Video Preview for Episode 13 of Miss Rose

Happy birthday, Roy! Can I just say that my honey is ON FIRE in episode 12 of Miss Rose. In fact, this may be one of the best episodes yet. But then the preview for episode 13 shows me this show is nowhere near peaking and even more awesomeness is around the corner. Can I time travel to next Sunday? Anyone want to come with me? If an episode of a drama could make me fall more in love with it, episode 12 hit that spot for me. The last few episodes have been rather dense conversation-laden pieces and this one is no different, which makes sense since MR is really all about careful thought and deliberation in each step taken by the main characters. This one was chock full of amazing discussions and revelations – from learning that Cheng Kuan has known Vivian for over 10 years which makes her behavior towards him truly stupid on her part, from Yi Chun taking a giant leap for all douchy ex-boyfriends the world over by being the most supportive and patient guy ever, and Si Yi finally expressing for us exactly how she feels about the two men in her life. When Cheng Kuan asked her hypothetically “if you didn’t have Tang Yi Chun around and I didn’t have Vivian, is there is chance for us to be together?”, I knew Si Yi wouldn’t answer him (yet), but for her to say after he left “If your question wasn’t a hypothetical, I would say yes to anything you asked.” Yeah, that was so satisfying to know that she’s not waffling between two guys, she’s simply unable to do anything about the one guy she does like. Which makes Cheng Kuan’s actions all that more important, because if she can’t walk towards him, he’s going to have to walk towards her. In the age old choice between a kingdom on a platter and a beauty, I’m foreseeing Cheng Kuan tossing away the keys and saying “I’ll conquer my own kingdom and have my beauty along for the ride.”

Check out Roy and his birthday peach! Happy 31st, cutie pie!

Episode 13 preview:

Si Yi: The scandal with the government bid, I will take full responsibility for it.

Vivian: Your voluntary resignation has saved us a ton of hassle. I thank you on behalf of my fiancee.

Si Yi: Deputy General Manager, I’m quitting.

Cheng Kuan: It’s not allowed because I say it’s not allowed.

Vivian: Is the Deputy General Manager a big shot? Without me, you are nothing!

Cheng Kuan: My success, is it all because of my own work? What is given by others can be taken back at any time. Only what I achieve with my own two hands can never be taken away from me.

Si Yi: Why did you quit? Why are you so impulsive?

Cheng Kuan: Luo Si Yi, only by leaving this company can I truly get close to you.

I think the MR cast needs a spanking for not properly celebrating Roy’s birthday. Check out what the Office Girls cast did with him last year. Or shall I say, what Roy and Alice Ke did to celebrate.

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Video Preview for Episode 13 of Miss Rose — 29 Comments

    • I remember the BTS of his bday on the OG set which was quite fan. This year, it seems less fancy but that’s because lots of us – jomo, trotwood, angskeet, ck10z, Pearl, K-what, Jen, SillyCrab, nonski, Haruni, Kycoo and others have thrown in a big party for him. Plus, Mrs Koala, you were the person behind the camera. Hey hey! Memories! :D

      • I’m all packed and ready to go. Let’s go…. I really really really can’t wait…. Yeah… Today is my dear Roy Bd, how can I forget? My mom’s Bd is 10/10, my best friend is 10/12 and my puppy Roy is 10/14. I’ve been eating so much, need to fast for dieting. But I don’t mind continue to eat to celebrate for Roy….

        I know, how come MR casts did not have a warm BD treat for Roy? So sad! “tai guo fen le!” – Read in ping yin. Even at the cutting parts at the end of each ep, Megan is not playing around with Roy; She hangs around with Yi Chun more than Roy. Roy & Megan’s relationship behind scenes is so foreign as if they don’t know each other. Sad…

      • Sorry, it has taken me so late to respond, but I was too busy blowing up the balloons and taking the cake out of the oven. . . and trying not to pass out like some silly teenager every time Roy smiled thanks to us all. What? Don’t you remember getting yourposter signed and the picture you took of us all standing around it?

        Now it is time for us all to get into the Tardis and travel to next week. I don’t want to be in this week anyway–two presentations and a stack of midterms to grade! Sigh. But at the end of the week? More Miss Rose.

      • I was busy making a cake.A bigger, grander cake.
        Got distracted though watching him smile.

      • I was totally there for his birthday, before I got drunk on Roy. *hiccup*

        It’s so weird to have the English speaking fandom so aware of him now, because he was always my bias but I had no one to talk about him with. Back in those Roy-Rainie days when he was just a cocky punk and she the over-acting pixie with a mega-watt smile.

        I love my Roy many ways, aside from his recent button down corporate dude way.

        Gangster Roy.

        Ling gege Roy.

        “Make my ovaries explode” Roy.

      • Don’t explode yet Ms. Koalas. Save some x or y for Roy’s y just in case you see him tonight from another new world. Who know what’s going to happen when we are all drunk. Hehe…

        I’m too old for his 1st photo, the 2nd one is ok, but not realistic. I’m all ready for the 3rd photo. He could be a good dad from the photo. I love him so so much…

  1. You are not going w/o me. I am so proud of Cheung Kuan. In order to be a “FREE” being, it takes a lot of hard work, diligence, and sacrifice. I can’t wait till next week. That 3 seconds hugging scene is beautifully done and they better give me a HOT, SIZZLING, ROMANTIC kiss as well.

  2. I would conquer my own kingdom and have handsome dude along with me too if I were Roy. I wouldn’t allow anyone to threat me neither; even in the real world that I’m in. Hehehe… But too bad so far no handsome come to me yet as to them, I’m probably a little east tiger. :o(

  3. So interesting you gave Roy a “Hurray” for today.
    Since I have been watching first without subs, I keep falling in love over and over with the way he moves his eyes, how easily he shows his feelings, how he makes his fidgeting work for the character.

    It doesn’t really matter whether Megan is there next to him or not, either. He could have chemistry with a wall.

    May I volunteer to be a wall in his next show?

    • This. I’ve never thought much of his chemistry with Megan but the intensity of Roy’s character is palpable. He’s come so far since his debut and I hope he branches out from romcoms in the future.

  4. Ep 12 was awesome as I was sorta prepared for plot dragging.Wasn’t expecting CK to be still moving forward regardless.I was so happy to see ep 13′s preview.He hugged her!It’s so sexy when a man is so sure of his feelings and behaves like a man.
    Oh dear, if only they had the IP ‘s 2nd lead actor as what’s his name maybe I would feel more empathy for his character.Just can’t feel for him.

    • You mean my hottie Chris Wu from Inborn Pair? I actually quite like Chao Chun Ya’s version of YC. Don’t get me wrong I can always have more CWu but his version would be too filled with longing and intensity. YC is better off as the calm and emotionally steady ex in this drama. Chris was perfect for IP and his back story with Annie worked there.

  5. Yeah, yeah ” spluttering” imagine the angst if you have 2 smouldering males both loving you. :-)
    Not complaining… am so happy with a TW that doesn’t make me pull my hair out. As long as Cheng Kuan has the guts to follow his heart every episode, me am happy for the ride.
    You and me both Ms Koala, you’re sorely responsible for me watching Roy and working on 3 of his dramas. I can’t even be bothered with the other actors on that island.Seriously. Okay maa… ybe Joseph Chang. But then he’s a man’s man… not just a TW actor. Thanks for the update. I’m off to watch ep 12 again. *&^%$# all this 1 week wait for a measly episode
    * sobs *

  6. Awww, was really hoping that the MR cast and crew would cake Roy, like the OG cast and crew did last year. :( I mean, I know Roy said he’d prefer that they not mess with him this year, since it seems they’re in a rush to finish filming, but COME ON. At least he got to celebrate a little with fans (those lucky fans! ;o;), and got plenty of sweets and cakes and stuff. :)

    I’m thrilled that MR is keeping with its satisfying pace. Every episode leaves me sufficiently happy but still looking forward to next week (THE HUG!?!?). Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that its ratings have been modest compared to OG’s — the writers haven’t pulled anything too ridiculous yet.

    And ffffff, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if Gao Chengkuan weren’t acted by Roy, I might be shipping Siyi with Tang Yizun right now. He just gets it — gets how much Siyi’s friends and family hate him, gets how he doesn’t deserve to be with Siyi, gets that he shouldn’t be pushy right now, gets that Siyi needs some time and distance. Of course, every time Chengkuan or Daddy Luo appears on the screen, then I change my mind. lol.

    • But see this works in my fantasy world because then Chen Kuan can be together with Si Yi, and then Yi Chun is left for one of us to console him. Whenever I rewrite dramas in my mind where I am the heroine’s best friend, there is always the problem that I cannot be best friend and get the guy (breaking up OTP is the job of the Vivians of the world). Sheng Jun belongs with Xiao Ke, so he is out as well. Usually there is no one left because I really could care less about the ex-boyfriend. But here!! Let me help you heal your broken heart my friend. Of course, I would be stalling and unsure about trust and if he is able to move on and whether I could face Si Yi, but probably the whole group would push us together at Si Yi and Chen Kuan’s wedding and . . .

      • lolol this is a terrific idea! You just might have to compete with the many fangirls that I’m sure Yizun is attracting after episode 12. ;D As for me, I’m just crossing my fingers that they don’t match him up with Vivian at the end… imagine the horror! DDD:

    • Kycoo! I’m with you on Si Yi and Tang Yi Chun! I think they are super cute together. Except that for me, Roy or no Roy, I’m still rooting for Yi Chun even though I know he has no chance with Si Yi ever again. Oh well, I will probably have to make up my own ending for them. Lol

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