Lee Jun Ki Tweets a Modern Day Picture as Arang and the Magistrate Wraps Up

Oh hubba hubba hubba. Lee Jun Ki tweeted a picture of him wearing a tux holding a flute of champagne and I felt my brain temporarily suspend all activity as my eyeballs took over to drink up the perfection of his visage in modern garb. His tweet accompanying the picture asked if we were missing the modern day version of him and to hold on because it’s coming soon. Does this mean he’s doing a modern day movie or drama next? I sure hope so, because while I like period Jun Ki, I pretty much love modern Jun Ki more. Of his dramas, I love his modern ones way more than his period ones for reasons mainly related to the screenplay of said dramas. Arang and the Magistrate wraps up this week and I hope Sato and Arang get whatever is their equivalent of a happy ending. Arang started off with a bang for me, and really had tons of great plot threads and bubbling potential, but it all mixed together rather like a soggy bibimbap. I still can’t pinpoint where it went wrong for me, only that being bored and underwhelmed with the end product is a sign it ain’t my cup of tea. I think it was still a great project choice for the cast since it was different enough to merit kudos for taking creative chances. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the next project from Jun Ki and hopefully it’ll click with me.

Jun Ki tweets quite a lot from the set of Arang, and I’m just thrilled he’s having such a great time filming the drama.

So what is your pick? Modern Jun Ki or sageuk Jun Ki. Or both? How about time-traveling sageuk Jun Ki zapped into modern times. That would be awesome purely from my fangirling perspective. Too bad Queen In Hyun’s Man recently did that conceit already.


Lee Jun Ki Tweets a Modern Day Picture as Arang and the Magistrate Wraps Up — 45 Comments

  1. Phew – swoon!! I like sageuk Jun ki better but modern Jun Ki is super hot too. 🙂 So I guess my vote is the time traveling from sageuk to modern.

    I’m still following Arang and I hope it wraps up nicely. 🙂

  2. My brain froze .Modern day Jun Ki please.
    Arang is ending.Going to miss the drama but will miss the viki team more 🙁

    • Both are OK…. but to be honest he is really Handsome in Magistrate Uniform…. Well, I love he in the black tux too. Junki is The Best of The Best. Whatever his role I’ll support him. I’ll love him .

  3. i love Arang and the Magistrate soo much. i can’t to see how it wraps up while on the other hand i don’t want it to end. lee junki has matured so nicely from his flower boy days, so manly and handsome. Satto and Arang compliment each other perfectly

  4. He’s waaaayyy too pretty in modern garb, though a head-turner no doubt. I like sageuk JK better. But then again, the manliness may also show in modrn drama; afterall, that vibe could very well be a factor of his recent army duty. 🙂

  5. Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa
    Modern LJK all the way for me – at least vs the top knot.
    So mane of glory is OK. I like his hair showing.

  6. Modern day jun ki is super hot…but I have a huge soft spot for sageuk jun ki because of my love for King and the Clown and now Arang

  7. Modern day Lee Jun Ki has my vote. I love him either way.

    If he jumps into a new acting project right away he would be on a roll. Most well establish actors take their time to pick projects but Jun Ki oppa seems really anxious to get back into acting. He must really had missed performing while he was doing military service.

  8. Okay. It’s 30 past 8 in the morning, sitting in my quite cold office, trying to start the day lightly by reading Ms Koala’s newest post. When I saw Jun Ki’s photo….well….I need someone to throw a bucket of cold water on me because it’s getting hot in here. Phew….

  9. I do not go for the Korean flower boys but some Korean men on the other hand (like LJK and others on my short list) are so handsome.

    Damn he’s fine!

  10. I love him in tux…and I love him in Iljimae garb too..I think black suits him..especially when he kicking a.. ,showing his fighting skill..Can’t wait for his next project.

  11. Yeah half way through Arang I kinda lost the urge to watch new episodes and I don’t know why. But modern Junki looks gorgeous!!

    btw, pardon me for side-tracking but Lucky 7 is having a SP and Ishihara Satomi will be in it!! Can’t wait to see Eita and Satomi in the same dorama (though I heard the plot is about Matsu Jun’s character having some relationship with Satomi’s character), hee!

  12. Squeeeeeeeee!

    Will take LJK in any form–sageuk or modern–over, sideways, and under.

    Arang and the Magistrate is very, very lovely–looking forward to how things will play out between our Satto and Arang.

  13. I love both Modern & Sageuk Joon-Gi oppa!! Though I miss a lot his modern form, I’ll pick the Modern Joon-gi this time~!
    Omg, you look too smart with tuxedo~ Mr. Joon Bond! See u again soon^^

  14. See what age & military service can do? Its brushed off the awkward girly-boy venner & manga-haired Junny that I din appreciate too much & NOW,lo & behold ,a much more macho-ed Junki has arrived. Age does different things to different people. A plus for Junki, obviously.

  15. Him in the magistrate uniform is just heavenly to me. I have no idea why. A close second is that tuxedo picture. What a gorgeous man. I could stare at him forever :3

  16. I’m still watching Arang. This is the first time I’ve watched Lee Jun-ki in a sageuk, and I have to say, I like it. I’m also a huge fan of the magistrate uniform. So what I’m saying is, either way works for me.

  17. You’re so Gorgeous Satoooo….OMG …Hope more dramas to come… i like the chemistry of Arang and you… im your avid fan…


  19. Btw ….I WILL LOVE JUNKI OPPA IN POST MODERN DRAMA OR MOVIE TOO ( SCI – FI ) LIKE MATRIX OR RESIDENT EVIL . Junki is suitable for this kind of movie too…. remember he in J MV ??? And he is as good looking as Keanu Reeves. He is an expert in Taekwando, Hapkido & Taekkyon… So this kind of movie will fit him too !!!

  20. I wanna see him role just like hes manly appearance. So hot when he showed hes martial art skills. Bad guy also fit him just like in “time between dog and wolf”, ive never got a goosebumps while watched any other dramas before. moreover hes eyes kills me. Hes one of the most handsome man in this world. (oh God please save me).

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