YEH is my beloved.

    • agreee 😀

      CJM can’t be the second lead, he should be the first.. throw this project oppa myung myung.. please.. please. don’t take it, it will hurts me 🙁

    • I know right!! Yoochun’s a puppy too but I love CJM over him any day. First and foremost being CJM having much better acting chops than Yoochun.

  2. My baby Chun Jung Myung as second lead? That’s absurd. But but but, if YEH’s character falls for him in the end… still… nohh..

  3. With filming for the adults starting in a week, I hope they have someone soon…. News of it being CJM and others saying it is not, I am so confused… There are also rumors of Lee Wan being the second lead, but at this point no one knows who the second lead really is.

  4. NOOOOOOOOOO! It would be understandable for CJM not to be the main man, if it’s an ensemble cast (ex. Giant). At least in May Queen, articles, interviews, posters (adult and young) has 3 people on it. BUT, MY looks like a straight-up drama of first love of 2 people. idk

  5. This whole drama is confusing to me. The thing is, most dramas that comes out with a drama behind a drama like this one, usually don’t do well in the ratings. I hope it still does ok. I just can’t imagine CJM agreeing to do the 2nd lead in this particular drama. But stranger things have happened.

  6. Yeah I totally dont think he’s doing this……if they said he has plans to do a movie next, I’m going to believe that….simply because there is no way in hell he’d revert to a second lead role at this point in his career…especially since he’s been looking advance it…i mean thats what the going global and doing a cdrama thing was all about, right??? It really would pain me to seeing playing second fiddle…and I do like Yoochun and all, but PIE+ YEH would’ve been OTP gold

    • Btw this is completely unrelated but since this is like the only site that talked about this drama…Jung So Min’s Can we got married? released two additional trailer…And it looks really good…and that show airs after Miss You

    • Lol..that would be like the best revenge on the kdramaverse ever…girl giving up eternal/pure first love OTP for awesome sexy second lead oppa…. Finally a drama where ppl learn to let go of first love

  7. This drama is so crazy—I wonder if there will be more drama in the casting than in the actual show. What is the deal? Is the script iffy enough that nobody will take it? If so, they must be paying Yoon Eun Hye (and Yoochun) mega bucks to be in it.

    • Are you kidding me ? The scriptwriter of Can You Hear My Heart, Smile You & The Last Scandal write an “iffy” script ? No way.
      It’s more likely that CJM doesn’t want to be the 2nd male lead.
      While for YEH, she’s already agreed to star in this drama a while ago but they just released it recently. She agreed because she like the script, so I think no more MFL & LTM fiasco.

    • They always pay Yoon Eun Hye a lot even before this drama. It was reported that she is the second highest paid actress after Go Hyun Joong.

      • You mentioning Go Hyung Jung got me thinking of ‘What’s up fox?’ which Chun Jung Myung co-starred in.

  8. They should have just gone with PIE and YEH as the mains!!

    I mean I don’t mind Yoochun and all but if there is a choice to cast Yoochun and PIE – you’d think that it was a no-brainer!! So to offer PIE 2nd lead is insulting!

    • I really dont understand how that is insulting -_-
      He was offered a role…if he likes the character and the story then he will accept it no matter..You know PIE can reject the role if he finds it insulting -_-
      Seriously i dont understand
      the whole fuss regarding him being cast as the 2nd lead…dont like the main lead then quit because its gonna be really really hard to get through the whole drama…Also please wait for more news on the character he is being offered before passing judgements..

  9. lol I feel like I’m the only person that did enjoy Cinderella unni.

    I liked the father, stepmother liked to hate her, liked MGY character Eunjo.

    She just played her so well, I couldn’t let that drama… but it is true CJM was awful in it. Really I didn’t even care about him lol

    • I loved the first couple episodes but by the second half of the drama I loved the acting more than the drama itself. I felt the entire second half was dragging and much more could of been done drama wis but the first 5 episodes were flawless .

  10. Can they just ditch both of them and have Kang Ji Hwan instead. That will be really better drama and have great ratings too…. Pretty please kdrama gods….

  11. “unless PIE’s character is a serial killer of babies and furry cute animals, I will go down with his ship.”

    Hahaha Ms Koala, I’m with you in this one. And I totally cannot imagine PIE plays this kind of serial killer character, I’ll boycott the drama for sure.

    I wonder if the production company was the one who “released” the news about his casting; because they are so desperate for him to join MY. And they’re running out of time as the adult will start filming next week.

    At the moment, I’m totally hooked to both Wed-Thurs drama, Nice Guy & The Great Seer (first two episodes were so awesome, very intense, stunning cinematography); so MY, please, finalize your casts soon because these kinds of drama before the drama even begins is not a good sign. And I really want you to be successful.

  12. Actually CJM is confirmed to be the second one sided love…He will portrayal a pain and cold character…you can read about it at allkpop…It is gonna be interesting now with all this wonderful casts.

  13. this is why i’m really suck with this drama…CJM as a 2nd lead while PYC the 1st lead..that was so stupid..CJM the real leading actor..and this drama MY need more emotion to be delivered by the main cast..and CJM absolutely better in acting emotion than PYC..Seeing Son Ye Jin.,Lee Min Jung and Ko Hye Sun whose reject this drama and put the viewers lover CJM as the 2nd leading prove this drama is a FAILURE..It’s really hard to see CJM will lose his love vs PYC here..Nice Guy is unbeatable at this moment..,,so after NG ends.,I wish KBS continue as the leading with NG successor.,Jeon Woo Chi as no 1..The Great Seer 2nd..and the most SucK and Stupid drama of the year Missing You at the last!!!
    absolutely under 10% rating for all episode..because of their poor desision!!!

    • This drama is about the 1st love which I have to admit that we could never forget. All the character suffered pain due to love and crying but maybe Eun hye might fall in love with the second lead…Maybe CJM agreed to be second lead for some reason which we might not know. We should give it a try before we comment…

    • @s’Hia : Now that was rude. The drama has not even aired yet and you called it suck? And hoped it would fail?

      CJM is a good actor. Whether he decides to accept or reject a role in a drama, it must be for good reason. You do not have to be so hysterical about it.

      PYC may not be Koala-san’s favorite, but I am sure she did not hate him. So how come this wonderful playground has become PYC haters’ gathering point?

      Freedom of speech does not mean you can be bashful.

    • LOL. Lee Min Jung and Gu Hye Sun didn’t reject this drama. They didn’t even receive the offer to play the role. So what you heard about them rejecting this drama are just baseless rumors from fans.

      Also don’t call this drama a ‘failure’ even before it starts. CJM taking up the offer will be his own decision. If he did agree to play the second lead role, maybe he saw something good in the script. Playing second lead is not bad. Take Ji Jin Hee and Go Hyun Jo for example. Both of them are well established actor and actress today. Much more famous and well-received than CJM. Yet both of them agreed to play second lead roles opposite to Lee Yo Won(in Queen Seon Deok) and Jisung (The Great Seer). I agree with @dzigh that you don’t have to be hysterical about it.

    • @s’Hia It came straight from Son Ye Jin’s mouth that she was never sent the script for this drama. Go Hye Sun and Lee Min Jung were never offered this role either. Their fans from korean sites just made it up with no proof to back it up. Role was offered to Yoon Eun Hye ages ago that’s why she took a break from second school semester to do this. Most her fans already knew she accepted in August and signed formally on September. read the character description in soompi and you’d know that the female lead part was written with Yoon Eun Hye in mind.

      It is Chun Jung Myung choice if he wants to take this or reject. But it isn’t right to criticize Yoochun or the other casts for Chun Jung Myung’s decision. And to be quite honest, his participation isn’t going to make or brake this drama.

  14. It is kinda disconcerting everytime I go here and see any article of MY, it always turns into Yoochun-hate post party… Just sayin’.

    And sometimes I wonder too, whats up with being second lead? What if it is not second lead, what if its got equal importance to the leads? Is there any rule dictating that second lead position must be less well written than leads? He’s an actor aint he? Maybee, just maybe, he finds the script appealing? Imagine if, say, Go Hyun jung didnt take Mishil role because it was second to Yowon’s role (on paper). Im going to the extreme example there but can you see the point im making?

    • I’ve never seen such INTENSE hate fest for an actor (I’m going to call him an actor because whether we like it or not, he’s ventured on it) on a drama blog either, only here. It’s almost scary, all the bashing and what-not that Mickey Yoochun gets, I can only count a few whose comments are really what you can call constructive criticism, but most if not all, are just plain insults. And of course, they (we) all get a pass because we all have our freedom to post, right? 😉 As a drama blog lurker who just enjoys reading smart & witty comments rather than actually engaging myself with the conversation, it is really “disconcerting” to read those kind of comments. I wonder, do all idol singers who ventured into acting get this kind of prejudice? This Mickey Yoochun is certainly not the best, he’s sure has a LONG way to go but he’s decent, in my honest opinion. I’ve only seen him in SKKS and thought he did okay portraying his character. I just don’t understand where the hate is coming from ???

      And they say fangirls are crazy, but hey, I think I’m more iffy about bashers and anti fans now.

    • I wonder if you would still consider it blasphemous if he’s the second lead in a Hyun Bin or Kang Ji Hwan drama, since you said “should not be doing a 2nd lead role for a drama”..?

      • Not even Hyun Bin or Kang Ji Hwan. If a movie I can understand, not a drama where he is already a very established actor.

  15. I read your post and I agree. most of the comments here are supporting CJM, I think he, himself is a good actor. Not that I don’t like PYC, I love him in RTP, but I guess CJM’s still has better acting than PYC. Why don’t the producers change their role? PYC’s for CJM and CJM’s for PYC. IMHO, PYC should try as 2nd lead sometimes.

    No offense for PYC’s fans. just an honest opinion.

      • That’s obvious from some of the butthurt comments around here. It’s like they’re physically incapable of admitting that PYC is not a good actor.

    • As a PYC follower, no offense taken. I myself wanted him to tackle a 2nd lead role for a change, and it’ll come for sure, because Yuchun choses roles that can challenge him and do better. We were actually on pins and needles when rumours of CJM casting came out and even YEH’s, because that would bring a lot of hate for Yuchun, acting alongside these A-list actors. And what we’re dreading is actually happening right now. 🙁 But we can only support his decisions, and to be honest, we’re feeling quite defenseless against all the hatred Yuchun is getting, not to mention sick and tired of defending him so we can only retreat in return.

      To the comments down below, I’m sorry if you think ALL Yuchun fans are crazy. I lurk here too, but I have yet to see a ballistic comment from a LEGIT Yuchun fan. Please, don’t generalize. In our fandom, only few are LEGIT followers and most are just masquerading anti fans. Don’t worry, I can sense that this might be one of the remaining straws for any Yuchun fan to hang around here, we’re not as thick skinned as you imagine and we definitely know if we’re welcomed here or not. You guys can just carry on & do your happy dance as you like. 🙂 Peace.

  16. Sometimes the second lead role is oodles more meaty even though they don’t get the girl in the end. That would be the only reason why I can see PIE taking second lead on this drama, But as much as I want to see him play bad guy and be in a drama I really hope he didn’t take this because he should only be 1st lead at this point on his career and he is tremendously a better actor than Yoochun .

  17. I guess I’m the only person who is excited for the Micky/Yoon Eun Hye pairing. My favorite male idol turned actor with my favorite female actor, God thought of me when he was planting this idea. Thank you God

  18. guys…you all should not angry with me…i just say what i really though.!!
    Why must you put KHJ & JJH for example..i don’t think they the 2nd should know KHJ & LYW didn’t have the same love interest in’s true LYW is a leading in paper.,but in merit & and times appearance KHJ is a leading..It’s the same with TGS..JJH not the 2nd leading to JS.,they both main lead.,2nd was SCH..your emotion make you look ******..
    and about for some commment say PYC fans like crazy.,so he should be the 1st lead..This comment really ……! did you say because he K-pop star.,he deserve main lead and MY will be success..I didn’t hate PYC.,i really proud with his acting in SKKS and RP..i easily can said among a dozen k-pop male star he is no 1 can should think have a lot of fans does’nt mean he deserve the best character in drama..Just seeing how popular JGS and LMH..,but their acting was so awful and embarassing..JGS acting in LR i can say even k-pop artists can act better than him.LMH(Faith) acting should bring him to 3rd leading in a drama ..nowadays.,,.poor decision will be shown on the screen..Just give your support.,and let see either this PYC fans can make this drama success or not..felon!

    • I’m not angry with you. I just don’t like the way you judged the drama even before it starts. (Like calling it the most stupid drama of the year and it sucks) If you are really a true K drama fan or CJM, you will not say such thing. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion that is why I tried to ignore your post. It’s my first time posting a comment in koala’s page actually.

      I apologize if I sounds agree to you.

  19. I just hope CJM rejecting this drama is true. I don’t want fan wars starting and everyone hating YC. It’s not his fault that the Production team chose him as the lead instead of CJM.

  20. I love kdrama but it’s absurd how people are crazy about who is 1st & 2nd lead. What happened to acting as a form to grow and experience new characters, to express the feelings of a character that people could relate to or feel sympathy for. Sure Micky is not some people cup of tea as an actor, but he is for others just as PIE for koala, he had his reason for agreeing to playing this role and us as audience should support that decision not attack the other person who has more screen time. I’m an American but I don’t like some American tv shows but I love that they don’t have the whole 1st & 2nd lead thing going on….acting should be about telling a story from everyone point of view so you guys needs to be civil and mature for the love of god, it’s getting on my last nerves.

  21. This whole debate is stupid…no matter how much anyone wishes for PIE to be the lead, Yoochun has already been cast for it so why dont we just calmly wait for the drama premier!
    As for the ppl calling Chun fans crazy…plz you guys have been constantly ragging on him..calling him a bad actor and what not for the last 2 to 3 articles..saying that just because PIE has been cast as a second lead to Chun then thats an insult to him…

  22. God if u don’t like the main lead just please stop updating about the drama then! How i wish this drama does exceptionally well so you all can shut your mouths and stop hating! I don’t understand why you would hate on a drama that hasn’t even aired yet, What’s the problem with CJM taking the 2nd lead? I’ve seen plenty of dramas where the 2nd lead ends up with a better character than the main lead or that the role is just as important as the main lead role!

    Really, i liked coming here cause you actually review japanese and taiwanese dramas, but seeing how in the last few months you’ve dropping amazing dramas like Gaksital, and just hating on different actors, i will not come back here! Dramabeans is so much better! and they actually review dramas with an unbiased opinion!

    Grow up people! Grow up please!!

      • i think you guys are going too far, you shouldn’t drag her blog if you read it.
        I love yoochun too
        and seeing the constant ragging in the comment section constantly is off putting but at the end of the day you shouldn’t let it get to you

        Koala in her heart of hearts is a fangirl just like the rest of us and she’s obviously upset her favourite will not be getting a leading role if he joins.

        Don’t take things so seriously and just move along
        I personally chuckled a bit when i read what ockoala wrote

        as for the comment sections ……….IDK what to say
        Lots of actors get this treatment
        like Lee Da Hae
        We can’t do anything about it so just let it go and hope the drama does well.

        Being counter aggressive never leads to anything good. Don’t react to it.

    • I’m a Chunsa, but Miss Koala never said that she hated Yoochun. I think she is neutral towards him. I don’t know where you are getting that from. In fact, she opposed fan wars in her previous article on Missing You. Don’t confuse her opinion with the comments here. It’s their choice to come here and leave a comment. There is little that she can do about it. I don’t see the problem even if she doesn’t like Yoochun. It’s her opinion and I don’t have the feeling that she is provoking anything between fan groups.

  23. Oh wow, this is flamezone central in the comments.

    I’ve loved CJM in Fashion 70s (where, ironically, he was the second lead) but didn’t care for him in any other drama (yes, even What’s Up Fox). Actually, didn’t like the dramas themselves, either. I think his choice of scripts is almost as bad as Kim Rae Won’s (an actor I love but who almost universally picks dramas I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole).

    So if he is in this, I won’t be second-lead shipping, especially since I am quite fond of Yoochun.


    Regardless of my feelings about him, he is an A-list actor so it strikes me as very weird for him to consider a secondary role in a drama. I mean, I suppose I could see it if it was some huge epic starring a Hallyu legend like Lee Byung Hun or Jang Dong Gun or similar, but anything short of that seems bizarre.

  24. As much as I don’t mind Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun coupling together in a drama, casting Chun Jung Myung as a second lead really is kinda silly. Yoochun’s acting may be good for an idol-actor, but I’m afraid he’s not able to top CJM. And CJM really isn’t second lead material. After doing so many lead roles I can’t imagine him playing second fiddle to anyone.
    But the one thing that keeps me excited about this drama are the child actors (or teen actors might be more appropriate) Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun. They make the cutest young couple in the released stills and posters. It’s actually a shame that they can’t be the leads the entire drama…

    • Though, I want to add that even if the numerous casting news about Missing You have been a little crazy, the drama might actually pull it off in the end. If CJM really is going to be the second lead then Yoochun just has to put more to the table in order to stand out from his talented co-stars. Maybe it’s even good for him to challenge himself that way.

  25. I don’t care whoever it is since I’m watching cause of the scriptwriter(smile,you and Can You Hear My Heart). XD

    Quite impossible that He will be the 2nd lead.
    So I will choose to believe he isn’t going to be in this show.

    I think the 2nd lead wouldn’t be a badly written character according to SY&CYHMH.

  26. i love to be here….Koala is the best!
    @920a and @Uj X Chun..
    We don’t care whether this is your last to be here or not..Like you said you wouldn’t coming back again and prefer Dramabeans..You shouldn’t say such word..So.,you can get loose.Like Bwear said.,people have their opinion,and then leave a comment.You drag her blog regarding some of the comment..I know PYC have a huge fans..and you of coz one of them..People not angry with PYC but the production..It’s just like how dare they put CJM as a 2nd lead.He can be the 2nd to Lee Byung Hun or Jang Dong Gun.,but to PYC..,how will CJM feel..huhu:-)Seeing CJM reject the drama is better than seeing him to lose love interest to PYC.I think Lee Wan will be good for 2nd..but maybe now the decision have been made.,.i maybe only watch this drama for YJG and KSH(child version) and cancel for adult..or better reject from the list..

  27. that’s why i can’t understand k-drama fans sometimes. being a j-drama fan, i know much better, seasoned, and lead-worthy actors take secondary roles or even minor ones because it much more required their acting skill and range than what the leads offer. and within their short appearance, they able to deliver more and way more memorable than the leads. examples in k-drama… remember lee bum soo took his role in dr. jin before? i know the drama is awful and his character ended up dull, but judging from j-drama ones, his character is actually more vital and required much more acting than dr. jin himself. it’s also the case of lee hyunwoo in ttby, or eunjung in dream high, imo. c’mon, what’s the use of lead if cjm’s just going to stick with shallow roles like in his recent dramas? i can’t believe you’re calling yourselves cjm fans yet want him to stick with ordinary lead roles for the rest of his life.

    as pyc’s fan, i hope he can take secondary lead roles next time. someone who’s dark and angsty and evil.

    • Exactly, if CJM takes this role then that tells me that the 2nd lead is more interesting and complex and he felt he could expand his abilities with the role. Yeah it’s weird seeing an A-list actor play second fiddle to Yoochun, but if the role is right it won’t bother me much.

  28. Wow so much hate here…I’m having conflicting opinions about this drama right now haha. I’m neutral to Yoochun, like CJM and I want to like YEH’s acting but for some reason I find her to have a tendency to pout a lot and overreact (I can’t really explain it…). I really hope that this drama does well though, to prove the haters wrong and so that I have something to watch.

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