Written and Video Previews for Episode 12 of Miss Rose

I’m going to have to steel myself for some noble idiocy coming up in Miss Rose, but I’m hoping its short-lived and works well to push Si Yi to confront her growing feelings for Cheng Kuan and figure out what that means. I think our intrepid Miss Rose is herself at a stage where many issues are converging and she will have to deal with it one by one. Yi Chun’s determined and seemingly sincere pursuit of her needs to be considered on a standalone basis. Without Cheng Kuan, would she take him back? Should she? Does she still love him? She needs to spend time working through those important questions, and I like that Yi Chun accepts everyone’s scorn and is also willing to give Si Yi space without pushing her. I feel really sad their relationship went kaput because he made one monumental bad decision in his life. Which is why I’m thrilled to pieces that Cheng Kuan, when faced with the exact same dilemma, chooses to walk away from the easy answers to lifelong financial security and power and pick his heart.

This! From the man who thought he didn’t have a romantic bone in his body, yet has turned out to be the most romantic one of all. No wonder his decision leaves Vivian reeling and President Jiang scrambling to get him back on the program. Vivian likely thought she could do anything with Cheng Kuan and he’d never leave her, but now he’s dumping her, she’s finally forced to acknowledge that she doesn’t want to lose him. I feel no sympathy for her, because if she was a normal human being Cheng Kuan might’ve even learned to like her enough to stay with her. It was her sheer awfulness that created such a contrast to Si Yi and confirming for Cheng Kuan who he wants by his side going forward. I’m so proud of his decision in the last episode, and I hope the OTP continues to spend time together even as their situation remains murky for the time being.

Written preview for episode 12:

The spoiled princess makes her move!

Watching Cheng Kuan walk closer and closer to Si Yi, Vivian vows to bring back her fiancée! Si Yi delivers documents to Cheng Kuan at his home but the person who opens the door is Vivian wearing a sexy negligee. Seeing the two of them dressed casually, its hard for Si Yi to conceal her sadness as she turns and leaves……

The considerate attitude of her ex-flame, his devotion and determination to stay by her side, it gradually starts to melt Miss Screw’s heart. Yi Chun takes out the keys to his new house and sincerely asks Si Yi to be the lady of the house. Can a wilted rose receive sunlight again and find the memories of a past love?

The government bid impropriety explodes! Guang Qiang descends into dire straits! The media is hounding, the suppliers are protesting, and President Jiang is threatening – Si Yi rushes into the fray and throws everything aside to protect Cheng Kuan, not knowing that her job is in imminent danger!?

Preview for episode 12:

Vivian asks Cheng Kuan not to give up on them but he confesses that he just can’t fall in love with her. Vivian asks him to please open himself up to liking her little bit at a time. Vivian asks Si Yi to keep her distance from Cheng Kuan, Si Yi doesn’t want to become Cheng Kuan’s career obstacle, right? Si Yi just wants to protect her Deputy General Manager, and she asks herself “What should I do?”


Written and Video Previews for Episode 12 of Miss Rose — 8 Comments

  1. Okay! It’s official. I like Yi Chun. He’s being so patient with everything, even with the hint of the little progress going on between Cheng Kuan and Si Yi. Yes, Yi Chun was a scumbag for the decision he made in the past, but the current him is melting me. He’s not the selfish ex-boyfriend who is pushy. Yi Chun is those ex-boyfriends in dramas I don’t mind stirring feelings of the heroine. But all in all, no one beats ex-boyfriend Min Hyun-Woo(My Lovely Samsoon)…he is hilarious!

    • As everyone here knows, I have been fighting the Yi Chun train. Every time the man comes on the screen, I have to remind myself that “we” (all of Si Yi’s supportors) cannot/must not forgive him. He starts to speak and all of sudden I am suffering from selective dementia. I love how he completely takes in and assesses the scenario on the bridge between Vivian, Si Yi, and Cheng Kuan. I have a feeling that in another world (or perhaps in future episodes), he and Cheng Kuan could actually be friends. They are both smart, intuitive, and have the same taste in women. In fact, ironically, Yi Chun is a cautionary tale for Cheng Kuan about what it is like to have what you most want and need only to throw it away because of the expectation for social ambition.

  2. Sigh, I am prepared to be patient as I know we have another 13 episodes. Besides I would prefer this to watching more of Ting Ai and the 2 sleazy guys.

  3. Taking a stress break from BBJX, I finally watched 11 subbed.

    Yes, it IS even more heartbreaking when you understand the words. 😉

    I appreciated the conversation between the President and CK, as frustrating as it was to hear. Daddy marvels at how CK has changed into a sentimental fool. CK marvels at how Daddy wants him to trade away a lifetime of happiness for money and status.

    For once in a drama with a controlling, unyielding parent, we get a calm and thoughtfully worded debate on love vs power. Of course it made my skin crawl and stomach churn, but the President was not completely wrong:

    CK: For you, love can be used for trading?
    D: All right, you tell me. What in the world cannot be traded? Actually to put it bluntly, isn’t life a series of trades, one after another? Everything has a price. It’s only a matter of whether the price can move you. It’s the same with love. It depends on whether you can afford it.
    CK’s reply to the offer of CEO was beautiful
    CK: Perhaps to you it’s the price of love, but to me it’s the value of love. I think that’s the biggest difference between us.

    I kinda got scared that CK was willing to go as far as drawing a line between him and the President, but I was also proud.

    Does Vivian have a mother? Aunt? Nanny? Cause someone other than the worst father ever needs to talk some sense into her!!

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