Unofficial Character Descriptions Provides First Look at the Plot of Missing You

I’m not sure what it is about dramas populated by actors with large fan bases, but the propensity to project and read between the lines is magnified to the point where if people express an opinion that opinion could be distorted and turn into a runaway train. I could care less what others think, but here are my opinions on Missing You laid out explicitly: (1) this drama interests me, but I’m worried because the casting shenanigans and still not having a second male lead at this late stage is never a good sign (though the latest rumor is the second male lead is Lee Wan), (2) I love Yoon Eun Hye, and since she’s the lead here, I am interested in this drama and want it to do well, (3) Yoochun isn’t my personal catnip but I do not hate him or spend my time wanting someone else to be the lead in MY, and (4) not wanting Chun Jung Myung to take the second male lead of this drama isn’t a slight on Yoochun being the male lead. I’m also not liking a production company that comes off as strong arming actors to join, such as “insiders” releasing info that PIE was joining yesterday, only to have his agency counter immediately that he already turned them down weeks ago. That is just wack behavior to me. Setting all the production-related issues aside, the unofficial character synopsis has been leaked on DC and provides our first glimpse at the story. Check it out and see if it sounds interesting. I have to confess that I’m not taken with the character descriptions and what it reveals of the plot. But then again, Nice Guy also sounded quite trite when I read the early details of the drama but the execution was like a shot of adrenaline that keeps that story going. I hope PD Lee Jae Dong finds a fantastic angle to present this story so its not a one-trick pony of guys misses girl and is looking for her, because that can get real old real fast.

Han Jung Woo (29 years old) – detective in the major crimes unit, nickname “Crazy Rabbit”

“Jung Woo?…Jung Woo-ah…..Han Jung Woo!” In order to not forget your voice that calls my name, every day I think about it over and over in my mind. When it rains I’ll do as you did, counting the wrinkles from the falling rain. Today will we run into each other….or not? When I go back to that corner, will you be there….or not? As I am furiously chasing a suspect, would I unknowingly cross paths with you? Just like that day, as you watch my disappearing form, will you once again resent me? Soo Yeon….Soo Yeon-ahhhhh….Lee Soo Yeon, today I am missing you and wanting to see you, to see you before I forget your voice.

Missing a woman this much, this is my own burden to bear in this life. I caused all the pain, so now I don’t even have the right to cry. So today I still have to run like crazy. Han Jung Woo, a detective in the major crimes unit, being given the nickname “Crazy Rabbit” during his second year there, he is already 29 years old. Before the memories from when I was 15 years old drift farther and farther from me, before I forget Soo Yeon’s voice, I have to find Lee Soo Yeon. So living with a cheerful attitude and with a thick skin, that is the only strength allowing me to keep on living.

I have to, I must find you. When you appear before me and I say “I found you!”, then this hide and seek game can finally end. A game of searching, if the person cannot be found and one gives up and goes home, then I will likely be curled in the corner sobbing. It all ended that night when I was 15. If we could return to that day when we were 15 so very long ago, could we meet again like on that day? Soo Yeon-ahhhh, when the memory of the pain fades, can we fall in love again?

29 years old….Soo Yeon and I…..our time continues to drift away.

Lee Soo Yeon (29 years old) – Fashion Designer

Her specialty is being able to smile while talking about something painful. Optimistic and hardworking, but its clear she is concealing some sorrow. To describe her, she’s a woman that easily confuses others. She dresses very casually and is quite sensitive to unexpected things. She dislikes rainy days, though on those days she doesn’t take an umbrella out, just a hat. Despite all this, she’s not a crazy woman. But there is a man who is currently crazy about this woman, Han Jung Woo.

Hearing that man, its like the heart almost stopped. Jung Woo appearing before me, Han Jung Woo, are you living for the sole purpose of finding me? To find me you became a detective? Even if the face is not the same, but seeing me its like he goes crazy remembering the Soo Yeon he is looking for. The last conversation with Soo Yeon, calling his name, holding onto the voice, living until now. In the past 14 years, I am also dreaming of Jung Woo looking for me, but when I wake up from that dream I just cry bitterly. In the misty rain there is a man who appears like Jung Woo.

Working hard to erase the memories of the past, those memories have now returned in my mind. It’s not a dream, it’s now a reality. He’s found me again. “I found you”, the 29 year old Han Jung Woo found me again. Like that, the distant 15 year old and the discarded 29 year year old.

Kang Hyun Joong – Financial Advisor

Expressionless, with a cold gaze and a logical mind. Only in front of one woman is there an exception. In front of one woman, none of this exists, only kindness and consideration. You can say he doesn’t know how to express himself, but whatever she wants he will give it to her. To some he seems very cold, but in truth he’s quite lonely. He never makes any mistakes, everything is done perfectly, which is why his clients trust him without reservation. He’s the son that stock market gurus wish to have. He uses his most painful wound as a weapon, in his heart he hides his pain and fear.

Kim Eun Joo (30) – Online Manhwa Artist

She’s scared of blood, ghosts, and crime. A not very successful internet manhwa artist. Less worried about making money, she’s more worried about the story she wants to tell, so she spends more money on alcohol. She’s always in a state of worry – about the end of the world, about how to continue her detective manhwa story. She’s also a busy body, and accidentally founds out a secret that causes her worry. The biggest worry is that she’s fallen in love with Jung Woo, who is crazily searching for Soo Yeon. This kind of love is like a car on the highway, only able to go in one direction. Plus its like traveling on an expressway, dangerous with an unknown destination. Born 8 months before Jung Woo, who even when he’s dying will only call out “Soo Yeon, Soo Yeon”, she feels very aggrieved. In the eyes of others, she’s a cute lady who doesn’t look her 30 years of age.

Han Ah Reum (22 years) – College Student (Finance major)

Gentle on the outside, steely on the inside. Immature yet kind, but silently stubborn. Like a little old person inside. Thinks of her Jung Woo oppa as the desert, and herself as the oasis in that desert. If he wasn’t her real oppa, she would definitely fall in love with him. Knowing that Jung Woo oppa will be looking for that Soo Yeon woman even on his deathbed, she feels very jealous. She wants to meet a man like Jung Woo oppa and fall in love and marry him. But now matter how much she longs for it, she doesn’t meet a man like that, so she feels very depressed.

Below are the first stills of Yoochun filming MY with the kids played by Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun. What is up with Yoochun’s hair should be the only thought running through everyone’s mind. That is seriously a crime against Yoochun to do that to his head. It’s the standard K-drama hair and makeup designer crutch of amplifying a character trait via ridiculous physical manifestations to hammer home a point. Yes, we know he’s a crazy MoFo awesome detective with a one-track Soo Yeon mind. He does not need a bowl haircut with shaved sides to make me take him seriously as a detective. End of rant.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Missing You bar]


Unofficial Character Descriptions Provides First Look at the Plot of Missing You — 38 Comments

  1. For all kind of reasons, this project doesn’t interest me at all. BUT, I absolutely love those posters, more exactly the range of colors. The person who did them should be an interior designer.

  2. The char descriptions had me roll my eyes of the wtf-esque. Or maybe I’m too old for that kind of plot.

    What is up with Yoochun’s hair should be the only thought running through everyone’s mind. That is seriously a crime against Yoochun to do that to his head.
    How about getting in touch with Yoochun to be his legal advisor and sue the company in court to ask for compensation? 😀

    On a complete sidenote, DB mentionned that Running Man with MGY had an X-Man format with refs to YEH again. You must have had fun. In the meantime, I still am questioning whether I will watch Miss Rose‘s ep 12 which should be available in one hour approximatively. Feel like skipping it and go straight for the next episode without the whole fate / noble idiocy issue.

    • *deep sigh*

      The preview for ep 13 looks so promising with our dear Cheng Kuan going one step farther. Kyaaa! Can’t wait for your recap, Mrs Koala. 😀

  3. Eun Hye and Sun Ah are my favorite actresses (former, because she has such fabulous on-screen chemistry with her leading men and the latter, because she’s got acting chops galore). Yoochun was so endearing in Rooftop Prince and I’m hoping YEH/Y blow the roof off with their pairing. The pre-preparation shoddiness will hopefully not result in a mishmash.

    • Even I am going to pass…the character description was horrible and the plot sounds similar to will it snow for Christmas…besides nice guy airs at that time and even for yoochun I can’t stop watching nice guy!!sorry yoochun!!

  4. The only thing that interests me about this drama is YEH, the only plot point that sparked minimal interest for me was the fact the LSY apparently keeps running away from HJW, as in she doesn’t want him to find her… then it reminded me of Will it Snow for Christmas and an ominous shuddered pass through me….

    • Totally agree with you on that! For the story, YEH (which is the reason why I will check on the first ep) and will it snow for Christmas LOL.

  5. I am eagerly anticipating this drama! Please let it be good. I am now reduced! to watching just one show a week. Even I cannot believe it! The serious glut in good k-drama (or jo-dorama, or even chinese!) to watch has now affected me at a critical level. So I am hoping fervently for a worthy one to fawn and be addicted over.

    It so happens that I LOVE YEH and I like Yoochun enough. So regardless of the tired old tropes,I am definitely giving this a chance. AND… I really don’t mind the same ‘ole lines so long as… you’ve said it, the execution is fresh and effective.

  6. i really want to watch yoochun, but if chun jung myung become the second lead male, i’m so afraid that i can feel 2nd male syndrome again after SKKS.. and i think i will watch it in one go because i don’t think i can go in to melo again after NG make me addicted… and really miss YEH..

  7. I support I Miss You, especially after reading this:

    The reporter asked the question “Why did Yoon Eun Hye, who has made her mark in the genre of romcoms, melted in a conventional melodrama?” Representative of the drama said “Because she is an actress who has a different charm and refreshing” “Because our drama is unlike any other traditional melodramas, and we believe that is different from the other characters'” Although his character is very marked that there is a dark / depressing character. Yoon Eun Hye is an actress who has a special attraction and even causes a boyish charm that is why he chose. Another representative noted that the state of Yoon Eun Hye Hallyu and immense popularity abroad also played a role in their decision to integrate the cast. “your past dramas Goong, Coffee Prince and My Fair Lady, etc. have been sold abroad, receiving much attention and popularity has earned Yoon Eun Hye in great state Hallyu. Drama Rep stated that “once you publish news cast Yoon Eun Hye in the drama, not only have received much attention from fans overseas, we have really just as much or more interest overseas stations ‘

    Therefore I recommend you see it first and then judge him, maybe they are surprised.

  8. Thank you, Ms Koala.

    Can’t speak for my fandom, but as a Yoochun fan, I have never gotten the impression that you hate Yoochun. Your CJM post actually cracked me up. It’s alright that he is not your cup of tea, but I hope that he will win you over one day.^^^

    So far, although IMY reminds me of the Seasons Dramas. But in comparison, the main characters of IMY don’t appear to be too mopey. Agree about the triteness of the premise, but from what I have seen of his work in Thank You, I am cautiously optimistic that we might be getting something infinitely relatable and heartwarming.

    As for Yoochun’s hairstyle, it’s goofy-looking but does fit the description of a “Crazy Rabbit”. A nice change from his previous chaebol/Joseon-noble characters.

    • I hope so, too! ^___^ He seems like such a nice boy, and he was the highlight of the hot mess that was Rooftop Prince IMO. But strangely three dramas in a row and he still hasn’t clicked with me yet. But conversely I don’t dislike him at all, so neutral is never a bad thing.

  9. I will support YEH because she is, in my opinion, one of the finest actresses Korea has to offer. She does her country proud. So if she should happen to have a drama that isn’t off the charts, so what, I don’t actually care. Many of the great actors and actresses, in the past, had movies they weren’t happy with, so why is it we are looking for perfection from a young 26 year old? Watch the drama and if you don’t like it then stop watching and move on to another drama. That is all it takes, it is as easy as that to do.

    I actually like the looks of both of them and feel like they match quite well together. I hope they get along well and have at least a little fun, while filming this drama.

    One thing I hope for is this, that all the stars associated with the project are positive about it. If the ratings aren’t, at first, what they wish for, then I would only hope that the stars keep this to themselves, instead of speaking publicly about it. If you show the public your worried thoughts, the public will start doubting as well. Just my opinion.

  10. I’m actually quite worried now for Yoon Eun Hye since it seems like she got sick… She was supposed to start filming but had to go to the hospital instead due to pink eye/eye infection…. She’s been so busy and pushing herself lately that it isn’t surprising that she will get sick, especially since she already has health problems. From her recent events (fan meeting, charity events, designing UGG boots, the BIFF, and other things) this past week or so, she already looked sick. Guess it already took a toll on her body. Knowing her, she is not likely to slow down even if it is going to be painful.
    Here’s hoping for a speedy but well rested recovery.
    P.S. I am excited for this drama….!!

  11. Ah Chunnie. I guess its because I’ve been a fan for yeeeears that I no longer flinch at his hairstyles. I see it, but I do not feel it. :’)

    I’m excited for this~ Ah Lee Wan. I’m afraid he’ll eat chunnie up if he gets casted. He just came out of the army, and is now man…chunnie is just this cute lil squishy thing. Go Yoon Eun Hye, crossing my fingers that you’ll transform him into a man.

    I think its the roles Yoochun has picked that makes people doubt him (non-bias) like in SS his character was a stick in a mud, while Yoo ah in’s was a sex god. In miss Ripley he was that stupid love struck boy. And in rooftop, it was just all over the place.

  12. The character descriptions sound rather ticklish to me. Epicly described, “To find me you became a detective?” Funny enough that I couldn’t stop laughing.

    It’s not like I’m undermining this drama but the description itself just give me no faith in this drama. Still, it’s too early to speculate and jump into judgement.

    I think the first-love hangover love story is nothing fresh unless they can come out with some mystery with layers of depth that can be watched in a whole new perspective. And Yoo Chun leading a love story with that hairstyle, I have nothing to say that just sigh.

    Best of luck to Missing You, though.

  13. I was scratching my head when I read the descriptions. So he’s the one who looking for her, but I presume that he did something not-cool that separated them in their youth? Anyhow, I am a complete sucker for these first love stories. I am really unrealistic like that when it comes to dramas. The more the guy is head over heels in love with the girl, the better for me. So if that one is going that way, I’m sure I will love him just as much. I hope that there is at least some layer of mystery to this first love story.

    Fandom’s are interesting, that’s for sure. While I’m not in either of their fandom’s, I still really like YEH as an actor and I like YC as a singer, and do enjoy watching him onscreen even though i think he has quite some ways to go. I do hope this is good!! I can eagerly anticipating it. Please please scriptwriter… do not make the story to be all sorts of crazy. I want to love this one 🙂

    FIghting IMY! I hope Eun Hye feels better and can actually get the rest that she needs. Fighting YEH!

  14. whoever YEH is paired with there will definitely be chemistry, she knows how to use her craft that’s why she is an award winning actress and she can cry a river which melts my heart when i watch her.. let us just give them support and i really am positive that no matter how old or common the story is, it is how the actors deliver which is important.. It is not yet shown yet it has gained international popularity and being anticipated already…IMY ftw in rating!!!!

  15. I agree with you about Yoochun, Koala. I don’t dislike him but he hasn’t ever got me in the heart with one of his dramas. Maybe third time’s the charm?

    The drama synopsis has me rolling my eyes at the overwrought melodrama, but then I remember how turned off I was was by the Can You Hear My Heart synopsis (which was SO inaccurate) and that ended up being one of my favourite dramas last year. I have faith in this writer to give us something fresh despite the overdone and simplistic plot, and I’m hoping there’s more to the story than what we’ve got so far. It’s also nice that it seems our leads are ordinary people and not chaebols or geniuses. Or homeless, plucky and debt-ridden.

    Mostly I just hope that Yoon Eun-hye’s next project is a smashing success, because girl really deserves it!

  16. Have to say the description doesn’t sound like my cup of tea but if Lee Wan is cast i’ll jump on the bandwagon. I’m a fan(ish) of MYC and haven’t really liked YEH in anything since CP but i’m still optimistic that things will go well. Here’s hoping there’s a good subbing and recapping team.

  17. The best is to wait for the drama’s airing, watch it, give it a chance—meaning—see 2 to 3 episodes to decide—and then give our verdict.

    YEH deliberately chose this drama—not out of loyalty and friendship and hopefully no midway change in script which she has not agreed to, but honored, as what happened to Take care of My Lady—so I trust that she saw something good in the story.

  18. Honestly some fans are just too sensitive. I can understand why a lot of people are apprehensive about the drama, the production is calling it close when they’ve just secured their lead actress & have yet to announce who the supporting actor will be. The premise doesn’t sound exciting at all but I really want this drama to work since I’ll admit upfront I’m biased towards Yoon Eun Hye & want this to work out for her cause her drama’s post-Coffee Prince have been bad/horrible.
    This will be my first YooChun drama, so I’ll reserve judgment on his abilities when the show airs.

  19. Am i the only one who loved Character Descriptions?
    That is so romantic to see a man who devotes his life to find his love !
    After finding ,i wonder what else he is goona do to get her back …it seems like she wouldn’t have any plane to go through the same pain again!
    DO YOUR BEST Jung Woo-ah!

  20. I’m just really excited to see Yoon Eun Hye in a new drama. While I didn’t quite like Princess Hours or Coffee Prince, Lie to Me got me absolutely addicted, and I appreciate her sooo much. The pairing with Yoochun is….odd, but then again, it is too much to expect another Kang Ji Hwan-Yoon Eun Hye blasting sort of pairing.=D

    Then again, the story might drive me up the wall, never had the patience for early hallyu dramas. Ahh well. We’ll see.

  21. I’m really looking forward to IMY, mainly because it looks like it’s gonna be a different genre from the current fare. I’m so tired of the “overkill” we’re presently having in historical/fusion saguek stuff and revenge theme melodramas with suicidal/murderous nutcases for either their main leads or the main leads’ parents.

    So an angstsy melodrama about first loves with hopefully saner main leads sounds right up my alley, especially when the male lead is in love with the female lead and he knows it (and hopefully shows it!). His job description is a bonus!

    I like PYC and adore YEH, so I’m fine with the pairing. I actually hope that Lee Wan does not take up the 2nd lead role in this drama because he tends to burn up my screen whenever he is on it, and may distract my attention from the OTP. Imagine how much hotter he is now, after his army stint! (Faints at the thought).

  22. Oops, sorry for the typos…*sageuk* and *angsty”.

    I just read the other “Missing You” thread, and in case anyone misunderstands why I prefer Lee Wan not to be the 2nd lead in this show, I would like to clarify that (1) I want to focus on the love and interactions between PYC and YEH; (2) I’m not in the mood for 2nd lead shipping; and (3) The character description for the 2nd male lead is that he is expressionless and cold, and my personal preference is that I would like to see Lee Wan act as a cheeky or smirky devil-may-care character, whether as 2nd lead or otherwise.

  23. This got me interesting coz I kinda used to YEH in romantic comedies then suddenly switch to melodrama? I love YEH as an actress and this is a big shift from her comfort zone so I’m kinda intrigued in looking into this. 😮 However, the plot is seriously weird.. being fixated with a girl for 15 yrs? and remembers her calls his name? err.. so cheesy in so many ways. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as it’s expected.

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