Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young Light Up Busan for Wolfboy

Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki are seriously soooooo cute together I’m thisclose to shipping them in real life. Sorry Moon Chae Won, I love your Eun Gi, but in terms of off screen chemistry these two get my vote. These two have been doing the interview circuit recently for the movie and I love their playful banter, especially when Park Bo Young calls Joong Ki oppa and then looks all giddy that they got to act together. Can the drama gods be good to me and let them do a drama together in the near future? Please, pretty please with a cherry on top? With respect to their movie Wolfboy, the cast was in Busan this week to premiere their movie domestically at the Busan International Film Festival and was greeted with a thunderous crowd and lots of snapping shutterbugs. The movie already premiered internationally at the Toronto Film Festival last month, with the reviews coming in with the general consensus that its pretty to look at but the story isn’t all there. After watching Song Joong Ki marinating in pain for the past 5 weeks in Nice Guy, it’s a breath of fresh air to see him shed his Kang Maru image even for a day to hop onstage with his Wolfboy costars and have a good time.


Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young Light Up Busan for Wolfboy — 32 Comments

  1. They are pretty adorable. But I think my Joong-ki oppa and Moon Geun-young would have even better chemistry. I surely hope they end up doing a drama together as the OTP very very soon.

  2. I love the dress! Might as well ask my mom to copy that. Just need to find a similar fabric. Hehe.

    I love them as siblings though. Their chemistry is more in oppa-dongsaeng type than lovers. At least for me.

      • @ Jushi –

        You read my mind re: SJK’s hair. This is the first time I’ve seen him look like an adult instead of a cute kid –with adorable chipmunk cheeks! I recently found out that he’s 28 (already!) so this mature look is right on time. NOW he has my attention. 😉 LOL!

  3. Ah….so cute! Apparently Joong Ki addressed the fanboys and said, ‘She’s mine!’. 🙂

    I don’t know though, he looks good with everyone. I liked him with Ji Hyo in Running Man, too. But he kinda smolders when he’s in close proximity with MCW. Haha. Or maybe my drama fangirling is playing tricks on me. Either way, as long as Joong Ki’s happy, it’s all good. 😉

    • My thoughts exactly!!! The way he looks at her and swallows (eh that sounds weird) but well you know what i mean right? His adam’s apple etc etc *drool*
      I’m dying to see MR&EG’s intimate scenes in the coming episodes 😉

      • @sk..yep. That’s why I chose the word “smolder” because there’s an undercurrent sexiness when he looks at MCW in the BTS vids. I’ve never seen that version of Joong Ki before. Haha. But maybe he’s just in character with Maru. 😉

    • omg i agree with you, i like Park Bo Young w/ Joongki but there’s a degree of tension between him and MCW too! oh well i guess drama fangirl in me stays true w/ Eungi and maru

  4. This boy has chemistry with EVERYONE. Even Moon Jae-shin, haha. What a force of nature.

    He and Park Bo Young are incredibly adorable in these photos, though. That 5th photo? LOVE. I am head over heels for this guy. OMG.

    • @rearwindow, I forgot about Yoo Ah In! Haha. Yes, he does have chemistry with everyone! A male equivalent of Ha Ji Won. And speaking of HJW, I want to see them together in a movie or drama, too.

      • Oh my god, a Ha Ji Won and Song Joong Ki pairing would make me explode from happiness. My screen would melt from the heat. Please, please, please let that pairing happen.

      • I can’t quite see them together. Ha Ji Won looks her age and SJK looks even younger than his…

      • @Rina: I think HJW looks younger than her age, but it would definitely have to be acknowledged as a noona-dongsaeng romance. The age difference couldn’t just be ignored like it was in The King 2 Hearts…although I remember that people were dubious about her pairing with Lee Seung Gi, and look what that brought us :).

    • @ rearwindow, I guess that would be reasonable. I’ve kind of had it with noona-dongsaeng romances though. Why is it that Korean writers all seem to latch on to a topic at the same time? Maybe this is just my Western perspective showing but I’ve never seen the big deal about such relationships. Yeah, they’re pretty uncommon, but a few years here or there shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

  5. She looks like a little girl.. They look cute in the pics, never seen them onscreen, so I wonder about the chemistry. My favorite SJK pairing has to be MCW. Cute is pretty easy to achieve but they look intense together..

  6. Joong Ki and Bo Young were absolutely amazing together in Wolf Boy! When you actually see the movie, you will see what I mean.

  7. Yehaa, The Notebook en versión coreana seria excelente … aunque no se si con ella… pero definitivamente el si seria el personaje principal….el es muy lindo

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